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  1. ramon.dexter

    Normal and specular maps.

    You can draw them in basically any graphics editor.
  2. ramon.dexter

    Map generators?

    Have you ever played any rogeulike? Oblige maps nears that.
  3. ramon.dexter

    Faking Dynamic Shadows

    Don't feat zdoom forums, there are frendlies there ;) By looking at the code, I think it could be made even better in zscript by making a custom fuction and not using A_Custombulletattack(), which has unwanted effect on player. I think by using linetraces, but I'm not skilled in this area, so I can't give advices.
  4. ramon.dexter

    How to keep a decoration on the ceiling?

    Yeah, show whole code for said actor. You've used correct flags, so problem has to be with the rest of the code.
  5. Poor coding? Have you ever heard about coding quality of Build? Probably not. Doom code is perfectly organized and well made. Poor coding? Not, really not. You cannot treat code from 1993 with 2023 optics. The ways changed a lot through the ages. You need to understand the context when it was created. You know, when I code something, I think only about the specific case I'm targetting. If anyone uses the code outside of ssaid terms/conditions, he's on his own.
  6. Yeah, it was -500 in that times. Honestly, when they made doom back in 1993, modding of games was not widespread. They never considered making a support for mods. They only made the engine in the way it could be modified. But mod support was never the main reason they made like they made it.
  7. Why not ultimateDoomBuilder? gzdb is outdated and bugged.
  8. ramon.dexter

    Zombies shooting barrels code

    ACS dont know funtion FindBarrelInRadius, that's why it's giving you an error. If you want a new function, you have to define it as an action. Defining it like int something() = ... don't work with acs, wrong declaration. https://zdoom.org/wiki/Functions Wait wait wait, you have declared the function after you use it. How should compiler use it, when it's not decalred? Just move the function declaration before use of the function and it will work.
  9. ramon.dexter

    Issue with Stacked Portal

    You would get a lot of help with your attitude...
  10. ramon.dexter

    Can't quite get my head around GZDoom font stuff

    If I understand youcorrectly, you mean characters for national languages? Something like é, or ě? Unicode supports these, but the codes are little bit hidden in. You have to search a specific language for these characters.
  11. ramon.dexter

    Issue with Stacked Portal

    Please, could you tell me how should I figure out a sloped sector from the distorted photos? Maybe you should forget asertivity and be a little bit helpful, when you actually request help from others. And no, I have not searched through your post history.
  12. ramon.dexter

    Can't quite get my head around GZDoom font stuff

    The old way of doing font is just clunky. The new unicode way of making font is super easy. Make a folder called /fonts. Now, make a single image for each character. Each character has to be named following the unicode codes. A == 0041.PNG B == 0042.png And vice versa. https://unicode-table.com/en/#0041
  13. ramon.dexter

    Issue with Stacked Portal

    Have you ever heard about the Prinscreen key on keyboard? Probably not. Let me introduce you to wonderful world of screenshots. Press the printscreen, open any graphic editor and press ctlv+v. Wow! In't it wonderful? Now you know how to make screenshots, instead of using your phone to capture the screen. Also, if you want help with your project, post your file. Don't expect others to troubleshoot phone captures.
  14. ramon.dexter

    Saw blade Trap

    Good point, actually ;)
  15. ramon.dexter

    Saw blade Trap

    Godalmighty, can you record the videos with higher brightness? You want to show something, dont make it harder for the viewer... Just set sector brightness to 200...