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  1. jerk-o

    Favorite Source Port?

  2. So you're saying that I'd live through the entire day?
  3. Pain Elemental so I can fill the world with lost souls.
  4. jerk-o

    Classic, WASD+mouse, or other?

    classic controls until I got my laptop a few years ago, now wasd+mouse
  5. jerk-o


    How would doomworld top last year? Getting Romero to release an ultimate doom megawad?
  6. jerk-o

    Your favorite colors in WADs?

    I don't think there's enough purple in your map.
  7. jerk-o

    Why do you use the editors that you use?

    I used to use DEU because it came on one of those CDs from the 90s with lots of random wads on them. Now I use Eureka because I'm running linux and because it and freedoom are listed in my package manager.
  8. jerk-o

    Most favorite Level from Episode 1

    m7 for level design, m8 for music
  9. jerk-o

    2018 Goals

    Actually finish playing through Back to Saturn X episode 1 and 2.
  10. jerk-o

    Level design tropes you dislike

    Sounds like something that needs to be in your mapset. hint hint.
  11. jerk-o

    Doom years resolutions.

    Play more Doom.
  12. jerk-o

    Whats the worst Doom WAD You have ever played?

    Definitely not wow.wad because that level is amazing.
  13. jerk-o

    Demon Servant?

    Pain Elemental
  14. jerk-o

    Why do people remember Doom as fast paced?

    I consider it a fast paced game since I can be running at least 95% of the time I'm playing.