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  1. Krazov

    DOOM Retro v5.2.1 (updated January 12, 2024)

    I remember discussion about it years ago, and it didn’t look good back then (feels blurry). Why the change now?
  2. Krazov

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Doesn’t that remove also keys? However, I was wondering if there are intentional projects more focused on gameplay without monsters. Some maps of 1993.wad had no monsters but that’s not the same. About Doom Tourism: I played for a while in Quake tourism (with NIN’s “Ghosts I-IV”) and I found it very confusing where to go next. Monsters are suggesting the flow. I found it a very interesting experience.
  3. Krazov

    DOOM Retro v5.2.1 (updated January 12, 2024)

    Does Doom Retro handle mancubi and arachnatrons replacements in map 07 of Doom II? I saw a discussion somewhere about it but I don’t remember the conclusion.
  4. Krazov

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I had a break from Doom, during which I played a lot of walking simulators. I discovered that I’m fine with games that does not require any interactions on my part (especially killing). Now I returned to Doom but I have changed. Partially due to playing with gamepad which I like—especially in Doom Retro which has very good handling of vibrations—and partially due to post walking simulator syndrome, I am playing with second to the lowest difficulty level. I played with the lowest but I found double ammo on pickup somewhat humiliating. It’s difficult to balance those things. On related note, are there any walking simulator projects in Doom?
  5. Krazov

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Only last week I learned that monsters have mirrored angle views.
  6. Krazov

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    Yes, I am playing D4V with Doom Retro. So far, no issues with the mod itself (I am at map 31 of "Alien Vendetta" so I would assume to hit some problems by now).
  7. Krazov

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    Also, "Alien Vendetta" would be nice. They added waterfall for water liquid and it doesn't look good with "blood water". However, this brought some variety into "Killing Colours." I could have gone crazy from just one colour.
  8. I was 12 and the palette was pale compared to the one I knew from “Heretic,” which was my first FPS ever. My first impression of “Doom 2” was actually so bad I didn’t return to it until I was 13, with Doom95 (640x480 helped a lot). Now, I don’t play “Heretic” any more, however I keep good memories.
  9. Krazov

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    That’s actually fine, as it inspired me to learn how to use Slade3 to remove content that I had problem with. I will make the subset I want. Also, as I understand, I can use—with the right credits—desired parts of this WAD to bundle it with levels I’d make (maybe I finish something this time). Again, this WAD brought a refreshment to Doom. A refreshment I needed. Good job and if you have a vision, follow it.
  10. Krazov

    Any spooky wad suggestions?

    The most eerie for me was 1993.wad.
  11. Krazov

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    Let me say first, kudos. Amazing job. I return to playing Doom over summer where I had a computer but no Internet so I had to use what I have. Doom was on my hard drive. I played Chex Quest, then The Adventures of Square, and then HacX. I realised that while I like Doom’s mechanics, I am a bit worn out with classic view. Some sort of reskin was what I craved. And then I stumbled upon D4V. Exactly what I needed. It rebalanced the gameplay and made it more dynamic, albeit not unfair (and I’m saying this as someone who learns to play with gamepad, after years of keyboard plus mouse). Truly refreshing experience. Perhaps a gamechanger (if there would be a lot of D4V-in-mind maps). Two things I don’t like: 1. Rather minor is CyberMancubi attack which makes it poor arachnotron replacement. It actually makes it easier opponent. While Baron of Hell has the same projectile, Baron himself is very fast so he makes up for it. CyberMancubi however, not. This won’t be a problem though with dedicated maps (Hell Razer is a good replacement of arachnotron and chaingunner at the same time). 2. I don’t understand why liquids were swapped they way they were. I did read on the previous pages that it came from Doom 2016 but adjusting it for Classic Doom would work better in my opinion. Melted metal (?) instead of toxic is fine, as it’s still industrial type of liquid (however, by the texture itself it should by default give a lot of damage, lava-like almost), but blood instead of water, and toxic instead of blood messes up with intended feeling. The strangest change is that Bloodfalls from Doom 2 become Toxicfalls. Also, a lot of Hell-themed maps use blood as a liquid, which will now become toxic waste. Kind of mood-breaker for me. But apart from those two points, it’s just perfect. [edit] Also, this is a huge loss for me. I understand different colours for button but why this? I guess, it limits WAD to maps done with D4V in mind.
  12. Krazov

    DOOM Retro v5.2.1 (updated January 12, 2024)

    Perhaps you we’re thinking about suicide exit, which has such consequence.
  13. Krazov

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Or he’s got some kind of Perception Filter. (Is it even “him?”) Just imagine that—other monster attacks a player and hits, invisible to them, Archvile. Now comes a retaliation, and aforementioned monster doesn’t know what attacks them. As if dealing with Doomguy wasn’t stressful enough.
  14. Krazov

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Is this a downloadable WAD? Looks— promising, or nice at least.
  15. Krazov

    Blocky Buildings as maps [Image heavy thread]

    There’s that Tumblr, Architecture of Doom. I don’t know how much it’s connected to actual Doom—was it any inspiration or what—but it fits to the topic. I like this brutalism quality of Doom engine. Sometimes I see some Doom kind of building in the street and tell it to my wife and she just sighs. “You see Doom everywhere,” she says then amused. But there is more of us, as I see now.