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  1. Jello

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    I've always loved their design aesthetic, it is really relevant to my interests. The first time I saw images from Demon's Souls I thought "Yeah... that looks like what I've been drawing forever, I love it". However I also really, really suck at their games, Dark Souls kicks my ass every time I try it, so maybe I could just be a design consultant. I love the idea of their games, but for whatever reason I've just never been very good at them. But thank you for the compliment, much appreciated :-)
  2. Jello

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    I did color in the Puppy last night:
  3. Jello

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    I found my old sketchbook from when I went to college for three weeks about nineteen years ago. I used to love drawing, so I did spend some time tonight drawing again, but I figured I might as well share some stuff. Maybe people will enjoy it, maybe not. Here's a deer: And here's my take on Cartilage Head, if anyone remembers the webcomic Achewood: And here's a puppy! And this is what I was working on tonight. I started with the basic outline of the head on the left years ago and I never did anything with it. So I added the goiter and the snake neck, and the face on the right tonight, and colored it in. It always bothered me that I never did anything with this drawing, and I don't know where I'll go with it. But I'm kind of pleased with it right now: And then there's this thing. I barely remember drawing it, but I do remember that I did it with my left hand (I'm right handed). And I'm pretty sure I was high on Robitussin when I did it. I think it still turned out pretty decently though, but it absolutely doesn't look like anything I would usually draw, and if it wasn't in my sketch book I would say I didn't draw it. I think I was listening to The Black Heart Procession when I drew it. Or maybe ASP. It was probably a playlist with both of them on it. Oh, and a preliminary drawing of an Angler Fish:
  4. Jello

    Which games are you waiting for ?

    I was waiting for Dusk HD, and now I am sated. Aside from that, I really don't have any games on my radar at this point. I'm at the point in my life where I really don't care about games that are years or decades off, and the franchises that I've always loved have changed to the point that I don't really like playing them anymore. There's plenty of indie games that I love, and that's pretty much all I've played over the last five years or more, but big games don't excite me like they used to; I guess I'm just burned out on them. The only game that really comes to mind that I'm excited about is STALKER 2. I would love a new STALKER game. And no, I won't take the time to put all the periods in the name. Bad enough that I have to hold down the shift key while I'm typing the name.
  5. Jello

    What are you listening to?

    Fugazi - The Argument I don't think I've ever met anyone that thinks that Fugazi is "just okay". It seems like you either love them, or you really don't like them. Although to be fair, I've met very few people who have even listened to Fugazi. While I'm at it, I might as well post the second album I ever bought (the first was Misfits II), 13 Songs by Fugazi: Great album as well. Sitting outside of town. Everybody's always down. Tell me why? Because they can't get up! Atom and His Package did a fun cover of Fugazi's "Waiting Room" as well:
  6. That was a really damn good Christmas as well. But my Mom spoiled it for me. Toy's 'R Us had a few consoles set up so you could play Super Mario 64, to make absolutely sure that children would bug their parents to no end about the system, and I played it for a bit. I loved it, but I didn't really like the controller, it was awkward to say the least. But I still wanted one, and of course I asked for one for Christmas. But one time at dinner, after all the presents were under the tree, I started talking about the N64 to my Mom, and I mentioned that I didn't really like the controller though. And she responded "Well, I'm sure you'll get used to it." And then I got a really shocked look on my face, and then she got a really shocked look on her face, and tried to backtrack, "Well, I mean, if you ever play it again, I'm sure eventually you would get used to it." That was a really great Christmas.
  7. When I got a Technodrome, and my brother and I got an NES with Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt, and TMNT 2: The Arcade Game. Yeah, beat that for a 90's perfect Christmas.
  8. Jello

    grungo want file copyright lawsuit!

    He also stole from Glenn Danzig: Didn't even give Danzig time to release the song first, just stole the lyrics and ran. That man had just, no shame, whatsoever.
  9. Jello

    Happy Holidays

    You're very welcome!
  10. Jello

    Happy Holidays

    And Happy Holidays to you as well! My best to you and yours during this holiday season, I hope it finds you well.
  11. Jello

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm replaying Dusk now that the HD version is out. And while I disagree with giving the Leathernecks red eyes, everything else about the game is still beautiful and wonderful and fragalicious. It still feels like playing Quake and Blood at the same time.
  12. Jello

    GTA VI Trailer

    Too bad id beat them to it almost twenty years ago:
  13. Exactly. There's the lucky few that manage to get out of the pool before the ladder is deleted, or don't get walled into a bathroom after the toilet gets removed.
  14. I call a flag on this, because you can't use the universe we currently live in as an answer. I guess off the top of my head, I would say the world of Blasphemous. Blighted by a Miracle, inhabited by monsters and the humans clinging to what used to be their lives. All accepting their penance, and being thankful for the Miracle and its divine influence. If they were punished by the Miracle, then it was Just, and only acceptance and bearance of their fate will allow them peace. So I'll call a flag on myself as well.
  15. Jello

    What are you listening to?

    I must've missed those posts. But yeah, Hoist That Rag is a fantastic song, which I do remember posting. And Underground is pretty darn good as well. I remember getting really excited when my old roommates girlfriend rented "Robots" and that song was in it. The movie was mediocre, but I was really happy to hear Tom Waits in a movie. Anyway, I'm listening to Attak by KMFDM right now. It's a pretty decent album, particularly Skurk, Dirty, Sturm und Drang, and Preach/Pervert.