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  1. UndeadRyker

    B.P.R.D. Wads Demos [-complevel 2 and 9]

    This is nuts. (Beats current WR by ~4 seconds, but can be improved with better RNG and cleaner exit press by at least another 4 seconds imo) https://youtu.be/ljNcdkqIk1g nutsstr13431.zip
  2. UndeadRyker

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    Here's a reality demo of E4M1! I had an older 59.06 time but I mistakenly recorded it with complevel 2, so I felt obliged to attempt again which resulted in me inadvertently beating my old PB anyway. Time can be improved in this for sure but I'm not touching reality runs for a while since it wasn't very much fun for me. e4m1reality5714.zip
  3. UndeadRyker

    Is there a way to make ZDoom demos?

    I thought I read somewhere that using ZDoom 2.8.1 might be okay now for ZDoom-related mods/maps and whatnot because that branch is no longer being updated? I could be wrong. And saying this too just in case: You shouldn't try to record demos with GZDoom or any other maintained branch of it since old GZDoom demos won't work with newer versions and vice versa. It breaks demo compatibility with itself nearly every update. But such is the way of GZDoom. Demo support isn't a focus for the ZDoom family.
  4. Wow, a wow(_x).wad demo in 2022?! If that isn't funny enough, I have a funny story for this one in the .txt file. uvmaxwow_x72.zip
  5. Oo, a retro-styled WAD that's meant to be more nostalgic to oldschool ZDoom specifically, and from Jimmy, too! This ought to be extremely interesting. It looks great judging from the screenshots and the first 10-ish mins or so from the livestream before I had to leave to do other things. Sorry about leaving unannounced, if you noticed :p Edit: Review time! After having downloaded and played it, it was certainly quite an experience! I haven't been around in ZDoom's "retro" years but it certainly does give a nostalgic vibe to it that's similar to other ZDoom mods that I've played in the past, such as Knee Deep in ZDoom, ZPack, and Cold as Hell (which is probably one of the very first WADS I've touched that's for the ZDoom family). It's not really nostalgic in a sense of wackiness and total conversion like Happy Time Circus and Ghoul's Forest, but rather it has that blend of the Doom gameplay we're familiar with while it actually uses features from ZDoom to spice things up a little bit. Here's some of the concerns I have (which shouldn't be a dealbreaker for anyone, it wasn't for me): There were just two points of the map that progression became a bit confusing for my first playthrough. I spent some time that felt longer than it should've taken trying to find out where the fourth access platform was raised and the red key, but that might just be me with my poor navigational skills. As for enemies, the shielded hell knights/barons were embarrassingly easy to push over. I was able to humiliate them by waiting for them to lower their shields with the autoshotgun (or one single shot with the double barrel with the bonus powerup) to take them down, otherwise I just outright ignored them and dodged their projectiles as if they weren't there while I focused on more important targets. I think that enemy should be made more difficult to deal with somehow, if they weren't intended to be so easy to deal with. As for items, the grenades stand out to me as being a bit awkward to use on stairs, especially because they tended to bounce back at me. But as for what was done well: The maps look gorgeous and play very nicely-- and that was never an issue for Jimmy. This one map is that kind of map that's very comfy to play through. The weapons and item variations were also cool and felt very "classic" as well. The proximity mines felt satisfying to use when it came to obliterating monster closets. It was a blast, and thanks for the early sneak peek. Looking very much forward to seeing more!
  6. I've been having a lot of fun with strollers, so I have two demos I'm sharing! Ultimate Doom: E1M1 in 19.20 [Demo] [Video] Doom II: MAP01 in 10.71 [Demo] [Video] Looking at other categories, I might want to try a reality demo next or something similarly humorous.
  7. This is interesting to see Romero finally release a level for Doom II! The fact that it also provides an easy way for people to donate to help out the displaced Ukrainians is really nice as well. Good stuff! Yeah it's been quite a while! I'm interested more so of the fact that Romero didn't map too much for Doom II either. He only made six maps where the other maps were a Sandy Petersen-fest :p
  8. This is my first demo submission and it's a stroller run of E1M2. Had lots of fun! Apologizing ahead of time in case I messed something up. e1m2str04571.zip
  9. I really appreciate the continuous fantastic work you've done for this. But I do hope you reconsider this: In this project you actually add multiple rotations for the Nazis which is a bigger fix/change than adding the missing sights back, IMO.
  10. UndeadRyker

    Star Trek discussions

    They're actually not as common as the Star Trek jokes. I remember being asked if I own an island (and other somewhat related jokes) under 10 times in my entire life that's for sure. Whereas for Star Trek, it's been wayy too many to count!
  11. UndeadRyker

    Star Trek discussions

    It's pain being tormented by Riker jokes when your name is actually Ryker. I never watched Star Trek and don't even know what it's about. (Those kinda movies just aren't my style, lol)
  12. UndeadRyker

    John Carmack's biggest mistakes?

