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  1. Had a lot of fun playtesting this! Hope everyone has as much fun I did. :)
  2. Christophine Place


    so true!❤️
  3. Really glad to see this released! Hope people have fun with this, as well as my loving tribute to a most likely terrible map from Hell Revealed Two. :) (Also shoutouts to Finnks, Caco, Arsinikk, and Large Cat for finding pretty much every possible bug in my map lmao)
  4. Christophine Place

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Sign of Torment

    MAP03: Dark Lantern Very mixed on this one, I'll start with the negatives first: The combat in this one is significantly more involved, but not very well balanced in my opinion. I'll get this out of the way, I absolutely hate shotgunners, and the way they're used here makes it almost impossible to not take about 80 damage. Another thing that I really hate in a lot of maps is having to use the regular shotgun on mid to high tier enemies, I found it more fun to get them to infight with each other then use the chainsaw on them while they're distracted. It's a shame because the combat makes up a decent chunk of the map because I absolutely love the rest of it. I think it could absolutely be improved by adding a berserk, more health, and some green armour. Right, onto the positives: Again, the colour usage here is really nice, and I like how the setting seems to move more towards caves despite still feeling like some place suspended in space. I really like the patches of black on the walls, feels like parts of the world you're in are being taken away/falling apart from reality (although I didn't briefly think I was playing in the wrong IWAD at first lol). But the absolute best thing about this map is the impossible 3D spaces, it's not necessarily a new concept, not even to Doom, but the way it's done so seamlessly using Boom lines looks is really impressive and looks awesome! I love the doorways where you step into nothingness, with only slits of white to guide you to completely new areas, and the staircase spiraling over itself multiple times with a sky wall was really cool to walk through. Overall, progression and visuals are fantastic, but I really didn't like how it played unfortunately. Hoping you either get more powerful weapons, or the hitscanners are turned down a bit in the later maps.
  5. Christophine Place

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Sign of Torment

    MAP02: The Loudest Silence Another interesting one. Again, love the theme and setting of this wad so far, I especially really like the use of red, white, and black, gives a very bright yet bleak look to it. :) Something I didn't notice until opening to the automap was how much room over room there is in this map. Nearly every room is on a different floor, and I'm weirdly impressed at how seamless it is. Combat's not much to speak of, but the atmosphere is still very sinister and odd, loving that. Again not too much to say about this map specifically, but I'm excited to see more of this wad. :)
  6. Christophine Place

    DECOTEX - a texture resource for mappers [v1.3.3]

    These look awesome! I love how the city sky looks especially.
  7. I'm not used to having Doomworld open so I keep getting jumpscared by the notification.

    1. VoanHead


      I hope this comment notification under your status update jumpscares you again <3.

    2. Craneo
  8. Christophine Place

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Sign of Torment

    Ah thanks! :) I'm still gonna go one map per day though, I weirdly like the idea of getting excited to play the next one tomorrow.
  9. Christophine Place

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Sign of Torment

    Hi, I'm not particularly new to custom Doom stuff, I am new to this. The Megawad Club always looked like fun, and I was mainly waiting on something interesting I hadn't played before, so I think now would be a good time to start. :) I'm not really sure how to structure this, so I'll just spitball my thoughts on the maps as they go on lol MAP01: Rooms and Shadows A very odd start. Love the opening shot and the midi, instantly makes it feel very lonely and sinister. A lot of it is just very weird, not entirely sure what to make of it, but I think that works really well for it. I'm really digging the atmosphere and look of the map, feels very alien and unfamiliar, I love it. Combat's not too much to speak of, just punching a few monsters, always fun. Also I love the exit teleporter. :) I think that's all I really have to say about this map for now. Gotta be honest, It's weird playing an opening map to a wad then waiting a day to play the next one lol but I'm interested to see where this goes!
  10. The dehacked patch being in the wad should be fine, so long as the sprites are at the top of the wad's contents. By the way, I would really recommend testing wads in DSDA to make sure everything works properly, it's not only the port most people use, but will give you appropriate errors so that what you're making is compatible with any limit removing port. Granted the best port for vanilla testing is Chocolate Doom and ChocoRenderLimits. Edit: I now realise you mean you included the dehacked lump separately *and* in the wad, that's the right thing to do for vanilla wads, you're all good.
  11. Hi there, this looks interesting, but I've noticed a fair amount of things in the resources that won't work at all in most ports, let alone vanilla. The main thing you wanna fix so it loads in every port (that isn't a ZDoom variant), is to add Doom 2's lumps called PNAMES and TEXTURE1 into your wad file, then add the custom textures to it. As far as vanilla stuff goes, you'll firstly want to bring the sprites section to the top of the list in the wad, so it's above everything in the wad. Next you'll want to change the names of the sprites in the dehacked patch so vanilla doesn't cry, you can edit them in the strings section. It's a long list but you can find all the sprite names at the bottom of the list. After changing the sprite name's string, just change the names of them in the wad to what you put in the dehacked patch. (Also I don't know if this is actually true, but I've always done it just to be sure, I've heard you should put the dehacked patch below the sprites in the wad to get it to work properly.) Lastly, the skies need to be edited if you want them to work in vanilla. DoomKid has a good tutorial on how to do long skies in vanilla, but the easiest fix is they will need to be 128 pixels high. That kind of goes for all vanilla textures by the way, they all have a maximum height of 128 pixels tall. Hope this was helpful, and I hope the project goes well!