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  1. ramon.dexter

    In regards to Strife portraits

    You can have as many conversation portraits as you want. But this applies only to a custom mod. If you want to modify vanilla strife, you're out of luck. Basically, the portrait is defined per dialogue page. So each page could have it's own image.
  2. ramon.dexter

    How do I make a line horizon? (DBX-MBF21)

    I already answered that, technically. In udmf it's done using line action 9-Line Horizon. If you target hexen format, you can try making sloped ceiling with sky texture on. It will make a horizon effect. For vanilla? I dont know, I dont mod vanilla.
  3. ramon.dexter

    How do I make a line horizon? (DBX-MBF21)

    'Opening' a window with a hammer also works, but nobody does it.
  4. ramon.dexter

    How do I make a line horizon? (DBX-MBF21)

    Like I said :D Flipping one-sided lindefs is one of the general do-nots that I learned over the years...
  5. ramon.dexter

    How do I make a line horizon? (DBX-MBF21)

    In udmf its line special 9, line horizon. For vanilla? Good luck with some weird hack.
  6. ramon.dexter

    Making a Pallet change mid level

    I think the original question was to change game palette from a script, not how to make a light switch...
  7. ramon.dexter


    And are you asking for something, or are you just informing us? You know, the way you written your post just dont show what exactly are you looking for...
  8. ramon.dexter

    What GZDoom/UDMF format is used for Doom 1 editing?

    Config for doom1 and doom2 are the same, therefore there is no "doom1".
  9. ramon.dexter

    Would I be able to put a video into Doom?

    Dont do i via textures...if you're targetting gzdoom, it knows at least 3 video formats... https://zdoom.org/wiki/Video_format
  10. ramon.dexter

    Removing Polyobjects

    Okay, and why do you want to remove the polyobjects?
  11. ramon.dexter

    The thing turns to face the player.

    Okay, got it. You want a sprite that faces always one way, so it doesnt billboard. The flag I sent does exactly this, as it makes the sprite into a wallsprite. A wallsprite is a sprite that could be put on a wall, so it always faces one way. In the previous post you said that 'the picture moves away' - again, repeat that in polish. Because the way the sprite is defined, it cannot move in any way. Also, replace the state into what I adviced you. Having single frame state with loop doesnt make any sense. It just takes up computing power, because the actor always loops. And sorry for not replying in polish...I can read and understand it, but I dont speak it or write it...
  12. ramon.dexter

    The thing turns to face the player.

    Okay, I can see you're polish. Please, describe your problem in polish. I'm czech myself, so I think there would be much less noise by translation polish> english and english>czech. I literally don't understand your last post, as it doesnt describe whats happening on the screenshot. Aaand, one thing to note: spawn state in your actor does not make any sense. You have only one frame of animation, repeated triple times, looped. Just, why? Wouldnt it be better to write it like POHP A -1?
  13. ramon.dexter

    The thing turns to face the player.

    Apply flag +wallsprite to the said actor.
  14. ramon.dexter

    What happened to the "3D floor" icon?

    Maybe you should slow down and start to be conscious about what you actually do...
  15. ramon.dexter

    (UDB) Can't draw lines in line draw mode

    Delete udb, install it again...also looks for any occurences in AppData. Dont ask where to find those, as the search function in windows already work...