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  1. Chillax - 9.7.2 Map 22 UV-Max in 7:46
  2. @Bdubzzz Very nice suggestion. I'll try to change these fights, as well as the last fight. Thank you very much :) @mArt1And00m3r11339 that's nice ;)
  3. @Bdubzzz Thank you very much for your awesome feedback :) about the fight of PE/Cacos and then Pinkies.....that's what I was worry about, especially for the Pinkies. How about replacing them with some type of other monsters? Let's say, replace the Caco/PE with a small mix of Imp + Revs + HK and then replace Pinkies with some other monsters?? Any suggestion is welcome :) I discovered some misaligned textures here and there and fixed them. Other than that, I hope the rest of the map is fine so far. Oh btw, what about the very last fight? Good or bad??
  4. :) :) :)
  5. Here's my map. Map name: Heavy Impact MIDI: Child of Bodom - Lake Bodom Download: Of course, this is the test version. Need a demo. Can someone max it please?? ;(
  6. Superb demo!!
  7. aah well, I totally agree this map 02 is very ugly. This was my 2nd map I made and it looked even more shitty n horrible. Honestly saying this map still sucks :D But I'm very glad to see you guys recording demos for this wad. Thank you very much for the feedback, I really appreciate it :)
  8. Anyone played this wad?? Any feedback, good or bad, nice or ugly?? Ever??
  9. Doom2: Hellscape with Death Foretold ;)
  10. Hell on Earth Starter pack with PB Mutators, oh yeah ;D
  11. I want to make a small map for this project. Is there any mapslot open??
  12. Awesome!! I'm very glad you played it. Thank you very much, keep up good work ;)
  13. Hmmm. I remember played this map years ago. It's an extremely hard map even in UV.
  14. Same to me. I can't play HolyHell map05 on my pc. There are some other slaughter maps that my pc can't handle.