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  1. Thanks! Added to original post!
  2. That is correct! Each switch pressed allows the central teleporter to go down further, with the the one in the HUB used to trigger the descent of said teleporter! Also no surprise on the deaths in Wilou's map, it is as good as it is difficult!
  3. Salut à tous ! We'd like to share with you this little treat we've been working on for the last couple of weeks. This was initially intended for a 5-year anniversary release of the first original EP, but you know them frenchies vs. deadlines! The concept remains roughly unchanged: Vanilla compatibility with 3 hours of build time. The only exception this time is that... all of these maps are compiled into a single one. :) Get ready to face the horrors once more, with maps made by Roofi, Datacore, FranckFRAG, JCD, Jambon, Oxyde and Wilou84! A couple of mandatory .png sweets below in these spoiler tags! And, well, obviously, download link is located at this very portion of the text! located on the /idgames/ base! Also, remember to check out : 3 Heures d'Agonie Ep. 1 3 Heures d'Agonie Ep. 2 3 Heures d'Agonie Ep. 3 Cheers people!
  4. It's a ZDaemon specific map !
  5. Actually, yes, but as the first ever port I got working correctly out of Doom95, was Edge, and I went with that set of keys (since it felt comfortable enough to me). Now even playing DOS, I keep that set of keys and adapt according to the needs of the game I'm playing!
  6. http://www.g-sl.net/wads/G-SL_HQ_beta_2.0.zip Here you go! Mandatory video by the way : Montage & video by [SL]Fred, the original author!
  7. E S F C here, with move! Using D to jump and Q to crouch (note it's on AZERTY layouts !)
  8. Secteur Lambda's SL Room comes to mind, for those who have played ZDaemon, that is. :)
  9. Is this valid?

  10. I still use Doom Builder 1.68 and XWE 1.16. :) I have tried DB2/GZDB, but it felt quite different to me, and it's almost like I would have to learn a new editing tool at this point, so better stick with my comfortable set of tools!
  11. Looking forward to these! :)
  12. The trigger is the death pf the Mancubus (tag 666). :)
  13. Actually, this is a complicated subject. I want these maps to be enjoyable for both worlds, but it is ultimately impossible due to the different expectations from all audiences. I had more private gameplay in mind when designing Map01, Map02 is a bit more public oriented. Thanks for the feedback! That is actually grass! You can't guess though, as the outside areas aren't shown here. Actually, I had a couple of games there on 3v3 with other frenchies, and the flag never feel into the water. The water is a heavy damage-over-time rather than instant-death. I can foresee though that other people would try to abuse and deliberately dive in order to save seconds on the match, which can be a pretty big deal! I'll see how things evolve over time once this thing gets released. Regarding the translucent lines, I actually see two points of view there; Sure, it can drain the CPU, and if poorly used, is more likely to make things visually unconfortable, which is something we don't want! But on the other hand, if properly done and not visually disturbing, come on, it's freaking 2017! Even a smartphone can render that without slowdowns! Again, I aim to please with this wad, so if people feel like it's too much or annoying, I'll toy around to change this! Thanks everyone for the huge outpoor of comments!
  14. Am I doing this right?

    1. bzzrak


      From a technical point of view, yes.

      From a moral one, not so sure. :]