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  1. Jello

    Which games are bad, but you like them?

    Agreed, I absolutely loved the game. Too bad it had so many glitches. Most notably, the blue light not showing up on the reef after the Dagon fight. I had to get a patch to fix it, but I know there were plenty of people who had no luck getting it to work. Killed the game for quite a few people. And this was back in 2008, using the box version. But it was still an amazing game, had quite a few things that seemed ahead of the time, or behind the time. Difficult as hell, atmospheric as hell, tense as hell. Probably one of the 'scariest' games I've ever played, or at least the most anxiety inducing. I heard the Xbox version was quite a bit better; the PC version was a rushed port made last minute by the last two people still working on the game, since the studio shut down. Although looking online now, it seems people have been able to fix most of the issues with it. So yeah, if anyone is interested in Cthulhu mythos, or just a really good, albeit kind of clunky game, it's a good choice. Certainly wouldn't call it bad, just poorly ported to PC.
  2. Jello

    Sonic Movie.

    Yeah, it actually looks like Sonic now, so that's a good thing. I've never been a huge Sonic fan, the Genesis games were fun enough, but I was a Nintendo kid. Being said, it really made me sad to see what they were trying to pass off as Sonic. Won't be going to the theaters to see it, but I'll check it out when it hits streaming. Looks a hell of a lot better. I still can't see Carrey as Robotnik/Eggman though. Was Danny Devito not available? I mean, even John Leguizamo was a convincing short, fat clown/violator in Spawn. I mean, the thing about Eggman, is that, he's, well, he's shaped like an egg. We'll see, haven't really watched any of Carrey's movies since... Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which was good. But I had started to wear of his comedies before that.
  3. Jello

    Any paranormal experiences?

    And one time when I lived with a close friend, he and his girlfriend left for a week. They didn't pay the phone bill before they left, and I couldn't pay it because it was in his name. So I switched a couple dozen of his dvd's around in their cases. I swore up and down that I didn't know what happened. Also tied a very small piece of wire inside his room fan so it rattled around when it was running. Moral: Friends will fuck with you when you leave for a week.
  4. Silent Hill, Final Fantasy 7, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 1 and 2, WWF: Smackdown, Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor: Underground. I never played Symphony of the Night on PS1, didn't play it until it was released for the 360. But it was a great game.
  5. Jello

    Quake III Arena vs Unreal Tournament

    I've never cared for either really. When I saw Quake 3 at Shopko years and years ago, I was excited that there was a new Quake game coming out. Then I saw that it was neither a continuation of Quake 1, and wasn't even a continuation of Quake 2. It was a multiplayer game, and I've had zero interest in them since I started playing games. Unreal Tournament I was excited about when I saw it, but then I realized it wasn't a new Unreal single player campaign, but an online multiplayer version. Again, zero interest. I think Unreal Tournament was the better game as far as variety in weapons, but I still think both games set a bad precedent in killing off single player FPS games.
  6. Jello

    Bloom - Doom/Blood crossover

    Just some updated thoughts; this thing is amazing. It's combining my two of my three favorite FPS games of all time (you can't really include Quake in this), into one game. I can't remember the last Doom mod that I've stopped playing to go do something else, and started getting antsy about going back to it. Over and over. It's really fun. It has some problems, it may just be over-decorated. Having vines hanging in front of doors with enemies that you can't see behind them, that's not good. I love the decorations, the vines over the consoles, but being unable to see enemies when you open a door isn't good design. As long as decorations don't impede in gameplay, they're good. And I think you may have to add something to the Doomguy's weapons to make it more interesting. Or not, that does go against the design, but this feels like a Blood game first and foremost. It's not like Blood and Doom met, it's like Blood took over Doom. Which I'm fine with, I absolutely love it; but I can't see myself playing as Doomguy instead of Caleb. And for the record, BLM04 is some of the most impressive mapping I've ever seen in Doom. The section with the floating city is just amazing. I really didn't think you could do anything close to that with the Doom engine, even with modern source ports. So yeah, keep it up. I'm looking forward to this thing.
  7. Jello

    Bloom - Doom/Blood crossover

    Yeah, third level, with the train, I finished with something like 150 enemies out of 260 or 280 killed. So there probably is something going on there, since the level starts out at 115 enemies. I assumed it was due to lost souls getting, well, lost, but if you tried the kill monsters command and it still didn't work, that's interesting. I just did a quick test by making a pain elemental spawn a bunch of them, and kill monsters did in fact kill the lost souls, and the kill count was adjusted.
  8. Jello

    Bloom - Doom/Blood crossover

    Absolutely love the new Cacodemon and Pain Elemental. That's some good sprite crossover.
  9. Well, then we'd need to talk about adding enemies to the fight, and I think that's just getting a little far-fetched. And I don't know if I'd call that "jumping". That like me saying I can fly after I drive into a fire hydrant at 100 miles an hour and get thrown through my windshield.
  10. Yeah, and Doomguy can't jump. He can fall, but he can't jump.
  11. Jello

    What is the first fps game you have played?

    Curse of the Catacombs. Back when it was new. I really don't know why my mom thought it would be acceptable, and I didn't ask for it. Just came home from school one day and "Hey, I bought you a computer game". Which was nice, had quite a bit of fun with it. The only part I didn't like about it was killing the were-rabbits, because I really liked rabbits.
  12. Jello

    Best FPS game (Aside from Doom)

    I'd go with Quake 1, followed closely by Soldier of Fortune 2 with the weapons mod installed. Then Postal 2 with AW7.
  13. Jello

    Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV announced

    I'd buy that for a dollar! Or more... it was the best Diablo. Diablo 2 was good. Diablo 3, I bought it three years ago and I still haven't gotten halfway through it.
  14. I really didn't play many Genesis games; I was mainly an NES/SNES kid. The ones that I really remember though are Jurassic Park, and Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition. They were neat, because I was a little kid, but not great games. That and Shakan the Forever Man. Again, not a great game, but neat because I was a kid. There was also the Predator game, which again, was neat, but I was a little kid. They've all aged pretty poorly. Sonic wasn't bad, but I never enjoyed the games. You're either playing it as it's meant to be played: Moving really fucking fast and getting hit by every damn thing. Or taking your time, enjoying the beautiful environments and design, and you die because time ran out. On the whole, I really can't remember any Genesis game that I really liked. It wasn't like the N64 vs Playstation wars; where both platforms had some really great games. SNES vs Genesis, it wasn't much of a contest. Except for Mortal Kombat had blood. And then MK II on SNES had blood, and it became a moot point.
  15. Well obviously Ramsay would win. He would just yell at all of them and belittle them to the point that they would break down in tears. "What the fuck is this? You call this fucking power armor? I wouldn't give that power armor to a fucking stray dog, you steaming pile of shit!"