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  1. jerk-o

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    The monster I only see in Deathmatch games.
  2. jerk-o

    Seeking: Your Doomguy Sprite Variants

    Back in the early 2000's I remember seeing a doomguy skin for doom legacy that made him look like a box of shells. Do you have that one?
  3. jerk-o

    Favorite Doom music track?

  4. jerk-o

    Unpopular maps you enjoy

    Slige maps
  5. jerk-o

    Favourite thing about any Monster in doom?

    I forget the name, but the ones I kill in deathmatch games. Totally not recolored versions of the same monster.
  6. jerk-o

    Potential Shotgun Edits

    Having a sight on the shotgun would help me line up my shots.
  7. jerk-o

    Favourite endgame screen in any id game?

    D1E2 ending
  8. jerk-o

    Build Boom on DOS

    Have you looked into trying freedos? http://www.freedos.org/
  9. jerk-o

    Which Doom monster do you dread the most?

  10. jerk-o

    Favorite doom 1 level

    Wasn't there an official poll about this a while ago? If I remember correctly, it concluded that e2m2 is the best level.
  11. jerk-o

    Your favorite track throughout classic doom?

    Sign of Evil
  12. jerk-o

    Favorite Source Port?

  13. So you're saying that I'd live through the entire day?
  14. Pain Elemental so I can fill the world with lost souls.