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  1. I downloaded the daily build and noticed that the yellow door in e2m2 doesn't give any indication that you need the yellow key to open it until you try to open the door.
  2. Zokumbsp
  3. My favorite Doom music is D_BUNNY
  4. What's on my mind?  Not much hair any more.

    1. Xyzzy01


      But plenty of happiness!

    2. Fonze
  5. Are crates not allowed on e2m2 because of the crate maze in the original game?
  6. slige -levels 36 Ok, finished.
  7. Obviouslt the pain elemental.
  10. Doom 2 /sarcasm E2M9, both secret levels in Doom 2.
  11. For the same reason somebody did an e2m8 pacifist run. Because they could.
  12. Are there any "Guidelines" for what monsters and/or weapons map makers are "allowed" to place in each level?
  13. Freedoom is best Doom