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  1. In Heretic there is that very useful item called Tome of Power which makes your weapons stronger in some specific way. I was wondering, with which weapon you use it for the most time and for what reason, and which tomed weapon effect you find the most useful or interesting. I'm finding myself mostly using it with Ethereal Crossbow. Probably the reason is that the effect is very generic and simply making the weapon just stronger and faster without making anything special that would force you to use the weapon in specific ways or cases, giving it the most general use case. I usually use it when I'm about to face a group of stronger enemies I need to get rid of faster, which is quite usual situation. With Elven Wand the effect is kind of similar (stronger+faster), but the Elven Wand is not that much strong on its own, so it is outpaced by Ethereal Crossbow. I use Elven Wand with Tome rather on earlier maps when there's enough ammo for it and there are lot of weaker enemies. For Dragon Claw, I did not understand the effect for quite long time when I was a kid. So I used it the least from all weapons (except the Staff of course), as I felt it just consumed lot of ammo and was not that much strong against individual enemies. Later I learned it's really strong and useful against big crowded areas, and the flying projectiles take damage to enemies all around the room. But still, I feel it has quite limited use case as it's not that much useful against flying enemies for example, so I still use it only in rare occassions. The Hellstaff's most significant effect is the bloody rain that takes damage from enemies standing under it. This is quite useful, but only when the enemy stands long time enough under the rain. The drawback is that often the enemy just passes through the rain or misses it, losing the full effect of it. I always need to find some advantageous spot, for example a blocking line which enemies cannot pass and there's high probability they will stay for most of time in that area, then the rain can take the most damage. The flamethrower of the Phoenix Rod is really strong, but it is only short-range attack. Due to that, it is practically useless against distant or flying enemies. I almost exclusively use it against bosses (Maulotaur and D'Sparil), mostly in combination with Ring of Invicibility. The tomed Firemace can instantly kill most of non-boss enemies, so at the first look it seemed to be really useful and strong to me. But later I found out it had no efffect against ghost enemies and was not very good against flying enemies, and not useful against bosses at all. But what is the biggest flaw of this weapon ever, that it is very hard to use when I'm strafe-circling around enemies in order to dodge projectiles. When I'm strafing, the projectile is shot in a different direction, not straight to the enemy which is what I want. So it order to shoot, I must stand still, which makes much higher chance I get hit by enemy. I rarely use Firemace anyway, and sometimes I remember I have one I can use when I leave lot of not-picked-up ammo for it. The Gauntlets are really good as you can drain health from enemies. I don't use it really often as I don't like it's only close-range attack, but sometimes I take advantage of it. The Staff, I think, I'm nothing to say about that.
  2. Hisymak

