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  1. Superb demo!!
  2. aah well, I totally agree this map 02 is very ugly. This was my 2nd map I made and it looked even more shitty n horrible. Honestly saying this map still sucks :D But I'm very glad to see you guys recording demos for this wad. Thank you very much for the feedback, I really appreciate it :)
  3. ;)
  4. Anyone played this wad?? Any feedback, good or bad, nice or ugly?? Ever??
  5. Doom2: Hellscape with Death Foretold ;)
  6. Hell on Earth Starter pack with PB Mutators, oh yeah ;D
  7. I want to make a small map for this project. Is there any mapslot open??
  8. Awesome!! I'm very glad you played it. Thank you very much, keep up good work ;)
  9. Hmmm. I remember played this map years ago. It's an extremely hard map even in UV.
  10. Same to me. I can't play HolyHell map05 on my pc. There are some other slaughter maps that my pc can't handle.
  11. Hehe that's a cool idea. Example: play NUTS map series or anything like this with item+monster respawning :D
  12. Finished playing New GothicMvmnt 2. Wow man, it was really tough, especially the later maps are very difficult but the map designs are just crazy and made me spend more time on maps!! Now, I've started playing one of my most favourite wad, Speed of Doom, with map33 at first. I love it ;)
  13. okay just played it with gzdoom 3.0. For your first maps, it looks very nice. A very small map though. Here's what you can try: 1. Changing the height of the window at the beginning. It will really look better. 2. Adding some decoration items such as lamps or tech pillars or some other items. 3. I find the secret a very good one here. You can use some doortrack texture with "lower unpegged" on the secret area door to make it look better. 4. Maybe adding a little more challenges? ;) Well that's my little suggestion :D Overall, it's very good for your first map. Playing more maps will help you make even better maps. Keep up good work ;)
  14. Cool!! Looks somewhat like Master Levels :D I'll give it a try for sure when I get free time :) Btw which version of gzdoom you used??