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  1. I pity those who've never had pho before.

    1. Fonze


      Yes; there are some pho restaurants around me that are just fantastic. The ones I've been to have been very generous on portion size as well, giving out Jethro Bodine -sized bowls of delicious soupy goodness.

    2. Csonicgo


      I still can't pronounce it.

    3. YukiRaven


      Eating pho is like living on cloud nine.

    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Pho's pretty neat, but I also pity those who never had Fonze's cucumber salsa before. ;-)

    5. rdwpa



      I still can't pronounce it.

      It's like 'fuck' but without the ck.



    6. Argent Agent
    7. bzzrak


      ...what's "pho"?

    8. Memfis


      I agree with bzzrak.

    9. Albertoni


      Pho is a soup with noodles and meat, sometimes with vegetables. Add Vietnamese spices until delicious. Serve warm.

    10. Arctangent


      Best part is that it's usually served cool enough to eat, but hot enough to still steep the ingredients, and you're also usually given a plate of extra veggies to add in like mint and jalepenos. Throw all of this together and unless you scarf it down, the flavor actually slowly changes over the course of a bowl.

  2. For one, it's heavily built in a way that's based around how ZDoom handles things. But mostly, it's just entirely out of scope for a Boom+ thing. The talk of scripting for this standard is for map-based scripting, ala what Hexen ACS is and what ZDoom ACS used to be before it got extended into oblivion. ZScript, on the other hand, is mostly based around everything else besides the particulars of each map. I mean, you can ( or will be able to? Haven't kept up with whether or not it's implemented or not ) create new thinkers - as in, the things that operate doors and floor movements and such - for use in maps, but when you script in ZScript, it's for the entire game. It allows for whole new action functions for actors, lets you hook into various game events to create your own effects when they occur, etc.. Basically, something I'm pretty sure most ports that stick around Boom-compat would have no interest in implementing and maintaining, since it's by far one of the best ways to make something completely un-Doom in Doom. Since the goals with this is just to have better capabilities to expand Doom, it's pretty inappropriate.
  3. ah yes, Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart are terrible games for people who want to win but don't have the time to sink hundreds of hours into honing their skills
  4. ... You do realize that Doom's rectangular pixels are caused by running a 320x200 full screen program on a 320x240 display, causing the display to stretch the sprites and game world so that there aren't black bars ( or worse, undefined junk pixels ) at the top and bottom of the screen, right?
  5. ... Buh? GZDoom supports non-square pixels, and defaults to 1:1.2. In fact, you can set what pixel ratio it uses as part of a mod's personal settings. In fact, I'm pretty sure almost all ports keep the 1:1.2 pixels. Sure, they may not support 320x200 -> 320x240, but 640x480 isn't actually true 640x480 under normal circumstances, it's 640x400 -> 640x480.
  6. I feel like this could be managed a lot less cumbersomely if the D16guy was adapted into sprite format, and the player sounds were replaced by various impact noises and perhaps suit warning beeps ala Half-Life's HEV suit.
  7. Belatedly, on the "pros scaring off new players," I'm pretty sure that's why arena FPSs in general are on the decline and games like League and Overwatch are far more popular - the latter set don't have as much of a reward for pure mechanical skill as chaining rocket jumps or air strafing, meaning that newbies are less likely to be utterly stomped by those of high skill level, and those with lesser mechanical skill can fight and even trump those that're better through superior team play, team composition, or tactical play. Anything that scares off new players too much is going to be the death of a multiplayer game. And with gaming being less niche and far more options being available, people just aren't as willing to force themselves through being completely destroyed by people who seem to be outright breaking the game with their tech level before enjoying the game.
  8. After some human transmutation, I have awakened to the truth. Doom CTF in its current form has reach about as much of its potential as a mere infant, but I, with my knew enlightened mind, have decided to jumpstart its path to its true form. It'll be a long journey still to reach a time where Doom CTF is a perfect game, but as I slowly pull it to that state, I decided I should share my creations with the world to allow them a preview of what is to come. This isn't simple priv CTF. Even competitive CTF is too meager a name. This is ... Hyper Competitive CTF. You may now weep. Current Version: Beta 1 Maplist and credits: Oh yeah and the maps are in UDMF so Zandronum only.
  9. Favorite Movie Genre: I don't really watch that many movies, but I especially don't watch horror. Other genres depend on my mood. Favorite Food: Banh mi with chargrilled pork, though I have a pretty diverse palate in general Favorite Holiday: eh Favorite Memory: Can't actually say. Something I realized the other day that the memories closest to being fond ones always end up bittersweet at best, and not in the "man I wish I could relive them" way. Worst Memory: There was a period of time where I severed my connection with my only close friend at the time and was struck with unbearable loneliness, especially since my second closest friend at the time was too busy with her own life to help me through it much. This was also the same time I was trying to force myself through college, despite the fact that I was basically just zoning through the classes even before this happened. It wasn't a very pleasant time, needless to say. Age: 22, nearing 23 Favorite Outfit: Don't really have one yet Favorite Genre Of Music: More inclined to judge individual songs than go off of genres, though I do like a lot of Pop Punk, J-Pop, and J-Rock Most Hated Genre of Music: Dubstep, though "most hated" is relative Left Handed or Right Handed: Cross-dominant, though with left-handed preference Worst Injury: Twisted my ankle once after landing on its foot's side Favorite Hobby: Probably programming, with gaming close behind Your Definition of Success: There's no universal one, but one for each individual. Mine, that's probably "being able to evoke emotions in people with my creations, especially joy, in a way that I can see my impact." In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: Depends on who's involved, but typically? Nope.
  10. Making a finale. Or anything after the first room or two.
  11. also if you really do want some pure gameplay footage, then look up longplays
  12. well this sure went down the route of people who aren't just highly anti-social, but outright against anyone ever trying to socialize with anyone when they aren't given express permission to do so by some sort of person-hating overlord
  13. ... I really have no idea how you don't see skeletons as either demonic or edgy when they're played entirely seriously. Space marines played seriously tend to be pretty edgy as well. And sometimes demonic.
  14. Those can still be pretty expensive, especially for a multiplayer game, especially since you can have a whole bunch of hitboxes tied to the models' bones nowadays to do roughly the same effect but with less precision and therefore simplified checks. Not to mention that the hitbox used to collide with level geometry and other non-projectile objects still tends to be a non-rotating rectangular prism or cylinder, since it's really not necessary to use anything more complex. And all that's ignoring that "hitbox" in the general sense can refer to those per-pixel collision systems; even if they're not strictly speaking using the hitbox method, they're still areas that define whether a collision can occur between two things. I think hitscans might use per-pixel collision checks, since they only need to do the check for one tic and don't have to worry about their own collision box, since they have none.