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  1. Steve D

    What are you listening to?

    "We are all the cops"
  2. Steve D

    What are you listening to?

    Straight outta Seattle! Husband and wife team doing industrial/digital hardcore. Her vocals sound like a psychotic 6-year old girl planning her murder spree. Killer visuals by mdotstrange.
  3. Steve D

    What are you listening to?

    The amazing Jim Thirwell, aka Foetus, with live vocal and tape loops performing Descent Into The Inferno from his 1985 album Nail.
  4. Steve D

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only - Limit removing project

    Here is my final version of E1M2. The only difference from the last version is that I changed the Keep Out letters in a secret area from black to red. Small change, but IMO it pops better. I don't expect to make any more changes in my maps until the RC comes out and we get playtester comments.
  5. If UV+ was simply UV with -fast, that would be fine for me. If UV+ was UV -solonet, that would be fine with me, since I've never used -solonet, have no idea how to implement it, and am curious to see what it's like. It might even inspire me to actually add items for Co-op, as opposed to merely adding co-op starts and maybe a shotgun for every player at the start, as I do now. If UV+ is -fast and -solonet, that sounds like it might be a bit too much for me. Would prefer to see them separate.
  6. Map03, Further Infiltration, by @DavidN UV, Pistol Start, Max Kills, 4 out of 6 secrets, Zero Deaths GZDoom This is a fantastic map, a really fine example of doing modernized oldschool. It looks great, has a sweet, looping layout which is artistically signaled by the repeated use of curved stairways, and has the kind of Swiss-Watch structure where everything meshes together perfectly. Take, for example, the rather intricate Green Armor secret at the beginning that I thoroughly enjoyed, or the very complicated rocket launcher adventure, which could easily qualify as a secret if the sector wasn't already tagged for other purposes. I found this to be a very impressive bit of architecture. This map starts where Map02 left off, so now I'm confident that each map will lead into the next, which I very much like since it gives a sense of continuity. On the downside, it encourages continuous play, and I'm presuming the gimme Soulsphere at the end is a gift for continuers. The beginning is much more sedate than that of Map02, but you soon encounter more significant fights. However, the incidental combat offers enough pressure to keep the player alert prior to encountering the bigger traps. There was only one truly big fight, after you get the Blue Key. That brawl took me down to 4% health, but being a clever boy, I had already found the secret Zerk, but decided to save it in case something like this happened. But woe is me, the door only opened once, and then closed forever! Oh, you dirty bugger, DavidN! ;D Luckily, this map is well stocked with health, though armor is a bit scarce. It's also loaded with ammo, and if there is any room for criticism, perhaps the health and ammo could be somewhat reduced. I left at least 1 or 2 of those 100-bullet items behind, along with probably 3 shell boxes, and being a keyboarder, I tend to be very sloppy with ammo owing to my shaky directional control. But perhaps that's the mapper's intent, as this comes off as an exploration-focused map with slightly less emphasis on pressing the player, combat-wise, than the first two. The exit battle seemed especially easy and could be defused since the trigger lines for its various monster closets are well-separated, allowing the player to first release Blood Demons and then a couple Revenants, one of which was on a high perch and couldn't support the other. I mention this because I remember the map from my first playthrough months ago, where I seemed to trigger everything at once and had a hard time, maybe even dying, but this time it was a mild stroll. If there is a desire on the part of the mapper or team to increase the difficulty of this map, one way would be to add monsters, and make them tougher, for example Chaingunners and Rocketmen, who so far have caused me much more grief than Plasma Guy and Flamethrower Guy, who can't seem to lay a glove on me, though I'm sure their time for glory will come. More Toxicacodemons would be nice as well, since I didn't seem to have enough good targets for my rockets. It's up to you guys, of course. I enjoyed the map all the way through except for the exit fight, which to me was the only disappointing battle, and really, that impression grew after I had completed the map. All in all, though, this is a superb map, nicely detailed, with excellent progression and good fights. The mapset so far is incredibly fun, though I'm wondering what it's going to be like when the hammer really comes down. Btw, great midi from Donkey Kong Country. I like how it had a sense of menace to it.
  7. Map02, Initial Hurdles, by @sluggard UV, Pistol Start, Max Kills, Zero Secrets, 2 Deaths GZDoom The fun continues in this bite-size map. You get a hot start -- I love hot starts! -- and once you survive the initial hitscan-heavy skirmish, your mission is to infiltrate a small mountainside base. I really liked sluggard's work on the stairs and the option to take different paths. I chose the high path first. The action is steady throughout, and the threat level is high. I took a blast from a Shotgunner that dropped me to 43%, and was never able to fully tank up after that because there is no armor on this map! Hitscanners + zero armor = "Danger, Will Robinson!" But it's not like you're facing hordes, and as luck would have it, both of my deaths occurred at the Red Key fight, when I decided it was a genius move to jump in the water and fight all those Rocketmen teleporting in when I was at 31% health. I mean, it's what Plato would do. ;D And of course, on top of those Rocketmen, there were Chaingunners teleporting to the level above. Luckily, there was an easy strat for beating this fight, and I took it on my third try. I was disappointed in myself for missing the secret, when I later found out where it was and saw the subtle clue as to its whereabouts. I had done the exact same thing I've seen people do in my maps; test one or two spots, get no secret, and then pass on checking the rest. Oh, if only players were more thorough! Which just goes to show that when you think you're a badass, Doom has a way of hoisting you on your own petard. Also worth mentioning is how Map01 led into the start of Map02. I, of course, did the same thing in Shotgun Symphony, and given the sound of the cackling Imp, I wouldn't be surprised if me and Doomkid were both inspired to do this by that all-time classic, Osiris. I look forward now to Map02 leading straight into Map03. And I can't leave without applauding the use of sound tubes connected to teleport closets. Kicking it oldschool!
  8. Steve D

