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  1. ramon.dexter

    Question about Door Tracks

    Well, based on the texture's name, it is a tracks. So, the tracks are the non moving part, and the train, or the door is the thing that is moving. Therefore, making in unpegged makes complete sense. Why should the track move? The other part mentioned here is that when the track has a chain in it. This preposes that the chain should move. So making it u pegged here makes no sense. In fact, i like Gez's solution.
  2. ramon.dexter

    Mentioning WadEx extraction/assembly tool

    What advantages does it have over slade3?
  3. ramon.dexter

    Which program to create sprites?

    Gimp, paint net, aseprite, photoshop...basically any graphics editor.
  4. ramon.dexter

    Help to EdIting Sprites!!

    Yeah, either use markers, kr learn how to use pk3 and organise everything into folders.
  5. ramon.dexter

    Does SLADE 3 support Spritesheets?

    I really dont care about vanilla or boom.
  6. ramon.dexter

    Does SLADE 3 support Spritesheets?

    No need to cut sprites into single frames. I'm using spritesheets just fine, cutting it into frames with textures definition.
  7. ramon.dexter

    UDB Stair Builder

    UDB uses map units. No pixel, ni inch.
  8. ramon.dexter

    Need help with coding in reloads

    Read this tutorial: http://gunlabs.blogspot.com/
  9. ramon.dexter

    Is there any way to change Heretics map names

    So, the best way to define level names when using gzdoom is to write a MAPINFO lump a define level names there. Really, no nede to bother with Bitmap Font Writer. Or dehacked. When developing for gzdoom, you dont need to use old hacks. Gzdoom has a full decorate and zscript support. And especially zscript allows to make anything.
  10. OP just asked how to make a NEW weapon. Which is impossible with dehacked nad boom. So, if he wants to stay on boom, he cannot do what he wants. And for that I'm advicidng to use zdoom/gzdoom. Well, I'm doing it because I have an experience with these ports. Seriously, why use an old outdated dehacked and vanilla, when I'm not even able to run vanilla on present time systems? Even boom is starting to be a serious problem. So I'm trying to show people that they are not limited to these antique ports. If you want to stay on vanilla/boom, so can. But dont want to make any fancy stuff with it. I just dont like using 'hacks' when I want to do programming.
  11. Or use zdoom or gzdoom and use decorate/zscript to create possibly anything....
  12. ramon.dexter

    Story text won't show up

    Posting solution here would help others with the same issue later.
  13. ramon.dexter

    Which Doom Map Software is best for 2021?

    UDB has wayy more features, modern polished code... Chbz started making the videos when therebwas no alternative.
  14. ramon.dexter

    how to add custom textures -

    Okay, and what are we discussing here? You asked how to add textires to builder...so...are you making a mapset, total comversion, or what?
  15. ramon.dexter

    Which Doom Map Software is best for 2021?

    Pinky was used as splashscreen for DoomBuilder2. That is loong history. After it was the gzdoombuilder followed by gzdoombuilder-bugfix and ultimate doom builder. And when we have the UDB, there is completely no reason to use the older ones.