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  1. My very first experience with a 3D game mapping was with Duke3D, and its Build tool. I moreless figured out myself how to draw sectors and map geometry and such, but desperately needed a tutorial about how to make any actions like doors, teleports and so. After I learned the basics, I could make more by looking at how things were done in other maps. I had however lot of problems figuring out/remembering all the keyboard shortcuts (for very long time I did not know how to change sprite palette and make for example red or yellow access cards) as these were the only way to change the sector/sprite properties, there was no menu or GUI to edit these values directly, which was pretty poor design. Especially changing floor/ceiling heights was a big pain, needing to press PgUp/PgDown precise number of times to get the exact height I wanted, instead of entering an absolute value like in Doom Builder. Scaling sprites and textures was a pain too. Later I tried mapping for Doom with Wadauthor, it was kinda hard to use due to absence of 3D mode, so I made just something very basic and simple with it. When I got Doom Builder later, it was finally something that worked pretty well! (unfortunately I lost my map I made for Duke Nukem)
  2. One more thing to mention - I always felt that Doom has much more consistent and reliable splash damage spread calculation, than Duke. In Duke Nukem, I sometimes throw a pipe bomb and launch it, it explodes just a centimeter next to a monster, but that monster gets barely damaged. I feel like it has to do with explosion damage spread between sectors, which cannot be just coordinate and sight calculation-based like in Doom, but needs to take into account the overlapping sectors and that transitions between two sectors are portals.
  3. Important thing - Doom engine is much more intuitive and user-friendly for mappers than Build. That is also significantly caused by the available mapping tools. In Doom engine, level actions and "scripting" is done through linedef specials and sector tags. Each linedef special has self-explanatory name in map editors so it's quite easy to use. Hexen extends that with thing specials and ACS scripting, which is a bit more complicated, but quite well usable too. However, in Build engine, scripting is done through adding special "things" into sectors, and giving them specific tags (lo-tag and hi-tag). In map editors, those tags are just numbers, and every tag has different meaning, sometimes it's the function, sometimes it's a reference tag, sometimes it's a parameter (speed, sound number etc etc) and it is total mess extremely hard to remember. To make even anything simple in Build engine, like a door, you need to have a detailed tutorial, or no chance.
  4. Hisymak

    What are your mapping rules?

    I'm personally not a mapper, so I'd like to mention mapping rules, I, as a player, wish that mappers would follow. (I hope not to violate this thread by this.) - Always provide ways to return back, and allow player to revisit the whole, or at least all main parts of the map, and avoid places with no return. For example when a player falls down or enters a teleport which transfers him into different section of map, add a lift or teleport that brings the player back. If there's a fight you intend not to be cheaply escapable, still provide a way to return after player finishes the fight. I always want to find all missed secrets and recollect items I left around the map for later need. - Don't do one-chance secrets, which cannot be visited in case they were missed for the first (and only) try. If you still want a secret that gives advantage only if player finds it at the first chance, make sure to make it still accessible later on. - Avoid unkillable/unreachable monsters. If you for example add a hidden archvile who just resurrects monsters behind the wall, still allow the player to kill it later, or crush him when no longer needed. - Water should never do damage. Stay consistent with amount of damage on other liquids types across whole map/megawad. - Don't overuse Revenants, Cyberdemons and Archviles. - Don't forget about Spider Masterminds completely. - Do interesting and creative secrets, which would satisfy the player.
  5. I am constantly playing through various Doom megawads, and one thing I noticed for most time (at least if there are "normal" maps, not slaughtermaps or so) is that cells (the ammunition for plasma gun and BFG 9000) is rather rare ammo and I need to save it and use other weapons for most of the time (especially shotgun, for which I feel the ammo is the most common). At least within the earlier maps in megawads, around the map where you first find a plasma gun or BFG, the cells are objectively rare, but in later maps there are mostly more of them. But still I cannot feel like using cell weapons as the primary weapons for most of the time (like I do with a shotgun) as the cells can get depleted fast and are less common than ammo for other weapons. Is it just a feeling, or mappers tend to overally put less cells into maps? Are cells considered as kind of "luxury" ammo the players need to use wisely and save for situations where really needed?
  6. Thanks for explanation! So... The map33 in this megawad is accessible only through "cheating" in vanilla? Appears a bit strange to me, maybe it's considered just a "bonus" map which is not meant to be part of classic continuous playthrough?
  7. The very first question that came up into my mind when I saw the thread name: How a vanilla megawad can have 33 maps? How can that work? I'm a bit surprised nobody has asked/commented about that yet, but maybe I'm just missing something that has already been a commonplace in Doom world which won't surprise anybody?
  8. Hisymak