    Most underwhelming weapon in Doom

    The fist and pistol. Pistol is weak and slow and does not seem to have any special advantage or ability, it even consumes same ammo as chaingun so you cannot use it to save some better ammo. On the other hand, the Elven Wand in Heretic is actually useful - feels stronger and faster and can be used as a budget weapon against weaker monsters or sniping monsters far away. The Pistol in Duke Nukem 3D is stronger as well.
  3. Oh... I don't think your tracks are bad or inferior, I like them along with rest of the MIDIs and I very appreciate you put some effort into creating at least a few custom tracks (while some mappers don't/can't do that at all). Whenever I ran into one of your tracks, it was recognizable to me and had a bit different feeling, but in a good sense. I even have some favourites among your tracks, namely MAP10 and MAP15 (see my comments). I'd be a bit sad if MAP15 music would go away as I really like it personally.
  4. It's a pity @obake stopped his very detailed reviews at the second track. It was interesting to read. I feel that this megawad did not make much interest among people. By the way, I forgot to mention that I used "OPL Synth emulation" MIDI device with Hisymak's Genmidi for all the time. @Jimmy you can include it as is, I don't think I would make any modifications there.
  5. Okay, so I just finished playing through Rebirth with the MIDI pack (took some time, but still). As this thread is really quiet for some time, I'll finally make sort of a review about the gaming and musical experience I had. First of all, about the megawad itself, which I played for the first time. It was good, but nothing very special (considering my early experience with things like Back to Saturn X E2). Though I liked some aspects, like custom textures and decorations and graphical remakes of some monsters (Baron of Hell and Snowman specifically). The main issue I had with this megawad was that the maps were very small and short, with average playtime about 5-15 minutes per a map. Which was not enough to remember the music and get familiar with it. The maps were not much rememberable, too, so I usually did not remember how a map two or more steps back looked like, which did not help much remembering the music tracks (as I usually link the map and music track together). The MIDI pack consists of good songs, and like usually with any soundtrack or midi pack I heard, I liked some songs more and some less. Pretty much like the maps, the music tracks were not tied to some specific theme (again giving BTSX as best example). Here are my comments to some particular tracks: MAP01 - one of the best songs from Jimmy, I very like it and even uploaded my OPL Synth rendition. The map it is playing in is VERY tiny (one of the smallest Doom maps I played), I could finish it before whole track played. The song is really good entry to a new megawad, but the player won't enjoy it really much. The map should be at least as big as the Entryway. MAP05 - this one sounded funny to me, made me happier while playing that map. Hehe. MAP10 - this song sounded interesting to me due to the choice of instruments and the melody. Especially the Tinkle Bell in the second half. MAP12 - liked the part with Koto. MAP13 - I was very nicely surprised how the song from Therektafire went well in the end. I was feeling that guy was not much serious, but probably with Jimmy's intervention (do not know how much, did not listen to the original song), it turned into nice track I liked. MAP15 - I like especially the beginning part with Soundtrack FX. It gives the song a mysterious feeling. But like all the song. MAP17 - I see Atmosphere FX is Jimmy's favourite instrument, isn't it? MAP19 - a pleasant and calm song MAP23 - really heavy song. (In this map, a very annoying map bug happened to me - I left the central arena back by the red-key door, but then the door closed and I was not able to open it again from outside. I was stuck, as there was no way at all to get back to the arena. It was the only time during the game I needed to cheat and use noclip, which I really hate) MAP24 - probably the most special and interesting, rememberable and distinctive song in the MIDI pack. Interesting combination of melodies and instruments - Voice Oohs and especially the Percussive Organ and the special echo effects. I liked the map too. MAP27 - another nice song from Jimmy Text Screen - probably the "strongest" and most engaging Text Screen music I ever heard. Usually, when playing most of megawads, I quickly skip the text screen anyway so I do not listen to most part of the music. But in Rebirth, I always wanted to listen through the whole song. I was disappointed that the song "Flight of the Fox" was not used in any map. I listened to this song during development of Midi pack and very liked it, and imagined how the map it would be used in would look like. But that did not happen. Hopefully that song will find its place in some other project.
  6. Hisymak

    Faithless - a Heretic hub [FINAL]

    Heh. When I got into the swampy map, I just thought for myself: "Hey, the music sounds like Legend of Kyrandia!"
  7. Hi, I'd also like to contribute with my, sort of, arrangement of the "Mystproj" song. Althrough I like your new arrangements of both the songs, I don't have much to say or comment, as I'm personally rather OPL Synth kind of person and listen to Doom music almost exclusively in this way. I made a recording of complete Back to Saturn X Episode 2 soundtrack with GZDoom's OPL Synth emulator, including "Mystproj", which you can listen to here: https://youtu.be/Iswli5xbyoU?t=899 I admit it's not comparable with any high-quality arrangements like yours, but this is probably something about how best can your song sound with an oldschool FM Synth-based rendition. I hope you will like it at least a bit and am curious what do you think. Unfortunately, in the soundtrack, I skipped the "Lurking" track, because it did not work with OPL Synth at all. It is much more ambient type of song, not much melodic like rest of the soundtrack, and that just does not go well. That was also the reason why I disliked this song when I was playing BTSX E2. But now I can actually hear how it really is!
  8. When you create a new map for Doom, you most likely want to give it some good and fitting music, which matches the map theme and gives the player a good impression from playing your map. You can either find some existing music you think is fitting well your map, or compose your own music or ask someone to compose one. However, I believe, that things can be also made in opposite order - a music track exists as first, and you make a map which is inspired by the music. So you pick some music you really like, and then imagine in your head some environments and theme and then go and create the map. Is that your case? Did that happen to you? You can even post your examples.
  9. Nope, I don't think this is even applicable. This is a collection of chip register values used by a FM synthesizer, which works in fundamentally different way than sample-based soundfonts.
  10. Excellent! I was so much waiting for this. Finally some Doom megawad for me to play! (while waiting, played some Heretic to have some change) Will rather play through it once final midi pack is released to have the best experience. Well, I'd personally like to ask you and anyone who even chooses to try the OPL Synth emulation mode, to use this thing: As you can see, this project should significantly improve the sounding of OPL synth to sound listenable and enjoyable. If Jimmy and you agree, I'd like to include this GENMIDI in the MIDI pack itself, and even do some tweaks specifically for this MIDI pack. So if you try it and find some MIDI or particular instrument sound really off, let me know and I can take a look at it. Thank you! By the way, in the past, I dared taking one of the Jimmy's tracks (Ripsaw) and record an OPL Synth rendition with my GENMIDI. Hope Jimmy didn't mind. Here's the track, you can compare with how it sounds by default: https://soundcloud.com/hisymak/james-paddock-ripsaw
  11. Hisymak

