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  1. Jello

    I Need Help With an Old Laptop

    I guess my first thought would be to just get a cheap 2.5" SATA to USB cable, take the drive out and plug it into another computer, and if the HDD still works, transfer the files from it to the other computer. Might be a slow transfer, but you'll get your data back. My two cents, but that's probably how I would go about it. Assuming you have another computer available.
  2. Jello

    Is there an ideal FOV?

    I don't know about you, but I sure as shit get scared going over bridges or walking through traffic and crowds. But yeah, it depends on the game, I've found FOV 90-95 good for most games originally meant to be played on a 4:3 monitor. When I finally got a 16:9, I did notice that FOV generally seemed too low at that 90-95 mark. I fiddled with 110-120 for most games, but I did start noticing the "objects are closer than they appear" thing that @Spectre01 mentioned. Especially in Amid Evil, and Shadow Warrior 2, it would look like the enemy was about 5 feet away, but they were really 3 feet away. Not sure how those two games would be related engine-wise, but those are the two I noticed it the most with. Completely threw me off especially during melee combat. Now I tend to keep most games between 100 and 105, some games look oddly warped at 100 but fine at 105. Some just don't look right above 90. But I just can't stand criminally low FOV. 80 I can do depending on the game, but any less than that and it just gives me a headache.
  3. I'd love to know how much ketamine or other narcotics slipped through because they were pre-occupied with this diversion shipment.
  4. Jello

    Your favourite chaingun replacements?

    Eh, I’ve played plenty of wads where ammo is really tight, especially early on, and if I’ve just winged a zombie, shot gunner, or imp with the shotgun I’ll switch to the pistol and finish them off with one round. No sense in wasting a shell, or two rounds from the chaingun. Yeah, I had to be a contrarian. But yes, the pistol for the most part is worthless, aside from maybe shooting switches. I do like the chaingun for sniping though.
  5. Yeahp, just limit lost souls. The original engine limited lost souls being spawned by Pain Elementals, so it's fine to turn that option on in GZDoom, since its how the game was originally meant to be played.
  6. Yup, you beat me to it. I don't really listen to music while browsing the forums, but if I would have to pick one, it would be the Picard Song. Make it so.
  7. Jello

    What is your favorite monster & gun?

    Cookie Monster, and insulin dart.
  8. It's been a long time since I've watched it. The general gist, from what I can recall, is that Ed Norton is schizophrenic, and his personality is a betta cuck who just takes the shit that life throws at him, has a breakdown, develops an alternate personality, Brad Pitt, who is a clear "Chad", and does whatever the fuck he wants when he wants, and takes what's his. This develops into a movement of likeminded men who feel like they're unappreciated, or worthless, or less than men. Who beat the shit out of each other, and then try to destabilize the financial system, and set humans back to a base level of equality. So in answer to your question of "what was fight club all about?" : It's all about being one of the most overrated and overanalyzed movies that I've ever seen.
  9. Jello

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Yes, Clive Barker's Undying is a criminally under-known game. I think everyone who's played it agrees that it's fantastic; especially if you played it around when it first came out. It's aged obviously, and it had some problems, but the atmosphere, the storytelling, and the combat were fantastic. Combining weapons with magic could lead to some very satisfying combinations. And it got pretty good reviews when it came out. I'm really not sure why it wasn't more popular. I still have my original discs, maybe I should try installing them on Windows 10 sometime. And then bash my head against a wall trying to get it to run properly on Windows 10. But yeah, I was extremely excited when Clive Barker's Jericho was announced; I really didn't expect him to get involved with another videogame after Undying kind of fell flat. Then I played Jericho, and I wished he would've just left it at Undying.
  10. Jello

    Random Image Thread

    You should probably lawyer up and see if you can sue Valve for libel or defamation of character.
  11. Jello

    What is the most loved doom demon

    Yeah, it's the cacodemon. Always has been, always will be. The arachnatron is pretty cute as well, but it's nowhere near as iconic as the cacodemon. Plus, while the brain looks perfectly huggable, I think those metal legs and that plasma cannon might get in the way. Cacodemon just looks like a big huggable ball of joy, and he's always got that great big friendly smile on his face. The pain elemental always just kind of reminded me of a bitchy lunchlady, or playground monitor. In elementary school. Maybe there was some kind of subconscious connection I made there that I forgot about.
  12. Jello

    DUSK vs Prodeus, which one to get

    I can't comment on Prodeus, since I haven't played it. It looks interesting, but money is tight, and I'd rather wait until it's further along in development anyway. Dusk, however, is one of the most enjoyable first person shooters I've ever played. Everything about it just feels right. Movement, combat, enemy variety, atmosphere, music. It just works, and it's an absolute blast to play, and the amount of care spent on it really shines through. You do have to be okay with low poly models, but with very few exceptions they're all well designed and they fit the atmosphere perfectly. The only exceptions to this is the Dog Cart, which just looks goofy, and the Cowgirl/Big Mama/Twins model, which I've always thought should've had a few polygons added to it, it just looks like crap. Other than that though, Dusk is fantastic. It's just fun to play, especially if you enjoyed the movement in Quake, bunny hopping, kind of a floaty feeling, you feel grounded to the game itself, but you can move around the playing areas extremely quickly. And it has more of a direct, structured, progressive advancement through the levels; it doesn't tend to have large arenas where you're locked in until you kill x amount of enemies. The weapons, while not being particularly innovative, are all satisfying to use, there's really not a single weapon in the game that doesn't fulfill some kind of role. Even the starting sickles are useful since you can reflect enemy projectiles with them. The only one I didn't get a huge amount of use out of was the Mortar Launcher, since the Riveter is more powerful, but it's still useful for launching grenades around corners; and it comes in handy if you run out of Riveter rounds. So yeah, in my opinion, get Dusk at the moment. Prodeus looks like it has some promise, but Dusk is a finished game. And some of the levels in the third episode are just beautiful. That, or wait until the Dusk/Amid Evil bundle goes on sale, Amid Evil is pretty damn good as well, and it's still getting regular updates/new stuff. I would go with Dusk, simply because I've played it, and I know it's good. Nothing against Prodeus; it looks promising, and I hope it turns out to be great, but I can't comment since I haven't played it.
  13. So you do care? I mean, saying you could care less implies some base level of care.
  14. Ok Boomer. :-) And @HatTrick, when I said Boomers are mid 40's to early 60's, I was referring to year, not age. 1945-1960/1961. Boomers are 60 to 75 years old at this point. Keep in mind, however, that would've put them at 36 to 51 when Quake came out, 33-48 when Doom came out. That generation not only played videogames, but they invented them.
  15. Boomers would be those born after World War 2. So mid 40’s to early 60’s. My parents were born in 62, and most sources would put them in very early Gen X. It it also seems like quite a few people forget that the older millennials are in their mid to late 30’s.