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  1. I didn't seem to pick up on the fog and rain generators of theirs.
  2. I still can't figure out that damned secret near the boat on the first map. @Lo_Mein I like the look of it and everything. The arches, the use of the gothic textures, blood. etc. Have you considered using and/or tweaking the alpha hematite ("Blood Ore") texture? Might look interesting mixed with a small tinge of lava near them and the blood. I thought about doing such a thing for a hell map.
  3. @Lo_Mein Fascinating.
  4. Alright, thanks. Dig about in my maps and see if there's anything in particular you like. Gives me a direction to go with.
  5. Uhh, mayhaps? I'll see what I can cook up.
  6. Yeah, It's because it's the other half here. Aforementioned hell-hub Some recommended to use additional floating 3d floors in conjunction with the floatingskull bridges (I like to use Floatingskulls as ROTT GADD equivilents, couldn't seem to get them to move on a path though), but I'm not sure how to actually connect the four pathways; but still want this "broken open" look. Acid worms and a hall based off of (read: a shout-out that practically rips it off) the entry hall in Shrooms 2. I like these visual tricks. It originally did not have the parralax until I figured out how albertoni used the "transfer texture to sky" I can see myself using such a function a lot. Suffice to say, once I clued in, I got a bit excited about it and started plastering it elsewhere into the map. No clue when this was, was prior to the various inverted crosses. The ones in the 'puzzle' room are based off of similar tricks in ZDCMP2 Maybe I'm acting like the steryotypical drama-monger and am over-reacting about quitting; but then again, I guess it might be a norma reaction when you work on a single map non-stop for a couple of months.
  7. This is true; the map felt very cramped and of poor quality; but it was mostly me needing something to space out my work on my most recent map. "Mapping Fatigue" if you will. I guess I'll post this though? One of the minor changes made, roughly on the 16th or earlier.
  8. Yeah. I was presuming it would require those anyway for some states. The idea is also in part due to Lilwhitemouse's Harbinger- the canned 'omen' project of theirs sounded particularily intresting.
  9. Oh, of course. I'm just not really fond of what I perceive to be 'nagging' people incessantly. (which is why I am so pushy about collaborative mapping; Both people can work on their maps individually and/or on a two-person map, and then when either of them runs into issues or some sort of block, they can directly infer with their partner and work out a solution; as well as share expertise) I'm aware it doesn't need to turn heads or have amazing gimmicks, but I'm intending to put them in anyway for potential gameplay output. Some things I tend to ask myself are "Is it fun to play?" and "Is it pleasing or fun to look at?" If a player is going to be in an area for an extended period of time, give them something nice to look at. If it's something that the player is going to be in breifly; still give them something nice to look at, but it doesn't need to be as much as they would be in say, locked in a room with enemies pouring in Course, when I map, I have to work from the inside out, which is why I usually need to constantly flip between 2D and 3D. Very jarring; and the result in the editor is not necessarily the result ingame. Most of my mapping is done on-the-spot-improvisional as I'm going along. I very rarely can pre-plan things, and even then it's just individual little segments; so I sort of have to figure out how to connect them.
  10. Basically this, yeah. I really don't care if my maps are all that popular or well received or anything; I just want them to be useful to somebody, and hopefully help some mappers overcome a particular hurdle. Honestly, the best bits of advice one can give is just another perspective on my creations. I constantly playtest and check it over and over again constantly to make sure everything is where it should be; but obviously I'm going to miss a whole bunch of things. That's just how it is with everybody. There are also instances where I start to do a thing, get a sudden idea for it later on when I'm working on another part of the map, come back to it, and then realize I'm too far along to actually do such a thing. The most readily availible example of this is the 'red light district' in my most recent map. Originally it is as it is now, but I thought "well, what if i had it transition from Blue to Green to Red?" Other problems are like the hell 'hub': I have what I want; but I have no idea how to mesh it with everything else; and trying to get the skybox/line horizons to look nice with the branching pathos is just a bit odd. Then you have the hell-beach thing itself, which I couldn't figure out. Other flaws are a case of trying to work around pre-existing flaws. Flaws to cover up flaws. How hillarious. Suffice to say, trying to overhaul the room would break the map, and wasn't really necessary to the whole. People keep telling me to look at other maps, and even the original doom maps. I have done so countless times, and still have not picked up on what the hell they meant by a particular thing. My H2H map was originally planned to come to a midway climax/crescendo in a Whitemare 2 styled Icon of Sin. I now know the basis of what I need to do to make it; and have the know-how and capability to do so (well, with the exception of trying to do the insides of the palms on the hands. That's going to be a real tricky one with Sloped 3D Floors, but did not have such a thing at the time. Assuming I ever had the experience, I would pull off some really funky shit by combining 3d floors, polyobjects, models, and the like. Now if only there was "3d polyobjects" that rendered the top and bottom as well as the sides and could be freely passed over/under. The plan was to have a map that ultimately ended with the boss being two Marbface things. See the first below shitty diagram. Presuming the fact that I get such a thing, other possibilities include a mock "infinite chase" (i would have to make a diagram to explain this better, but it's basically using polyobjects and walls to make it look like a boss made out of a wall is constantly retreating away from the player as it's pelting them, but in actuality it's just a trick with conveyors and moving map parts) boss, as well as such a thing but in an "infinite freefall". Mostly just visual trickery, but it would push the maps a bit and turn some heads. I have the nasty tendency and trickery to stuff monsters inside of map geometry and disguise them, sometimes. This is actually vital to some aspects as it was part of the plan for my initial Icon. Forgive the shitty drawings. I can't draw. Which is hilarious, considering I am very adverse to not hand-drawing my maps in the builder and try to stray from common shapes as much as possible. The idea is that these two large MARBFACE cubes suddenly appear, spin up, then dart towards you and firing off a load of projectiles. As the fight progresses, more and more of the cube breaks off and the boss changes tactics; tentacles now coming out of the cube and writhing about. After taking enough damage, the cubes will lose flight capability and plummet to the ground, now moving along on it's tentacles. After this stage, the bottom breaks off, changing the animation it uses to move about, and eventually being able to kill it off after the top peice breaks. They're inspired in part due to the unusual combinations of tentacle and marbfaces seen in ZDCMP2 (my most recent map borrows a good deal of assets out of it and I couldn't seem to locate the documentation proper, so i don't know what I can and can't use) so I thought of such a thing as a possible encounter; and I have used such a thing as teasing in a couple of my maps already.
  11. that's a fair enough point, they're all linked to this one already. too late now.
  12. Just posting to update the status. It's not being updated anymore. Cancelled, like every other map I have. Message me if you want the most recent indev build.
  13. Just posting to update the status. It's not being updated anymore. Cancelled, like every other map I have. Thanks for the aid for those who have helped with it thus far.
  14. Just posting to update the status. It's not being updated anymore. Cancelled, like every other map I have. Also apparently the map builder screenshot is gone? Whatever.