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  1. DistroyA

    Games You Have The Most Hours In?

    Probably Quake Champions.
  2. I personally think something akin to BTSX's hud with pride colours for accents would be perfect for the project.
  3. Had I been in a better emotional/mental state (as well as have experience mapping in MBF21), I'd have signed up immediately. I look forward to seeing the project unfold and complete. <3 EDIT: I've decided I wanna join in on this. I'll need to have a practice at MBF21 for a wee while, but I should be able to knock something out in a month
  4. Thanks for the feedback bioshockfan90. I'll address each in order: The teleport lines in the automap weren't noticed by myself as I only tested the map in Chocolate Doom. Honestly didn't know that was a thing. 😅 The monster block thing wasn't intentional sadly. I may have to rethink that way of making doors so they don't get stuck IIRC, the weird texture effect was intentional. If not, it's a happy accident. That misaligned texture was completely missed by myself. Probably because of how thicc the pixels are in vanilla/choc rendering. Not sure if there are items that somehow got moved out of bounds, but the secrets still worked for you. Thank you so much for the feedback and glad you enjoyed it. <3
  5. At some point, I intend to make a start on a Doom 2 megawad. I'm also intending on making use of community made textures and MIDIs (with permission if necessary). I got a bunch of WADs to play through beforehand to get some inspiration. :) Oh wow, that's incredible. So happy you downloaded it and made a vid out of it. :D Not gonna lie, I didn't anticipate anyone to notice before I advertised it in a thread 😅
  6. They certainly are ;) Also, didn't think I'd need to link it. 😅 Will change that now.
  7. Hi there. I recently uploaded my first finished PWAD, and thought I'd advertise it here, with some piccie-wics. Context; a close friend of mine suggested I get back into mapping at a time I was in a depressive funk, and, after downloading Doom Builder 2, the end result is this map. It was going to be part of a megawad for Ultimate Doom, but since I realised that the limited monster roster and the lack of super shotty made the game somewhat dull after a while, I abandoned the idea, but decided to upload the map for archival purposes, and to show off what I can do design-wise. The WAD: I fell in love with The Shores Of Hell for its mix of techbase and hellish corruption, and wanted to start with E2M1 as a result, and tried my best to emulate that idea in my own way. Admittedly, some of the rooms are a wee bit cramped, but it's a learning experience. I added extra details, such as missing tiles in floors and geometry around lights and such, just to give it a bit more flair. Difficulty wise, I'd say it's somewhere between OG E2M1 and E4M1. There is a nasty surprise or two, and I've made the secrets quite difficult to find (inspired by the likes of BTSX and such WADs). Specifics: Doom Format (Vanilla) Tested in Chocolate Doom (Feel free to use something crisper looking) Ultimate Doom E2M1 (Single map) Screenshots The WAD can be found here. Hope you enjoy. :)