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  1. slowtorturepukechamber

    What inspired you to be a doom mapper, mod maker and midi composer.

    map 11 of plutonia. something about how vastly different that map is compared to all the others made me realize how many different things you can create within the world of doom, and that map is a simple idea. been thinking about making a horror map using solely archviles as enemies ever since
  2. slowtorturepukechamber

    Is anybody else seriously IN LOVE with Eternal?

    absolutely feels so much more like OG doom than 2016 did. although i thought the bosses were a lot harder in 2016.
  3. slowtorturepukechamber

    What would you do to make the pistol useful?

    full auto, like a glock. or just change it entirely to an assault rifle like brutal doom haha
  4. slowtorturepukechamber

    thoughts on Thy Flesh Consumed

    honest thoughts on episode 4? its alright but whenever i replay doom i find myself just not ever wanting to play through episode 4 again. something about it just doesn't remotely have the same charm as the previous 3 episodes, or really any of the maps in doom 2. anyone else agree?
  5. slowtorturepukechamber

    Was Doom 2016 Better Than Doom Eternal?

    content wise: i think 2016 has better multiplayer and snapmap was an awesome feature that is sorely missed in eternal. everything else: eternal TRUMPS 2016 and feels much more like classic doom, and i love the the fact that doom, doom 2 and 64 are made canonical.
  6. hot take: i think mick's soundtrack was kinda eh. it certainly is a bummer how bethesda is handling the whole situation though, and i heard that mick is essentially the only reason the soundtrack had any heaviness at all.
  7. slowtorturepukechamber

    Your age and difficulty setting when or if you completed Doom Eternal?

    20 years old. Beat the game first time through on UV, took around 15 hours. Some parts were frustrating, but never felt like I actually ever had to lower the difficulty.
  8. slowtorturepukechamber

    Favorite and disliked level

    Super Gore Nest was awesome, perfectly balanced and a big arena to properly take care of all the demons. Urdak has some cool moments but overall, can be very frustrating at times and can feel like you're getting cheated a lot of the time. I LOVE Mars Core level, its a close second to the Super Gore Nest.
  9. slowtorturepukechamber

    DOOM: Annihilation - the new Doom movie

    a Doom movie could've been fun, but the last one they made was SHEER assdump, so i'm not entirely sure about this one.
  10. slowtorturepukechamber

    If Doom had a Battle Royale mode??

    i think the whole "battle royale" concept is fun, but rather overused at this point in time. i also personally don't know many people who still religiously play online Doom.
  11. slowtorturepukechamber

    Most used song in your wads

    i usually just use Tabit and make my own midis, is pretty time consuming but not difficult to learn.
  12. slowtorturepukechamber

    Lets talk Doom 2!

    i ABSOLUTELY liked Doom more than Doom: Hell On Earth more so because the level design was more claustrophobic which i honestly really liked. Doom: Hell on Earth has some maps, like Tricks and Traps, that are just boring beyond belief, at least in my opinion.
  13. slowtorturepukechamber

    We got the demons!

    archviles and chaingunners forever
  14. wow, so glad i can finally use this again! just got another working computer, so happy to finally be active again.


    probably gonna make a few custom wads and just drop them pretty soon, nothing special just some fun stuff.

    1. Catpho



      Welcome back!

  15. Damn, haven't linked to a video in a while, didn't realize the video links self embed LOL whoops I'm a noob i guess