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  1. Steve D

    The DWIronman League dies to: Abcess

    @galileo31dos01 raises an interesting point. Splatterhouse, Map03 of Abcess is, in fact, the same as Map06 in Realm of Chaos. Here's a recap of how that happened. Realm of Chaos v1.0 was released to idgames by The Macintosh Team on Halloween night, 1996 -- not 1999, as many think owing to the date on the text file. The 1999 date is for v1.4, so that was an unfortunate miscue on our part, and has somewhat prejudiced reactions to the mapset. Originally, Map06 of RoC was done by 13-year old genius Slava Pestov, who went on to fame by creating the Factor programming language. After RoC's release, I went to work on other projects, including Abcess. I was therefore surprised when Rob Berkowitz contacted me in April, 1997 and said he needed a new map because the idgames folks decided Slava's Map06 was too similar to Military Base from KDitD. At that point I had either finished or was well advanced on Map04, Disraeli, and Map06, Mordecai, both of which were harder, so I decided to give Splatterhouse to the project, even though it was unfinished and was only tested by me. So it joined RoC in 1997. I then lost steam on Abcess and released both Disraeli and Mordecai to Mac-oriented forums in '97, and finally uploaded them to idgames and Aminet in 1999, where they still reside, if anyone wants to check the original versions. All three of the previously released maps have been altered, with more detail and some gameplay tweaks, especially Map06. I eliminated the blue key leg in Splatterhouse in an effort to make its pathing less obtuse and speed up the gameplay. I also added Dat Trap because it was too damned wimpy. ;) IMO, anyone who played the earlier versions should still get a Cat 1 credit if they haven't played the others, but natch, that's up to The Boss.
  2. Yes, still interested, but it will be 2 months before I can map for it.
  3. Steve D

    What is the first fps game you have played?

    Started in '95 with Doom 2.
  4. Steve D

    The DWIronman League dies to: Abcess

    It's the one that's up there now, yes. It replaced the earlier version.
  5. Steve D

    The DWIronman League dies to: Abcess

    Make sure you have Version 1.1, as the first release has some flaws including a potential game-breaker on Map04.
  6. Steve D

    The DWIronman League dies to: Abcess

    Whoah! Never expected this. I've been planning to return to Ironman based on the previous selection. Now I feel somehow compelled to see how far I can get in my own maps. But keep in mind that I'm a masochist and design my maps to kill me, early and often. As a result, I typically die more in my own maps than I do in others, though large stretches of Abcess are fairly easy, and I know where all the secrets are. Nonetheless, I'll have hell's own time trying to beat 04, 05 and especially 06. So, uh, I reckon I'll give it a go, obviously on Cat 3. ;D I'll also have tons of fun watching the demos. Looks like I'll be starting with JudgeDeadd. And yes, these are some big maps once you hit 03.
  7. Steve D

    [GZDoom Singleplayer Map] Suspicious Journey

    Kindred spirits indeed! Actually, I will play on HNTR or even ITYTD for certain mappers, for example Bridgeburner56, danne, Dobu, and Ribbiks. With rare exceptions, I know better than to try them on UV or HMP. ;) Pretty soon I'm going to play an Ultimate Doom map by NineInchHeels, and I'll try HNTR first, but based on NIH's reputation as a merciless savage, I'll probably end up on ITYTD. And that's no guarantee that I'll finish. ;D
  8. Steve D

    [GZDoom Singleplayer Map] Suspicious Journey

    Lol, no, I stuck with Bright Mode after testing all the others. Bright is perfect. :) I UV-Maxed the map with 3 deaths, all at the new blue key fight. I'm a slow and deliberate player, so it took me 36:04. The map was a lot more fun with my ability to see everything, and it was still atmospheric. With a touch more llumination, it was even more Quake 2 in feel. Clearing out the ledge snipers at the first outdoor battle went much faster now that I could see them better. I knew about the side alcoves, but I decided to clear the outdoors first, which is risky thanks to the Chaingunners, but I had high health coming in, so I was able to tank the damage. I also killed the Archie guarding the Yellow door and all the spawn-ins, and the Baron and Manc guarding the secret Soulsphere, before I moved on for the PG and such. I was able to clear out the PG area without taking much damage but decided to grab the secret SS before the BK fight. I left the free SS behind me. I was feeling pretty badass at this point. But as the old saying tells us, "Pride goeth before the fall." ;D The new BK fight is awesome. Really adds some teeth to the map. Those waves came in super fast. I was working on a strategy to beat all the Revvies and HKs when all of a sudden I had flames around me. Each death came closer to the end of the battle as I decided to do most of my fighting from the pillar on the right-hand side of the door. That way I could plasma all the Revvies spawning in and let infighting reduce my opposition elsewhere, before I moved out to hunt the Archies. I decided to save near the end of my 4th attempt, but as it happened it was unnecessary, as all I had left was a Manc and a Caco. What a relief! I finished the fight at 145% and bumped myself to 160 on the way to the exit. Survived the end-battle on my first attempt, though I was reduced to 45% by an Archie blast before I grabbed the Megasphere. Luckily for me, the Cyb took out both the PE and the Archie, so it was another runaround killing Lost Souls before I could fight him. All in all, thanks to Bright Mode and the new and improved BK fight, I enjoyed the hell out of this map. :)
  9. Steve D

    [GZDoom Singleplayer Map] Suspicious Journey

    You have no idea how profoundly I suck at this game. But I love it anyway. ;)
  10. Steve D

