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  1. I've found another small bug in my playthrough. This is an incorrect wall texture located in MAP04: the Barracks. Hope you don't mind me posting these here but I'm doing this to help refine the project.
  2. I'm really enjoying this so far! This has been a blast to play through so far! I do have a question however though, I've reached the gatehouse and have killed 33 of the 35 enemies on the map (I'm playing on the 2nd difficulty setting.) I've explored all the accessible rooms including that lethal red brick room filled with crates. Somehow I've missed both keys but I think I've seen the entire map which can be accessed without either key. Care to offer any tips or insight into something I've clearly missed?
  3. So in my opinion there is not really any benefit to slanting a wall for a building like that unless like Printz had mentioned above iit has some structural benefit that I'm not aware of. Many of the pictures displayed above were likely designed by an architect to create an aesthetically pleasing work environment. Some of the pictures show process pipes and tubes(ie. movement of fluids and gases) which likely has something to do with the buildings heating and cooling systems. Or perhaps the glass tubes shown are used for the removal of hazardous substances which might corrode ordinary pipework. I did notice one picture showing several air vents lined up alongside each other and am not sure why they would do that, generally the coolant vents are set to code X distance between each other to provide full room coverage. Most electrical conduit runs in industrial settings would either be run on unistrut pipe racks up high or hidden behind walls where it would not be ordinarily visible.
  4. I have not played any of these maps so far but I can tell with certainty that the names alone deserve applause.
  5. Projects like this are a refreshing change from the sterilized nature of most modern projects. I loved the first Unaligned and can expect some more very interesting gimmicks from this as well.
  6. This is an excellent idea.
  7. bonnie again that cover photo is absolutely hilarious! I approve of this art work and hope this session turns out as great as the last one!
  8. League of Legends hands down.
  9. This I am eagerly waiting to play. The video for this looks fantastic!