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  1. JCB

    Another DooM 1 Remake

    Nice and clean blueprints... Looks awesome
  2. JCB


    Wow looks amazing
  3. JCB

    Your least favourite enemy?

    Arch-vile , simply because I still seem to get owned by it despite playing DooM for 20 fking years.
  4. While reading through Masters Of DooM for the 3rd time at work the other night I thought to myself how awesome it would be if Romero were to make a modern day map. IF only we could keep him here with us.
  5. Thank you so much for the feedback guys.. Just to read that a couple of you actually enjoyed it makes it all worth while for me. I will continue to learn and stop being so lazy. Nearly everything that people disliked are the same things I dislike as well... I need to just push through it and make every single foot of the level fun and dynamic. Feedback received and noted: Couple ugly textures/areas ( my laziness I admit ) Obscure switches/Probably too many Impassable/passable messed up in some places. The player needs the ability to traverse back through the map I need to actually design secret areas instead of just throwing in BS. Reward exploration instead of punishing it Need to work on enemy placement and triggers. Need to learn how to freakin search specific linedefs and triggers to fix them. I need to test every port, every time I make a major change because within 1-2 versions I seemed to of wrecked havoc on my lift/plats. The outside area with grey rock came out disappointing gameplay wise - If I spent an hour I could of made it match the quality of the rest of the map - lesson learned Thank every single one of you for the help and the next time you hear from me I will have something even better for you guys ( and with less bugs caused by releasing it too early and then frantically changing things and reuploading. So validated... I'm like a child, now that I know I can create levels you guys enjoy I will keep doing it until my fingers bleed. (My scrollwheel broke though so I'm having a hell of a time changing sector heights in visual mode... Wish GzDB allowed you to re-bind several keys for several different actions. I love you guys... kiss me... I mean.. I'll be back soon with something better!
  6. Thank you very much for the help man, i've updated this level but am still trying to wrap up plat overflow and and tag0 error just for the sake of anyone else that happens to download this. and Thank you DoomKid... Your comment alone made the mapping time worth it. My visuals are better than my gameplay at the moment lol. Glad to see a few people welcoming to a beginner; especially as I haven't seen a huge mass of levels recently I really want to contribute.
  7. Thanks rdwpa, I've fixed most of those. I will definitely make my next map with bigger spaces, either in between or overall. Removed the blocking sprites, added those after testing like a noob. Changed damaging liquids back to water. The mancubis fights are still pretty disappointing. I can't figure out how to fix the tag 0 sectors and it seems like a very big problem.
  8. Hey guys! As the title suggests (kind of) this is a basic vanilla test/prototype level i've made. My 2nd map ever so be gentle because it probably sucks ass but hopefully not as much as my first one. If anyone would be kind enough to run through this thing and tell me: Too cramped? Too Hard? Too Easy? Switches too obtuse and convoluted? Too boring? Too ugly? Did you die and exit or did you try again? Any FDAs? I would love to watch someone else play something I created. I've attempted to make a level that feels like a random d2 map with plenty of lifts, switches, and monsters but without making much sense Lol. I want to move on and make good levels eventually I tested in Pr/GL boom, Zdoom, and Gzdoom. Chocolate doom crashes for some reason (was hoping someone knowledgeable can help me understand why) *fixed alot of noob issues so far, learned alot - working on plat overflow now* SS Download link - http://www.mediafire.com/download/1xpbvv60czda1tw/jcbPROTOTYPE.wad
  9. I was born in 89'; When I got my first Windows 95 system in 2nd grade I went through all of the discs that came with it. (Encarta, Typing games, etc) One was a demo disc called "Space Shuttle Odyssey or something. It was an FPS style demo disc that was based on a space ship. You could shoot out biohazard rings and walk around different rooms that had most Windows based games you could select to play the demo. That's where I discovered DooM, Mechwarrior 2, and several others. DooM was and still is my favorite game. Those were good times.. At that time there was NOTHING even close to the experience DooM provided.
  10. JCB


    No kidding... I've played DooM since I was a kid, but only got back into the community after Brutal DooM reigniting the fire for my first FPS. The forum can be pretty whiny though and quite off-putting. I enjoy vanilla DooM as much as anyone, but I play the coop-servers with new weapons and use BD to run through plutonia again sometimes.
  11. JCB

    Who has the best taste?

    Well, since i'm still pretty new here I don't have much experience; I can say though that You ( Memfis) and AD_79 are the mappers that come to mind when I try to emulate and learn. (More lately: Lutz with his Hellscape wad) so in a way, I listen closely to your opinions when I see you critique a map. I'm aware this isn't the question you asked, but it's the best I can do because I only know a few of your names by heart.
  12. Jesus christ man... You make it hard for a noob mapper to continue! Lol... Nah to be honest If I could create ONE of those areas I would be fulfilled. The shadows on those pillars are amazing... If you're not a level designer for a AAA studio then what are you waiting on?!?
  13. JCB


    Nice... Your work has something that makes the map "DooM" to the core, and is very hard to recreate.
  14. JCB

    Baron of Hell Sculpt

    Do you start with Zspheres? I always do but I cannot sculpt a face no where near that good! I would love to retro that onto a lo-poly and throw in into UDK with a simple animation.
  15. JCB


    Wow... Inspiring design