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  1. Arctangent

    Another ridiculous post about the future of Doom

    this is what we call "sector portals" they're available in eternity and gzdoom and are as simple as finding the line where the two areas line up
  2. it's actually compat_limited_airmovement you're looking for; it hardlocks aircontrol's influence on acceleration to 25% ground speed, regardless of sv_aircontrol or any other aircontrol modifiers subsequently, if you bump sv_aircontrol to 1 in zandronum without enabling compat_limited_airmovement, you end up with jumps that basically kill all your momentum sans a minor ability to nudge around, because you're moving a 25% ground speed while experiencing 100% ground friction as air friction. it feels Not Great
  3. yeah i guess it ain't really much of a surprise that something like myhouse would be the thing to drag me out of my doom pseudo-hiatus, nor that i would have a enough to say when it comes to literary devices ( esp. those relating to metanarratives ) to justify breaking my doomworld actual-hiatus, huh
  4. Arctangent


    when you put it like that, sounds like source would make for a perfectly fine candidate, too naturally, the tropes at play and the specific surrealities would differ, but there's nonetheless something about the source engine that makes its levels quickly turn liminal if you so much as stop to smell the drywall
  5. honestly i'm just kinda surprised that this tangent was sparked by deathz0r. don't think we've talked ... like, ever, but i always figured someone as around-the-block as him would be well-read enough to be familiar w/ stuff like framing devices that blur fiction and non, paying homage to a past trauma through use of a story that parallels it, and the literary use of the loss of a loved one as a metaphor for mourning a part of one's self ( esp. with regards to queer themes, especially trans ones ) like, it just feels like such a grade school level read if i'm being entirely honest. there's so many plausible ways to read a genuine expression from this work that dismissing it as someone pissing on graves just comes across as poor media literacy. it's not just the reductiveness towards the tools at play - there's a complete disregard towards those tools even existing to begin with and, hell, i think what really baffles me is, like ... is there only supposed to be one way to make a tribute map? like, really, even if it was just "some creepypasta shit" ... do you not think crafting an elaborate and effective piece of horror makes for an incredible way to honor a loved one who was all over that kind of stuff? because a present i got last christmas was having to deal with the sudden death of one of the most important people in my life, and y'know what? i can promise you that she'd be over the moon if i created something like this in tribute to her. she would've absolutely love this thing, and the fact that i can't share it with her is just another loss caused by her departure i 'unno. plenty of y'all have already spoken about how everyone has their own reaction to art, and that's true and all, but so is the fact that the sky is blue. there's just something fundamentally shortsighted about these reads of this work as deceptive, dishonest, and disrespectful, and it's hard to imagine it not leading to shit being stirred when future works come along that similarly toy with such basic assumptions about fiction
  6. Arctangent

    Reused Assets.

    I hope we get a demon that's literally just poorly upscaled Mario sprites from SMW that look straight out of an old Newgrounds flash.
  7. Arctangent

    Ctrl+Alt shoot-strafe

    This is why you use your damn safety. No wonder the marines got wiped out if their best of the best doesn't know proper trigger discipline.
  8. Arctangent

    If Doom had a Battle Royale mode??

    Most Battle Royale games avoid the frustration of waiting for the next round to start after you die by making it so that there's nothing keeping you from just leaving a game after you die, and also by using matchmaking so after you drop out you can just hop into another queue and quickly get into another game. Doom's current multiplayer ports don't exactly allow for this sort of thing all that well. It'd be possible to set up something like a personalized Painkiller or whatever the current hostbots are to emulate this, though there's still an issue on whether or not you'd get the playerbase to support that kind of system. That said, that sort of system would be really nice for ZDoom Wars, but again, playerbase is still a concern ...
  9. The obvious solutions are either to stop targeting Zandronum or wait for several years until it catches up. These are also probably the only solutions.
  10. I've actually always liked the idea of a HereHexen universe game where the Tome of Power is a more permanent powerup, which doesn't replace your weapon's functionality with new ones but instead picking it up allows you to use the secondary fire modes of your weapons. That way, it provides a unique way to effectively double the player's arsenal, which seems pretty major thing in something like Hexen with its limited one.
  11. Arctangent

