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  1. Here's V2 of map13. Download: Changelog: - A lot more detailing all around the map and overall improved visuals. - Changed the clips and shells in the starting room to their respective boxes because I think they look better, this means there are 20 extra bullets in the map now. - Added 2 more Pain Elementals to the plasma gun secret (1 on HMP and HNTR). Other than that no changes to monsters on any difficulty or co-op. - Fixed a small issue where the sniping Imps would wake up before the final fight was triggered. - Made the linedefs that trigger secrets hidden so the automap would not spoil them. - Added a signature because why not? - Marked the key fights accordingly so the progression is clearer.
  2. Sorry for taking so long with this map, it's finally done. MAP: Beneath a Blackened Sky SLOT: E2M7 MIDI: The Old Ones - Jimmy Paddock NOTES: Tested with Crispy Doom and PRBoom+ (complevel -3). Difficulties and co-op implemented but testing was mostly done on UV. Download: Screenshots:
  3. Alright. Here's my map, @Moustachio Map13: A World of Ichor Music: "Become the Hunted" by Jimmy Paddock Sky: DIMSKY3 from Mechadon's box o' skies Tested with: DSDA Doom, PrBoom+ (Both complevel 9) and GzDoom Download Screenshot: This map is on the harder side in terms of difficulty so I'm open to change some things if it turns out to be too much. Lower difficulties are implemented also. I spent a lot of time testing this so there shouldn't be any bugs (at least that I know about.)