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  1. It's a fine piece. It is the product of your mind and hand, that in itself is something impressive. It did not exist until you decided it did. Keep it up.
  2. Scream of the Butterfly by Acid Bath.
  3. I prefer oranges over apples...especially when they're frozen. Also, I pick Doom due to the personality of your character being undefined. But I still enjoy Duke as well...just not nearly as much. I do prefer the weapon and pickup sounds of Duke more though.
  4. While it might be way too soon for me to even be speaking to you since you're a new member and, check out the "creative works" subforum where I have posted a thread entitled Doomworld Members' Sketchbook. Once there, you can view my artwork, and the artwork of many of Doomworld's members.
  5. Country concerts are boring as Hell...this girl is lucky I love her.  haha

  6. Welcome to the forum, man.  I dig your avatar...not because I am an anime fan or even of "One Punch Man"...but a buddy of mine once showed me an episode and I thought the concept was humorous, and the look on One Punch Man's face always amused me.


    @bzzrak has free iPad's if you're interested.

    1. Doomkid
    2. RUSH


      What a greeting Mark.

    3. dew


      Wow, unsolicited creepy greeting. Now I feel like my introduction into the community was incomplete without an awkward weird-out.

    4. bzzrak


      Best one so far!

    5. rdwpa


      I'll take a creepy greeting too. 

    6. TacoTurtle


      Haha, I saw my notification bar "6 notifications... er ok?". Hello all!

      I don't really watch anime, it's very rare I'll even watch a feature length anime film. But man, One Punch Man is quite humorous and I can't wait for season 2! That said I can't wait for season 3 of Rick and Morty either.

    7. Tracer


      Man...who knew greeting people was so frowned upon.  Goes to show the character of a lot of people here.

  7. Some screenshots of my progress.
  8. Acid Bath demos. I actually find some of these better than the official album releases. Most notably "What Color Is Death?".
  9. I am so lost here. What is the significance?
  10. Bro, mummies don't even exist.
  11. Welcome to Doomworld!  

    1. bzzrak


      You're improving, Trace. :]

    2. Tracer


      I won't forget to offer this guy an iPad.  Don't you worry.

  12. That was my favorite question. haha
  13. If the retarded recoil wasn't present with the plasma gun, I'd choose that. But it is. So chaingun it is.
  14. @InsanityBringer!!!!!!