    The First Ever Version Of Brutal Doom

    It sounds like you just have a low opinion of mods, which is causing you to arbitrarily section them off as lesser software or something that's inescapably far less interesting than other kinds.
  12. Aight, so, I could use some adulting advice from people who've possibly had to deal with this stuff, so


    Right now, I'm pretty heavily a dependent on my family, but for various reasons that's incredibly stifling and I'm not sure if I'll ever move forward in life while I'm stuck there. However, I've struggled to find any sort of employment around here, and even if I did I'm not sure if I could manage to keep a normal job due to some mental health issues that are currently going ignored by my family. I do have two good friends that have ( individually ) outright offered to house me in the near-future, though, but between there and here there lies some significant issues.


    Namely, I have no idea how to handle moving out.


    Part of the issue is that I'd mostly be moving in on my friends' good will, although I'd also be able to help around the house and notably neither of my friends are capable of driving, something I can do. But also, my family barely knows about these friends, they both live out of state, and I have no employment lined up for me in either state, so I can't help but feel that telling my family I want to move out would just end up with the exact opposite of support, especially since they don't have the best faith in me. So chances are I'd just have to do the entirety of it on my own, and I don't even know where to start.


    I do "have" my own car, but that's one of my main issues: I'm not sure who technically owns it, or even if that's an issue, all I know is that it was a gift from my dad ( mostly, I might add, so that getting me and my brother to school was less of an issue ). I'd imagine insurance wouldn't be too big of an immediate issue - after all, even if I get removed from my family's plan, it's not like my friends aren't expecting to pick up the slack with my expenses - but I have no idea if just driving off one day would constitute as theft, and I'd rather not take my chances on whether or not my family would pursue that to either track me or the car down. There's also concerns about this with the rest of my possessions, but, well, computers and clothes don't come with legally-required licenses plates that the police can just report if they spot on the streets.


    Then there's cutting the trail if they do decide to pursue me but can't do so through my car. I honestly don't know how much this all matters, but my phone's on my dad's cellular plan and my bank account is set up so that my savings will automatically go to my mom if I end up dying. I might be just worrying way too much about this and there's no actual reason for me to cut all ties so dramatically, but I just really don't know how my family would react to me suddenly leaving, so I want to be prepared for the worst.


    Then I guess general moving out advice would be pretty handy, too. I suppose I'm going from dependent to dependent ( albeit with far more room to stretch my wings and potentially become independent, or at least capable of adding to the collective income ) so it's not like I need to learn to take care of an apartment or house on my own, but I've also never not lived with my family before, so just ideas on how to adapt to a new house and new state would be nice.

    1. Doomkid


      Living on your own isn't as scary as it seems at first.


      There's a few things to unpack here. Firstly, being able to drive your friends around might be a nice segue into living with them, but keep in mind that the only real/sustainable solution is to find your own income. The unfortunate reality of job hunting is that the hunt in itself should be treated as a full-time job. If you've got spare time and enough energy to browse around online, spend that time job hunting. Even part-time work will give you some money and when you have some money, friends are much more likely to happily house you for an indefinite amount of time.


      Now of course, you mentioned some things you're unsure about for the time being, a big one of which was your family's potential reaction to your proposal to move out. If you are of an adult age they should be totally behind your goal here but unfortunately that's not always the case. Hoping for a good reaction but preparing for the worst reaction seems very wise given how you've framed things.


      One thing you may need to do is find out whose name the car is registered in. It is possible that you have full ownership of the vehicle and it is simply insured on your father's plan. Since it was presented to you as a gift, it is technically your property, but if it's registered in your father's name, you'll have to get that moved over to your own name. If he's cool with you taking it it's not really a big deal, but if he tries the indian-giver routine, it may make things quite a bit harder. If he has no intention of making a stink over it, then your car situation aught to be just fine until you're settled in and ready to consider insuring it in your own name. Given you haven't ruled out the possibility of them trying to report the car as stolen if you drive off in it, I'd say it's worth your time to find out who the real owner is according to the documentation.


