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  1. redrage

    You should DIE if you fall off the world.

    Yep, this sounds like a pretty good implementation to me. You keep the benefit of quick spawn which negates having to watch a reload screen when you fail a navigation puzzle but you still get punished for it (which you should). The current implementation has no consequences and can be gamed. I like Job's suggestion as well; stripping a fixed percentage of health for falling.
  2. redrage

    The Gameplay Reveal Details Thread

    The shotgun guys now have backpacks to help them jump:
  3. redrage

    The Gameplay Reveal Details Thread

    8. Pools of blood now show waves when mortally challenged are playing in them.
  4. redrage


    In this interview they say the following about the Blood Punch: Which seems to indicate they want to implement a system similar to runes. Note the part about activating and deactivating the rune which I interpret as you getting to keep them and being able to switch them in and out like last time. I am quite enthusiastic about them, the ones in D'16 were meh, "blood punch" alone already sounds like great fun and really changes the way you play. I can already see myself quickly glory killing a light to charge it up to blood punch a heavy. So much potential fun.
  5. redrage

    It's not about the number of enemy types, Id.

    @DooM_RO Sorry perhaps I should have been clearer. I -highly doubt- they are "just" going to increase the enemy types. As other people have pointed out, designing a new monster is not as cheap as it once was, each monster will have a specific goal, a role in the dance. Everything is tied together. This is essentially why I linked that video. They mention specific scenario "rules", such as not mixing certain monster types or setting maxes on specific types. Creating more, different combat scenario's can be done by adding more enemy types that are more widely compatible with other types which is what they've told us. I am certain there are more subtle changes they plan to implement to alleviate this issue which are less simple to explain than "we added more monster types". Don't forget they also added location based damage which actually effects monster behavior. In addition to that they buffed melee, making it an actual part of combat where you can jab monsters to interrupt attacks/stun them shortly. All in all it sounds like you will have many more tools during combat (offhand item use, dash, meathook, new melee, AOE stun in the form of the flamethrower), more enemies to fight and more locations to fight them in. They even mention how they plan to improve arena's, since while they cant remove them, they realize it makes encounters feel boxed in and samey. I mean, its not proof or anything, but to me it seems like they are tackling the issue's of D'16 pretty much head on. :)
  6. redrage

    It's not about the number of enemy types, Id.

    @DooM_RO I think you will love watching this (I sure did): GDC 2018 Embracing Push Forward Combat in Doom Warning: it might spoil your perception of being a bad-ass slightly if you learn the underlying mechanics of encounters and AI. They are aware of the criticisms of 2016 having explicitly acknowledged them and have constantly emphasized that gameplay and good mechanics come first in DE so I have a good amount of faith they will tackle the weak points of D'16 wherever possible. However, its not going to be nearly as "simple" as designing unique scenarios through level design with really basic AI.
  7. redrage

    Tormented Souls - 4 level campaign

    Congratulations on getting featured! Well deserverd! :)
  8. redrage

    Tormented Souls - 4 level campaign

    @bloodshot I am sorry for being so late with replying. I could not understand why I was the only one running into the issue so I downloaded your map. I am blown away by the detail you put into everything. The way you used decals for wall and ceiling lights is ingenious! :) How long does it take you to create and finish a map like server maintenance? I could not believe you hand crafted the map that is shown on one of the wall displays early on. Anyway, my issue was that I got stuck progressing further after beating the gorenest in the argent labs (blue key area). Turns out the solution was right there; a vent shaft that you gain access to by blowing up the barrel in front of it. :) Don't change a thing, I love how you blended it in so seamlessly and appearantly I am the only one who got "stuck" on it. ^_^ Recommended all your maps! Thanks again, authors like you make me want to try snapmap for myself again.
  9. redrage

    Tormented Souls - 4 level campaign

    Wow, all of them were brilliant! I especially loved the cathedral in the last level. Regretfully I cant seem to finish server maintenance. It happend twice now. Ill test once more tomorrow with fresh eyes before asking for directions/reporting a bug. Thanks again. These maps were awesome!
  10. redrage

