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  1. The first point: That's exactly what I meant. It shouldn't happen every time; it should be interspersed with monster traps and the like. But every so often it would be nice to just get a pat on the back. I think it would break up the boredom from "get key, get ambushed, get key, get ambushed". The second point, yes, I can quicksave and quickload. But I would rather not, usually I just fight my way out of it, mutter to myself, and get on with the game. Because it's there, and I need to see that secret count at the end of the level. So yeah, logically I could see what it is, and then reload and bypass it, but I don't like playing that way. If they're going to make me expend a quarter of my ammunition, at least give me a super health or armor, or uncommon ammo.
  2. You know what you could do with that room, and what I'd like to see once in a while? Have it open up a trapdoor in the room that has some supplies in it. Health, ammo, a weapon, something. I get sick of being punished constantly for picking things up, it'd be nice to get rewarded once in a while. The game that grinds my gears the most in this respect is the Serious Sam games. I love them to death, but when I go out of my way hunting for secrets and see a tiny +1 HP in a corner, pick it up, and have five major biomechanoids teleport in behind me, it pisses me off. It really pisses me off. Because there's never a reward for killing them, aside from getting a 'secret'; I just waste ammo and lose health.
  3. I think anyone who says that originally watched the MST:3K version, and then watched the original film later. They're probably just remembering all the jokes from the MST:3K version, so the movie is still enjoyable in a "so bad it's good" way. If you didn't have those jokes running through your brain, then yes, any and all rational human beings would realize that the movie is complete and utter garbage. Even the people who made the movie realized that it was complete shit. I believe they snuck out of the theater during the first screening.
  4. You're one of the first people I've seen comment on Come and See, and I watched it for the first time almost 13 years ago. I agree, there's no movie that I've seen that comes close to the impact of Come and See the first time you watch it. I still think it's the 'best' movie ever made, not my favorite movie, but for emotional impact I haven't come across anything that tops it. And I agree on 2001, I love Kubrick, and what he did with that movie is technically amazing and beautiful; but I just can't sit and watch it. Full Metal Jacket, Dr. Strangelove, and The Shining are some of my favorite movies, but sometimes Kubrick could go just a little overboard on the details of his vision. As far as overrated movies I've recently seen: The Shape of Water. I truly can't understand why it won so many awards. The acting was okay at best, the 'bad guy' was just as 1 dimensional as you could make him. The special effects were lacking. The dialog for the most part was straightforward with no nuance, there were no character arcs, everyone was pretty much the same at the end as they were at the beginning. It really felt like b-movie from the 50s; I could find absolutely nothing to enjoy with it. And it absolutely blew my mind with all the Oscars it won. Maybe a lot of people owed Guillermo del Toro favors, but his movie certainly did me no favors.
  5. Jello

    Doomworld's thread of adorable!

    As cute as that kitten is, you do realize that you posted a 58MB .gif right? There are people on metered internet connections that may not appreciate that.
  6. Jello

    Blood is on sale @ GOG

    I still can't get Blood 2 to work reliably on Windows 7. But then again, I couldn't get it to run reliably on XP or Vista either. I had some fun with it, but it's virtually unplayable on modern operating systems. And yes, I looked at every damn fix for the crashing that I could find, and none of them worked. Some worked better than others, but by the third level change it was crashing. Blood 1 however; buy it. It's my favorite Build game by far. The atmosphere, the weapons, the level design (well, by E3 they got kind of lazy), the enemies, Caleb's awesome cackle. It's a great game.
  7. Jello

    Archive/ZIP Software

    Well, I used WinRAR for years, it was nice because when it said that it was a 40 day free trial you could just click "OK" and go about your business. Five years later. But yes, I would go with 7ZIP.
  8. Jello

    I am Heavy Weapons Dude

    I've found that nihilism is always a good default operating mode. Nothing means anything, everything's permitted. Nothing is forbidden, so anything goes.
  9. Jello

    What difficulty do you play Classic Doom on?

    For the original games and most custom wads I go with Ultra-Violence. Occasionally if a custom wad is too ridiculous I'll go down to Hurt Me Plenty. A few years ago I decided to swallow my pride and accept that I just don't have the patience to get through some user made levels on Ultra-Violence.
  10. Jello

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    Doom shareware in 1993, Doom 2 full version in 1994, Ultimate Doom in 1995 (although I did rent SNES DOOM that same year), Doom 64 in 1997. I remember looking all over walmart, kmart, and target looking for the full version of DOOM after I played the shareware. It would've been nice knowing that you had to mail order the full version. But once I got Ultimate Doom for my 10th birthday I was happy.
  11. I think you missed the original point. Duke3D was still 2D (or 2.5D), Qtest (Quake Test), was a full 3D polygon based engine. That is, in my mind, a bigger step than Wolf/Blakestone to Doom.
  12. Jello

    Is The Sound Necessary?

    I would suggest playing it with sound. Most of the sounds are "iconic" and just really well made, and the arch-vile activation sound still makes my ears perk up. When I realized I couldn't hear the text message alert on my phone, or it just got tuned out, I switched it to the arch-vile. Now I never don't hear it. Even in my sleep. Music however, I've heard it enough times. There are some really well made songs in the Doom soundtrack, but after hearing d_runnin for the thousandth time I just started turning the music off and started listening to my own music when I play. I do have to turn it up for Sign of Evil.
  13. Jello

    Im new. what should i know or do?

    Do something really notable in the forums, or something really stupid. Or something really notably stupid. Your title will change as your post count increases, but to get a custom title you need do something extra special. And usually they're not that flattering. Oh, and you can look at this thread from a new user a few days ago. Some good advice in there. And welcome to the forums.
  14. Jello

    Worst Doom Level

    Dis. Dis isn't fun. Dis isn't a functional, acceptable end to Doom. Dis is a piece of crap. The only other levels I can think of that really irritated me from Doom 2 was Nirvana and The Abandoned Mines. But Dis takes the cake. It's the end of Doom, and it sucks.
  15. Jello

    What are you listening to?

    I'm working on a painting for my brother and his wife, they just bought a new house and asked me to paint something for them. So I'm listening to Amore del Tropico while I do it. One of the weirdest things that I've ever had happen to me was when I brought up told my brother I bought Amore Del Tropico on vinyl, and his wife said she love the Black Heart Procession. First person in the world that I've ever met that has heard of them.