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  1. igg

    New arts

    Who told you the Slayer got there his suit?
  2. igg

    Slayer's Club giveaways

    Can you link it?
  3. igg

    Doom Eternal Delayed(March 2020)

    id Software is the developer. Bethesda is publisher. I'm pretty sure it was Bethesdas idea to publish a release date instead of id Softwares usual "when it's done". On the other side, let's not forget Doom 4 was a mess until it was rebooted in favor of Doom 2016 and put in "Bethesda mode". At least they learned their lesson and decided to delay. Other publishers refused to do so causing GOTY games to be released in a crappy state, the worst example was Batman Arkham Knight (which was a perfect game one year and many patches later). I hope Bethesda learned from it's Fallout 76 disaster.
  4. igg

    I played the Mars Core demo ... a lot

    The Foundry was one of my favourite maps. It's almost a masterpiece, like Q3DM6, Q2DM1 or Q1DM6. Argent Tower was also great but the jumping sections in the beginnings lowered the overall rating.
  5. igg

    Eternal release date...i bet u...

    The people who complained about Bugthesda should be very happy about this decision.
  6. igg

    New Doom Eternal Stream

    Looks more like Earth to me
  7. I'm afraid it won't be available in Germany either after Oct 31th :-(
  8. igg

    Known Bestiary

    For me the demons in Eternal look much more morbid and disturbing than in any previous Doom game.
  9. It's more than ids estimation for Doom 2016 which was perfect. Long enough to be entertaining and short enough for fast replays.
  10. igg

    Doom Eternal: Official Stadia Trailer

    Don't know but I like it :-)
  11. igg

    Angel name revealed.

    Can anybody explain this for me? I still don't get the connection between Khan Maykr and Unmaker.
  12. igg

    Excited For Eternal?

    Definitely interested but I dislike the Doom universe approach. The inner and outer areas of Sentinel Prime / Sentinel Vista don't look like Doom at all. It's like a mix of Cathedrals and alpine landscapes infested with demons. The Hell on Earth section and Mars core demo look nice and Doom-ish. I really hope I'm wrong and the Sentinel and Heaven sections fit into Doom. The evil angel looks impressive and story wise interesting too.
  13. It could be worse: if I remember correctly id Software released much more media prior Quake 2s launch. Right now they basically used 1 level (completely) to showcase Doom Eternal.
  14. igg

    QuakeCon 2019 Demo Speedrun (PC Gameplay)

    My memories must have gotten mixed up :-( all I can find is this very short multiplayer section (33:17 - 33:19): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvQrDFcDHAE&t=1997s
  15. igg

    Slayer's Club giveaways

    After registering you have to opt in for monthly giveaways (each month). More Slayer points result in a better chance to win something. Slayer points are earned by daily visits, articles views and by submitting fan art.