    Quantum Hazard - MQ6NU6PF

    Wow. The amount of detail you put into everything is fantastic. I love the door that slides open halfway. The broken teleporter. The toxic waste room. The use of sounds everywhere like the toxic waste pump turning on. The lift that actually feels like a lift. So smart how you used the fact that lifts often open on opposing sides. Great use of sounds and explosions rocking the camera for the start and stop. Its the most convincing "lift" I've seen in a Snapmap yet. I am also super happy you restricted the fights to module floors which have a navmesh. Its not fun to see mobs trip over custom geometry all the time. You did a great job separating the two. I could go on and on how great I think this map is and all the little details I found. Its a masterpiece imho. You even smoothly integrated a log into level progress! I was smiling throughout that section! Thanks man. Your map blew me away. It was an absolute joy to play :)
  11. redrage

    SnapMap update

    Plenty. Apparently the max object count has been lowered so significantly with this update people can no longer edit or save some of the maps they were working on. On one hand I am amazed at this update. At the other I can't say it makes me so excited I want to jump in again. Even with the completely revamped hub which may actually solve all the shitty problems we all have been struggling with when trying to find quality maps. I'm sorry to say I have just lost interest. We had to wait this fucking long for something as basic as decals? Should I do the happy dance now? I bet monsters still completely suck at navigating the blocking volumes which makes all the fanciness that has now become possible rather pointless. I'm having fun with Shadowwarrior 2 at the moment. Sure its not perfect (in fact its pretty broken) but at least its hilariously fun to play.
  12. redrage

    Gates of Hades - TXUE385N

    I just finished playing through "Gates of Hades" by Void Runner. ID: TXUE385N This is, by far, the best snapmap i've come across. All PBV's and hell props only but thats not all. It actually plays really, really well. And its pretty, the attention to detail is insane. Saw some assets used in completely new ways. Its balanced well and the finale is fan-tas-tic. After so many maps almost nailing it but not quite, either being silly hard or completely easy, this one knocks it right out of the ball park. I also have not run into a map that deserves the title old school more then this one. You will fight -a lot- of enemies. According to the author comments over 250. But the fights scale up beautifully and keep you on your toes. All the encounters feel custom crafted which is what makes them fun. All I can say is give this map a playthrough. Its standing at 27 plays right now which is a damn shame. Also the author has many other maps but I haven't checked all of them out yet. If this map is anything to go by they should be great. :)
  13. redrage

    Future maps

    I cant help but feel a little bit sad together with how awesome this looks. You know just as well as I do that you won't be able to have proper fights in that space don't you? Monsters will just fail to navigate it all. That said I do hope the linking of maps is still coming. I was actually surprised it was not included in the last content update since I was expecting it together with the hell modules. I vaguely remember Marty saying something about not carrying over your inventory if such a feature as this would ever get implemented but this is from a long time ago and I dont remember the source. Just linked maps would already be awesome though. :)
  14. redrage


    bit mixed feelings on this map. Love the dressup, really I do. They way you "hid" that gorenest in between the pillars and red smoke was awesome. The way you use lights to emphasize certain details in modules or to create landmarks for navigation is wonderful. I felt the combat was very random however. It often felt unfair. The first time I fought in the big stair module I got two Barons of Hells which were insanely hard to kill (don't know if they were buffed but they sure felt like it) and Cacodemons on top of it. I died so many time I just gave up. Played your level again a little bit later; only got one Baron of Hell in the stairs and not a single cacodemon. A little further up in a small hallway however I get two cacodemons and a Baron of Hell. No room to fight = no fun. If this is what the AI director does (including the god awful kamikaze lost soul spam) I am not a fan. For some reason this map also crashes to desktop if i try and run it with Vulkan. Probably not your fault but just a heads up if more people run into it. Played perfectly fine in opengl mode though. :) That said I look forward to the finished result as always. Red
  15. Ok this was way cooler then I expected! While its a bit of a niche map and only fun for a little while i found it to be really well done. It was surprisingly fun for what it was and I absolutely love how you created the playing area. I did not recognize the module you used at all when I played your level and had to download it and check it out to see what you did. Very creative! I feel you put a lot of care in the map even though its small and simple of concept. I enjoyed it and gave you an upvote. Thanks for making it and sharing it!