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  1. igg

    Doom Eternal Hints in DOOM 2016 Multiplayer

    I don't think so. id started working on their own MP maps after Doom 2016 was released. By then they probably already new their next game might be Doom 2019. Why not start trying your first ideas by creating MP maps? It would be interesting to investigate whether the Doom 2019 multiplayer assets have been in Doom 2016s game library or even snapmap in Doom 2016s initial release or not.
  2. igg

    DOOM Eternal's Earth

    Yes he did: It's in the first two posts. Edit: Btw, I think it's a very good decision they decided for a fictional, maybe even abstract, earth. A realistic earth would always look like the cancelled Doom 4 approach, which had more in common with Rage than with Doom.
  3. Could also be for Rage 2, although metal seems to fit better for Doom than for Rage 2 (I'd expect punk music there).
  4. igg

    DOOM Eternal's Earth

    Didn't Hugo say in an interview they're not going to include real places?
  5. Nice find! I still believe Doom 2016 took place after Doom 64 (which was kinda Classic Doom 3). The lone marine who became a demon hunter in Doom 1-3 decided to stay in Hell after Doom 64. Considering hell being a timeless and universe covering dimension it might touch earth's timeline in different episodes. Thus the Doomslayer (Doom 2016) re-appeared in events which took place before/parallel Classic Doom 1s time. He could have even met himself.
  6. igg

    25 Years of Doom and the all-new Slayers Club

    It's also in the video.
  7. igg

    25 Years of Doom and the all-new Slayers Club

    I'm really worried this skin may hint at a certain plot twist in Doom Eternal. It's not showing a resurrected Slayer, it's showing a zombified Slayer. This would certainly ruin Doom Eternal for me.
  8. igg

    Bethesda.net issues

    Sometimes it's good to live in the EU. An Eula like this will not be valid here.
  9. igg

    Bethesda.net issues

    I saw this coming when Valve announced HL2 being Steam only (even if installed from disc). Of course every publisher wants his own platform, because that's what publishers do: publish.
  10. igg


    Until I replayed Doom 1 & 2 just before Doom 2016 was released I always played Doom as described by Hugo: idkfa and have fun - like an 80s action hero ;-)
  11. igg


    That's true. I hope they will still have that in Eternal.
  12. igg


    I replayed Doom and Doom 2 just before I got Doom 2016. I was surprised about the horror and frightening elements in Doom 1 (btw some of Doom 1s hell levels looked like they've been set in medieval period, all wooden walls and chains). I forgot about these elements since my memory of Doom was more influenced by Doom 2 which was much more about action, metal and science fiction. And to be honest, I enjoyed Doom 2 much more. On the other side id really has to make sure Doom 2019 is still intriguing and hell a horrible place (still can be tech themed), otherwise the action is not fun because you just feel like Superman fighting against some pickpockets.
  13. igg

    "It's too cartoony"

    Borderlands initially had realistic graphics, like Rage. It was after the Rage reveal Borderlands dev's decided to switch the art direction.
  14. igg

    Favorite primary weapon from reveal

    Best Plasma Rifle since the original Doom. I like it even more than Quake 2s hyper blaster, which was my second favorite since Dooms Plasma Rifle.