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  1. Perhaps I shouldn't have deleted the sentence in the OP which explains why the project has these limitations and adds some context. Long story short, wildweasel challenged ztktx to make a map with no more than 20 monsters and nothing stronger than a Caco. Of course, ztktx couldn't be arsed to do that, but I decided it'd be a cool idea to do a community project revolving around that. The whole mapset doesn't really pack many interesting fights, but we at least tried to pull off an ok storyline for the end level. It's not really too creative, but I assure you that I have a far better idea for the sequel of the project, whenever that is.
  2. Not part of the mapset. Probably video author using weapon sounds patch.
  3. Doubleposting to say that the project was released on the 23rd of December 2016 and this thread was cross-posted here after several users asked me to do so. Well, here it is.
  4. (Graphic by Lud.) Cross-post from ZDoom thread. ===Project Staff=== Leader: Lud Co-leaders: Tapwave, BillGuy Top guns: leodoom85, Zero X. Diamond, FishyClockwork Honorable mentions: Vostyok, unRyker Village idiot: SoulCircle Trailers Slots: MAP01: leodoom85 (Finished) MAP02: lil'devil (Finished) MAP03: Caligari87 (Finished) MAP04: Nevander (Finished) MAP05: ZioMcCall (Finished) MAP06: Jimmy (Finished) MAP07: Lud (Finished) MAP08: isaacpop23 (Finished) MAP09: Kinsie (Finished) MAP10: Mor'Ladim (Finished) MAP11: Vostyok (Finished) MAP12: Voltcom9 (Finished) MAP13: BillGuy (Finished) MAP14: FishyClockwork (Finished) MAP15: Tapwave (Finished) MAP16: Zero X. Diamond (Finished) MAP17: NAG (Finished) MAP18: SoulCircle (Finished) MAP19: UnTrustable (Finished) MAP20: Gothic (Finished) MAP21: Zero X. Diamond (Finished) MAP22: UnTrustable (Finished) MAP23: Titan314 (Finished) MAP24: Luigi2600 (Finished) MAP25: Vostyok (Finished) MAP26: Deviluke Roy / unRyker (Finished) MAP27: Janus3003 (Finished) MAP28: Voltcom9 (Finished) MAP29: Crazy Toni (Finished) MAP30: unRyker (Finished) MAP31: Tapwave (Finished) MAP32: DrPyspy (Finished) MAP33: Sgt. Shivers (Finished) MAP34: BillGuy (Finished) MAP35: FishyClockwork (Finished) MAP36: leodoom85 (Finished) MAP37: BillGuy (Finished) MAP38: leodoom85 (Finished) MAP39: lwks (Finished) MAP40: BillGuy / leodoom85 / Tapwave / Lud (Finished) MAP41: Zero X. Diamond (Finished) MAP42: Zero X. Diamond (Finished) DOWNLOAD: I am here! Click me! (GZDoom 2.2.0 or better is recommended. May not be compatible with ZDoom 2.8.1 due to use of advanced features! Dev builds of either should work fine, though!
  5. Lud

    Cacowards 2017 Mentionation Thread

    I second Fraggle's post. ZDoom made miracles possible.
  6. Well...that'll need some serious RadiusGive hackery I'd rather not do right now. It might be too resource-intensive on large maps. Or so I've heard. Only other way to change monster health dynamically and outside of MAPINFO is through ACS, and even then I'm not sure exactly how. Wiki says that APROP_SpawnHealth works only on players. I don't think this'll be possible for a while, sorry.
  7. Perhaps the last update. For the next few weeks/months, at least. I updated because I figured out how to add a feature that's been requested before and turned down as impossible/unlikely. Well, here it is. Starting health.
  8. Updated. Final version is out. Changelog in main post in ZDForums. Needs testing as there is an entirely new system implemented in this version.
  9. I have a feeling that using the A_Chase flag will be less hacky than Speed 0.
  10. Lud

    Reporting bugs with GZDoom Builder...

    Over there.
  11. Then recolour it, smartass. Why do you think I provided the resources? EDIT: Oh, wait, that was bait. I'm so sorry. In that case, please, accept my gif. Next.
  12. Bumping cause I remembered to add the original graphics used in the mod. Those will actually work with the SBARINFO and might help people who don't want to export all psd graphics as png. Numbers are also included. To get the graphics, simply redownload. I apologise for the inconvenience.
  13. Original post @ ZDoom Forums here. =================================== NOTE: I have no idea if this is the right subforum to post this. Apparently Editing seems to be only for questions and the likes. Mods can move this thread if necessary. Just in case people want to do a derivation of HD's HUD, here are the Photoshop resources. Notes: - I advise you get AldoTheApache font. That is the font I originally made the HUD with. You can substitute if you want, of course. - I have also included the original SBARINFO code inside the zip. It probably won't help you much without the mod, but you can see how I did it and take notes. Download: Hellfire Division HUD Resources Screenshots License
  14. Lud


    Noted. The SSG being a secret with no hint? I put it in a place where 99% of the players will press use, can't be that hard. As for the Plasmagun, I agree, that one was lacking creativity. Too few rockets are on purpose. Wouldn't be really balanced if you spam rockets, now would it? As for the Archviles + Barons, I feel like I could have used hell knights instead (if that's what you meant). The very reason I put Archviles is because of their resurrection ability. Big flat areas are apparently not very liked, that I can also agree on. I initially imagined that area to be a little bit different, but reality ended up being worse than expected. Thanks for the feedback, I'll use it in the future.
  15. Lud


    With the recent shitwad invasion, I'd rather post a crappy screenshot than no screenshot at all and get my arse kicked to post hell. Plus someone's gonna post screenshots anyway, so it doesn't matter much. There are also changes in the monsters - it's not just imps and zombie guys.