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  1. igg

    How do you make screenshots?

    Thanks :-) I already use both tools for overclocking my 1070 but never noticed the screenshot functionality :-)
  2. A few months ago the Xbox Game Bar worked fine in Doom Eternal. Since a while (I don't know for how long exactly) it doesn't work in Doom Eternal anymore, but still does in other games. Because English is not my native language I use screenshots to "save" text with unknown vocabulary :-( I don't like playing it in my language, since the original speakers sound much better.
  3. Finally found a solution: First I deleted the package.conf and started "Scan and Repair" again. The file was restored but the installation didn't start, same error. Then I cancelled the update and initiated it again (new download). This installation was successful. Looks like the update file (__downloads/494229/tmp/base/package.cfg_diff_777513) was corrupted. Since the update has been re-downloaded 3 or 4 times before I think one of Bethesdas mirrors had a corrupted file. Hope this helps somebody.
  4. In investaged a little bit further and discovered the following log entry: Looks like my local package.cfg doesnt match the diff file?
  5. Until now I have never experienced a problem with updating Bethesda Launcher and Doom Eternal. Today a download of 10 GB started but afterwards it told me: "Doom Eternal failed to install cause you don't have the permission to install to the file directory selected" What I already tried: Restart Bethesda Launcher Reboot my PC Game options > Scan and Repair Uninstalled Bethesda Launcher and installed again What makes me curious: After "Scan and Repair" the date of my game files changed: There's a new video file in (I renamed the old ones) C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda.net Launcher\games\Doom Eternal\base\video\boot_sequence There are a bunch of new download folders in C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda.net Launcher\games\Doom Eternal\__downloads The newly updated files in my Doom Eternal folder indicate there's no general issue with accessing the game files.
  6. igg

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    10 GB - thats not much at all :-)
  7. igg

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Since Doom 2016s and Eternals trailer spoiled the final boss I won't watch this one...
  8. igg

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Does Bethesda Launcher support preloads? Right now The Ancient Gods Part 1 doesn't show up in my games list. Since it is also launched as a standalone, I expected it to show up there, as Doom 64 did after buying the Deluxe Edition.
  9. I only noticed it by chance: Currently there's a master level event going on: https://slayersclub.bethesda.net/en/event/7nI2BYEbqJhQDWy2w5tHLT/community-challenge-motsv MASTER LEVEL COMMUNITY CHALLENGE In preparation for the release of The Ancient Gods - Part One, we're psyched to kick-off Monthly Events by going berserk on Slayer Points on our Master Levels! Join the DOOM Eternal community on any platform, start up any Master Level, and show the demons of Hell what being a Slayer means by contributing to the community goal of 25,000,000 demon kills. You have the POWER.
  10. igg

    End of the Doom Slayer's arc?

    The connection between Wolfenstein and Doom are the spaceships. The connection between Doom and Quake are the slipgates. What if the UAC was founded by former Nazi engineers? Nazi -> Spaceships -> UAC -> Mars -> Slipgate to multiverse (including Hell and Quake) I'd call it "Doomstein" I hope nobody from id reads this post :-)
  11. Just finished this weeks challenges and only 1 reward is left. So it's still possible to collect all rewards by singleplayer challenges only :-)
  12. igg

    End of the Doom Slayer's arc?

    I'd like to see a more realistic approach. The Slayer became a ultimate rip and tear machine with superpowers. But what about a marine who is just a regular human under Vegas protection? I'm not asking for Call of Doom, but a more serious and marine-like approach would be definitely interesting. Maybe he meets the Slayer, Vega or Samuel and gets their attention because of his not-supernatural but still impressive skills.
  13. igg

    End of the Doom Slayer's arc?

    Just imagine the Slayer giving his armor and SSG to a random unnamed marine. Maybe the Slayer has to sacrifice himself at the end of Part II?
  14. igg

    Have the master levels been abandoned?

    Played the master levels (ARC and Cultist) for the first time and really enjoyed them :-) They feel much more like classic Doom. On UV they were not as hard as expected.
  15. igg

    Have the master levels been abandoned?

    I think they're focusing on the DLC right now. They need something to fill the time between DLC 1 and 2, maybe they'll release one or two master levels between them.