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  1. haruko haruhara

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Terry's version of santa Claus
  2. im planning a project an i can.t do it because of this mistake i did if anyone can help me i would be thankful im using doom buider x in zandronum doom in hexen format and i want to use that for my project
  3. haruko haruhara

    haruko haruhara's community map project with friends

    Man the beginning of the level was where you could find super shotgun that brown wall with the lights was a secret door but thanks for playing my map through
  4. hello everyone i just want to share what i started a somewhat 4 months ago a wad based around my friends maps but they have not even started yet i need to improve my map for it in general but hopefully i can get my friends to make there maps soon i will add more people when i fine more mappers but if you are interest here is the map i made http://www.mediafire.com/file/wg7advpftniaacg/megawad_test.wad/file screenshots screenshot 1 screenshot 2 screenshot 3 screenshot 4 screenshot 5 the mappers if you are interest this guy has contributed @Yuki Senmatsu hevn demonic (he's not on this site but he will map too) people that might want to help @PSI Boredom Ω
  5. Well haven't heard from you in a while as I'm not much of a boom player but I feel good memories when first coming to doomworld interesting wad I will see about playing it
  6. haruko haruhara

    Can someone be my playtester for my work

    i mean zandronum is very easy to install i have boom an zdeamen an odamex i have pretty much everything i have gzdoom skulltag zandronum it does not mean you can.t download the sourceport but if you use gzdoom they might work in gzdoom just let me test a few
  7. haruko haruhara

    Can someone be my playtester for my work

    I have 7 projects that I am having trouble getting working on Everytime I think I'm going to work on the project I just stop right away, an I'm too lazy when I map because I get no encouragement an I hardly ever find any playtesters . But here is the projects I'm working on Rising land of lightbringer (I posted it here) Unreleased stuff The mystical gardens of light Epic Sarah The house of flesh Haru's scary mission's Rainbow dash scardash does crimes (a Scarface + mlp theme wad Pretty much I'm just asking for playtesters but if you like to be my playtester just say it
  8. haruko haruhara

    Halloween Maps!

    nightmare maze 5 by hevn demonic aka redheadmetalc angry anna halloween quest by angel neko x the catacombs by angel neko x rainbow factory gzdoom version by angel neko x rainbow factory zandronum version 2 by angel neko x enjoy!
  9. haruko haruhara

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Egypt anime cat girl
  10. haruko haruhara

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    It looks like a school year book picture from 1993
  11. haruko haruhara

    Mario themed wads? (MarioDoom, Mayhem17, etc)

    This one was probably mention but it's a old video https://youtu.be/J6OD6xDdfz0
  12. haruko haruhara

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Robot thinking about something again