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  1. Voltcom9

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    Well, it's currently in a sort of limbo. I'll be honest, compiling was easy but getting all varieties of assorted ZDoom mechanics to work in a cohesive project is probably over my head. The project currently has 2 completed beta compilations which run flawlessly in GZDoom, QZDoom but for some odd reason the textures are not working properly in plain ZDoom. The current beta can be downloaded from the links at the top of the page.
  2. Voltcom9

    Levels or megaWADs with a "broken reality" theme?

    Hacx did this merge between reality and the cyber realm or whatever it was supposed to be.
  3. Shoot pixel monsters repeatedly. ***For the record this thread is awesome.
  4. Voltcom9

    A whole year of 4800 Hell Knights! This time, it'll be finished!

    Hey here's the link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/y2n346b8y5fb02m/4800hkv9.wad?dl=0
  5. Voltcom9

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    Hey I don't know why this isn't working. Anyone else want to try to figure it out?
  6. Here's my submission. It's called SR888 (Sandy's City2) Map format is UDMF / Doom2 IWAD / Music is SR888 from Metroid2 converted to midi by SilentZorah Jumping / Crouching / Freelook are all allowed and encouraged. (Some things with be incredibly difficult without freelook.) This was designed and tested with GZDoom. Note in software rendering the fog effect will look utterly terrible thus OPENGL is recommended. As per the rules I've only added 5 textures, all of which are from QUAKE 1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5piwkqlkvf1pgkj/dwop19.pk3?dl=0
  7. Voltcom9

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    That's interesting. It loads fine in G/QZDoom but not in ZDoom, alright I'll take another look at this Obsidian. For some reason the compilation refuses to load those textures lol. No matter, I'll get this sorted out. It's added to the todo list. I'll try to update another version of the DWOP 18 sometime in February. edit- So I keep running into patch table problems running map 46, I'm not sure exactly why as every other map in the set seems to run with no texture issues as far as I know. Does anyone else have an idea as to why this would keep happening? The textures have been added to Texturex and everything loads fine in GZDoom or QZDoom, but ZDoom just loads black textures. The error message that loads in ZDoom relates to several textures in the patch table which I'm not sure about.
  8. Voltcom9

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    Oh shit, sorry about that. Ok I'll add that to the list of fixes. It's still in the beta so please help find as many bugs as possible. I'll change that in the next release.
  9. Voltcom9

    theoretically how do i make civilian npcs

    Jazzmaster recently created an interesting fantasy themed wad which fully utilizes communicating with NPCs in town and doing quests for rewards. Unfortunately I can't remember that name at the moment. If you'd like to learn the in's and out's of NPC's I'd start by studying how other people have implemented it before. ^+1 for what Dragonfly just said.
  10. Not to derail this thread any further. Here's some quick screenshots of my WIP contribution for this. It'll probably be a fairly short map but it utilizes a bunch of GZDoom's OPENGL rendering effects. I'm happy with how it's turning out so far though.
  11. Just a suggestion but since this will involve some ZDoom maps, why not crosspost to ZDoom? Or would that defeat the purpose of the 'Doomworld' Omega Project?
  12. Voltcom9

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    Hey it still technically has not been released. It's currently in beta to bugtest before uploading to idgames. Technically there are 3 versions out there of this. Walter has a wad version which has not been posted yet which may be compatible which more source ports aside from ZDoom. I've released these 2 pk3's which AFAIK require Zdoom or above to play. I attached the forum post with current builds below. @Sasha I downloaded your recent map strings and the added textures /sprites. I'm not sure exactly what the difference with the textures and sprites is to the ones that currently already exist in the wad. I can update both PK3's again but I'm not sure why if the material is the same. PM me if you want to discuss this further.
  13. Great to see this thread pop up. I'll contribute a map.
  14. Voltcom9

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    I think that's a great idea!
  15. Voltcom9

    1000 Line Community Project - No map slots left

    Alright thanks! If you do feel up to it then by all means keep it though.