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  1. Phoenix Down kills zombies, not demons.
  2. Well I mean, the literal point of the game is to be something you can have on in the background to switch to on occasion with no other goal but to see how far you can get. It would be pretty baffling if the numbers didn't get completely ridiculous.
  3. ... You see a blatantly unpleasant thread that's been stopped in its tracks by the moderators and shoved off to a Post Hell-esque section, so that means the place is poorly moderated?
  4. It's not exactly "wrongful" when it's exactly what you saying, just without the pretense of trying to look less dickish than you're actually being.
  5. man you sure did not waste time at all did ya
  6. Poe's law. Which, yes, I know specifically says a winking smile is one of the ways to tell something is satire, but it was written in a time with a winking smile didn't have quite the association with smug assholes trying to dismiss others. It really doesn't help when you say you're being genuine, either.
  7. this sure is a healthy and not at all completely sociopathic reaction to something you don't enjoy
  8. That's either a helluva lot of spite, or a dismissal of a helluva lot of people as sub-human degenerates, neither of which is a particularly nice path to go down.
  9. moving being something you can "just" do without complications or heavy investment, yes
  10. Fun fact: the bobbing of your gun caused by moving around is actually perfectly synced up to the intervals that damaging floors deal their damage. Iirc, you can know exactly when you'll take damage check how long it'll take for your weapon to reach the peak of its vertical movement.
  11. Don't forget that the playtime is based around the intended progression of the map; if the exit is right next to your spawn and the goal of the map is to remove the bars blocking it, but the bars are actually far enough apart to just be glided past, then that shouldn't really affect whether or not the map is considered a megamap. Granted, it would mean that speedrunning the megamap would involve it being shorter than most anything you could consider a "micromap" unless a no bar glides category was opened, but y'know.
  12. Indeed. Of course, it can do the exact opposite; the RNG doesn't so much increase or decrease, as the distribution of values in the table that stores 'em is actually pretty random.
  13. There is one additional effect to punching the air, and that's the fact that A_Punch advances the RNG by three steps. Which honestly surprised me, because two of those P_Random calls are for determining the punch's inaccuracy. I always thought the melee attacks were perfectly accurate, but nope.
  14. Worth noting that in vanilla Doom, sound is permanent. Once sound propagates to a sector, monsters in that sector will be alerted to you forever - even if they're pushed into the sector five hours after you shot something in a nearby sector.