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  1. No, they just want the Midas touch so they can turn people into infinite gold.
  2. Probably makes the most sense to do it per-level, unless you make colored lighting basically function as a full-screen palette swap while you're in that sector. Otherwise, you break the whole 4 color limitation by allowing more to be drawn at once under the right circumstances.
  3. ( you're thinking of gender; we haven't yet gotten the technology to put fully-functional dick and testicles on someone who lacks 'em )
  4. Because ... humour is a valid way of spelling it? Like, the only way your post would make sense as a joke post if it constantly fluctuated from using "our" and "or" as endings to add some comedic irony to the fact that you were talking about. There's no gag to your post as-is.
  5. fucking monikammmmmmmmm

    1. YukiRaven
    2. GarrettChan


      Your new avatar seems a little bit off to your personality (I mean by impression) to me for some reason.

    3. YukiRaven


      haha in a way, I suppose it is.  I don't control peoples' realities so that I can have someone behind the fourth wall just to myself.  Not usually, anyway.


      In all seriousness, I actually love anime, I just don't mention it often these days.  I also happen to really like DDLC.

  6. I swear, his attitude is following the exact same progression that mine did when I was like, preteen-to-teen.
  7. t-that's that's a _cow_
  8. You act like puns on objects are anything odd.
  9. I wonder how much this stems from people never actually trying UDMF, or trying UDMF for all of five seconds, opening up the linedef window, and then running away with the fear that one of the options will nuke their house or something. Like, there's always the argument that it's more complex, but is it more complex to the point where it's actually difficult to use after experimenting with it for a bit? Everything's pretty well labeled if you don't use an outdated editor, GZDB in particular provides plenty of preset options for line actions and such so you don't need to actually know how fast a particular door speed is numerically, and there's not really much in the way of unintuitive stuff that isn't inherited straight from vanilla Doom anyway. Hell, like what you mentioned with the limits and stuff, it sheds quite a bit of unintuitive stuff.
  10. Maybe with something that implements a ton of freeform mobility or straight-up flight? Might be a bit cramped in some parts for that, though, and any wayward impassible lines could thwart that.
  11. I mean, he is doing the exact same thing only he's taking pride in that his physical and metaphorical dong has more wrinkles in it, all while also blatantly using the "I'm older and more experienced" to feign fading hearing so he can justify blanket proclamations without actually looking at what's been really going on. It's honestly so egregious that I'm not entirely sure if it's some muddied parody.
  12. Technically my JoM4 map does this, although it's only one key and, uh, I don't think what happens is what you were thinking when you wrote this.
  13. oh so is self-reflective, then?
  14. I had a sudden realized that a significant part of it might be because things like JoM and DUMP are very recent occurrences. Most of the maps people associate with feature-rich ports end up being huge undertakings like UT&T, Zen Dynamics, and ZPack, while more standard or conservative stuff just kinda ends up being ... irrelevant to most people. Like, let's put this into context: the most well-known ZDoom map pack that's fairly basic and just goes at its own pace is likely Mock 2. If that doesn't tell you something, I don't know what will.