    DBP27: 10 Day Vacation

    And don't forget that awesome pink lei!
  9. Steve D

    Classic Doom Better Than The New Ones Or Vice Versa?

    Pure opinion, I like Classic better. So simple and fun to play and map for. I have so many mapping projects that I have almost no time left over for modern Doom. I also like Doom 3 for its creepiness. A few bad decisions were made in its development, but if it was easy to map for, I think it would be more fondly remembered today. Modern Doom is very impressive technologically, though I am bummed that I have to use Steam to play it. I might play it more if not for that.
  10. Steve D

    IronEagle Competition 23: Spectrum

    I'll give it some thought. Even though I was a playtester for this mapset, there is absolutely no way I'll survive. Adam is really good at killing me. But I might make it through a couple maps, and get crushed with an amusing Quality Death. ;D
  11. Map01, Storming The Bayside Base, by Doomkid UVMaxed, Zero Deaths GZDoom Real fun start to this mapset. Very cool layout. One gripe is that I would have liked to get to that island out in the ocean, but the impassable lines were too close to shore. I was instantly in love with the assault rifle, and used it a lot, since that was obviously what you wanted us to do, given all the ammo for it. That thing mowed down Psycho Imps with aplomb, and those suckers were no joke. I suffered a couple hits from them and I didn't want any more. The Plasma Guys were also deserving of respect, but I was able to deal with them pretty easily. The Chaingunner was scary, though, and accounted for most of the damage I took. I noticed some sounds from Osiris -- the cackling of the Jackal Imp and the thumping sound of a closing door. At least I assume they're from Osiris, one of my all-time faves. Just so everyone knows, all the Osiris assets except for the outstanding Jeremy Doyle OST is free to use. Which is a roundabout way of saying I was very happy to encounter the sounds here. I didn't check the beta thread to see if I posted comments on this map the first time I played it. I hope I enjoyed it as much then as I did now. :) As for bugs, none found, but there are many misaligned rock textures, too many to take pictures of. Most of them were in tunnels. Here is one example that was easily seen from a distance; Some of the misalignments were very close to being correct but were given away by a visible seam. There was also this bit of shadowing that I really liked but which didn't seem to make sense given the position of the light fixture: So that's it for the nit-picking. Really minor stuff. Apart from that, this is a good-looking, fun map with a lot of shooting.
  12. Steve D

    IronEagle Competition 23: Spectrum

    Do it, Adam!!!!!! I did Abcess for the Ironman League. I made it all the way to the last map before I successfully died. Would love to see you cruising through Spectrum.
  13. Steve D

    First Metal Song Ever?

    Punks have certainly noticed Communication Breakdown, and consider it a step on the road to modern -- i.e., '70s -- punk rock. Johnny Ramone based his whole style on that downpicking riff. We know this because he said so. :) That Night Sun tune was really cool. I've never heard of them before, but the music backed up your comment. I'll be looking for more of this.
  14. Steve D

    What are you listening to?

    The original jump-blues version.