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    Cursed Doom Images

  2. UndeadRyker

    An Interesting Read About Doomguy In Smash

    Very interesting read! In my opinion it goes way too overboard with the association of the 2016 Doomslayer when Smash is more about the most popular representation of that character that most people know them well from. For starters it feels like there's more people who would recognize Doom's E1M1 or the Intermission Music from any of the first two Doom games better than the more recent Victory Doomslayer music. As for the classic alts, it shouldn't be yellow, blue, pink, but rather grey, brown and red. Just something minor :P I'm disappointed there wasn't any discussion about the stage or additional music Doomguy could come with. That could get interesting. Since I really only played Doom I and Doom II for years the only possible stages I could see is some reimagined version of Doom E1M1, Doom II MAP01 and MAP07. As for the music, it could be anything really. Thanks for the find, gave a lot to think about!
  3. Christ, I never made it a point to shit all over ZDoom itself as a port. I have been constantly whining and complaining that ZDoom should take more responsibility as being baby's first Doom source port, and a gateway for people into the world of Doom. ZDoom is mainstream, yes. Like it or not ZDoom has a lot more on its shoulders and expectations to upkeep. Why? Everyone who even starts to try Doom for the first time today, whether they are returning cult veterans or completely new players, are always recommended ZDoom as the source port of choice. Hell, mainstream videos of casual longplays of Doom, Doom reviews, reviewers like ggmanlives, MrIcarus, even use GZDoom as the de facto experience for Doom, even if they are only using Doom to play in a "classic" way when they don't even push ZDoom to its limits with mods. Knowing that ZDoom is a gateway for beginners getting back into Doom, is it really a good idea to fundamentally change how Doom behaved without reason? And for the last time, I'm not bitching about how ZDoom reworked collisions so they're no longer elastic. I'm not bitching about how the weapon firing sprites are always centered now and calling it shit. I'm talking about minor, seemingly pointless changes to Doom gameplay that confuse the shit out of players. One example already gone over in this thread is how ZDoom interprets line action lines like Hexen even running any Doom IWAD which can break maps in source ports more faithful to "real" Doom. When these new mappers are trying to map for classic Doom using GZDoom, they find out from other people whether it's here or another place that their shit breaks and they don't even get an explanation why or even know what the problem is. But what about the other changes? What was the point of reworking the invisibility powerup and making that the default behavior in ZDoom? I get that features like that predate even before Graf. But what the fuck is ZDoom then, is it a progressive innovative source port or not? What is the design philosophy behind ZDoom if the devs are afraid of the backlash of reworking something about it? But then if they're afraid of reworking something about it, why is everyone who is defending ZDoom attacking me for criticizing it for being so vague? ZDoom has always been a progressive source port, and it's shocking to see Graf become so conservative about changing default ZDoom behavior when ZDoom is and always has been one of the most progressive and innovative source ports for Doom. ZDoom has done so much stealthy and unnecessary coddling and distortion of what "real" Doom was all those years ago. Can you really say that the reworked invisibility powerup enabled by default is an entirely new feature and not just a small, yet significant gameplay change? The drops that gets tossed in the air? The ZDoomisms? And then I got royally pissed off at Graf's and Gez's remarks when I suggested that ZDoom should take more responsibility and make it more obvious about the differences between it and vanilla and that's about where this shitstorm started. It was likely a misunderstanding because I'm sure as hell not good with words. Regardless, what really stirred a fury inside me was Graf's remarks. Who in the right mind seriously feels the need to compete for a userbase just so they can say they have the most users that use their source port? Source ports should be about love for the fucking game. And then Graf decides that ZDoom should be treated like a free product, that anyone who uses ZDoom is a "consumer that shouldn't be spoonfed". Muh marketing. Listening to a source port dev that works with Doom call a bunch of aspects of the game retarded and critiques other mods in a much more brutal way than I am criticizing ZDoom for undoubtedly makes my brows just furrow with frustration and it makes me fucking suspicious of their behavior and their motives. Seeing Graf who just shits all over what made Doom great, the demo feature, the Icon of Sin, et cetera et cetera does certainly not help my faith that ZDoom is all in good name for the game and will continue to distort the perception of Doom a la 1984-style. And then reading this: Maybe it's for the best of your fragile ego and the other side of the community that wants to preserve more of Doom that you just drop PrBoom+ if you are going to get nasty and can't handle nastiness back. It's clear you only want to see Doom distorted and changed into how you want it to be, and you barely had love for the game with to begin with. Go ahead, leave. If you barely give a shit about the concerns of other people then I'm certainly not concerned about you leaving. If you all want to blame me for starting all of this call me entitled and a purist, make fun of me, then go ahead and someday this conversation will repeat again with different people. Just know that I was only concerned about making it easier for new Doomers to be more successful on the forums, go through less headaches, and at least have more knowledge of Doom for how it was and what they can truly do with Doom.
