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  1. Oxyde

    Custom monsters, GO or NO?

    It mostly depends on what the author tries to achieve and how well those monsters work within the level. I prefer interesting gimmicks over projectile barrages. Just a few quick ideas on custom monsters: Monsters with negative mass, making them accelerate on hit Monsters with altered sequences of attacks, like a different Mancubus fireball sequence A monster that can only truly die when gibbed, otherwise would end up respawning Also, I don't really like bullet sponges above all. I take the standard beastiary of Doom as a reference and the Baron being set at the highest health amount; Anything above 5 SSG shots feels boring to defeat. Just my two cents on the concept. As @Bauul put it very well, the definition of a monster is quite large, ranging from creating literally, a wall with HP, to making the most ridiculous boss fights!
  2. Oxyde

    Post a picture of yourself!

    -- Removed content --
  3. Oxyde

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Lost some weight; Bonjour!
  4. Oxyde

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Progress on the not yet dead Survive in Hell remake I'm working on! Goal for this project is to remake all maps of the original Survive in Hell using the same textures for each equivalent map slot. Pretty happy with this so far, some maps use gimmicks such as HIS33 which uses dolls on conveyors to count the number of times you fall off of the platform. Fall one too many time and you're dead! I ran out of ideas on some of these maps, and applied completely stupid ideas such as making a CTF map for Single Player: Each trip to get a flag (key) will summon more items in your base, but more enemies in the middle and in the enemy base! Also, punny map names off of the original ones, because I can. HIS11: Sunless Society HIS13: Widely large open passage HIS17: PSI Productions HIS20: Harder Way HIS33: Destination Finale
  5. I was there with them for commentary and I made the wad showcasing the tricks. I only have to implement a linedef-skip setup by replicating the one we see on Map10. The wad was built for Coop and with Plutonia as an IWad. I will eventually finish it up and release it. Also, YouTube mirror in case Twitch's gets deleted.
  6. Oxyde

    Icon of Win

    Icon of Kid
  7. Well that's the difference: it's not 3HA4. 180MPV was built with a very different ressource set (new Dehacked monsters in our case), and for Limit Removing instead of the usual Vanilla format).
  8. I just submitted a few lines for the French translation earlier on (and noticed you comitted the changes already). I'll send more when I have more time!
  9. God damn it, I always forget that Doom came out only with 3 episodes... Shame on me!
  10. First off, lolwat Then, that would mean you'd pay again $60 for Final Doom in it's entire format (64 maps). Mods would still be a thing, but their produciton would be driven by how popular the games would be. (seeing as you'd get Final Doom over Doom 2, if people would follow that logic, it would then be pointless to get Doom 2) Maybe I didn't get the point across very well -- Question should rather be, would you nowadays pay full price for Doom 2 knowing it has less maps and only little new content? Compared to most modern era games, in which while the core mechanics remain, the content around tends to get bigger.
  11. Hey people, So I keep reading these reviews in which people think that game sequels should have more content than the originals, that it's unacceptable to have less, and so on... So I'm intrigued on how that would apply to Doom series. Say, Doom came out last year, and you have paid the game full price already ($60-ish), and later this year, Doom 2 comes out. You can't help but notice it has less maps, and only a bunch of new content (monsters, power-up, one new weapon...). Would you consider Doom 2 a worthy investment for the same full price ($60-ish again, maybe a little more if the game was successful) as a sequel? Or would you skip it entirely? I'm curious to hear people's advice on this! :)
  12. Oxyde

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I believe you are looking for Nasty !
  13. Oxyde

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Mais que font les fran├žais ?! Yet another project is starting somewhere around here! Led by the one and only @WH-Wilou84