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  1. Played the first 3 maps on Eternity and am loving it! Very atmospheric and tricky. And big. ;) That Dark Caco reveal on M3 tore me up! I'm proud that I managed 7 of 8 secrets on M2, and overall, I'm very impressed with the exploratory aspects of these maps. Great stuff all around. Edit: How could I have forgotten to comment on the outstanding BGM remixes?
  2. Steve D

    2022ADO ... Released! (now on idgames)

    What a tasty surprise! This is a must-play.
  3. Steve D

    what does E1/classic style mean to you?

    I personally base my E1 concepts on Fava Beans rather than KDitD. For me this means an using all available monsters, and also pursuing a HellTech aesthetic for otherwise normal E1 techbases. Further, I tend to have more fun in Doom when dealing with relatively high monster density, therefore I pursue a higher level of difficulty than is normal for an E1 package, but still leaves me room to increase the pain in later chapters. That probably puts me in a minority position, but you gotta do what you gotta do. ;)
  4. HellTech is my favorite theme, and is what I usually do when mapping. In one of my future projects I plan to take it farther than I have in the past and really concentrate on spooky atmosphere.
  5. Steve D

    Favorite Source Port

    Thanks, @Mordeth! It's hard to believe I never saw that before. ;D Or maybe I did, but when I entered Caps Lock in there, the same thing happened as what I experienced yesterday . . . it didn't work. However, in the interest of "toggling" AutoRun, I hit Shift, probably 3 times, and ended up with a permanent crazy-fast speed like I remember from Turbo 255 on MacDoom. But I'll take it! Now, as soon as Realm of Chaos 2 is released, I'll finally play Heartland! :) @Wyrmwood You're most welcome! I'm also sticking to my PC for Doom. There are Amiga ports of old versions of Boom and IIRC ZDoom, that probably won't work with my limit-removing maps, but I'll give them a try eventually. There was a plan to port Odamex to Amiga, according to something I read from either Novacoder or the -- at one time banned -- XDelusion, who last posted here in 2015. Anyway, the point of porting Odamex to Amiga was to then port Alien Breed 3D 2: The Killing Grounds, to Odamex, so it can be played on both Amiga and PC, or any other platform that supports Odamex. I don't believe that ever happened, but one thing that did happen was that @Arcturus ported the original Alien Breed 3D to GZDoom, and did a magnificent job of it. AB3D and AB3D2 are very beloved Amiga FPS games that had a true over-and-under 3D engine. My personal favorite Amiga FPS is still Breathless, but to avoid going even further off-topic, I'll save more comment on Amiga shooters for a PM. But here's a link to Project Osiris;
  6. Steve D

    Favorite Source Port

    Oh yeah, Doom on the Amiga with no problem. Super-smooth if you have a high-end machine. Mine was an A4000T with a 68060 @57Mhz and a Cybervision64/3D video card, though later I threw a Voodoo 3 into it. I used this machine to test my maps back in the day. It was a fun machine because I used the CV643D for a 17-inch Multisync monitor that could display Amiga video modes as well as VGA, whereas I used the native Video Out for a 20-inch Toshiba TIMM that had fantastic color saturation. Doom looked awesome on that. DoomAttack features freelook and jumping, and it's fast, much faster than ADoom. I always ran it in 320x200 for the best speed. Aside from Doom, Amiga can also run Quake, Quake2, Heretic, Duke Nukem 3D, Shogo: Mobile Armored Division and a few more, I think, for example Return To Castle Wolfenstein. Some of these games require a PowerPC accelerator -- or a PPC Amiga -- and a Voodoo card or other, more modern Radeon cards. One of my plans is to buy an old PowerMac and use it to run MorphOS, which is an Amiga-clone operating system that runs Amiga software. You can also run Amiga emulators on PCs and Macs, so I plan to buy Amiga Forever and install it on my PC, since it comes with the necessary ROMs. It can emulate a PowerPC as well as a 68K Amiga, and I'll put a copy of AmigaOS 4.1 Classic on it when I can track one down. For right now, I just bought a brand-new Amiga off Amazon. I'm serious! It came out a few months ago, the A500 Mini, an emulator box that can mimic OCS, ECS and AGA chipsets, so you can use it as an A1200. It's mainly for games but has been modified to run Workbench. How cool is that? There are plenty of videos on YouTube about it. Only $139. This video shows DoomAttack and Quake running side-by-side on an A1200 with 80Mhz '060 and an A4000 with 25Mhz '040. Quite the difference in speed. And no worries about floppies for Amiga Doom. ;)
  7. Steve D

    Favorite Source Port

    When I switched from Risen3D to GZDoom I realized I was now on my dream port. I personally don't have any need for other ports except for testing my maps. That said, I like PRBoom+ and DSDA-Doom as well. I'll get around to testing some of the others. I would probably like Eternity except that I'm a keyboarder who uses the numeric keypad for movement, and there seems to be no way to get an "Always Run" mode to work. Sorry, I will not use "Shift" to run. I also will not use any port that fails to give me an "Always Run" option. If that ever changes, I'll be happy, in fact, eager, to play Heartland. Another port I like is DoomAttack, which is what I used on my Amiga and could probably run on an emulator. ADoom was another excellent Amiga Doom Port that allowed for much higher resolutions than any 68K Amiga could possibly handle. 1600x1200 was a slideshow. ;D Last but certainly not least is MacDoom. A commercial port rather than a source port, it's nonetheless how I got started on Doom way back in '95. Fond memories. And yes, it had a sort of Always Run option, Turbo 250 or Turbo 255, which you could set on launch. Yagga! :)
  8. Steve D

