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  1. DeathMetalAccountant

    After Doom (seven maps )

    Followed according to its letter, that EULA prohibits creating shareware-version-compatible maps for the E1 slots...
  2. DeathMetalAccountant

    New black textures: Noir Pack!

    In English, "noir" refers to anything gratuitously dark, whether literal or metaphorical. So I think it suits this pack well aside from being also literally correct in French. ;)
  3. DeathMetalAccountant

    Crushers in UDMF (examples wanted)

    That's not exactly what I meant but it did help me figure it out. Thanks. ;)
  4. DeathMetalAccountant

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Also, more fun with the nuke launcher and brutal doom
  5. DeathMetalAccountant

    Crushers in UDMF (examples wanted)

    So i'm trying to add a crushing ceiling to my UDMF map, based on the info given in the ZDOOM wiki, and it either doesn't work or glitches up and down ridiculously fast. Can anyone suggest examples of UDMF-format maps with various types of crushing ceilings so I can hopefully learn from that? Thanks.
  6. DeathMetalAccountant

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    There's plenty of height-fighting elsewhere in the map including most of the things you mentioned, only the places where it occurs are unfinished and still look like crap. Thanks for keeping on my case about this though, really! :)
  7. DeathMetalAccountant

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    This one has 2.5 rooms done so I'm probably 2.5x more likely to finish it...
  8. DeathMetalAccountant

    How To Import Doom 1 Textures To Doom 2

    ...and if you need textures other than skies, this wad file.
  9. DeathMetalAccountant

    Warp House [GZDoom SP - Idgames Link Up]

    It just keeps getting crazier...
  10. DeathMetalAccountant

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    People who still release crap that looks like your left column and pretend it's acceptable should be forced to study your right.
  11. DeathMetalAccountant

    about music copyright

    It's much easier to defend using MIDI covers of commercial songs because they pass most of the tests for fair use (use different from originally intended, no discernible effect on the original work or it's author, etc.) When you alter the MIDI even further so that it is clearly based on the original work but at the same time less than "substantially similar" to it, the case is even stronger. I assume this was part of Bobby Prince's legalistic rationale. But when you're talking about ripping actual soundtrack tunes in more or less their original form, most of these defenses are no longer valid. You're probably left to hope (what is very likely) that the original copyright holder just doesn't care anymore.
  12. DeathMetalAccountant

    After Doom (seven maps )

    If the original episode had ended like this when I was 13, I probably would have shat myself and never turned on the computer again. On the off chance I did continue playing, I would have been impressed by the massive scale and impressive use of slopes and pretty damn scared for the first 250 monsters or so, but mostly bored and frustrated starting in the big red canyon (eventually gave up trying to find the right way to progress and resorted to noclip) and the big spaceship-looking area (stood next to the doorway and sniped off hundreds of zombiemen with single shotgun blasts while the ones I didn't shoot still managed to kill the spiderdemon before I actually saw it - ditto the noclip from above because it wasn't nearly obvious what to do after everyone was dead) and distinctly underwhelmed by the end boss who, despite having an awesome death animation, was uninspired and dull (it looks like a slow-moving archvile... because it is) coming as the climax of the level. An impressive accomplishment but it does have its flaws... and they are sadly very large :/
  13. DeathMetalAccountant

    Wishy Wackadoodle

    For those wondering, yes it's beatable in a single Brutal Doom session. :D
  14. DeathMetalAccountant

    Return to Hadron

    I didn't really see anything wrong with the previous version of Concerned but this is still an excellent release and in the several areas where the changes are blatantly obvious, they are all for the better.
  15. DeathMetalAccountant

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread