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  1. swat37

    Odamex Friday Night Nitro #199 - 8-bit CTF

    Thank god it's not megagame.wad.
  2. I love 32in24-13, so this might be awesome!
  3. I don't like AeonDM, but at least we're not getting instagib in the U.S.
  4. I hope my low sens can handle 32 player deathmatch! Cya tonight. EDIT: I forgot about it >:(
  5. Skullbag was okay. I think I didn't like it because I was depressed that night.
  6. swat37


    You left your caps lock on.
  7. swat37

    Aeon Deathmatch

    I personally don't like the level designs. They try to be to advanced and fail at it imo. Sorry, Jason, and Decay :'(
  8. Everyone left when I joined. I danced on one map for a little bit, then someone joined! I guess all that dancing paid off huh?
  9. swat37

    32in24-16: DOOT CTF

    That's good.
  10. swat37

    32in24-16: DOOT CTF

    BTW, how do they know if someone has made a map in 24 hours, and not over 24 hours?
  11. swat37

    32in24-16: DOOT CTF

    Never a bad idea to train myself with mapping for the next 32in24!
  12. swat37

    32in24-16: DOOT CTF

    What month of next year?
  13. swat37

    32in24-16: DOOT CTF

    When does that start?
  14. swat37

    32in24-16: DOOT CTF

    Is it too late for me make a map?
    Fucking good shit!