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  1. Never heard of this before, do you have any source?
  2. igg

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    If it's a successor: Quake (1) II or Doom (2016) III. But I would prefer a new IP. What about Wor?
  3. igg

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    If Machine Games is working on the new Quake, what is id Software working on?
  4. igg

    Interesting Note About The Microwave Beam

    I don't think it's a reference to UT. The microwave beam always reminded me of Ghostbusters. In TAG1 it's the weapon to hunt spirits, which is also a Ghostbusters reference.
  5. igg

    What's your favourite Doom Slayer skin?

    Astro Slayer
  6. Interesting find, thanks! I always considered his "no multiverse" statement referring to a Arrowverse like multiverse, containing every possible iteration of each character. The term "dimension", which is also used by the games lore, fits much better than multiverse.
  7. The´╗┐ unused voice of the Khan Maykr lines confirm multiple dimensions: "I will send you back to your home, the earth world in the 7th dimension, before the time of the demons. You may live there again as before no memory of all the suffering you have been through. All your loved ones will be there, waiting to ´╗┐embrace you again. As if you have never left."
  8. igg

    doom 2016 is 5 years old

    Started it yesterday again because I lost interest in Eternal. The movement feels pretty slow compared to Eternal. I instantly want Dash and Meat Hook back :-( But the atmosphere, story telling and tonality is much better than in Eternal. I'm already looking forward to Foundry, Argent Tower, Kadingir Sanctum and Necropolis :-)
  9. igg

    Invasion mode is officially cancelled!

    I'm more interested in horde mode anyway
  10. igg

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    This is actually the first time I hear someone claiming Quake 4 is the best Quake game :D I don't want to be harsh, but watching this video was definitely a waste of time :-(
  11. igg

    I called it.

    It's OK for me. Basically they are giving people who didn't want to do the challenges the opportunity to access the skins too. Selling year 1 content makes a year 2 pass or even additional DLCs more likely because Doom Eternal has not ended yet.
  12. igg

    DOOM Eternal - Enemy Randomizer

    I hope id Software improves mod support so we don't have to "inject" them manually. In general this mod seems to be interesting. I'm curious how it affects the pacing. Imagine 3 Tyrants spawning ind the SGN computer control room.
  13. I stopped playing Battlemode because most of the time I was staring at loadout and loading screens. Maybe the should have increased the number of kills between the three rounds. In general I liked the idea of Slayer VS demons.
  14. igg

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I wish they'd do Doom 2024 as third game of the new Doom series. Doom 2016 and Eternal was all about the conflict between Hell (Dark Lord, Olivia Pierce, UAC) and Heaven (Hayden, Vega, Sentinels). Before TAG1 the Dark Lord and Vega were the absolute super entities. I guess id Software "scaled" them down to warriors, lesser gods and so on because they could not handle the epic conclusion in an appropriate way within two DLCs. After TAG2 the Dark Lord became the creation of an even higher entity. Adding another level of superior beings weakened the epic plot of 2016 and Eternal. Now it just looks like a local conflict of a pissed of war lord. Originally Hell was supposed to be the highest metaverse (Heaven too, but Doom was always more about Hell than Heaven).
  15. igg

    Favorite and disliked level

    I wonder why Cultist Base doesn't get more votes as favorite level. It feels like Classic Doom due to it's abstract level design. My favorite: Urdak (best soundtrack, great encounters) Most disliked: ARC (feels generic)