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  1. Jello

    Original Registered Doom game

    As long as it's legitimate it's worth money. But it's really worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It's a mail order copy, and they aren't incredibly common, but it's been opened, the manual has crinkles in it. But I would say you could get at least $150.00, maybe $200.00 for it on Ebay. Or look around for collectors, they might be willing to pay more. So it's not worthless, but it's not like winning the lottery. If it was unopened I could see adding another 0 to the numbers. At least the first one... minus $500. And really, if you are looking to sell it, it might help to wait until after the next Doom is released. It'll probably drive up hype.
  2. Phobos Anomaly wasn't bad at all. Linear yes, but at least it wasn't a single arena. Tower of Babel was worse, but with the pillars and the lost souls it felt more like a game of cat and mouse with the Cyberdemon. Dis... dis just sucked. And I'm well aware that it was the first map that was made for Doom, but I can't help but wonder why, in the development of the entire game, someone didn't say "Hey, remember that first level we made? The last level? The ultimate showdown with the spiderdemon that has organized the invasion of Hell's armies? Yeah... it kind of sucks, maybe we should go back and touch it up".
  3. Yeah, Dis kind of sucked. After playing through all of Doom, having a simple arena and an easy boss was a let-down. I did play through Doom 2 before I played Doom 1 (Early 90's, it was easier to get Doom 2 than Doom 1), so a Spider-Mastermind wasn't really a challenge. This has to go to E4M7. It's a short level, but it has a clever design. For my memory refreshment I just replayed it again. Probably been 15 years since I've done so, but it was fun to play from a pistol start on UV. It's not a huge, or amazing map; but it's quite a bit funner than Dis. Although for an E4 map, it's pretty easy, even from a pistol start. Yes there's a few Barons, and a few trick doors, but overall the map isn't that hard. I think it would've done well as map 2 or 3 in Ultimate Doom. I really need to replay E4 in its entirety again, they were really fun maps; I absolutely love the brown brick and blood aesthetic that was used. It really did feel Biblical. It kind of reminds me of Blood, or rather blood reminds me of E4.
  4. It was really, really good. In 2000. And in 2004. I tried to replay it a year or two ago, and I couldn't stand it. Everything about it is so clunky, and I've tried mods to fix it, but it's still just far too clunky. Depending on how well you can stand games that feel like you're controlling a brick via a cement mixer in reverse, you might really enjoy it. But I really can't stand playing it anymore. When it was released, it was fantastic, but even then the general 'wading through molasses' feeling was omnipresent.
  5. Jello

    Doomguy in the Quake universe

    You can strafe run to that exit as well. Call me old-school, but I wouldn't recommend rocket jumping (or rocket pushing in this case); I like keeping my health, armor, and rockets intact. Now rocket jumping in Quake, that's a hoot and a half. Or a hoot and three quarters. I always end up killing myself doing it, but it's fun.
  6. I'm just kind of curious about the "ITEM" field in the HUD. But yeah, it's shareware. Which it states in the blurb on the back, so no surprise there. But it is really neat. And if you got an original Doom 2 disc with it, bonus points. No idea if it's rare, which it very well could be; but rare doesn't necessarily mean valuable. There were plenty of shareware distributors at that point. But yes, it is cool. I definitely would've picked that up if I had found it.
  7. Jello

    What is/was a meme you hate/hated?

    Numa Numa. And the Gerbil Dance. Arrow in the Knee. After that one I stopped paying attention. I've seen more memes than most people have had hot dinners. I actually kind of enjoyed the Gangnam Style though, as stupid as it was, it was well produced, had a good beat. And seeing two imps and a hell knight dancing to it still gives me a chickle.
  8. Well, if you play through Quake 2 you'll notice that a large number of the lighting fixture textures are either orange or yellow. Some are blue, some are white. But if you're making a level, and you place a light entity near that texture, you'll probably want to make it the same hue as the texture. And they did the same when making Quake 2, generally if there's a light fixture with an orange hue, the light will be orange. If it's yellow, the light entity will be hued yellow. I may be completely wrong, I never made professional levels for Quake 2, but the ones that I did make, I matched the hue of the light to the texture. And after playing Quake 2 again, it seems like iD did the same thing. Rooms with orange fluorescent light fixtures had light entities that were tinted orange. And there were a lot of them.
  9. And yet I love the color scheme. People made fun of Unreal for using every color in the rainbow. Quake 2 was way too orange. I think the Quake 1 color scheme fits perfectly with what they were trying to accomplish: A desolate, decaying, surreal world of medieval horror. It looks like the whole world is rotting and falling in on itself, most of the architectural design makes no sense from a logical standpoint; it's ultimately oppressive and depressing, and I can't imagine Quake looking any other way. At the very least, the game has a very unique look.
  10. Well, that pretty much explains it. I have my default GOG installation folder on my F: drive instead of my C: drive. I didn't see a reason to clog up my SSD for old games, so I moved the installation folder for GOG to my HDD. I put it in F:GOG\Catacombs Pack, but it still wouldn't run. Couldn't find the necessary files. After that I moved all the files in the Abyss folder into the main folder where I had put CatacombGL and it worked. Ultimately I didn't realize that it only had support for Abyss at this point, missed that in your post; and that was part of my problem. I kept trying to get it to work in Apocalypse and Cat3D. So yeah, Abyss works fine. The port works well, and I hope you keep working on it and develop support for the other games. Having a reliable way to play the Catacombs games is nice, even if there's not much you can do to modernize them. I never really thought they had bad graphics, pixelated of course, but they still look pretty good, and mouselook won't do any good, but the increased FOV is really cool. Mainly just being able to easily launch the games on modern OS's, ability to change the control setting, and changing FOV is really cool. So thanks for that, keep up the good work.
  11. I'm interested in this, but it fails to recognize or locate my legitimate installation of the GOG Catacombs Pack. Gives me an error message of "Failed to detect game files! Please make sure the Catacombs Pack (GOG.COM) is correctly installed etc... A bunch of .ABS files not found. Tried it in the main Catacombs Pack directory, as well as in the subfolders for the individual games.
  12. Jello

    Today is National Cheese Pizza Day

    Life is full of enough disappointing things. Let's not add pizza to them.
  13. Blood. It does get lazy in the last episode, but I always preferred the cultish horror atmosphere of it to Shadow Warrior and Duke Nukem 3D. And I really prefer Caleb's dark sense of humor to Lo Wang's over the top Chinese cliche, and Duke Nukem's over the top machismo personality. However, ION Maiden, when it's released holds quite a bit of promise. I've played through the demo quite a few times and it's fun. What they've done with the build engine is amazing as far as complexity; however I don't see Shelly as being as memorable as Caleb, and I don't see the robo-cultists being as memorable as anything from Blood. It's probably going to end up being better than Duke 3D and Shadow Warrior, but I don't think it'll be as good as Blood. Because nothing beats setting a zombie on fire with a flare gun for the first time, and then knocking its head around with a pitchfork in a cemetery.
  14. Jello

    Name a country that probably doesn't have toilets

    No, he's absolutely right. They don't have bathrooms in Minnesota, they have warsh-rooms.
  15. Jello

    Chex Quest problem

    Chex.wad will show all episodes and levels, but only the first five are from Chex Quest. The rest are the original levels with Chex Quest textures/sprites, unless you have a different chex.wad than I do. If you want all three episodes you'll have to get Chex Quest 3. Probably from here http://www.chucktropolis.com/gamers.htm.