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  1. I'd be more interested in a "no health pickups" November. Or if that wasn't your cup of tea then perhaps an " No Armor August." The possibilities here are endless.
  2. I was just about to write down exactly that. What @Memfis said exactly sums up my opinion of them.
  3. Today is a great day! After a brutal 4 weeks of stir craziness post surgery, I have been able to walk outside to the corner of my street! It is so incredible to be mobile again and enjoy this incredible weather! Still on the mend but I'm nearing the end of recovery thankfully!


    Have an awesome day fellow Doomworlders!

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Sounds good! Make sure not to overwork yourself, but also make sure to enjoy your newfound mobility in spades (within reason). ;-)

    2. antares031


      It's so nice to hear that. Still, please take care of yourself until you are fully recovered.

    3. V0idH0und


      I'm glad you could get out a little bit, I wish you a good recovery.


    4. Voltcom9


      Thanks guys! I'm really looking forward to sitting on the patio and enjoying the afternoon!

  4. I've done a map or maps for the following community projects: -Doomworld Mega Project 2017 "the Eldritch Construct" for GZQDoom (a larger maps than my previous DWMP map, which emphasizes more towards atmosphere and UDMF features.) Not yet released to idgames. -256 confinement community project "Malevolent Lodge" for GZQDoom (a tiny 3-story map designed using layered 3d floors and only using a playable area of 256x256.) - 20 Monsters ZDoom community project "the Warehouse" and "the Crucible" for GZQDoom (these maps were part of a zdoom community project held on ZDoom forums.) https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=54247&sid=1128c86d8849ebd815070ad5f27e1819 -Doomworld Mega Project 2016 "Death Will Greet You Like an Old Friend" for GZQDoom (a brutally linear 1024x1024 map, that was small, dark and cramped. Designed to be very difficult.) -Gridlock 64x64 community project "Europa Facility" for BOOM (a map based on the minimum grid size of 64 units. It was designed with a heavy influence of Ultimate Doom.) Not yet released to idgames. - License to Ilya community project "Triad Mania" for BOOM (Literally a reskin of Joe Ilya's letter A map from 1024 ABC with a bit of polish and some added details. It ended up being surprisingly fun despite how cramped it was.) -Revenants Only Mod "" for GZQDoom (a GZQDoom mod which replaces every enemy with a sort of "billboard" Revenant. This silly thing was a fun experiment with DECORATE and UDMF mapping.) -Wolfendoom mod & Amateur Speedmap Collection "" for GZQDoom (a GZQDoom mod which is themed around a grittier version of Wolf3d. I intended on creating multiple exits per map and wanted to complete a full 32 levels but that has yet to happen. Some gameplay has been dramatically changed via decorate and it was fun to create and I really enjoyed it at the time but it has since been abandoned.)
  5. @StormCatcher.77 Have you considered doing an introductory HUB similar to what was present in Doomworld Mega Project 2016? It was a cool option being able to pick whichever maps you wanted to play from the hub.
  6. I did the University thing, I took a vague general program after High School that covered a wide spectrum of topics. Needless to say it didn't pan out for me after graduation. So I went back to College and took up a trade and now am in the process of paying back my University debts using the skills from College. Unless you know exactly what you want to specialize in when going to University, more often than not it can turn into obscene amounts of debt with little payout.
  7. I will have to check that out! I really dig dark ambient tracks! Trent Reznors OST for QUAKE was probably my favourite soundtrack of any movie or game ever so if it's anything like that I'll likely really enjoy it.
  8. This moody ambient piece is based on the literature of H.P. Lovecraft. This works perfectly as an alternative to the QUAKE soundtrack IMO.
    This was an incredibly immersive and excellently polished mapset! This is very visually striking and provides enough new content that it makes it feel like it's own game rather than just another Doom wad.
  9. i strongly disagree. This could probably use some more :) Those screen shots look epic though!
  10. Picked this up cheap on Steam. It's surprisingly cool to see a hybrid between Spelunky and the literature of HP Lovecraft. Oh yeah and also, Dawn of War Soulstorm too.