    DOOM's music remastered in OPL3

    Just a note, GENMIDI does not support true OPL3 4-operator voices, but only two OPL2 voices playing simultaneously for a single instrument. A big bonus here is detuning of the secondary voice, which may create really great sounds, and that is a big improvement over common music libraries supporting only single-OPL2-voice per instrument already. I was once playing around with 4-operator voices, but could not come up with anything interesting. But combining two different voices, or even the secondary voice having same values as the primary and using detuning gave me pretty good results I used in my GENMIDI. You can still use new OPL3 waveforms in GENMIDI.
  9. Hisymak

    DOOM's music remastered in OPL3

    @bertrandguegan have you tried the GENMIDI Editor? I posted it here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1816312 It would be nice if you could put your instruments into GENMIDI which could be used along with ((G)Z)Doom. Since your instruments are tailored and different for each specific Doom song, you could make multiple GENMIDIs, each one for particular song. The only problem is that GZDoom is missing a feature to assign apecific GENMIDI lump to specific music track (through SNDINFO, for example), so a player would need to run each level with different wad with different GENMIDI. Or you could make a single GENMIDI with selection of your best instruments. By the way, my favourites were E1M4 (nice drums) and E1M9. Nice work. What is the program you are using?
  10. TNT: Revilution has a few maps with pretty horror and unsettling atmosphere: MAP12 and MAP20 are the best ones IMO. More can be found in the second decade, like MAP14 and MAP16 as well.
  11. To be honest, I'm surprised how others say "just don't care and sequence break through the levels". I believe that the original poster's intention of this question was that he wants to avoid any sequence breaking for all costs and be 100% sure when jumping is explicitly allowed and needed for progression, so such answers feel rather useless to me. I personally consider jumping in wads which were designed to be played without jumping as cheating, similar to using god mode, noclip etc. But to give an answer (probably not 100% reliable answer, but I at least try). 1. I play any wads with the "presumption of jumping not allowed". Only if it's something very specific (i.e. Hexen wad, total conversion of a game where jumping is needed, it's explicitly said or obvious that jumping is needed etc.) I would use jumping. 2. If a wad is vanilla or boom compatible (that basically applies to wads made in 90s, or it's explicitly said in readme file) that means jumping is certainly not allowed. 3. If it's something for ZDoom/GZDoom, then author would in most cases explicitly allow/disallow jumping through MAPINFO, so if you can't jump in game (with default settings, unless you forcefully allow it), it simply means jumping is not allowed.
  12. Well, I think the biggest problem of many games around Doom era was the engine limited to a 2D square grid (basically the Wolf3D engine and its derivates, but also some other unique engines, like CyClones). With such limitation, it's impossible to do a good level design, all the levels feel like a labyrinth of orthogonal walls, with all levels feeling stereotypical, same-y and boring after playing just a few levels. Games with such engine limitation could not succeed, at least for me they never did. ROTT has some interesting ideas and features, but due to the engine limitation, I never finished it due to getting extremely bored and underwhelmed.
  13. Hisymak

    What is your most heated gaming moment in doom?

    My saved game getting corrupted, losing all my progress through a megawad in about MAP25
  14. Hisymak

    What sort of wads would you like to see?

    1) A good quality Heretic/Hexen WAD with cluster gameplay, custom monsters/weapons, good puzzles, new music... something like Faithless Trilogy. Ideally if that one got a sequel made for Hexen IWAD. 2) BTSX E3, or at least something similar to BTSX series in all qualities.
  15. Hisymak

    Deathless - v1.1 out.

    Thanks for advice! I think Ul´╗┐timate MIDI Pack would be a good choice. I think even better use for it than playing vanilla Ultimate Doom with it. I'm gonna fire Deathless with it! I don't think I'm likely to do any rearrangement or further work on this, as Deathless seems to just follow the stock soundtrack for the most part, I don't think it is that much necessary.