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  1. Rook

    Making the mastermind a better monster

    I've always been quite fond of the Spider Mastermind, especially its intimidating sounds. For me personally I think the size of the monster is the biggest issue, because as you've said it has to be mapped around in a way that's quite restrictive. Recently I played Back to Saturn X E2 MAP09, which I think uses one well. It makes sense to me that the BFG is effective at close range and it'd be a shame to lose that, I think - but I wonder if a secondary defensive tactic that kicks in at short range could be a useful addition. For example, a kind of stomp or psychic attack that pushes the player back into chaingun range.
  2. Thank you for playing and recording! I hope you give the remaining maps a go - MAP03 is a bit of a difficulty spike but the remaining episode-ending arena-style maps (MAP06 and MAP09) are probably more forgiving. As you liked the first two maps, you'd probably enjoy MAP07 and MAP08 as well as they're in a similar style.
  3. I've very nearly completed a small, invasion-style map set within an ice base. This may turn out to be the beginning of a sequel to Sucker Punch, or may be released standalone. Ice Station Buffalo (working title)
  4. Rook


    I much prefer any of the "Big Three" Build games to classic Doom/Doom II. id's games paved the way for everything that has come along since and make for a fantastic and accessible platform for modding and map-making, but DN3D's humour, wonderful level design and high level of fun interactivity is for me unbeatable as far as '90s shooters go. I'm very fond of Blood and Shadow Warrior as well - actually I've just started writing and designing a kind of zine (for want of a better word) that celebrates the "Big Three".
  5. Thanks for playing rdwpa! Your comments on the first three maps were helpful back in 2016 also. I definitely know what you mean. With the more gimmick-oriented maps I was very wary of making them longer because I felt that some of them might be a little divisive (MAP04 particularly). MAP05 was originally three arenas, each accessible by teleporters and playable in any order. It was nice because completing each arena raised part of a bridge to the exit, but I found it difficult to balance to my satisfaction so I reduced it to one, multi-stage fight. I think MAP08 is the one I'm most pleased with because it has some non-linearity, it's a bit more open, and I was able to make a fun rocket-oriented map in a small space. In the future, I think that my maps may well have less of a hard division between conventional and arena/gimmick-based play.
  6. I'm happy to say that Sucker Punch is now available via the idgames archive. It still requires cc4-tex, which is linked in the first post. While there are two maps of mine available there in community projects (Plutinya 1024 and Doomworld Mega Project 2015), this my first solo entry. Thank you again to everyone who has played and commented on the maps, and especially to @HAK3180 and @Suitepee for their recent video/stream playthroughs!
  7. No worries, I'm fairly sure it'll work. Hope you enjoy the maps - let me know what you think!
  8. I won't be at my own PC until later on and I haven't known anyone to have texture issues, but: 1) Did you load CC4 itself, or the texture resource WAD packaged with it (cc4-tex.wad)? It's the latter you want. 2) In any case, do the textures display correctly if you don't load the weapon mod?
  9. Rook

    REKKR - V1.15

    I also found myself thinking this quite often, in my case because the level design reminds me of the approach taken in a lot of maps for the "holy trinity" of Build games - which is to say, a map represents a specific locale complete with appropriate furniture and layout, but with an element of abstraction that keeps things entertaining. The feeling I get from a supermarket in Duke 3D, or a hospital in Blood, I get from the farm in REKKR - for example.
  10. Rook

    The Music of REKKR

    While most of the technicalities go over my non-musician head, this is fascinating stuff! Your music for REKKR is somewhat more subdued than we often expect from Doom projects, but the way you've researched Scandinavian folk music and instruments is evident throughout and its a perfect fit for the visuals and gameplay. It's a big part of what makes REKKR so compelling.
  11. Rook

    REKKR - V1.15

    I know it's the fashion to get pieces up quickly, that REKKR is "only" a Doom mod, and that it's great to see some coverage of this all the same - but to me, all three of those pieces linked above are very lazy and certainly don't do this justice. I'm quite close to reaching the end of E2, and still thoroughly enjoying this. I found the weapons a little underpowered at first but I'm warmimg to them. Maybe the single most impressive thing about REKKR is that it uses all the vanilla Doom editing tricks I know of (and a few I didn't) to create immersive environments without leaning on advanced source port features.
  12. Thanks again for your videos! It's been a pleasure to see the maps played. I noticed a couple of small issues on MAP07, which I'll correct. I'm hoping to prepare an idgames archive upload for this within the next week or so.
  13. Rook

    REKKR - V1.15

    Wow, what a time to be a Doomer. The beauty of not knowing about upcoming projects until they're released is that you can skip the waiting and go straight to the playing! I've just played the bulk of episode 1 so far, but all credit to everyone involved in this because it's very impressive indeed. I can scarcely imagine the work involved in assembling a TC, and these assets are all excellent. Considering these are vanilla maps they do a tremendous job of creating a world of interesting environments and I've never seen details like furniture (!) used in a way which so strongly enhances the atmosphere. I must admit I've found the maps quite tough so far: ammo and health often seems to be scarce and enemies seem to do a ton of damage. I've also found navigation to be quite obtuse on E1M3 and E1M5 but my overall impression is very positive. I have noticed an odd thing in PrBoom+, which is that when navigating the options menu(s) the selected item isn't shown visually. I think it's possible that the colour which PrBoom+ uses to highlight the select entry is the same colour as the options are by default in REKKR.
  14. Rook

    [WIP] Eviternity - A Boom Format Megawad

    This looks extremely promising - that's a beautiful texture set from what we've seen, and a fine lineup of mappers, particularly if skillsaw finds the time!
  15. I know you said, "other than huge labyrinthine castles" but Forsaken Overlook is still worth a look if you haven't played it. I haven't tried GMOTA myself yet, but Matt Tropiano's castle map is a very satisfying. Most of it is actually outdoors, with comparatively little gameplay taking inside the castle itself.