  4. Okay okay, I apologize to my fellow ZDoomers. ZDoom™ is the best product to play Classic Doom the way I want to play! It has sleek, modern, superior technology that transforms Doom from this insignificant, irrelevant, horribly designed limitations like the Icon of Sin, to ANYTHING I want it to be! I may not know how to work every single option or know exactly how ZDoom™ works as evident by its unmatched tech, but as a loyal ZDoom™ customer, I should not be spoonfed because it's my fault for not knowing something even if ZDoom is the most mainstream source port out there responsible for thousands of people getting back into Doom! It is impeccable, unrivaled by other source ports. Why did these other source ports take away Classic Doom features such as FREELOOK, items that FLY in the air, the ZOOMING FOV effect, the flawless TEXTURE FILTERING that's enabled by default, my semi-transparent Lost Souls, my TELEMETRY because I'm too stupid to find out my specs, and most importantly, the invisibility powerup that lets enemies NOT see you? Well, that doesn't matter, because the majority of people use the latest bleeding edge software to play Doom, which is ZDoom™! People should be used to those things by now! If anyone even suggests that ZDoom™ should list a few things that it does differently from Vanilla Doom to clear up some issues, they're a dumb caveman purist! I'm so sorry for being a dumb customer that took everything at face value from the ZDoom™ website, please forgive me I'm just entitled!
  5. Because ZDoom is the most mainstream port and has people who worked on it that refuses to take responsibility and admit that it changes a lot and doesn't really care too much for the original codebase of Doom, while manipulating its users, telling users otherwise that it's the most modern and hip way to play classic Doom. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=53498 So you're acting like ZDoom is a multibillion dollar company that needs to make a quick buck, and yet you wonder why some people threw a fit about ZDoom's telemetry and criticize ZDoom in general. But listen, if you don't want to "spoonfeed your customers" on how to properly build a map without ZDoom doing everything for you, then why should we have to constantly repeat ourselves that "Oh you actually need to do this or that", "Oh that's only possible in ZDoom", "No that doesn't work with Brutal Doom". My original point was that ZDoom changes a lot of the things about Doom that makes it misleading and inconvenient for the rest of us who use other sourceports that are actually more closely related to classic Doom than ZDoom, and Graf has no problem with misleading people that cause those same people to assume that looking up/down was a part of classic Doom, using flats as walls was a part of classic Doom, that strange changes being enabled by default such as the teleporting "FOV zoom" effect was a part of classic Doom. It doesn't need to directly state it. It's about the implication that it gives off. MODERN! NEXT-GEN! Woooah!
  6. Do I really have to clarify that my views of classic Doom are closer to Nine Inch Heel's than a critical purist? So what's that supposed to mean, exactly? Everyone else is blind and they should be kept ignorant, or my opinion doesn't matter? How Doom was played doesn't matter? It's interesting you're the main lead dev of GZDoom and that's what you believe. Gez, I literally have just said that I would like to see a little list of differences from ZDoom that separates itself from most of the other source ports, but mainly from vanilla Doom in particular. When I have just acknowledged that ZDoom is a powerful engine on page 2 in this thread, you hone in and overexaggerate what I said and make assumptions about what I think, all over me asking for a list of differences between ZDoom and Vanilla Doom out of the box. I'm not unappreciative of the good that ZDoom did to bring back life in Doom. If you feel like it's that necessary to insult me and make me sound so bitchy over asking for some clarification on a source port, then I don't know what to tell you! You might be getting insecure that I don't think GZDoom is the best port for playing classic Doom, let alone advertise as the best port for playing classic Doom. I already know. As a matter of fact I already have a short video demonstrating on ZDoom's inability to correctly replicate the original movement code. ZDoom advertises itself as the best way to play classic Doom. Does Chocolate Doom advertise itself as the best way of playing Boom levels and having extra modding features? Do you see why I'm complaining yet? To name just name a few. GZDoom is literally everywhere and most people consider it to be the best way to play Classic Doom. And you'll get crazy looks if you say that GZDoom isn't the best way to play classic Doom and for merely suggesting that ZDoom should showcase its differences and take more responsibility for the influence it has. Maybe I'm biased, I dunno, maybe it's something I said. :P
