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  1. Awesome! I'll try these later today!
  2. Hey I posted in the previous thread. It was no where near 32 maps but it was something. It's surprisingly difficult to remain focused with such tight deadlines and real life things. Anyways, add my set to the OP. It is as 'done' as this is going to get.
  3. Alright so after having done nothing with this in several weeks I thought I'd post this a bit early. Mission Statement: -This short set of abstract maps were designed to emulate the limitations of the game ROTT 95. - It was originally designed to look and feel like what the original Wolfenstein 3d part 2: Rise of the Triad could have been. Designed for GZDoom (should work on all ZDoom based ports) and uses the Doom2 Iwad. Design Notes: - Contains an episode worth of playable levels (most are quite short and the whole thing could be completed in less than 30 min) - Jumping, crouch, freelook should be disabled. - Skill settings are not implemented. - Coop starts are provided but no deathmatch support. - For best results, Opengl settings should be used as well as the lights.pk3 - I tried maintaining 90 degree walls and static floor and ceiling heights similar to the ROTT engine. - Credits for used content are provided on the ingame help screen. - There will likely be bugs and misalignments as I really lost momentum on this. - Most maps revolve around gimmicks. - I think this turned out to be a fun yet amateurish experiment. -Also, it plays rather well with gore mods. Try it if you're looking to burn half an hour. Enjoy. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8xoqq6v0a35r56y/Rottified1.wad?dl=0
  4. Voltcom9

    Heretic vs Rise of the Triad (ROTT)

    I love both games but I prefer ROTT because of it's wacky sense of humour and interesting variety of missile/ magic weapons. The gore was incredibly excessive and the zany ability pickups gave the game a sense of charm I've never experienced since Dark War. I absolutely love Heretic as well but I'd have to go with ROTT even despite it's limitations to the modified Wolf3d engine.
  5. Voltcom9

    New patches and sprites

    I actually quite like these.
  6. A map a day really is an exhausting experience. I have no idea how Jimmy mapped an entire megawad in 9 days, it's really damn impressive. After this I'll be off mapping for quite a while. Hope everyone's projects are coming along well. I'll be honest I've hit a mappers block and am struggling to make any new content. Oh well, I'll release whatever is completed by the end even if it may not be 32 maps.
  7. Voltcom9

    Renaming The Baddies

    Yeah alright. I'll throw a couple names out there and see if anything sticks. If any of these catch on I might update my list. Zombieman - Grunt, Light Patrol, Shotgunguy - Soldier, Enforcer, Infantry, Officer, Chaingunguy - Commander, Heavy Patrol, Imp - Serpent, Venomlisk, Cobradrake Demon - Rotwurm, Infestor, Corruptulite Spectre - Shade, Unseen, Lost Soul - Burning Soul, Apparition, Infernal, Pain Elemental - Net of Souls, Soultrap, Cacodemon - Ancient One, Hyperlisk Hell Knight - Riptor, Vanguard, Fledgling Baron of Hell - Overlord, Riptor Lord, Fledgling King Mancubus - Grotesque, Sluggish Destroyer, Champion Slug, Arachnotron - Gear Spider, Assault Spider, CentriSpider, Revenant - Wraith, Darkling, Disruptor Archvile - Reanimator, Flame Lich Cyberdemon - Colossus, Devastator, Great Destroyer, Mastermind - the Overseer, Meh.
  8. Voltcom9

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    I wouldn't be so concerned about the project is dead. I'm sure Scifista42 will complete this project in a very similar fashion to how he'd completed the Doomworld Mega Project in years past. He's probably waiting to update the OP once more maps are submitted.
  9. I thought I'd try to create a megawad using ROTT 95's sensibilities. To make this unique I've themed it after Rott's original concept of "Wolfenstein 3d part 2: Rise of the Triad." Here's a screenshot of progress so far.
  10. Voltcom9

    Spram's Metroid Doom (released)

    Excellent work here!
  11. I had an idea of making maps which emulate the limitations of the Rise of the Triad engine. They will be very minimalist and hopefully resemble those from Dark War at least in regards to the limited floor and ceiling heights and the limit to 90 degree walls. Although, I admittedly intend to cheat a bit and add in some ZDoomisms by creating GADS(those floating platforms) and whatnot. No stairs etc. Anyways, this may be a terrible idea but it is what I intend to create for this :)
  12. Well this is certainly an interesting prospect. I'll try to contribute something.
  13. Just chiming in to ask for a feature or rather an included video resolution in your next Edge release. Could you please add in 1366x768? Also, these are exciting times as ROTT95 can soon be played on modern sourceport that isn't Winrott! Hooray!
  14. Voltcom9

    Level design tropes you use

    - My maps tend to be rather dark and consist of mostly weak to mid level enemies. - 3d features often make up the architecture of my maps. - I try to create non linear layouts, but have yet to successfully create one.