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  1. Spirit, too late for that. Esselfortium got involved. In my experience, once that person gets involved, your thread is instant toast if they get revved up. An mutt: Everyone was black in "The Wiz". So is that a racist movie?
  2. Well that would be the least he could do.
  3. Yes. An irrelevant one with zero similarity outside of it being a doom wad. Might as well have compared it to Mario Kart.
  4. Damn, this sure has me triggered. I need counseling and a safe zone.
  5. Maybe we should just never portray black people ever unless it is in a positive light. Can we do that for white people too? Hell, everyone is a special untouchable snowflake now that can never do any wrong. Nope. Not ever. Totally realistic.
  6. And my point was to make a little green.
  7. Contrary to what these guys are saying about doing it yourself...if you want any design work done for pay, you can always contact me.
  8. I agree completely, and I also suggest that you stop discussing it here. People have already started jumping down your throat about racial shit because you mentioned black people (oh no!). I'd suggest messaging people who have expressed interest and keeping all discussion within private messages.
  9. Count me in! My dad always had cool stories from when he would do controlled buying of crack/cocaine when he was a part of a Chicago Area Drug Sting taskforce. He would go undercover in Cabrini Green often. I love this idea. Truly awesome. Also...seriously guys? Race cards? Put them back in the deck already, they are serving no purpose here. Having black enemies in a game for geographic accuracy is not racism or hatred. Hell, EXCLUDING black enemies on the sole basis that they are black sounds more racist to me. I'd think that people here would be less ready to jump on the censorship bandwagon. "Make it about zombies so nobody is offended." COME. ON. If people keep coddling this hypersensitivity plague that has infected this generation, humanity will just become a species of crybabies with victim complexes that are too chickenshit to get anything done. That being said...I do think that a demonic/zombie theme would still be awesome. Not historically accurate at all, but still cool.
  10. I am $300,000 in debt.
  11. "What is today but tomorrow's yesterday; and what is today but yesterday's tomorrow?"
  12. A delicious spicy chicken taco recipe I've been using for my diet.


    What you'll need:

    Two corn tortillas


    Hot sauce


    6-8 Sport Peppers


    Crushed Red Pepper


    Black Pepper




    One boneless skinless chicken breast




    Cut the chicken breast into strips.  Sprinkle however much pepper and crushed red pepper you want.  Add a little oregano.


    Heat a frying pan until it is very hot.  Use a nonstick spray or olive oil before you throw the chicken strips into the pan.


    Take the sport peppers and cut a slit into each of them.  Throw them in the pot.  As they get hotter, their juices will spill out, giving the chicken much flavor.


    Add as much hot sauce as you want to the chicken.  Leave the flame on medium-high and cover for three minutes. 


    Heat up your corn tortillas.


    Final step: Enjoy the fuck out of that shit.

    1. Tracer


      The best part is that this is a pretty low calorie dinner that will fill you up and tastes delicious if you're into spicy food.  If you have leftovers, save them for the morning and add scrambled eggs into the tortilla for an amazing spicy chicken scrambler.  

    2. Piper Maru

      Piper Maru

      Sounds delicious I'll have to give it a try.

    3. Tracer


      If you do, let me know what you think.  I just kind of threw it together, but I've made it every night this week and I'm not bored of it yet.  I bet a touch of lime juice would go great on it too now that I think about it.

    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I gave that recipe a try, and since I'm vegetarian, I replaced the chicken with falafel (tasty and relatively healthy). Was quite nice, and if I were to recommend something to add to it, it would probably be guacamole (with enough lime juice in it, so has a nice acidity to it), would also go well with the chicken I'd say.

  13. Any Rick and Morty fans here?  A buddy of mine just gave me seasons one and two.  I am three episodes in and I absolutely love it.

    1. Piper Maru

      Piper Maru

      It's an addicting show that's easy to binge watch. Glad you like it!

    2. Ichor
  14. ^My girlfriend's parents are old Mexicans, but that means they were new Mexicans once. I'll get their opinion on the matter.