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  1. Well, today started as usuall. i picked up franceesca at about 7:30 am. we dont talk the whole way to school, while she channel surfs on teh radio. i end up going outside and sitting down with her and do my homework, while she has an inteligent conversation about some guy named "J" with my lesbo teacher. shes actually quite good at teaching. Then i get on the bus to "oec" ( dekalb highschool of technology north ). i then proceed to drift into a hopless chat with some mexican and a cuban kid. i took the mexican kid home wednesday, and as i left the parking spot, i attempted a drift ( making the car go horizantle to where you want to go ) and i end up pulling it off, halfway. the e-brake locks up.
    I correct and carry his ass home laughing the whole way while listening to greek dance music. so we end up at oec. now the almost daily un healthy rutien of stopping by the snack machine. i alwase get a fanta grape or a snack. so i change out, and go into my class eating my butterfinger and fanta grape. i proceed to drift into a hopeless stare at the 62 white impala that we are working on. the smarter students get to work on it. since almost all the other kids are still on their 2nd dent. i finished 3 dents, and 1 project by this time. the teacher gets pissed cus they use a linear sander even thoug they on their 2nd and must be on their third. also, most dont know how to properly apply body filler. eventually i end up doing almost nothing. for 3 whole periods.
    I go back, and i walk into the library where we have to sign in. i attempt to talk to a fine ghetto asian girl, but to no avail since she is too ghetto and type just the way she talks. i make fun of how she types and she replays that she does that so people cant understand. i say o well, and i go to class. i go to my physichal science class, and i sit. i make up most of the work i didnt do, and turn it in befor the teacher notices. i end up not even doing all the homework, and get 1/2 credit on it. so the class ends with the teacher telling funny fight stories. time for lunch. its a daily routine of getting to lunch early, and making sure i am in the back. it all becomes hopless when people start to cut at the very begining of the damn line. and i mean like flocks of 10 to 12 people at a time. so this happens and mr fungalo stops them and i get through the line.
    I end up seeing my friend, maria ( shes soo god damn beautiful ) and we talk. i sit and gobble down food while i ask her questions about her life. so the bell rings and i go to 4th period. my teacher that was outside talking to francesca. we have a test what we read, and i do ok. it was the pardoner form the canterbury tales. i end up taking notes and finish the class with homework for the weekend. i then go to jrotc, in wich i have pt today. now we have retarted kids in our school, and most of them are in this period allong with normal people. i am the onlye elidgable senior since the other senior is a semi retarted black girl. i end yup doing pt, and hanging out in the gym.
    I talk to andrea ( black chick, very nice, and hot). i talk to her about class and such. i end up getting her phone number. i get dressed, and get to my car where francesca is waiting. i notice she hasnt had a good day. so i drive her home. i tell her i am free this weekend, and she says she is still grounded.
    I endup going home and sitting there. theo ( black loser kid ) comes over and demands more porn. i dont have any. so he makes mixes from 4:30pm to 7pm at this time, francesca im's me. she is pissed because anwar ( a good friend of mine ) didnt write her back, and he sent me the e-mail she sent him, whitch obviously shows signs of her liking him. but he has not plans on replying since he doesn like her.
    so i write him an e-mail telling him what to write. After whitch, i end up reading the scca rules and what cars can enter since i want to be in scca racing. i love it. but i need to apply, and go to the school. so i end up just lkeaving the compute on, and waiting for stupid e-mule to finush my downloads ( i am not bashing e-mule. its slow, but it gets me what i want in a reasonable amount of time ). so i attempt to pass time by watching tv. no go. so then i go back to my computer and here i am listening to greek music again.

    also, my whole week has been plagued with people turning me down for the home coming dance. no one wants to go with me. some, cus they have a boyfirnd, and some, just cus they dont like me. so i am kicked into high gear and end up asking allot of people. still no responce. i end up asking francesca, but she doent know if she will either run away, or go to a diff school or run away and never come back.

    o well.

    1. Danarchy


      They put the retarded kids into JROTC?

      Well that explains the military.

    2. kain


      no. they do this to make them feel equally important. even though top found one in the jon wankin off.

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