  7. Stuff like that is what I meant. It runs like Boom*. Yeah, it is pretty clear that it presents itself as Doom and that's why I have a problem with that. I'm talking about the things ZDoom changes from Doom itself. People only focus on what what GZDoom adds, and with that, apparently more is always better, as you conveniently bolded. And so, that page furthers the arguments and divisions and promotes the ZDoom elitism we see today. I want to see a little list that has differences from regular Doom that it changes by default at least. Stuff like "Projectiles no longer go through decorations like trees and solid corpses", "Items dropped by enemies get tossed up in the air in random directions" more of the obvious stuff like that. I'm not talking about minor things like flagpole glitches and frame perfect maneuvers. Most of the people who play ZDoom has just gotten back into Doom itself. To name one distortion that ZDoom really has on people, John Romero plays Doom using ZDoom and he designed his recent maps using ZDoom. There were a few times on his Sigil streams where he used ZDoom features like projectiles being blocked by decorations to take cover, in a map he was designing that was meant to be played with nearly any source port. I wonder if he was even aware of the difference? It's unlikely that he noticed the little things like that because he hasn't played Doom seriously in years. ZDoom has been so effective at changing the overall perception of what Doom really was, which causes those all of these misunderstandings, all just because nearly everyone who worked on ZDoom wanted ZDoom to be a household name. Like it or not, that's why I take stuff like ZDoomisms seriously. There's no denying that ZDoom behaves extremely different from Doom itself, but the way it clouds what Doom was makes it infuriating to troubleshoot what is wrong with the maps, the gameplay, the mods, and so much more.
  8. I had a poor choice of words there. @Doomkid hit the nail on the head with what I was trying to say. I meant optimized as getting the map to work in all source ports, as in an optimized use of time spent by the mapper to produce a map that works for mostly everyone. But now that you say it, why does ZDoom even behave like Hexen to begin with in terms of just doors? That just causes so much mass confusion and that's why you have purists who shoot down ZDoom calling it "not real Doom". Don't get me wrong, ZDoom is a powerful engine, but the more it automatically does everything under the hood, the more you just have confused people, the more you have people like me who say that ZDoom is misleading other people. ZDoom was always advertised to *be* Doom. So why does it nearly not behave like Doom when it runs Doom out of the box? Why does it allow so many things that Doom does not? ZDoom advertising itself to literally be next-gen Dooming and the definitive way to play Doom is partly the reason why there's so much mass confusion and culture shock when a ZDoomer meets someone who plays any other source port other than Doom. Did you expect me to automatically know that ZDoom, when running any Doom IWAD would treat its line action specials like Hexen does? Usually when people say compatibility, it means "to run along side with", "good chemistry", "running without any further modification". So when you see a preset in Compatibility Options like Boom, why is it wrong to assume that since the "compatibility" is set to Boom that it should be compatible with Boom, and therefore run like Boom runs? It's another product of ZDoom not really doing what was advertised. And for the record, I don't care about demos in ZDoom. It's well known by many that ZDoom demos are nearly a myth. Personally I feel like ZDoom should acknowledge the responsibility it has as being the most popular source port used by people who want to play Doom and come with a whole bunch of asterisks and disclaimers. It should be made somewhat more obvious and accessible to Doomers (me included) who aren't programming-savvy and just want to play Doom about the differences between ZDoom and the rest of the Doom source port family. If something like that can be done, it can put a lot of us at ease and clear up confusion and debates.
  9. Personally, as someone who used to use ZDoom for everything who then recently switched to Crispy Doom/PrBoom+, I can say that reason number one for this is mostly what the source port enables which causes bad habits in modders. For a small example, ZDoom has a tendency to always "correct" common mapping mistakes and errors resulting in outright unoptimized maps and your maps could end up breaking for other people and you would have no clue why. I would have no clue why my doors would break the entire map in other source ports when I would finally realize that if I put a SR line action on a door wall itself, then I must put a tag on the door sector itself but ZDoom just automatically always made that door line action correctly self-referring without even putting a warning in the console. Most of the community here call stuff like that "ZDoomisms". ZDoom also changed so much of the physics engine (player movement is even different) and how everything works that even the compatibility options like Doom (strict) still don't even correctly emulate vanilla Doom. With that in mind you have people just loading up compatibility options, changing it to Boom (strict) and calling their map they're making in ZDoom a PrBoom compatible map. That is exactly why this quote is true: Edit: I also want to mention that it changes vanilla Doom maps too such as MAP05 and MAP02 in the name of fixing bugs such as stuck Lost Souls and misplaced barrels, but the devs of GZDoom kept the stuck Zombieman in MAP02 just because it's "iconic" so they aren't even consistent. ??? And to your DOSBOX Doom purists you have your ZDoom elitists that want ZDoom to be the gold standard (I've seen people just begging id Software to just replace their own engine on Doom ports like on the Switch with GZDoom. That's just wrong). Do NOT make your Doom maps with the intent of getting popular! Make what you want to play! And wherever you post it, just say what source port you used to play your map and you should be good.
  10. UndeadRyker

