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  1. Steve D

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    + Project Osiris - Alien Breed 3D for GZDoom (v1.0.3) I should have nominated this long ago, though I'm still not sure what category it goes into. As an Amigan, I can report that @Arcturus has done an amazing job translating the old Amiga game Alien Breed 3D to GZDoom, and in the process, he improved it. AB3D came out in '95 with some amazing features, including an over-and-under 3D engine, deep liquids, and freelook. Arcturus has added a killer soundtrack, a more survivalist gameplay design, and monsters more dangerous than the originals, especially the red hounds, which were mere cannon fodder in the original but are speedy killers in Project Osiris. This is not so much a TC as a completely standalone game with its own IWAD. I leave it to the judges to decide what category, if any, it belongs in.
  2. @Cynical @Andromeda There's no way RoC2 can be released without at least one Pestov Platform. This one appears in Map03, Waterfalls of Love, and I copy-pasted it from Slava's Map05, Mission Control, in RoC1. I re-textured and re-purposed it, but it's a true Pestov Platform from Slava himself. It's currently the only one, and there's still detail work to do around it, but I'm looking for a way to put another one in somewhere.
  3. Right off the bat, The Necromancer's Demise is blow-away awesome. I'll be listening to the rest very soon!
  4. Thanks! I've very much appreciated your comments on RoC. Here's hoping we don't keep you waiting too long. ;) Btw, you'll want to snag Cammy's 25th Anniversary Edition of Realm of Chaos, which will feature a full OST plus some visual tweaks. I've been consulting on this for months and it's gonna be cool.. @Andromeda as you can see from the blue shotgun shells, we have those sprites, though some have been modified a bit. And there might be a few surprises . . . ;)
  5. D'oh! My apologies, SynDoom. Fixed now. And btw, I want more! ;)
  6. Steve D

    DeadTech Community Project (BV2 update!)

