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  1. The Civ

    Chocolate Doom

    Yep, works like a charm, thanks for that. Must be something funky going on with the autobuild DLLs.
  2. The Civ

    Chocolate Doom

    I've actually been having problems with audio myself since 3.0.1, and every daily build since. Doesn't cross my mind much admittedly because I've just used 3.0.0 for the longest time since I had assumed it might pass with a few daily builds and be fixed, but it hasn't how much later. Not sure what's the cause either, and it's really bizarre since it's just not running audio in the slightest, checking the volume mixer gives me nothing, not even Chocolate Doom itself, let alone the midiproc. It's just straight up no audio, and no configuration seems to remedy it either. The same settings work just fine on every version of Crispy, and every 3.0.0 and prior build of Chocolate, so I'm not sure what's up here.
  3. The Civ

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Did that IGN video get cut down? None of those timestamps mentioned are there anymore, it's only like ten minutes long.
  4. The Civ

    The Lost City of Hebeth - Spoilers

    I'm just now realizing how much the Meathook looks like those blades on the Soul Cube.
  5. The Civ

    Crispy Doom 6.0 (Update: Mar 31, 2023)

    That's really interesting. Has it been ripped at all? Curious as to what it sounds like, given how I'm so used to the secret sound effect most sourceports use at this point.
  6. The Civ

    What the hell is Post Hell?

    Getting rid of Post Hell was the single worst thing to happen to this forum.
  7. The Civ

    John Romero and John Carmack return to Doom ?

    Romero did recently work and that mafia game his studio developed, so he's not totally out of the loop with game development. Although I do think the most he could do would be consultation on game direction, mechanics, etc, and possibly blocking out some level design, which I actually would quite like to see.
  8. The Reddit and Discord are both going nuts with this stuff right now. Luckily, both places are areas that id and Bethesda keep close eyes on. Granted, if minds are set in stone, I doubt it'll do much. But it's mildly satisfying knowing that they're seeing how pissed people are.
  9. Granted, I trust you, but that's a real juicy sentence to drop with no context.
  10. Honestly more than anything this makes me wonder why id seems to have this curse with musicians. First pissing off Reznor and making him ditch Doom 3, now pissing off Mick and making him ditch after Eternal? What the hell goes on with their audio direction.
  11. It's a shame that this is happening prior to the DLC releases because it means that they'll either just reuse campaign tracks, or have someone else try to ape his style. Not even sure what they'd do for another game aside from getting Hulshult or somehow managing to get Reznor back.
  12. I'm aware of how the Mordeth Bridge effect works, but for a while now I've been curious as to how BTSX Map 01 makes its bridge work. It's incredibly impressive in vanilla given the real floor on it, and the fact that enemies can walk across it while the player isn't there, as well as the shadow beneath it for the added depth. Is it just a modified Mordeth Bridge trick, or something else?
  13. The Civ

    Crispy Doom 6.0 (Update: Mar 31, 2023)

    I don't know how logistically easy it would would be to introduce into Crispy, but I would second this absolutely. Another positive side-effect of that implementation is that other midi drivers like VirtualMidiSynth and Timidity can be controlled via in-game volume options. One of the biggest hassles of Chocolate and Crispy when using those drivers is that the volume must be controlled externally either via Windows' volume mixer, or the driver program's own equalizer. PrBoom and LZDoom don't have this issue whatsoever and it's easy to control the volume right in-game. Helps avoid annoying discrepancies when switching between ports. Always have to go into driver software and lower the volume when switching to Crispy or the likes if I've just come from using another port.