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  1. scrooloose

    Tangerine Nightmare [idgames link]

    Hi, me and the rest of homosquad just finished playing through this. Great work! The colour pallete was refreshing and zesty. Really liked the map design and monster placement. We gave up on the last map - but that's because we have tiny penises. Overall very fun, thanks!
  2. scrooloose

    Innocence II [Released! NOW ON IDGAMES]

    Howdy, just finished playing through this now. Really enjoyed it, especially map4 as noted by others. Was on the edge of my seat trying to grab the RL and get back into the starting room while the AV followed and tried to touch me inappropriately. I liked the variation in monster appearances - but some functional differences would have been nice to keep me guessing. It seemed like the wad wasn't trying to be anything too mind blowing - just fun for an evening. Time well spent.
  3. scrooloose


    Awesome! Had some good times playing through this on 2 player survival coop. We spent a lot of time oohhing and ahhing over the map designs which were just fucking stunning. Recommended.