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  1. Voltcom9

    Spram's Metroid Doom

    Excellent work here!
  2. Voltcom9

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (32 maps in 30 days challenge)

    I had an idea of making maps which emulate the limitations of the Rise of the Triad engine. They will be very minimalist and hopefully resemble those from Dark War at least in regards to the limited floor and ceiling heights and the limit to 90 degree walls. Although, I admittedly intend to cheat a bit and add in some ZDoomisms by creating GADS(those floating platforms) and whatnot. No stairs etc. Anyways, this may be a terrible idea but it is what I intend to create for this :)
  3. Voltcom9

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (32 maps in 30 days challenge)

    Well this is certainly an interesting prospect. I'll try to contribute something.
  4. Just chiming in to ask for a feature or rather an included video resolution in your next Edge release. Could you please add in 1366x768? Also, these are exciting times as ROTT95 can soon be played on modern sourceport that isn't Winrott! Hooray!
  5. Voltcom9

    Level design tropes you use

    - My maps tend to be rather dark and consist of mostly weak to mid level enemies. - 3d features often make up the architecture of my maps. - I try to create non linear layouts, but have yet to successfully create one.
  6. Voltcom9

    The People's Doom Developement thread: visuals

    These sprites really look awesome.
  7. Voltcom9

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    Well here's my submission. It's definitely not for everyone but I enjoyed creating it. Hopefully you enjoy playing it. Map name: Doomed in Space Base Compatibility: (any ZDoom based source port) Tested in: (Zdoom and Zandro) Jump/crouch: (jump/crouch are permitted by are not required) Freelook: (should be used) Difficulty settings: (no) Build time: a couple days Tools used: (Slade3) Resources: (Laz Rojas for his Astrostein Spritework and Textures) (Zen from ZDoom forums for creating the custom death animation for the helmet pistol guy) (Sgt.Shivers for the reworked death animation for the WolfensteinSS Astrostein Sprite) (The Sky is from TNT) Music: (Lee Jackson for Going Down the Fastway + SilentZorah for the midi rendition) Bugs: Beware to all that enter there may be some texture misalignments! https://www.dropbox.com/s/r9rl9q4tr2hkq2j/OMDWP18.wad?dl=0 *As a side note the name is a wink to the Doomed is Space project and Scifista's DWMP space base maps which I took inspiration from.
  8. Voltcom9

    What do you think of Mr.Icarus?

    I enjoy Doom mod madness. Icarus mostly seems to cover high tier gameplay mods for ZDoom which for the most part are quite entertaining. Normally I watch new videos once he posts them to youtube.
  9. My map is done. Expect no further updates from me.
  10. @DeXiaZ I love the grave pic. That's really cool. Is that what the Hub map is shaping up to look like?
  11. Voltcom9

    The Latest Version of The People's DooM is ...

    Could you post some screens of progress? It'd be interesting to see what exactly has been done.