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  1. In Brutal Doom Platinum 3.0 (yeah, I think that's the updated version so far) it's not a Demolisher though but it has new attacks. It can attack while climbing on ceiling and then return to floor, causes bumping which also deals huge damage everything around it. The spreading bombs are also very deadly like sometimes they can be found at ground like mines, if you accidentally step on them you blow up yourself. Quite a deadly guy in higher difficulties! I had a hard time beating it on my No Rest For The Living playthroughs (watch here: https://youtu.be/gJ-WLmdzHCs). I can't imagine fighting it on a tight spaces but I think in Doom E3M8 it will be good fight.
  2. On Brutal Doom Platinum, it can climb on ceiling, spread devastating bombs.... and so on. On Realism mode, it's a complete nightmare!
  3. Yousuf Anik

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Please let me know your feedback if anybody here played this mapset.
  4. Yousuf Anik

    What would you get Doomguy for Christmas?

    A super backpack containing all kind of items and full load of ammo.
  5. Is there any good site where I can convert mp3 format music to MIDI format perfectly? Please suggest.

    Also, what is a IT format audio file? Any idea? I tried google but found no results.

    1. Codename_Delta


      vgmusic.com is a good source of midis, not what you asked for, but the best that I can answer with

    2. Yousuf Anik

      Yousuf Anik

      Thank you very much, it's such a huge collection of midis! Although I can't convert anything here but it's great to have a collection of midis, I can pick some options from here.

    3. Codename_Delta


      Np, and iirc midis and mp3s have completely different in terms of how they work, so to convert one, you'd have to make a midi version of an mp3 yourself.

  6. Yousuf Anik

    Doom 3 Demake

    Yeah I just noticed something similar on No Rest for the Living WAD, when done on map 08 it takes you back to map 01. So I think it can be done for map 26 as well.
  7. Yousuf Anik

    Doom 3 Demake

    Just finished playing map 10. I say this is a nice WAD that totally gives you the vibe of playing Doom 3! Some texture alignments can be fixed and more texture matching with the map environment can be definitely done. You can add more detailing (not talking about adding more sections) on the maps as many places look really empty. Maybe look at some beautiful maps and you'll get some ideas about what I'm trying to say. I like the traps and lightings you set on the maps, they are nicely done. Overall, this mapset can be much more interesting and cool looking if you can add lot more designs and details on your existing maps. Also, there are some Doom 3 music packs out there which you can put here to give it more feelings.
  8. Yousuf Anik

    Doom 3 Demake

    Can it also be done that the last map I mean map 26 exit will take back to map 01 to prevent playing further doom2 maps?
  9. Yousuf Anik

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    No damage at all.