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  1. UndeadRyker

    Doom in the browser

    There would definitely be some legal issues in there. If we used shareware then we would be missing content such as the double-barrel shotgun, new monsters, textures, music, etc. Maybe if it's done Freedoom could be used instead if everyone behind it is on board. Edit: I'm dumb. The port could probably ask for an iwad file to be uploaded from the computer. I've so many questions. Could they do the same to Flash game ports of Doom on websites such as Newgrounds that still use its shareware version? What makes an embed version different from the downloaded offline version other than how it's played to warrant such a response?
  2. UndeadRyker

    Doom HUD message font as a separate font for Windows?

    Since it always annoys me to come across a thread like this where the answer is unclear or unavailable, I think OP found Doom Writer. It allows the default big font and small font to be used (custom Doom fonts can also be added) to automatically print out an image from a string. To use the inventory message font (requested) you need to set up a custom chart in its options -> custom chart in one of its blocks. Each letter next to SMALLFONT_* corresponds to its color coding found in the help menu. Then after restarting the program with the custom chart picked enter this into the input below (assuming the SMALLFONT was set for A01): \c[A01]Picked up a useful solution for this thread. Hit the big generate button and there we have it, an easy way to piece together messages without having to manually piece together a message from separate image files. It can be saved through file -> save. The PNG filetype gives the option of automatically giving it a transparent background if you don't want the default cyan background for your text.
  3. Is your map defined with its own block in mapinfo and is the cluster property set to one? map MAP01 "blahblah" { next = "MAP02" secretnext = "MAP02" sky1 = "RSKY1" cluster = 1 par = 123 } https://zdoom.org/wiki/MAPINFO/Map_definition
  4. UndeadRyker

    GZDoom Awful Screen Tearing...

    Bummer, can't think of anything else other than doing a fresh full reinstall of your graphics card drivers.
  5. UndeadRyker

    GZDoom Awful Screen Tearing...

    Even setting vid_maxfps to your refresh rate in GZDoom still doesn't work?
  6. UndeadRyker

    GZDoom Awful Screen Tearing...

    What happens if you try running GZDoom and your other games in windowed borderless mode? For GZDoom, type "win_borderless true" in the console.
  7. UndeadRyker

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Well... I found out that any value under 100 using -turbo makes you slower and it DOESN'T announce that you're using the turbo cheat. I might have some fun with that next time I deathmatch with friends just for laughs.
  8. UndeadRyker

    Which features would you like to see in GZDoom?

    Can't see demo controls happening since GZDoom has a reputation of not making sure demos don't desync across its versions... But man, one can dream about all of these features making it in. One small little feature I'd like to see is an option to revert the weapon firing alignment behavior back to its default behavior instead of forcing all the weapons to be centered. That little quirk just makes me go, "Yeah, this is really Doom".
  9. The map feels very accommodating to different play-styles (such as allowing players to run away from enemies, players will never be trapped and forced to fight in certain areas) and has some nice small but appreciated touches like custom music, sky, and a palette. Overall it feels like a map that would be the start of an advanced megawad. I'm not a pro at Doom but playing the first version of the map for the first time [by accident] made me feel like I'm getting a nice challenge on UV without it being too hard or easy. The level of detail is appropriate especially with vanilla limits taken into account. It's not too detailed nor too bland. (map01-755.zip) I decided to try out the latest version after my first play-through after accidentally using the older version. Although it's still somewhat casual, it has more tricks up its sleeves to punish and catch players off-guard. Also, running away from battles is still possible albeit choices and routes are limited as some entrances and openings can be sealed off now. However, the disadvantage can be greater for the demons as the player (if aiming for 100% kills) can use the one-way in teleporter and take potshots at enemies trapped behind the barred door. There's only one major mistake I noticed in this version, and it's that the Archvile and Revenant are stuck in each other in the closet right by the blue skull key pentagram. Regardless, I had fun like last time. The map manages to keep its formula from the start while introducing plenty of other things to spice up environment. It's just that the update broke a few things. (map01-827.zip) Side note: Played and recorded using Chocolate Doom v3.0.0
  10. UndeadRyker

    Flaws in official DOOM ports.

    Doom Classic for iOS: Physics and collisions are broken. The player can be halted to a dead stop when sliding on windows, and even phase through (or partly be inside) windows. That can result in a full reset of E1M2 since it's possible to fall out the diagonal windows of the exit room. To make it worst, you must do a full reset or cheat because... There is only one save slot. It also auto-saves every time you open a menu, start a new game, and quit the game to go to the home screen. There's no feature to turn that off, and you can't manually load a game either. The inventory message fonts go unused and gets replaced with an ugly, white plain font. There is a useless weapon slot for the double barrel that gets shown on the screen that does nothing but take up space. Bilinear/OpenGL filtering is forced on. This is my opinion but I hate how it looks and I can't turn it off. The shotgun sounds are cut off for some strange reason. The absence of the Nightmare difficulty (for some people). There was multiplayer. The last update removed it for some unknown reason so the game is single-player only. Speaking of updates... The last update was for iOS 7. You can't even play the game anymore if you have a newer phone or have updated your iOS! Default controls were a little unconventional as well but thankfully it can be customized. Still, it was the worst official port I've ever played.