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  1. 2002: A Doom Odyessy E1M3s in 0:25
  2. Found another demo, unfinished Resurge TAS
  3. Found a cool demo from almost 3 years ago that I made, it was 2002ado that was incomplete.
  4. Isn't auto sr50 illegal?
  5. Crumpets Map 04 nomo in 0:10
  6. Hello. I wanted to try Doom again after over a year break, but for some reason now, I can't do SR50 or SL50. I hold down forward, strafe right, turn right, and strafe on for SR50 but it doesn't do anything but keep me in place. The only way I can do SR/SL50 is by using strafe left/right, forward, strafing on my mouse, and doing the turn input by moving my mouse towards that direction, which can help me consistently S50 but for some tricks it isn't consistent. I am using PRBoom v2.5.1.4 and if you need more information let me know. Thanks.
  7. Oops o.o Edit: where is that demo?
  8. Doom 2 Map 03 -nomonsters in 0:16.54 i forgot, how do i speedrun again?
  9. Any news on future completion of the run?
  10. It can be found on DSDA.
  11. There is already a map1-20 TAS by xepop, which is pretty optimal except for a few things like an instant glide on map02.
  12. I just looked at the RJ spot and it seems like if you grabbed the RJ and somehow got back up, it could potentially be faster. Only thing is, I can't find a fast way back up to the platform.
  13. Crumpets D2ALL in 2:04 Beats previous record in 2:16 by SWDude Individual level times, ratings, and time improvements can be found in crallx204.
  14. Survive In Hell Map 28 UV-Speed in 0:23
  15. Woah. An improvement. At the time I sucked at building :D