      Your other possessions are a different story. As you said, these are not things that have to be registered. They were presented to you as gifts, therefore you are unquestionably the owner of these items. Don't hesitate to take all of your belongings and clothing with you. If it's a 'shared' belonging that is owned by the family as opposed to just you, that's a different story.


      You'll most certainly want to be on your own phone plan if you are not living near the person whose name the plan is in. There are a litany of reasons but I'll just boil it down to the simplest form and say that many potential headaches will be avoided. Of course, this required money, but unless your father really, truly wants to fuck you over, the phone shouldn't be much of an issue for a few months time while you seek employment. If the plan is in his name, he does reserve the right to cancel it at any time, so bare that in mind. If the phone itself is not attached to the plan's contract in any way, then the device itself can be safely considered your own property.


      Your savings account seems to only be tangentially linked to your mother's, so if you're fine with her getting your money if in some bizarre twist of fate you do end up dying, you should be fine otherwise. Such a link, as I understand it, would not allow her to withdraw or otherwise do anything related to your bank account without your knowledge. I would recommend that any cards or online banking you have setup be configured so that you and only you know the various associated passwords and pins. If that is the case, you've nothing to worry about.


      (As a brief side note, I hope these specific concerns are just you being prepared for the absolute worst reaction on your family's part - When I moved out I didn't even have to consider who was the legal owner of my car or any bank account ties to my family, as they're super sweet people and allowed me to detach everything slowly and painlessly. We basically moved things over when it was convenient. It was over a year before everything of mine was "just mine" in terms of the car and bank account, and even now my dad still has my car insured on his plan. I really do hope that none of this will be an issue, it certainly shouldn't be, in theory.)


      All the stuff above sounds pretty adulty and heavy and scary, but it's really all simple stuff. The worst thing about it all is the time consumed, so assuming your family is even the slightest bit supportive, it should be very painless, even if a bit nerve-racking, which is understandable of course.


      Now for the not-so-scary aspect: Sharehousing. Living with friends is quite different than living with family, generally speaking. Unless you come from an extremely strict household, be ready to do all chores and other boring housekeeping-type stuff more promptly than ever before. Dishes washed right after they're used, sharing of communal duties such as vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, etc etc. I always thought of myself as a reasonably clean person, but it was only after not having my mother around that I realized how much effort goes into keeping your home clean. Again, this is nothing to be afraid of by any means, it's just time consuming and boring at the absolute worst of times. If your friends see you keeping things tidy (and do their bit, as I assume they already are) then you should be fine for the interim between first arriving at their place and finding your own source of income.


      One thing that I cannot stress enough: Do not make their lives more difficult by virtue of your presence. Following the above advice is a sure way to make your friends totally content with having you around. As it's their home, make sure to respect how they like to keep the place and try not to get in the way. If you tick those boxes, you'll be A-OK in the sharehousing department.


      It seems like a lot to take in, but I urge you to approach this with an open mind and not be encumbered by fear. As soon as you have a little momentum going (see: as soon as you're living on your own/with one of your friends) the rest will fall into place naturally and it will be much easier than you anticipated keeping things in order. I'll re-emphasize here just how important the financial aspect of all this is: Once you have your own source of income, you've got the groundwork for building your own independent life in-place. The rest is just important things to remember until you get to that stage/after you've landed work.


      I hope the best for you and I hope some of this advice proves helpful for you in your journey. Please believe me when I say it is truly not as hard as it looks at a glance. Your biggest enemy is your own fears (take it from someone who's been there!) so once you know what you need to know, approach the situation with confidence - It will certainly help to make your journey easier on yourself. Everyone is playing this shit by ear, don't fool yourself into thinking that everyone else has it all sorted and you're somehow "behind". Dropping that misconception was one of the best things I ever did for myself!

