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  1. Steve D

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    My activity level is still on-again, off-again, but looking over the most recent pics, this remains my Most Anticipated Wad. Go, Bridge!!!!
  2. Steve D

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Hi HAK3180. So happy to see you're still doing this. Here's a set I released last year which is definitely in the classical style, given that all these maps were originally made in 1997 and 1998. These were the projects I began shortly after contributing to the Realm of Chaos megawad in 1996, so they are more experienced work, FWIW. ;) These maps were never released as an episode prior to last year. The release history is in the text file, but suffice to say that for this release, I polished them up, but not so much as to make them truly modern maps. I wanted them to retain their '90s flavor. It's also easier to make a new modern map than modify an old one to modern standards. What I did was mainly add a lot of gradient lighting, cleaned up the textures and aligned them, made some of the pathing less obtuse, added some detail, and made the maps a bit harder than they were before. It's worth noting that they were already somewhat nasty by 1998 standards, and being old, yes, they have plenty of hitscanners. The first 2 maps are relatively small and not terribly difficult. Maps 03 thru 06 are large, oldschool adventure maps with a lot of shooting and high monster counts. They could each take 30 minutes or more. IMO, Map05 is the most difficult, and it's wise to be a bit careful with your health and ammo. The overall gameplay style is a combination of trappy with attrition/resource management. Very oldschool. Some tricky routing and secrets. Gameplay is optimized for pistol start but of course people can play however they want. i personally prefer to play on GZDoom, but the music is a little quiet on that port. It's nice and loud in PrBoom. I recently discovered an overlooked problem on Map02. In the pic below, you see a barrier that has been lowered, but whose floor is 8 units above the lower floor. Unfortunately, if you step on that barrier, you can then step on top of the rail and go right over, leaving you trapped and unable to finish the map. I might do a silent update to correct that problem. ;) That's all the commentary for now. :)
  3. Steve D

    What are you listening to?

    A double-shot from Mission of Burma.
  4. Steve D

    What are you listening to?

    A double-shot of Wire.
  5. Steve D

    What are you listening to?

    Double shot of Fu Manchu. Oh, the tragedy of what happens to that beautiful 1969 Dodge Charger in SubLime green.
  6. Steve D

    What are you listening to?

    Bloody righteous, actually. :)
  7. Thanks, leo. The main thing for that 02 bridge is to have your RL out and shoot the Revvies immediately . . . and not miss! ;) I have a Coward's Strategy for 04, and it can work if I survive long enough to get in that room full of Imps and Rockets, and then take out the nearby Cacos and Chaingunners sequentially, and of course not make too many mistakes after that. As of now, I still haven't played 05, so I hope I get some practice time tomorrow.
  8. Unless Dobu or SAV88 joins in, you're probably guaranteed another victory. So I have to reach Map09, is it? That's a tough row to hoe for the Ancient Doomer, but rest assured, I'll stock up on Industrial Strength Geritol and eat 5 bowls of Wheaties before I make my run. I'm coming to get you, Hex!!!!
  9. Slaughter on the 02 Bridge! Been watching the demos. It's one of the places where I died on my practice run, though I made it on my second try. But there are no second tries in Ironman! Here's hoping it wasn't some lucky shooting that got me through, and that I can repeat my performance, because otherwise, it's hard to recover from something bad happening here.
  10. Surprisingly enough, being an old-timer, I'm in the same boat as @Capellan. I've never played Plutonia. Indeed, I was hoping to get it in the DWMC to see what all the fuss was about. I just finished a practice run of the first 4 maps, and let me say that when it comes to Final Doom, I am now on Team Plutonia. These maps, in terms of layout, appearance, and encounter design, are IMO in a completely different category from Evilution. Such fun! I like it so much, I'm going to play the whole thing after I die on my Ironman run. Based on what I've seen so far, the first 4 maps are survivable if I get enough practice. I'll have an idea how far I can go after playing the next few maps. My main goal is always to survive Map01. It's inconceivable that I could survive the whole mapset or even a full episode given all the super-nasty traps, but I'll push it as far as I can.
  11. You're probably right, but when it's easy, it becomes a speed contest.
  12. It's official. The grim and formidable HexaDoken has taken the Keyboard Kup once again. But don't get too comfortable, Hex, I'm not giving up. I'll be here month after month, haunting your steps, always coming up a little bit short, waiting for the day when Alfonzo chooses Fava Beans and I can go all-out in a Cat 2 run. You'll be in trouble then! ;)
  13. http://www.mediafire.com/file/cnp1r91zta7ky9c/DWI_SteveD_Darken.zip/file Utterly atrocious Cat1 attempt. It didn't help that I had to figure out which files to load for Darkening 1 when I had just 90 minutes to work with. Oh, such larks! :D Darkening 1 - Dead on Map02. Notable achievements -- found both secrets on Map01. On Map02, I successfully died to Chaingunners immediately after finding a Blue Armor secret. Darkening 2 - Dead on Map01. With mere minutes of playing time available, I didn't have time to pistol Imps, so I ran around like an idiot, made a typically silly Steve D move, and then got cornered on a lift and roasted by Imp fireballs. So there you have it, only 1 map survived. At least it won't take long to watch. :D I'm gonna start early for the August run. The time crunch had me completely discombobulated for this one. My excuse -- crazy work schedule. But better to try and die with an hour of total time available, than to give it a pass and miss out on the complete futility of it all. ;)