    [GZDoom Singleplayer Map] Suspicious Journey

    I just finished playing the old one. Ended up with 99% Kills, 95% Items and Zero secrets. Died 3 times, once to Chaingunners, once to Revvie and once to Archie, so by my standards this is an easy map. I also savescummed, as usual. I thought the map was very good looking with a Quake 2 vibe, which I always like, featuring great use of Otex, but I found it too dark. The place was loaded with lights and it should have been well illuminated, but they must all be 5 watt lights, so in the end they served primarily as art objects. IMO, most of the map's difficulty is the result of being unable to clearly see the enemies, though I should note that I do myself no favors by playing in Dark mode. ;D I like Dark Mode because IMO it makes most maps look more atmospheric. It's kind of a bummer when you hit a map that's seriously dark throughout, however. I have now tried numerous sector light modes and found that only Bright works for me. In Bright Mode, this map is perfect. :) A huge chunk of the map consisted of straight hallways with stuff in the middle, creating cramped fighting situations, whereas I prefer having more room to move. The first outdoor area had a lot of ledge snipers and it took a long time to clean them out because they were hard to see in the darkness and among the vegetation. In the big end fight I was immediately freaked when I was surrounded by Archie flames and I had no idea where it was coming from. To me, that seemed a bit unfair, so I bailed and came back to the game later, and opened a save from immediately before the teleport. The end fight turned out to be very easy, but that's because I got lucky when the Cyb hit the Archie, and even luckier when it eventually killed him. Once again, there was a lot of clean-up, this time thanks to the PE spitting out Lost Souls. I ran around and around the central island and killed every Lost Soul before I took on the Cyb -- which I literally saw as nothing but a brownish shadow in the darkness. I stayed far away so I could at least see the rockets coming. I was able to kill him with plasma without being hit, so that turned out well. Again, I'm lucky I didn't die to the first rocket he fired. If I played this fight 5 times in a row, I might die 4 or more times, so it wasn't superb skill that got me through it. ;) My favorite fight was the blue key room. I agree with @Aurelius about reducing the initial group of monsters. I wasn't happy to hear that you added Archies to the fight, since there isn't much cover and this might pitch the fight to the more elite group of players. I'm guessing they'll come in the third wave, so I hope there's no more than 2. The blue key room also has a very steep stairway, and there's several of these throughout the map. I found that this made targeting difficult from above. One last thing, now that I made a God Mode run on Bright Mode, is that I was fortunate to have played the Red Key leg first, so I arrived at the Blue Key fight extremely well armed, but the fight is clearly manageable even without the RL and PG. That might change with Archies thrown in and nothing but Chaingun and SSG for those who encounter it first. At minimum, an RL would be nice if you want to hold back the PG. The map had some very symmetrical areas. My maps also have a lot of symmetry, so I have nothing against it per se. The most symmetrical area was the Plasma Gun section, where you had to go from one side to the other to hit switches to open a gate so you could press the switch opening access to the red key. BTW, I liked that message and think it should remain, since I found progression a bit confusing. Anyway, it seemed to take a long time because I had to fight through heavy but non-threatening meat and the area was quite large, and I could barely see any monsters. Again, Bright Mode makes this area perfect, but I'm reporting from my actual playthrough in Dark. Another issue in this area was the huge amount of health potions and armor bonuses in the darkness by the walls. This reminded me of Counterattack, where Mechadon hid all those bullet clips in pitch blackness. My least favorite aspect of the mapset. Overall, I found the map to be long, with a lot of easy incidental combat punctuated by some harder fights and too many steep stairways with monsters at the bottom. The steepness and shallowness of the stairs prevented monsters from climbing up to attack the player, which IMO would be more fun. Even though I suck as a player, I prefer maps to be hard, or if easy, prefer them to be short. This was a long and confusing adventure to me because a lot of those hallways looked samey, and it was so dark that I had trouble getting oriented. I think one of the best aspects of the map was how you kept putting monsters in to meet the player when they backtracked. It kept up the threat level, especially since you kept bringing in Revvies and some Mancs. I liked all your GZDoom features, too, except maybe for the monsters at the end fight. According to my monster counter, I had only 3 left, when suddenly a bunch teleported in, apparently from another planet. :D Me no like that trick, because I had my guard down. ;D Worth noting is that I had no ammo issues even though I didn't get much infighting beyond what I would in any normal map. I had plenty of cells for that Cyb, since you had cell charge packs right there. BTW, I liked how rocket boxes kept appearing behind me in a few of the rooms. Nifty! One way to improve the map from my outlook would be to brighten up some of the areas. That might accentuate the atmosphere of your darker sections. If you did that, I'd prefer to have the heavier fights in areas where I could see the monsters more clearly. The darkness didn't prevent me from killing the monsters, but with difficult targeting I wasted more ammo than usual. Also, it seems like the end fight and the first outdoor fight have different brightness levels. For those who don't use Bright Mode, it would help if the end fight was at the same light level as the first outdoor brawl. I'll try to give the new version a play in the next few days.
  11. Steve D

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    I started playing Eviternity again, so let me add to the obvious, well-deserved mentionations. +++Eviternity
  12. Steve D

    Post a picture of yourself!

    No way, you look good, man! Like @Casketkrusher said, "push away the negative thinking". You've got nothing to worry about.
  13. Steve D

    Best FPS game (Aside from Doom)

    I'll dare to be different and say that, aside from Doom, my all-time fave FPS is the Amiga game Breathless. Had some RPG elements and a lot of atmosphere. Maybe it's the fog effect that got me. An Amiga emulator is all you need to play it on the PC. Other notables; Quake 2 RTCW Unreal Dark Forces Star Trek Voyager:Elite Force Half Life
  14. Do an E4 mapset anyway. I wanna see what kind of twisted evil shit you come up with using that orange sky, metal, wood and Gstone theme. I need to bleed. :D So what would you call Spectrum, E2 with an E3 sky?