    Faithless - a Heretic hub [FINAL]

    Oh well, so I found out Jimmy is not only a great music composer, but he really excels in mapping as well! I always liked everything made by Jimmy so I could expect only the best from this, and it indeed happened. Heretic is the game I'm primarily interested in, so I'm very happy about any Heretic project. This one is combined with Hexen and uses Hexen-like hub system, puzzle elements, and plenty of new stuff like monsters, items, and the red key I was always thinking about as a kid. A very nice refreshment from Vanilla-only projects! I don't say Vanilla-compatible projects are bad or boring, but I always appreciate and enjoy some additional stuff to have fun with. Here are a few notes from my side: - I was somehow expecting that there would be some new original music composed by Jimmy himself. Was looking forward to hear some Heretic-themed compositions from him. That did not happen, but I realized composing new music within very limited time would not be feasible. But on the other hand, the used music tracks are fitting the levels and atmosphere, so I'm happy with it after all. Still, I'm curious whether Jimmy has composed anything specifically for Heretic. - The music playing in the swampy level reminded me of Legend of Kyrandia a lot. I was not surprised when I checked credits and there was mentioned music from Frank Klepacki. - It was not as much challenging as I expected. I played at 4th difficulty (Satanist) which I suppose is meant to be equivalent to ultra-violence. However, I died just a few times, mostly by some hazard (i.e. long-fall traps) than ever being killed in a battle. There were much more than enough healing items and other artifacts, so that I was never short of health, ammo, or anything. I did not use many items, like the rings of invicibility at all, or beat final boss battle without phoenix rod. - I liked the secrets. I Found a way to secret level after beating the final level, I need to tap space on every single wall in the swampy level to find a way to get that inaccessible puzzle item. - I liked the item for spawning those explosive green balls. Was fun to spawn one and blast group of monsters. - I also did not understand the purpose of those boots in ice level. When I picked them up they did not appear in my inventory so I assumed it was some bug or they simply did not do anything. There was no indication there was some effect active, like turning your screen to some shade of color. I Found them after beating all the level. Again, thanks a lot for this. You could do more stuff like this.
  12. During early 90's, the vast majority of games used sequence-based music tracks, either MIDIs which were played through some MIDI synthesizer, or modules which contained samples that were played with different pitch and length. But as the years went and there was more storage (CDs, bigger hard drives) and powerful compression formats (mp3, ogg, ...), eventually all the games started to use "real" or "streamed" (or how to call it) music. It was either recording of real orchestral music played by real instruments, or final rendition of MIDIs or tracks made by professional trackers. Nowadays I practically cannot find a modern commercial or freeware game which would use sequenced music format at all. Even games which use chiptune-style music (for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-baHj9N6dM), the music is not synthesized on the fly by a software synthesizer, but it's "just" ogg recording of the final track. I fully understand that "real"/"streamed" music is superior over sequenced formats, and gives unlimited possibilities. However I realized I somehow miss the old sequenced formats and feel some nostalgia for them. There are two main reasons. One is the file size. The MIDIs usually have kilobytes or tens of kilobytes in size, modules something around a megabyte. I fully understand that nowadays nobody cares about file size at all when we have terabyte hard drives and gigabit internet connectivity. So one or several gigabytes soundtrack is not a thing at all. However as I am old school player, I still intuitively care about the size. It just bothers me when a game soundtrack takes hundreds megabytes or gigabytes, no matter I have just enough hard drive for that. Then also the Doom mappers and modders still care about size of their WADs and PK3s, so having small-sized music files is still an important thing here. The second thing is the style and feeling of the music. Earlier, every platform had its own synthesizer and music style that defined the platform and were recognizable for the platform. Pretty good times I really miss nowadays. For MIDIs, you can use soundfont and synthesizer of your preference. You have a MIDI and it can sound how you want it to sound like. I, personally, prefer OPL synthesizer and enjoy its sounding and felling. It's the music I was growing up with during all my childhood. This is something I really miss in new games, while younger players wouldn't understand that at all. So what do you think?
  13. Thanks for interesting answers! Ah, yes, I confirmed that myself with GZDoom. Can the same be reproduced with vanilla? Actually when I was playing Heretic as a small kid, I had absolutely no idea about straferunning and rocket-jumping and things like this. I think that there was no global awareness about the straferunning technique in the early years of Heretic/Doom. Yeah, I think I discovered this shortcut even as a kid. However, it was still more fun for me to play through all the level.
  14. Well, due to the silence, I consider there's really no way. Level designers and testers were just thorough enough to prevent that.
  15. Ok, so finally I got into converting the tracks to mp3s, sorry for the delay. Here you go: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8t4w88b3h8g6lqb/btsxe2_opl.zip/file