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  1. That's me doing some target practice at the archery range.
  2. Oh wow. I did absolutely no playtesting on this before submitting it because I was really trying to stick to the time limit. I'll fix this and re upload it.
  3. Just a quick suggestion. My map (currently map 12) is substantially easier than pretty much every map in this compilation, it'd make sense to move it to an earlier map number just for difficulty progression.
  4. That's cool. Thanks for compiling these Jimmy! It's amazing what you guys can come up with in such little time.
  5. An addon mod for Samsara where the player can choose the Grezzo 2 player class. I feel gross even typing that...
  6. I might have but can't remember now to be honest. Possibly. Anyways I always thought miniatures added a lot of immersion to tabletop games such as Warhammer and Dnd. I didn't watch the video but if it's free I think I will give this a playthrough sometime in the near future.
  7. That looks really cool. I've never played it before but a Hero Quest styled Wolf3d game could be a lot of fun. I'll definitely keep an eye out for this. As for other DOS FPS board games, I recall there was already a DOOM board game but I haven't seen or played it yet.
  8. Text for Map 38: The Eldritch Construct This originally started out as a sort of experimental tech demo for me to learn to utilize some of GZDooms more advanced features as well as to experiment with applied slopes, I think the end result turned out playable and mostly enjoyable. This was designed and tested for GZDoom. It is suggested that the player use freelook to better experience the maps design. I hope you enjoy this map as much as I enjoyed creating it.
  9. Ok so say I have edge.preset textfile in my EDGE folder, how do I write certain wads to autoload? I know in ZDoom based ports in the cfg file, autoloads are often done by typing Path=example.wad or Path=example.pk3 How do I implement this in 3DGE?
  10. ^ I honestly find it incredibly difficult to build a map with any detail, texture alignment or skill settings in just an hour :P Just make whatever man, the ruggedness and lack of polish is what makes these maps fun.
  11. It's surprisingly difficult to make anything relevant in an hour of mapping. I really struggled to make my map and in the end it took closer to an hour and 20. That's without any testing or skill settings whatsoever. This really was an interesting challenge.