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  1. I bought a Switch yesterday and this was the first game I got for it since naturally I must have every Doom game for every system because I hate having money. It's blurry, and even running at 30FPS the framerate gets wildly inconsistent during big combat areas. There's also a terrible audio glitch where it'll cut out completely and the only way to fix it is to restart from a checkpoint, finish the level or go back to the main menu and continue - good luck if you decide to play on Ultra Nightmare. However it is a pretty impressive port and perfectly playable (unlike, say, Borderlands 2 on the Vita), especially on handheld mode as every review and everyone who's played it has mentioned. Really curious about the upcoming Wolfenstein 2 port since after this one I assume they'll have more experience with porting the engine over and also more time to work on it, but at the same time it is a more demanding game so I'm wondering about the compromises they'll have to make.
  2. iirc Doom 4 development was restarted in 2013 to what would become Doom 2016. BFG edition was worked on while id was haemorrhaging staff due to the decision to scrap OGDoom 4's content and start over causing some talent to leave and having to bring in new people. The original Doom 3 campaign had some minor changes which afaik were intentional such as the stair steps in one of the Alpha Labs levels not falling off after you went past them, probably to allow backtracking.
  3. Doesn't look pre-rendered at all. Looks a ton like Shadow Warrior 1/2 (the sequel especially) in fact, right down to the dashing and powers that lift things into the air.
  4. Doom will last until precisely 4/20/69. Not a moment sooner nor later.
  5. I'm sure it was unintentional but this was one of the things I liked about Duke Nukem 3D - the mix between Duke's tough guy persona and the downbeat atmosphere of the game. Other than Wolfenstein The New Order, its DLC and Max Payne 3 very few games come close to replicating that tone.
  6. Commander enemy waves in TOB/TNO were finite, they were less than the ones in this game can call in fact. The developers said as much during interviews.
  7. The combat in this game is on par with the rest of the games in the franchise, they were all hitscanner heavy and encouraged running between cover. RTCW was way more punishing than this.
  8. Which is why I said much less instead of none. There's no knife only prison break in, stealth only concentration camp level, or nearly an entire level's worth of swimming with no enemies like the sewers one. Every story level is basically a series of mini-sandboxes for you to stealth or shoot your way through. Even your HQ visits have more story excuses to engage in combat and can be sequence broken to skip conversations at times. The game introduction before you get to shoot something is much briefer than TNO's and TOB's as well. The first half of the brief robot sequence takes place in an open area and you can get out of and explore on foot instead of the one in the first which was a cramped linear corridor. This is ignoring the district side missions which slightly alter main levels and feature no interruptions whatsoever. It's still flawed at times but they learned from the earlier games' mistakes and focused more on the gameplay. The KKK were obviously going to show up considering the tone and setting of the last two games, TNO already ended with BJ talking about America and there was the J side plot. It also happily resorted to stereotypes (and humanised them) as the first character you meet in TNO was an angry hard drinking Scottish man. BJ's father is the best written character in the game tho.
  9. This game has way more "pure gameplay" than the original did. There's much less interactive cutscenes and sections where you're waiting for other characters to finish talking so something happens and they got rid of the stealth only/vehicle gimmicks. They also stopped removing your weapons between levels. Outside a half dozen trolling text collectibles obviously added at the tail end of development the quality of the "political commentary" is the same as TNO too. People are just more on edge because of the current USA zeitgeist and Zenimax/Bethesda being opportunistic for the marketing.
  10. I finished it and it took me around the same as the first game which was 13 hours, I didn't really bother with much of the side content outside trying out two district missions. Gameplay was good, though player hit feedback needs work and I'm sure it's one of the first things they'll patch. The slow motion while using the weapon wheel should've been on by default instead of an unlockable ability - it's a cool feature that I wanted since the first game but using it during combat isn't feasible. Story felt like two games glued together, the first is a depressive continuation to The New Order that lasts until halfway through. After the game turns into Duke Nukem with piss, shit and vomit jokes and ends with a cliffhanger for the third game in a trilogy. There's no smooth transition between the two tones. Pure nonsense. The credits song should classify as a war crime.
  11. The advertising strategy was bound to happen. The developers were asked questions incessantly by almost every game journalist about Wolfenstein 2's relevance in the current political climate, especially the American one, and gaming forums frequently talked about it as well after it was announced during E3. Marketing/Bethesda/Zenimax are being smart and capitalising on it, at the end of the day they're a business and they want to make money. No different than Hatred courting over people who hated "PC Culture." Just different values is all. Wolfenstein TNO's advertising was much more typical. That said, while the game doesn't exactly have BJ punching Pepe or whatever and winking at the screen. It does deal with America's worst aspects much more heavily than the first going off the 3 hours of footage I watched.
  12. I thought this would be a mod based off the hit movie.
  13. From looking at it, it seems like the first is to make sure every monster has been alerted (look how he does it near the doorway) to get them infighting and the second is to spread the sound to another sector, making sure the enemies on the other side start teleporting before they normally would.
  14. > Suffering from mapper's block for nearly a year now

    > Opens half-finished map

    I'm going to do it. I'm going to finish it. I'M MAKING IT HAPPEN.

    > Stares for an hour as itunes playlist slowly evaporates.

    > Sweating intensifies.

    > Places a lone blue keycard in map.

    > Saves and closes Doom Builder.

    All in a day's work. Whew.

    1. Ichor


      > Three years later, the map is at last complete.

      > People playing the map wonder why there are over a dozen blue keycards scattered around in the map.

  15. I guess that's a natural result of every game this generation being open world/having big maps with complex geometry. Last gen was mostly linear games so loading times were merciful the majority of the time. Of course, there's also weird engines like idtech 5/6 with its megatextures that make matters worse...