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  1. To talk more about potential mods of mine that never went anywhere, one of them was a gameplay mod with a ridiculous amount of weapons. But the deal is, you can't "store" weapons, you can only hold two, via dual wielding 'em. Subsequently, weapons were one-offs with a single clip, but also a helluva lot more plentiful ( since you can't reload 'em, you'd find them in the place of ammo ) and you tossed them as projectiles that could deal damage. Because of that, the weapon variety would be more for some flavor and slight randomization, to really bring up the feeling that you're burning through a ton of weapons and replacing 'em as you go. I wonder how much easier it'd be to do to now that ZScript's around ...
  2. Maybe it's a form of masturbation where you slide on the floor like a dog, except on your cunt? I dunno, though, that sounds like it'd take a gymnast to do and could easily lead to injury and infection.
  3. CustomTF has a grappling hook, iirc. Might not be the one you're thinking of, though.
  4. LegenDoom is pretty great, though it's not really Borderlands-style. Instead, you can pick up special versions of the vanilla guns from randomly chosen superpowered enemies, which basically work via attaching special "perks" to the normal gun. So you won't get a bunch of different shotguns with randomly generated fire rate or accuracy or pellet count, but you can get a shotgun that deals extra damage to zombies, or one you can fire without ammo for lower damage, or one that doubles the values of health and armor bonuses while you lug it around - you don't even have to have it out!
  5. Never got too far with it, but
  6. General rule of thumb is two to a key at maximum. This'll allow each weapon is accessible by a double tap, or a single tap if you're already on that slot, without having to deal with weapon order on a key that comes with having three or more. Though as Pegg said, if you've got two assault rifles that function similarly, two shotguns but one fires two more pellets, and two rocket launchers with one having a slight amount of homing for the sake of slightly lower blast radius and damage, then you have too many guns.
  7. russian overkill is a great mod to get mileage out of slaughtermaps if you're not into 'em it gives you the catharsis of blowing up tons of monsters without having to deal with the tedium of grinding through hordes when you can't figure out the trick to 'em
  8. I have cards but nobody to play with.
  9. crosses that off her generation's hitlist
  10. It turns out that subjects heavily linked to politics will end up with a major focus on politics. Shocking.
  11. But are you really one? Or are you more akin to a syndicalist, which has many of the facets that many people think of when they think of capitalism but without so much emphasis on exploitation?
  12. If that's the case, then this is both wrong and right at the same time. Unless you're going to go off and call every feminist a man-hating dominatrix that wants to make it so that there's only one sex ( sorry, transwomen, you don't count I guess! ) in the world and have sliced off the dicks of who knows how many guys.
  13. You'll want to look up the opposite of antifa - the antifa are the guys who want the self-entitled facists to stop being such giant racist etc. pricks.
  14. The KKK, Autism Speaks, the people who make it so that "antifa" has to be a goddamn word, etc.. I mean, what else would compromising with those people be? They're terrible people who want to commit genocide and nothing less. What middle ground could possibly exist there? I'm ... pretty sure we established that several pages ago, yes.
  15. If this was a comment on the "cartoon for five-year-olds," that was a reference to how those types Also, it's kinda hard to really say how well we can educate the most important kids of the younger generation, since ... like, anyone who's of the opinion that the state of the Earth is less important than making bank is going to do their best to make sure their kid thinks the same, and who're the most likely to inherit those guys' businesses? ... And? Their death isn't going to suddenly make all the consequences of their actions from going away. The destruction of the polar caps is still going to remain, their corpses aren't going to suck up all the CO2 in the air, and neither of these do we have a solution to solve with the snap of the finger. Waiting for them to die before doing anything is only slightly worse than doing nothing at all at best and completely the same thing at worst. Also, yes, it's truly terrifying to have an agenda to try and keep the planet they live on from suffering from global flooding, ecological destruction, and massive increase in destructive weather. How very creepy. But, hey, I guess if you didn't get hit by any of them, it's pretty easy to ignore the fact that eight friggin' hurricane have whipped up consecutively. Eight so far, I mean, because there could still be more. Because that compromise is "you hate gays, I like gays, let's agree to disagree and not stop you from killing as many of them as you want." It's not twisting it. There are people who want nothing more than to murder any gay person they meet on the street, and plenty more who want them forced into psychological torture to "fix" them. Any sort of compromise with them will lead to a completely unacceptable result, so there's no point to listening to them at all. I mean, you're on the spectrum, you should know this. Or are you completely unaware of a well-known group that want nothing more than to lobotomize you for the sake of "curing" the fact that you were injected with the germs of Satan because of a government conspiracy? ... No, you just find it mighty desirable to jump into crosshairs that aren't even aimed at you. Unless you're trying to claim someone in this thread is a KKK member that's doing their best to squeeze every penny out of unsustainable practices, at which point we should be fighting them. You're a giant asshole, by the way.