    Let's take a look from the perspective that Halo actually is in pop culture rather than in the Halo fandom. IIRC Halo was praised for its graphics and gameplay by most, if not all people. I never heard anyone praise Halo for its story because the premise of Halo is somewhat unoriginal when you strip it down to its barebones. Also personal anecdote: I played Halo in the early days on Xbox and me and my friends had no clue what the story and lore was outside of "aliens are bad". The multiplayer was fun, and the story mode was also fun. But we found it fun because of how it played, not because of the lore. Of course that doesn't mean that Halo is a bad game just because me and my friends personally don't remember the story. Other people can appreciate certain things in different ways. Your response... I can appreciate that you're aware that your opinion is highly biased and subjective, similar to John Carmack's opinion on story in video games, I guess? But telling someone to learn it doesn't mean that they don't have the right to think it's still more confusing than they initially understood it to be, if they do actually decide to take your advice and "learn it". Using your remark, someone else can easily tell you to "just learn it" if you're confused about Doom's API being lumped into one source. "Just learn Doom LOL". See how highly subjective and insensitive that is? The same can be said for other games, so that argument goes both ways. Games have strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes its story (or lackthereof) can be a strength or a weakness, if it does or doesn't have any qualities to make up for the story. There's people out there that just don't care about the story at all, for better or for worse. However, both ways of thinking: the story being extremely important, the story being unimportant... are both valid ways of thinking. There's obviously people out there who only play for the story. There's also people who only play for the gameplay. Neither group is wrong in appreciating either value over the other because they have their own objective reasons. In the end it's meant to be fun. Some people find the mechanics more fun than deep lore, and some people find exploring the deep lore and the message behind the game to be equally fun as well. Then you have people who's standards are so high that they play and enjoy a game for both gameplay and story, and you have people who just don't care about either the gameplay OR the story. It's a big world out there. In general, about this thread: I'm disappointed that the "story in games is like video games in a porn movie" line is being said without either "side" taking into account of the context of what was said behind that line. Doom was praised, rightfully so, for its innovations and breakthroughs regarding PC gaming as a whole, not for its story. That's an objective fact. It's only logical that John Carmack would say such a thing, because Doom wasn't praised for its story. But Doom released over 20 years ago. Standards will naturally only get higher from there with today's crowd. People who think Carmack's statement is foolish in hindsight is correct, but can you really say that at the time, it was wrong? There are also examples I will not name, purely because I don't want to derail the thread, but we can't deny that there are times where the story actually hindered certain series just because of how frustrating they can be to comprehend (or that it's an obvious cash grab that will keep ending its stories with cliffhangers to make an excuse to make more money into another entry to milk its fans). You have people fail to recognize an important message behind a game that's all about story and teaching life lessons because they blindly follow what Carmack said. It's sad to think about, life lessons and messages falling on deaf ears, because some games are like art in different ways. On the other, you have people that think a game without any meaningful story behind it is less fun just because they put more effort into the gameplay rather than having to try and painstakingly explain everything with tropes, without just appreciating the mechanics and fun absurdity they still put into the game. At the end of the day, people will still enjoy a game that doesn't really have much story, and different people will do the same for games that don't focus too much on gameplay. Every game, with or without effort into its story, is still (hopefully) made with love. It's probably a mistake to offer my two cents in this thread, but I just felt like I had to get it out there. We all need to focus better on seeing the big picture here, and learn to try and view it from another person's perspective. That includes John Carmack's perspective as well. It's obvious that no one here, even John Carmack means ill-will and it's okay to vent about it. I just think it's concerning if we just paint him and other people as being bigoted and close-minded when we ourselves don't take a moment to understand another perspective.
  13. UndeadRyker

    Do you guys know a good horror movie?

    [Spoiler above] Edit: @P41R47 Can't say anything about Event Horizon, but as someone who considers The Thing to be the greatest movie of all time and has rewatched it plenty of times to the point of desensitization, the gore isn't really what you should be looking for in a good horror movie. It's the ideas and themes it covers. IMO the reason why The Thing is so terrifying has little to do with the gore. Good movies make you ask and fear answers to a lot of questions and give you more legitimate reasons to fear other concepts. Specifically, [spoilers] I do hope you give it a rewatch someday with those questions applied. :)
  14. UndeadRyker

    Do you guys know a good horror movie?

    All VERY nice suggestions! Gonna stalk this thread for myself too. +1 for The Thing (1982) +1 for Halloween (1978) +1 for The Evil Dead (both the 1981 classic and 2013 remake) +1 for Night of the Living Dead (1968) +1 for The Exorcist (1973) +1 for The Shining (1980) +1 for Halloween (2018) (although it is more slasher than horror, but one of the better recent horror movies out there) +1 for The Lighthouse (2019) (it could be more of a shock movie rather than horror movie if its themes go over your head, similar to what I've heard about Midsommar, which is a movie I have yet to watch) +1 for Hellraiser (1987) As for things I haven't seen recommended yet in this thread, feel free to look at Pumpkinhead (1988), Silver Bullet (1985) and Scream (1996), the latter two can be irritating for similar reasons like what I mentioned about Cabin in the Woods below (specifically Scream), but it's wayy less forward about it. The latter two also both have small, but noticeable amounts of comedy unlike others I've +1'd. You should only check out Pumpkinhead as I suggested if comedy is to be shunned in your list. If I had to recommend against a few things in here (for the sake of OP looking for scares), it'd probably be: I think Evil Dead 2 is great. Also because of the way the film was produced, it gives a recap of what briefly happened in the first part. However, the mood has significantly changed to include a lot of action and comedy. Contrarily, Evil Dead 1 is mostly just pure horror. I would hate to see someone not watch the one that started it all. HIGHLY recommend if you love horror movies but I don't really consider it horror, but rather a love-letter to horror itself as a genre. It does get, as someone else put it: Haven't watched Halloween 4 or 6 so I can't comment on those, but Halloween Kills was probably the only outright negative experience I had with any recent movie mentioned here unfortunately. It's a pure slasher. It was pretty heartbreaking to watch it disregard what happened in 2018, and the people in that movie were REALLY stupid, and it's full of plot holes and broken logic. Although if people like slashers, I won't stop them from enjoying it. :) Keep the suggestions coming everyone!