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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0eDrogZ7lA
  2. Inkie

    Can the emotion of hatred be justified?

    Perfect Hatred is a pretty good doom level
  3. Inkie

    What's your favourite texture?

  4. I heard of a tetris AI that somehow managed to learn how to pause the game in order to prevent the final block from causing a game over. Indeed, the winning move was to not play.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXgkE8LJrnw I got a red key.
  6. Sexual reproduction exists to increase variety in the gene pool
  7. Actually there was a fighting game made of the Street Fighter movie, which was based on Street Fighter II.
  8. Inkie

    Talking to the monsters?

    Strife is a game
  9. Inkie

    Do new kids know about strafing?

    Strafing went out of speech when the whole WASD+Mouse controls became more standard. Holding alt to strafe or whatever wasn't needed anymore. Now in the controls options it usually just says "Move Forward/Back/Left/Right". Most gamers are old enough to remember strafing as a thing, but it typically isn't mentioned in games. Much like how the save icon is still a floppy disk even though those haven't really existed for over a decade.
  10. Inkie

    Best Horror Characters Thread

    That token black guy that would always end up dying first
  11. The first XCOM game. You have 10 recruits and maybe a tank, and you just landed in the middle of nowhere. Everywhere is dark fog of war except the immediate area around the plane. There is tense MIDI music droning in the background. There are enemies, but you don't know how many, nor where they are. But they are waiting, and they will shoot on sight. And their guns will one shot your troops.
  12. Inkie

    Play Time: /idgames Random

    Something Awful, part 3 - 7+6 By "Bzzrak Ktazzz", April 2016 https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/s-u/sthawfu2 It was something, and it was kinda awful. It starts out as a halfway decent looking techbase of sorts, then just sort of gets worse looking as you progress. There's classical music in the background. There's a long, 0 brightness hall covered in red texture that has exactly one spectre just to sort of annoy you. Then there's a couple of rooms that just have textures at random sort of everywhere, one of which is a big teleport trap where you hold down the trigger on a plasma gun until bad stuff goes away. But here's the thing. After that, if you go through the obvious door, you just end up back at the beginning in a loop. Some of the walls in that area were supposed to be doors, but are textured like the rest of the wall. Those teleport you to a final area, where you get to BFG a group of baddies, and then reach the end. It took me a bunch of aimless wandering and a IDDT to figure this out. There's also almost no resources on the map, which makes killing some of those baron. A lot of needed stuff is hidden in secret areas. Apparently, whomever made this was new to doom mapping. So far they have all the mechanics and essentials down, just need to work on gameplay and aesthetics. I cannot blame them for inexperience. Also, collecting the BFG, soulsphere, and plasma ammo only to meet a single lost soul in the next room was kinda funny. I also played Something Awful (Feb, 2016), as some sort of closure. It was, slightly less bad? Its also a techbase, but all the rooms have basically the exact same decoration, almost like wolfenstein. More classical music in the background. Once again, progression is hidden behind secrets, and there are no resources anywhere. At least this time the absence of health is explained in the text file, which probably also explains the sequel. It also has a fake, trapped exit room, which was cute. I guess there was some improvement between both maps, certainly more experimentation. I'd rate this 4/10. Its pretty awful, but the title tells you that, and the author is new at the trade. Also, despite its badness, the madness of the level design as well as the classical music droning in the background made it still entertaining in an odd way. I still wouldn't play it again, though.
  13. Inkie

    NH4 (two vanilla maps)

    I was able to defeat the two revenents with six shells, but not the 100 odd revs with the BFG. So I guess the latter was more challenging.
  14. In space, no one can hear you butt chug Mountain Dew