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  1. Nightmare Doom

    Pcorf Community Project 2 (Finished)

    As for the gibbing sounds.... or will it turn back to normal?
  2. Nightmare Doom

    A clean analysis ; Gamergate.

    Without any further ado, let all this do the talking: http://fucknovideogames.tumblr.com/post/100759565178/geekstuffandranting-in-case-you-were-still There you go.
  3. Nightmare Doom

    Wolfenstein: The New Order annouced

    Well sure it's also because id is also in big trouble as well. So it's highly possible that they handed the game to Machine Games to develop it which is why they're offering the beta to us.
  4. Nightmare Doom

    Wolfenstein: The New Order annouced

    So...any footage or screenshots of the Doom Beta yet?
  5. Nightmare Doom

    Really Off Depictions of the Future from Past Movies

    Thing is it shows we can't predict the future, we can only imagine it via the lens of the present.
  6. I wonder what Doom map or megawad that achieved the largest monster count ever? I heard there was a megawad with one of the maps named "The War to end all wars" which is claimed to have the most monster count yet but I'm not so sure if this map exists or not. Of course though, what about a map that tries to achieve to have over a million or billion or even a trillion monsters? And as a bonus, add a Icon of Sin in there to add even more....
  7. Because it is shit, literately, coming from a asshole and it's full of shit in Hell.
  8. I found this from Bloody Disgusting: http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3279121/random-cool-listen-to-a-song-from-hell-found-on-a-naked-butt/ Here's the song itself: Also from the description from the youtube video: Well point being that, I wonder if it would be cool if someone used this song in a Doom wad (or if anyone already did) especially turn it into a Hell Revealed style metal midi which would be good in a Slaughtermap perhaps?
  9. Nightmare Doom

    Which U.S President are you?

    I would perhaps say the same thing about any other President all the above to be honest and this entire thread in general (from a Marxist perspective).
  10. Nightmare Doom

    Heretic: Curse of Darkness

    Well I think the custom class system is out of the question then. But maybe though it's still possible you can make the protagonist female though since that's more easier to do than the custom class system. Oh wait...is there even a custom female corvus like sidhe sprite anywhere? Well maybe there's sprite artists in the ZDoom forums but here in this community is mostly where the vanilla purists reside so you won't find any here, maybe I should ask the same question in the ZDoom forums.
  11. Nightmare Doom

    Heretic: Curse of Darkness

    I have another question or rather request....what about making the sidhe protagonist female? Or rather in order to make a 'true' rpg I think you should also introduce classes as well (Fighter, Thief, Mage, etc) 'race' (Human, Sidhe, etc) and also Gender (Female, Male etc). Also not to mention having a inventory system like in Amulets and Armor, Elder Scrolls, etc and also even having a dice roll system for kicks (doesn't have to implemented though) which it would be throw back to the 90s era RPG games. Also lastly if not least, what female monsters as well like Lamias, Medusas, Succubus, etc like in Daggerfall?
  12. Nightmare Doom

    John Carmack's politics....

  13. Nightmare Doom

    John Carmack's politics....

    Aren't almost 90% of game developers or "Gaming Gods" are? Oh wait I just realized something....
  14. Nightmare Doom

    John Carmack's politics....

    Actually "freedoms" is a vague subjective term but if you take class society into consideration, you'll eventually realize that the US Government actually represents the bourgeoisie who basically write laws to to help economic order of course though Carmack is just a petite-bourgiose business owner hence they tend to become libertarians.