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  1. Thousand times better than my map ;D Keep up good work.
  2. Same to me!!
  3. What is the Prefabs feature in doom builder?? How do I use it?? Can anyone explain??

    1. Memfis


      You can select a part of your map (including vertices, lines, things, whatever) and save it as a prefab. Now by loading that prefab you can put that stuff in another map. I never found much use for this function, but maybe it's convenient if you want to have repeating elements in your levels (like the Icarus portals).

    2. Yousuf Anik

      Yousuf Anik

      Wow what a feature!! Gotta try this. Thank you very much :)

    3. bzzrak


      I use this mostly for things like sector furniture and signatures. I work out a "model" of furniture I find cool and reuse it.

  4. @genericpainelemental Watch Chubzdoomers videos on Youtube. The videos taught me most of the basics and that's how I started my mapping.
  5. Playing my own wad, mystery1.wad :D
  6. These are such unique names!! :D
  7. Nice name, hehehe :D I also call Cacodemon tomato and mancubus "fat boy" :D
  8. Hmmm that's right and I feel the stuffs and weapons are a bit more overpowered, especially the upgraded BFG blast is so huge and destroy almost everything. Still the dragon things looks awesome :D and yeah, Trailblazer is cool too, especially when weapons are upgraded.
  9. Way of the blade, from Last Blade 2. Wow, it's very calm :)
  10. I like Brutal Doom, PB and Mutators, Fearrific, D4T, Trailblazer. But is there anyone who like Guncaster?? No one's mentioned it. It's fucking awesome!!
  11. Hmm, recordfromto and skipsec are used. It needs a lot of practice amd you'll get used to it. Check your PM :)
  12. You can increase/decrease game speed by pressing specific buttons (see the key bindings in option in prboom). The normal speed is 100 and is shown on the hud. Slowmotion is below anything 100 speed, for example speed 50. Practice it while playing and you'll understand how and when to use. It is very much necessary for hard moments in making TAS.
  13. I don't know how times I save the game. Keep the amount of ammo as even numbers. When I play Doom2 in DosBox, I kill every Lost Souls, even the one that goes outside the wall when PE explode near a wall. Taking items even when it's not necessary. Pick up every items on a map no matter what and I don't even go to exit until I pick all of them :D
  14. To the green armour part with shotgunners, of course :D I like this part.