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  1. MrSkeltal

    Slaughterfest 2012

    Generally good map design, but the difficulty as is the case with pwads tends to be uneven even on HMP, especially when you mix them with what slaughtermaps tend to be (monster spam). Too many parts where, after pressing a switch, you'll spend some time killing enemies only to realise the map maker tried to get cute and spawned a bunch of hidden archviles somewhere to start reviving everyone while you were busy wasting ammo. This is especially unfun in parts with very little cover where you'll be praying to the RNG gods during that Xth quickload as the entire thing devolves into an endurance test.
  2. MrSkeltal


    Cautiously optimistic about this one. People whined so much about anything that was remotely challenging/required some thinking in Eternal (Marauders, weak points, stricter ammo limits) that I'm expecting it to be a regression to pander to people who wanted more Doom 2016.
  3. MrSkeltal

    Quasar hands off Hissy to SVKaiser

    Godspeed, Hissy.
  4. MrSkeltal

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    Got them some days ago and tried 3. One thing no one has mentioned is that unlike the PS3/360 versions sprinting (and crouching) is toggleable now - you don't need to have the left stick held down the entire time. Anyone who's sunk a decent amount of time into Doom 3 will know sprinting is something you'll want to have enabled most of the time so this is a huge fix. Some frame drops here and there (I have flashlight shadows on) but overall it's pretty good. I remember playing Doom 3 on my Pentium 4/Geforce 4/512MB RAM trash PC back in 2004 at sub-30 fps so seeing it on a handheld/console hybrid in 2019 makes me feel nostalgic.
  5. MrSkeltal

    Original Xbox co-op dialog differences?

  6. MrSkeltal

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Also it's only on PC.
  7. Bayonetta and Solid Snake have showed up just fine on Smash Bros. Just saying.
  8. MrSkeltal

    E3 2019 Impressions

    I thought the new Cyberdemon looked smaller than the one from 2016 (did anyone compare them yet) and if so it was probably because they're going to be a recurring mini-boss enemy so the smaller size works better for battle arenas. Some of 2016's design woes were "do video game consumers still like dumb over the top aspects?" and the answer to that was "yes" once it came out so them going further into that with the floating weapons, icons, 1up, more surreal level design (e.g those Mario style spinning flame wall puzzles), further focus on black humour and so on is to be expected. Doom 2016 will probably end up being the odd one out with its half-attempts at realism as the franchise goes forward post-Eternal. I like the Doom 64 inspired chaingun.
  9. MrSkeltal

    Looking for a DooM 3 sound clip

  10. MrSkeltal

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    The readme sort of says that it should work with CD. Guess I'll try Crispy Doom.
  11. MrSkeltal

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    I'm probably the only stubborn ~~purist~~ here, but I tried playing this with Chocolate Doom and even with John's instructions in the readme (loading Sigil_compat.wad) I get a visplane limit crash in the first room. Time to open up the old gzDoom I suppose.
  12. MrSkeltal

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    This would make for a pretty good gzdoom powered gimmick level tbh.
  13. MrSkeltal

    Random Image Thread

    I was under the impression that Linguica shut it down because people kept making intentionally shitty threads/posts to be sent and immortalized there.
  14. MrSkeltal

    Random Image Thread

    Here's another good one. This guy got banned after this iirc Edit:
  15. MrSkeltal

    Random Image Thread

    Was browsing through my 2016 pictures folder today and found this Post Hell screencap among others. Enjoy a glimpse into the now hidden dead sub-forum.