    This looks utterly scrumptious. Downloaded. Will play soon.
  7. I'm super-thrilled you enjoyed the original RoC. Here's hoping you like the sequel, too. :)
  8. Congrats on the release, Doomkid! I'll add this to the massive pile of mapsets I need to play. :)
  9. I am so looking forward to this, Cammy! RoC always needed an OST but none of us were musicians, so it's cool to see that issue solved. I also want to give you mad props for tracking down every original RoC member except (so far) Jason Fowler. With your sleuthing skillz, I'm sure you'll find him. I'm pretty sure RoC isn't the only Mac-made megawad. Batman Doom was done on the Mac, and was a full TC to boot. Yes, they admit to using Wintex for the flats, but we used some PC apps as well, for example when Antoni Chan replaced the stock demos. I also think at least one of the Laz Rojas Wolfendoom projects hit the 15+ map mark, too. But no question, we were the first!
  10. Thanks for asking. I made this post half-asleep, so of course I forgot to mention that it's Boom-compatible. ;D Fixed now.
  11. There's another surprise coming . . .
  12. 25 years ago today, The Macintosh Team released Realm of Chaos, the first Mac-made megawad. Now, in a rare opportunity, 2 of the original mappers, myself and Rob Berkowitz, his son, Leo Berahovich, along with a team of veterans and fans of RoC, have combined to create Realm of Chaos 2: The Revenge of '96! Story: You teleport down to a remote mountain base and find it bombed-out by Hellspawn. This is just the beginning of your journey through a conquered Earth. Your adventure will take you from military bases to an arctic fueling facility as you terminate the invaders with extreme prejudice. Once you've helped to free Earth, you follow the Hellspawn to their homeworld. Here in the outposts of Hell you'll encounter fierce resistance as the demon hordes battle desperately for survival. Finally, you follow the zombie scum to Hell itself, or is it just another corner of their depraved homeworld? Who cares when you have demons to kill! But Lord have mercy, they are waiting for you. They've gathered their forces for several climactic battles, and they want your blood! Contributors: OGs: Rob Berkowitz, Steve D Mapping Crew: @cannonball, @Capellan, @Chris Hansen, @dobu gabu maru, @Doom_Dude, @Jaws In Space, @Jayextee, Leo Berahovich, @Liberation, @purist, Rob Berkowitz, @Steve D, @Szymanski Music Crew: @AD_79, @Cammy, @Eris, @JDoyle, @SynDoom, @Varis Alpha Compatibility: Boom-compatible Map List: 01: Drop Zone, by Rob Berkowitz & Steve D 02: Choose Wisely, by Jaws In Space 03: Waterfalls of Love, by Steve D (incomplete) 04: Bloodfest Base, by Doom_Dude 05: Dead In The Water, by Steve D 06: Reclaim, by Liberation 07: Deadlock, by Capellan 08: Military Center, by Jaws In Space 09: Edge of Disaster, by Jayextee 10: Marines Don't Cry, by Steve D 11: Snow Assault, by Leo Berahovich & dobu gabu maru 12: Mosh-Pit of The Demons, by Rob Berkowitz 13: Isle of Despair, by Rob Berkowitz & Chris Hansen 14: Hunting Lodge, by Steve D 15: Death by Degrees, by Steve D 16: Europa, by Jaws In Space 17: Tower of Treachery, by Rob Berkowitz & dobu gabu maru 18: Go With The Flow, by Szymanski & Chris Hansen 19: Skyland, by Jaws In Space 20: Los NĂºmeros del Diablo, by dobu gabu maru 21: Hell Is Where The Heart Is, by Rob Berkowitz 22: Cyberdance, by purist & Steve D 23: Acidosis, by Szymanski 24: Soul of The Damned, by Steve D 25: I Gotta Wear Shades, by Rob Berkowitz & Steve D 26: Basaltic Springs, by cannonball 27: Circle of Madness, by Rob Berkowitz & Chris Hansen 28: Heart Full of Napalm, by Rob Berkowitz 29: No Pity, by Steve D (incomplete) 30: Fearsome Engine, by Capellan 31: Sanity Is A Prison, by Leo Berahovich & dobu gabu maru (incomplete) 32: Triple Darkness, by Rob Berkowwitz Notes: The original plan was to upload this megawad to idgames tonight, on the 25th anniversary. Alas, severe IRL issues, starting last September, cost me 8 months of mapping time. The current release target is sometime in January or February 2022. RoC2 has undergone alpha testing, and a first beta should appear in late November/early December. The style of this megawad is oldschool with occasional fashion-forward maps. The mix is eclectic, similar to the original RoC, with broadly defined episode themes. Difficulty ranges from mild to challenging, especially in the episode-ending maps.
  13. When I use midis, I vastly prefer original music composed by our great community musicians. I like a good cover, too, but most of what I'd want on that end is hardcore punk or metal, and Microsoft GS Wavetable synth isn't very good with heavy guitar, especially when it gets into the higher "squealy" range, where it flat-out sucks ass. And when it comes to music, I vastly prefer having the music first, and then I map to the music. This guarantees that the map and music have a synergy, assuming I do my part right. I can even warp an existing map to more faithfully reflect the music, as I did recently when I got a killer, creepy tune from Varis Alpha. I then made the map darker, and concentrated more on set-piece arena fights in menacing areas to create suspense and a sense of dread. Someday I plan to make a new map around that BGM so it can fully reflect the song. As @Andromeda said above, I like to use tracker modules when I can instead of midis, but this requires me to build up a collection of modules that actually work in Doom -- no easy task! The vast majority of modules from the Amiga community are rave-oriented techno from the '90s, meaning you have to make a very fast-paced map to go with it. Finding modules that are more pretty or atmospheric, even when you include the vast PC library, is extremely time-consuming, and I use 10% or less of what I download.
  14. Steve D

    What is your Specs?

    My machine is getting a little long in the tooth, but it's served me well for several years. Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i7 4770 3.4Ghz RAM: Corsair 3GB GPU: Nvidia 1060GTX 3GB HD1: 1TB HD2: 500GB HD3: 3TB (external) Beloved Keyboard: Logitech Prodigy G213 Monitor: Refurbished ASUS 27" 1080p I might replace it next year, but instead I'll probably buy a new Amiga.
  15. Steve D

    How do you like your Burgers?

    Whoops! My bad. But if you ever go to Seattle . . . ;)