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  1. RyoAsuka

    [WIP] 'Faith'

    1st screenshot reminded me of Fallout for some reason. Anyway looking forward to this.
  2. RyoAsuka

    New map: Atrocious Comb of The Satan

    You should change the sky, it doesn't seem to fit with the whole hellish "...of The Satan" thing your going for, at least in my opinion...
  3. RyoAsuka

    Dusk - Hexen + Quake + Doom

    Check out the PC Gamer article... http://www.pcgamer.com/brutal-new-fps-mixes-hexen-doom-and-quake/?utm_content=buffer1ab6d&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer_pcgamerfb
  4. RyoAsuka

    Looking for non-linear sandbox style maps?

    Go play Hexen. Or you can just play Eternal Doom
  5. RyoAsuka

    D O O M W A V E

    Doom definitely needs more 80s themed map packs. I'm looking forward to this!
  6. RyoAsuka

    Favorite enemy?

    The revenant's pretty cool (though annoying when overused).
  7. RyoAsuka

    Battle: Doomguy VS Doom Slayer

    Doomslayer has the Praetor suit. He wins.
  8. RyoAsuka

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Does shareware count?
  9. RyoAsuka

    A Proper Doom Movie

    I don't think the movie should be longer than 2 hours, something like that will just drag on & on. A second part of the film is also just unnecessary as Doom just doesn't provide enough lore, unless the filmmakers decide to deviate a little from the source material. I personally want the movie to be similar to the Evil Dead reboot, where the previous protagonist is not reused, instead that role is taken by an original character. Something like a plain UAC worker as the protagonist instead of Doomguy, though Doom guy should be a cameo or he only makes an appearance near the end.
  10. RyoAsuka

    A Proper Doom Movie

    If another movie were to be made, what will it be like? Will it be action packed, horror or some other genre? Who will portray Doomguy? Will it be based on classic Doom or Doom 16'? Will it feature actual demons, aliens or experiments gone wrong? Also should it be first person like Hardcore Henry?
  11. I listen to it alongside the Doom 2016 OST while I'm mapping.
  12. RyoAsuka

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Doom II no question about it...
  13. RyoAsuka

    DUMP Episode 3: BFG Edition [Maps released]

    Reminds me of Miasma