    [Sprites] Stopsignal's Beastiary

    Just wanted to stop by and say keep it up! You're doing good work! Some sort of glowing hands effect similar to the Baron's might draw more attention to the hand. Maybe it could glow stronger in intensity as it counts. At the same time an instant streak of some effect/color as it raises up its hand to count could do the trick too. To me this is both a reference to The Evil Dead (the classic ending of the first movie) and The Thing. I love this one!
  11. UndeadRyker

    Crispy Doom 5.6.4 (Update: Jan 14, 2020)

    Yep, that's a feature to show that data is being loaded. It can be turned off by setting "show_diskicon" to 0 in the crispy-doom.cfg file found in your Crispy Doom folder (since you're running Mac, I would assume in your app folder. I don't have a Mac myself). As for the fullscreen toggle while in-game, Alt-Enter does work for me in Windows at least. I assume you already tried Control-Command-F? Woaaah this page didn't show me any responses until I posted. I must've accidentally had this page open last night without refreshing :P
  12. UndeadRyker


    Please read this: Anyway, this is a GZDoom map (there's technically two but that looks like an unfinished map) since there's flats being used as walls, stealth monsters, marines, etc. It's a typical and fairly plain first map since it's full of simple squares for the most part. The layout was extremely confusing, as most of the time I had no clue how to progress through most of MAP01. Shooting a random wall at one point of the map that's not even marked can be pretty infuriating to other players who play your maps. As a map author, you have to realize that players don't have half a clue on how to play your map. They don't know where every secret is and what every linedef can do. The other thing is the monsters just kinda seem thrown in there apart from the Cyberdemon, and maybe the arch-vile. Also, I can't seem to find where the exit is. Is this map beatable? This feels like one of these maps that should just be on your harddrive, not released. It should have been taken as a personal, private learning experience. Purely because it's hard to come up with any useful critiques and information that hasn't been repeated a thousand times someplace else on the forum. There's nothing really much else to say to give a more personal review. I'm sorry if I come off as harsh, but keep on mapping, I can't wait to see you improve!
  13. UndeadRyker

    Forum- ranks / titles...

    My guess would probably be the forum software itself, Invision Community :p
  14. UndeadRyker

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Ghoul's Forest in a nutshell.
  15. UndeadRyker

    Zombieman alert sound in new Mercedes-Benz commercial

    If I remember correctly it's a camel stock sound?