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  1. Xanthier

    My idea for a project...opinions?

    I was just thinking about RTC, yeah, they used it effectively in that. Can't wait for the other hubs.
  2. Xanthier

    Post your wheels

    this isn't my car, but same year,model, color. just imagine a hole right under the left front headlight, some dents, and a missing rear hubcap... ^_^ I believe you meant assonance, which is repeating vowel sounds, not consonants like, Peter Piper Picked...
  3. Xanthier

    Heath Ledger to play Joker in next "Batman"

    I agree, but Heath Ledger would not be my first... or even fifth choice. Time will tell if he can play a psychotic killer with a sick and twisted homicidal sense of humor, if you could call it that. I would have liked to see Mark Hamill or Crispin Glover play the part.
  4. the reason the alert is still high is because they are worried that the only uncovered part of the plot, they don't want to jump to conclusions and ligting cigars, patting themselves on the back and suddenly a bomb goes off somewhere else. It reminds me of the movies where they foil something and say, hey that was too easy...this was just a diversion! we gotta get to the _____ building right away! Okay maybe I watch too many movies. But they said in news it was because they suspected there was more to it. I don't live in fear, I also don't live in a big city though. For the record, all governments are corrupt to some degree, why act surprised? yes all.
  5. Xanthier

    World Trade Center

    This line ruined it for me. I prefer to hear things from a more objective source, regardless of what I believe about it.
  6. Xanthier

    ATI vs. nVidia

    I'm about to get a computer with this 256MB NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) Go 7600 is that any good?
  7. Xanthier

    World Trade Center

    I believe that's called creative license, I didn't even bother to research anything in that movie to know most of it seemed pretty untrue. It wasn't a documentary afterall. More like Indiana Jones. As for WTC, I found this interesting, especially for facts and not a lot of speculation and bias. I haven't made up my mind, but there are some serious questions that remain to be answered. http://www.physics.byu.edu/research/energy/htm7.html
  8. Xanthier

    Pathetic, a REAL 9/11 conspiracy

    My thoughts exactly, a poll is not the ultimate test of anything. People are kind of jumping to conclusions. Like they said also a lot of old people. I think the we will never forget more refers to the significance of the attacks and remembering them as a memorial, as opposed to remembering the exact date, though you could argue that's a step in the wrong direction. I'll worry when people say, what happened on 911 again? or, when asked the significance of 911 they say, "hey that's how you dial emergency!" -my two, maybe 3 cents
  9. Xanthier

    Post your game collections!

    yeah, if I could beat a game while it was rented or come close, I'd never buy it. Unless it had killer replay value. And I try not to buy something I haven't researched.
  10. Xanthier

    Post your game collections!

    People don't know how lucky they are. the only games I received as a gift where klik and play, warcraft, final fantasy tactics, batman nes, crystalis nes, I think that's it. maybe Morrowind, I can't remember if I bought that myself. I've owned less than 10 games for any given system except for PC where I've probably had 30 throughout my life but less than 20 now.
  11. Xanthier

    This is just wrong

    doesn't this kind of thing happen in asian countries all the time?
  12. It's soon time for me to buy a new computer and I know I want a laptop, but I've been out of the loop so long I have no frame of reference as to what I want/need and browsing has been confusing, I can't really tell what's a good deal and what's not. I basically need it to do doom, 3d- modeling, watch DVDs and play the best games I can, not necessarily the cutting edge ones. I'm hoping to spend under 1,000 or maybe under 1500 if that's more realistic. Any advice? Nevermind, I think I'm getting the HP Pavilion dv8000t http://forum.notebookreview.com/autolink.php?id=102&script=showthread&forumid=16dv8000t:
  13. Xanthier

    the doom movie

    I didn't have time to read all the crap before this, I just wanted to say I came into the theater not expecting to watch a movie based on Doom, being that as it may, I liked it. I'm not 18, or 12 so don't even start that crap with me, I'm 23. The acting was not awful, hoky in parts but nothing like some movies I've seen. It wasn't filled with pop-culture references or a buncha gimmicks, it wasn't non-stop action with like van helsing, epileptic anyone? I thought the story was adequate and the action was balanced with suspense. Also the marines acted competently for a change, not like morons that can't shoot straight. They actually bothered to make them act somewhat like soldiers and no character is wasted. I like how they all put up some kind of a fight or are impaired in a way that puts them at a disadvantage. I like the homage to Aliens too, it was supposed to be blatantly obvious, imitation is flattery my friends. I also liked the character Pinky, he actually had a personality. I thought it was kinda interesting it came from his polish last name instead of something he did. That said, the ending fight was mediocre and some of the one-liners therein. And the FPS sequence was cheesy but big deal. The woman was not a love interest, and they didn't make her just a stupid bimbo. It's like Carmack said, not great, but not bad, so lighten up. It was better than the 7 bucks I spent to see Weatherman.