    Megalyth Brendt Pantley R.I.P

    My deepest regrets and sincerest condolences for your loss. I had thought that Mega, being a vet, was an old fart like me, not a man with a young son and a fine wife. That makes this all the more tragic. I personally had relatively little interaction with Megalyth, but whenever I did, it was always a pleasant experience. Mega made things better here thanks to his talent as a mapper, but also because he was a genuinely nice man. RIP, Megalyth. You are missed.
  9. I like them. I think they're a fun enemy, right down to their goofy appearance, which gives me a chuckle. I don't even feel a need to re-skin them.
  10. Thanks for picking up the slack, @Chris Hansen :) RoC2 is in limited testing right now, even though it's 2 maps shy of a full load. The incompletes are Map29 (mine) and Map31, which is one of our many collaborations. There's a few other maps that need revisions, and there's going to be some shuffling of the map order, but for the most part, we're in good shape. In order to qualify as a 25th Anniversary sequel to the original RoC, RoC2 must be released in the 25th calendar year from 1996, relative to RoC's Halloween release, which will end on October 31st. I had originally hoped to release the megawad on October 31st, 2021, but had to settle with an announcement. Rest assured that RoC2 will release in the near future. This is not going to be a project that drags along for years. It really is almost done. From time to time I've considered creating a 9 or 11-map beta combining maps from all 3 episodes, as other projects have done, but in the end decided against it. I wanted it all done before it went into general testing. The way things are going, there may not be much testing other than our own internal work plus the testing recently done and ongoing by trusted Doomers. In some ways, that's closer to the original RoC ethic, which was released with nothing more than internal testing -- and as a result, problems occurred. ;D With luck, we'll get more testing than I anticipate, because that's the best way to uncover the occasional bizarre error. So hang on, and don't worry. We'll be collecting your pelts soon enough. ;D
  11. Steve D

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    Congrats on the beta release! I just played Map01 and really loved it, especially the atmospheric blue start. No problems to report except we want mouldy back!
  12. IIRC, Putin has already banned Facebook and Instagram, and some of my favorite Russian YouTubers are waiting for that to be banned as well. However, YouTube itself has already cut off Russian vloggers from ad revenue, so they have to rely on Superchat income, but even that is dependent on where it comes from. This is all in addition to ApplePay and GooglePay cutting off their Russian customers, along with Visa and Mastercard. This will help China when they provide workable replacements for these services. Edit: I have to mention that the shutdown of RT, and in particular the demise of RT America, removed some of the best Left-wing content around, in particular On Contact with Chris Hedges, and Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp, so the censorship hammer is being wielded far and wide.
  13. Steve D

    Top 5 Favorite 90s Authors?

    In no particular order . . . Adam Windsor - In general, I find most '90s maps very easy, but not Adam's. Even back then his maps could be traumatizing. Of course, that made me happy. ;D I also credit Adam with introducing me to the concept of Cacoswarms, for which I'm eternally grateful. Michael Krause - The Master of The Rectangle, as I once called him, back when I was his frequent, yet often unmentioned in his text files, playtester. :D Krause had a knack for epic architecture and a sense of underlying structure that IMO is far more influential than generally acknowledged. He also gave us strong combat for the time. The only real downside to his work for me is that I didn't share his enthusiasm for Quake sounds in Doom. I'd also like to brag that I taught him how to delete sectors to make columns. Yay, me. ;D Glen Payne and Marshal Bostwick - I cheat a bit by naming the 2 mappers and DeHackers behind Osiris, which remains my favorite mapset from the '90s, because I consider it as a complete work of art. In that sense, @JDoyle also deserves mention because his fabulous music tied it all together. Some of the maps may have been a bit obtuse and mazey by modern standards, but they were a huge influence on me and IMO remain fun to this day. Leo Martin Lim - I love Doomsday of The UAC without reservations or caveats. How rare it is for someone to come along and do a single map so memorable in its appearance and sector trickery, yet still make it fun to play. Sure, it's easy by modern standards, but IMO still engaging. If only Leo could have given us more! Sean Birkel - Yes, the man behind Fava Beans is on the list. So what if it's easy? This mapset, more than any other before or since, gives me the feel of the original id maps, and I've played it more than any other episode, including KDiTD. The easy yet engaging gameplay keeps bringing me back again and again for a chill afternoon of Dooming. Honorable Mentions . . . Jan Van der Veken - His masterpiece Dawn of The Dead is somewhat ahead of its time in layout and gameplay, and delightfully so. The sequel, 2016's No Sleep For The Dead, was a welcome surprise and worthy successor. Damian Pawlukanis - Count me as another fan of the oddball charm that infuses Dinner. In spite of some 64-wide hallways and teleport puzzles, I enjoyed the crap out of this mapset.
  14. Steve D

    Alien Vendetta MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    It's just ridiculous how awesome this Midi Pack is. I think this is the best one yet. I really like the mix of action tracks and brooding, menacing music achieved here. I rank several of these tracks as masterpieces that I will definitely use in the future. A very well-done to all involved!
  15. An important issue with using copyrighted music in mp3 format is that Twitch will IIRC silence any livestream with such material. This is a PITA for streamers and their audience. I think it's ridiculous, but that's the way it is. I personally plan to release normal mapsets with midis or tracker modules for general consumption, along with MP3 Editions that I'll park in my Mediafire, and with suitable warnings to streamers.