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  1. Thanks Tango! You're right, the ceiling definitely needs some work - I'll definitely play around with something like what you suggested.
  2. Rook

    What are you playing now?

    I've been playing UAC Ultra, and just finished map 5. I love the texture set and the really well-judged difficulty so far - if it carries on at this level it'll probably be in my top 5 WADs.
  3. Rook

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Vile Flesh

    MAP05: Outpost What begins with a refreshing glimpse of the great, sparsely-detailed outdoors ends with an extremely frustrating and cramped crate maze packed with hell knights and revenants. Between the two, the ambush in the blue room was entertaining enough but its pack of yet more chaingunners might have been a nightmare had I not located the rocket launcher secret. Speaking of secrets, these seem to get more and more esoteric as the maps go on – which is all the more frustrating given how essential they seem to be to survival. Trawling around empty maps searching for convoluted secrets in order to make sure you don't start the next instalment on 4% health just isn't fun. At least one of the secrets just seems a bit broken to me – I was eventually able to obtain a desperately-needed soulsphere in the crate maze by creeping around the edges of crates, but it's actually an adjacent crate stack I wouldn't know how to get to that is marked as secret. A pretty horrid map.
  4. Here are a couple of shots of maps from a WAD I've been working on for a month or so. The WAD is going to consist of arena-style maps which are meant to be challenging, but not slaughter-level. Skillsaw is my favourite mapper which may be obvious from these shots (if only in texture choices, I guess). This map is titled Closed Circuit at the moment, it's likely to change. The view is from the spawn point, with -nomonsters. This shot is of the first map I ever finished and was happy with (after a lot of failed attempts) - it's called Midnight Mass, which makes sense given the slightly churchy feel, darkness and number of enemies. The "sky" is just black, but I'll likely change that to something decent when I can.
  5. Rook

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Vile Flesh

    plums - thanks for the welcome. I'd never heard about that miscommunication before, despite having read Masters of Doom (but then again that book never really goes into enough depth about actual development). I actually can't really stand a lot of Doom II's maps, and really wish Romero and Shawn Green had designed more. MAP04: Mainframe After “Processing”, there had to be a “Mainframe”, right? I was surprised at how small this map is relative to the previous map, but applaud the efforts to make the design fit in with the title and theme. Again I found ammo to be extremely tight, to the extent that I had to punch the last monster to death (just an imp, mercifully) and then had to do a quick scout around for a secret, for which I was rewarded with a chaingun and a clip, I think. That's a thought – it seems that the reason Vile Flesh is so very scant in terms of munitions is that Williams uses clips and shotgun shells so frequently, and ammo boxes and shell boxes so rarely, at least so far. Unfortunately, I think the most memorable thing about this map is the particularly poor texture alignment, particularly on the black square walls throughout much of the map. If we're supposed to identify secrets using misalignment, well – there are a lot of red herrings.
  6. Rook

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Vile Flesh

    Thanks for the welcome - I'm sure you're right about the changing expectations. I certainly don't have much experience of old WADs besides the IWADs to draw on. To be honest I don't really remember many instances of feeling particularly under the gun in the IWADs, although always playing continuously may have something to do with it. I'm definitely becoming pretty frustrated with Vile Flesh (I've actually played a little further and made notes as I've gone along - obviously I won't post my thoughts until the right dates come around) so I'm tempted to either take a step down from UV or do as plums is doing and try with a mod of some description.
  7. Rook

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Vile Flesh

    So, this is not only my first go at the Megawad Club but also my first-ever Doomworld post. I've lurked for a little while and always liked the idea of these threads, so it was inevitable that I should dive in. I'll be playing Vile Flesh using GZDoom plus the Enhanced Edition of Per Kristian's improved animations and sounds. Continuous with frequent saves. MAP01: Administration It's obvious from this first map that Vile Flesh isn't ever going to be one of my favourite WADs but that's absolutely fine – it'll be an experience nonetheless. The main reasons are that I'm so very tired of the default textures and I'm a little intolerant of some basic mapping errors. That said, this is a pretty fun opening map which was slightly more challenging than I expected, what with the early appearance of a lot of shotgun guys. As SteveD pointed out there's a fairly horrid HOM at the yellow key in GZDoom but hopefully those won't crop up too often. I definitely like the music and wasn't able to find the second secret despite my best efforts (the one with a computer map in it, apparently). At this stage what worries me about this WAD is the whispers I hear of a lack of ammo and armour. I've never understood the point of trying to make players conserve ammo in Doom, it just doesn't seem to fit the game's concept to me – but we'll see. MAP02: Nuke Storage Erk, ammo and health are already becoming a fairly major issue here. I actually did a quick playthrough from a pistol start just to test and it's quite tricky, given the early chaingunner/shotgun guy ambush. I'm really not fond of the very high chaingunner to armour ratio, and the amount of work that needs doing just to get a measly green armour. Even on my standard playthrough I died several times to just a few monsters between the two main buildings, just because health and armour were in such short supply. Not a fan of this. MAP03: Processing There are definitely some elements I like about this map – the central hub concept, some of the lighting, and the genuinely surprising teleporting revenant trap. Why a processing centre requires a massive pool of nukage at its core is a bit of a mystery, but Gwyn Williams obviously wasn't going for a strictly realistic feel despite the somewhat workaday map titles he chose. The music is still consistently good, which I feel will be a given as the mapset goes on. As for negatives – well, the health and armour balance is still very poor in parts although at least there is a green armour in a reasonable position on this occasion. The growing numbers of chaingunners is a definite frustration, especially when they're sniping across huge chasms and hidden in pitch-black chambers. It encourages very cautious play, which I think could get tedious long before the final map comes around. I missed two secrets, but then I am pretty poor at finding those in general – something I need to improve on, for sure.
  8. Rook

    UAC Ultra (v1.2)

    An amazing mapset that dark, grim and challenging but still put a smile on my face. The new monster is excellent as is the map that introduces it - in short these are my kind of maps, and now in my top 5 WADs.