  13. Arctangent

    What kinds of things need improvement in Doom?

    -fast is a vanilla Doom feature.
  14. ACS doesn't automatically translate integers into fixed point numbers; you'll need to tag the .0 at the end of any non-zero number used as a fixed, elsewise it'll be interpreted as a really small decimal. That aside, if you're not allowed to use Hexen or UDMF format because of your target port or due to the community project's guidelines, then I doubt forcing ACS into Heretic format via LOADACS will be supported either, so ...
  15. Arctangent

    I am Heavy Weapons Dude

    In Doom, there are 35.714285714285714285714285714286 game tics in a second ( it's meant to be 35, but precision loss adds almost an entire additional tic per second ), meaning each tic is 0.028 seconds long. The chaingun fires a hitscan every four tics, meaning a hitscan every 0.112 seconds. Divide 1 by that 0.112 and you get a fire rate of 8.9285714285714285714285714285714 hitscans per second, or 535.71428571428571428571428571429 hitscans per minute, or 32142.857142857142857142857142857 hitscans per hour, or 771428.57142857142857142857142857 hitscans per day. While the chaingun fires two hitscans per trigger pull, it does not do so simultaneously; rather, you simply can't fire the chaingun any number of times that isn't divisible by two, as a single trigger pull will fire once, wait four tics or 0.112 seconds, then fire twice, wait four tics of 0.112 seconds, then either go back to idle or loop back to the first shot if you're still holding down the fire button. The only exception to this is if you try firing the chaingun with only a single bullet in reserve, in which case the chaingun will visibly fire the second bullet but no hitscan is actually launched.
  16. Arctangent

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    this makes me wish we had a doomsphere reaction
  17. Arctangent

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    I get the feeling you're seeing shades of yourself in someone far more fanatical and thus claiming I'm talking about a strawman, when really it's a real breathing dude that's standing right in front of you and doing that shit where you can see it with no issue.
  18. Arctangent

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    yeah this totally isn't demanding it of the pretense of not doing so being blasphemy, sure
  19. Arctangent

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    I mean, I'd say most people don't actually have people to play local multiplayer but like to play multiplayer anyway, so providing a poor netcode for them to play with other people or even long distance friends is far, far, far less acceptable to the general population than skipping out on a feature a smidgen of buyers are going to use. It seems pretty damn selfish, y'know, to not only demand that development time is taken away from the parts that most people find far more vital to their enjoyment of a game, but also claim not doing so is some abomination against the true nature of gaming or whatever.
  20. Arctangent

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    is there really more to say to this than "ok"
  21. Arctangent


    Don't think it'd be too difficult to do in GZDoom, or at least, replacing any floor - regardless of what it originally was - with lava.
  22. Arctangent

    Commissioning mods?

    Well, that sure is one indirect way to look down upon Carmack. Doom as a whole, really, considering the insinuation that it was just a waste of time. And art is?
  23. Arctangent

    A question about 3D enemies and hitboxes

    Through use of ZScript, it should be pretty simple to have a single hitbox be the "primary" actor, which then creates the rest of the "secondary" actors through an PostBeginPlay() override and maintains their position in its own Tick() override - you'd want to do it that way specifically as otherwise you run the risk of desyncing some hitboxes by a tic. Furthermore, proper locational damage multipliers would be a lot easier than in Decorate, as the secondary actors could override DamageMobj() to intercept the damage dealt to them, then deal it altered to the primary actor.
  24. Arctangent

    How would you, if you would, rebalance the pistol?

    As far as the original topic goes, I'd opt for just shoving the chaingun on slot 2 and letting a fifth ammo type weapon take slot 4, since the chaingun is basically to the pistol as the chainsaw is to the fist. Except with no berserk for the pistol. As far as making bullet weapons more viable in general, I'd opt for increasing their damage-per-ammo by like x1.5 or x2. I don't think shells and clips need to be even - especially since the chaingun means clips are better at controlling enemies through stunlock - but the disparity between the two is large enough to the point of really making the clip weapons underwhelming.