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  1. Well, according to my theory, it's basically "0th cafegory of cheating". To clarify, here's my classification: 0th category: Exploiting built-in game or features (or features added by source ports) that are regularly and visibly available (i.e. through menu or specific controls) to have advantage over how the game was intented do play 1st category: Using built-in game cheats (which were meant to be "cheats" and were somehow hidden, i.e. you must know how to activate them) 2nd category: Exploiting game or level design bugs 3rd category: Hacking or modifying the game, using external tools (trainers) etc. More examples of 0th category of cheating: Jumping, crouching, exploiting freelook, rocket-jumping, seeing teleport lines marked with blue line on automap
  2. Hisymak

    Your own coined terms for occurrences in Doom

    A few silly from me: Irritating = gibbing monsters Teleportary = an inaccessible room filled with monsters facing teleport lines, which will teleport into a room in a map when woke up Polyobjectary = series of inaccessible sectors in a map used to spawn polyobjects (mainly comes from Hexen maps)
  3. Yesterday I played through TNT: Evilution MAP22 (Habitat), and my impression was it was sort of a joke map. It standed out of place among other maps, which at least tried to be more or less realistic or meaningful (i.e. computer labs, storage, hell etc). This one was purely abstract, senseless and quirky map with lot of strange design elements. But most importantly, I had the feeling, that this map was made to troll players. The most notable thing is that whole map is basically optional and you can just simply directly go to the exit, and when you make all the way through it, the switch behind yellow key doors will do nothing but just highlight you way in the nukage pool. I discovered the way to exit by accident when looking for secrets, but returned and wanted to complete it 100%. The next crazy thing is the nonsensical tunnel system, bluke key door design, and many monster traps, including the monster closets at exits which open only when you go through whole map. Hmpf... What are your thoughts about this map?
  4. I like TNT: Revilution MAP20 (Portal Facility), which is apparently based on Event Horizon, a sci-fi horror movie from 1997. Not sure if it's really intentionally based on that, but for me there's a big resemblance.
  5. Hisymak

    Is map knowledge a skill?

    I would personally split things into two different categories: "skills" and "advantages" and call map knowledge as an advantage. Skills are, as you listed some of them, your personal individual abilities to do things better than average person who does not have experience with the game. Advantages are outside factors, which give you better chances when competing with a person who has exactly same personal skills as you. So to distinguish them: - If you previously have played a specific map or megawad, this is an advantage. - How much and how well you can remember from the map or megawad you played in past, is a skill (the qualities of your memory and memorization ability). Another examples of advantages: - quality of your physical equipment (mouse, keyboard, monitor), playing on lower difficulty level than your competitor, mods and hacks (aimbot etc.), knowing about game's internal workings and bugs and how to exploit them
  6. Hisymak

    What is your favorite monster & gun?

    My favourite monster is Spider Mastermind. Because funnily enough, it often more helps you than hurts you. It's very clumsy and extremely likely to infight, and often, especially in big places with lot of monsters around, it infights and hurts or kills many monsters, and eventually gets killed, so it does not make any damage to you but helps get rid of some other baddies (including Cyberdemon). If I'm equipped with BFG9000, it can be killed with a single shot which is satisfying, otherwise it can be quite safely killed with more blasts from SSG. Too bad it's used so few in maps (it's the least frequently used monster in Doom maps, except nazis). About weapon, I don't know, hard to say, all weapons (except pistol and unberserked fist) have their good place. Maybe Rocket Launcher.
  7. Hisymak

    WTF is this creepy death sound???

    For a daily Heretic player, nothing new at all.
  8. Hisymak

    Heretic E1M6 w/o Wings of Wrath?

    No. The only way to get them in Heretic is using Wings of Wrath. (in ports allowing jumping, you can reach them by jumping, but that's illegal in vanilla Heretic)
  9. - Finding a berserk pack (when it's useless at that time) - Leaving berserk packs laying in a level, then finding and picking them all up just before exiting level in order not to lose 100% items count - Finding a partial invisibility sphere, then thinking about how to make benefit from using it - Energy cell pack giving you 100 cells while BFG shot costing 40, and 100 not being divisible by 40, having to deal with either 20 missing or wasted cells when picking up energy cell packs - Picking up health or armor bonuses while having 200% - Using a normal shotgun causing having odd number of shells - Sectors which are part of normal level progression being marked as secrets for no reason Please mention here only really "little", funny or even for example absurd nonsense things that could make you laugh when you think about it. This is not going to be yet another generic "what annoys you in Doom" thread we had couple of times in past already, so please do not repeat common things like "I hate motster xyz", but let's just go for little funny things.
  10. Could you please specify where it was (which level)?
  11. When you play a game for the first time, there's always smaller or bigger chance you get stuck at some specific place in a specific level. You're either not being able to find the way where to go, missing or forgot some important key/item, or in the worst case, encountering a game/level bug that won't let you progress further. This situation happened to me a few times when I played Heretic and Hexen during my childhood, in all cases except one I eventually found my way further after spending some time wandering around and looking for what to do. Important to mention that during my early time playing games I neither knew about cheats nor I had any walkthrough guide available, so I could just rely on myself figuring out my way, and that was something really exticing and gave me irreplaceable challenge and satisfaction. Nowadays, playing games with cheats/guides/let's plays easily available at any time is just not that charming. 1) Heretic E1M6: Not being able to find a way to graveyard. For long time I just could not find the "secret" door in altar room (in video: https://youtu.be/BMObgJsHkLg?t=392). After probably weeks not being able to get past this level (playing second episode instead in meantime), I eventually found that hidden staircase by chance and got excited about finding a graveyard I never knew was even there. 2) Hexen Cluster 1: Not being able to find the second puzzle switch in Guardian of Steel. When you go down by a fast elevator, you appear in a tight corridor where you can go either left or right. One side is always blocked by a barrier, the second side leads to a small room with a puzzle switch. The barrier can be controlled and moved to either side by a pair of switches near the starting area, but I did not understand the function of these switches and did not know I can move the barrier and find a second puzzle switch. I found this after some time. I was very new to Hexen and its puzzle elements that time. 3) Hexen Cluster 2: Not being able to find a way to Caves of Circe level. For pretty long time I was wandering around hub 2 Wastelands and Darkmere levels, not being able to find Cave key and not being aware about existence of a third sub-level. The entrance to it was pretty hard to find in Shadow Wood, I always missed the barely noticeable entrance in the collapsed staircase (this: https://youtu.be/wvkfBIbvvcQ?t=305). Took me a few weeks to notice. 4) Hexen Cluster 4: Not being able to find Dungeon key. In hub 4 I reached the Effluvium level but found just a dead end, not knowing where to go and keeping wandering around the hub. The Dungeon key, located on a narrow barred window was very easy to overlook to me, and I spent lot of time entering that outside area before I finally noticed it. 5) Heretic E5M6: Not being able to find a switch to raise the central staircase. I got stuck in E5M6 after finding the yellow key and exploring the areas behind yellow doors. Behind one of two yellow doors, there was hidden a switch I pressed, which seemingly did not do any action, and I did not know where to go next. I really did not notice a tiny barely noticeable room near the starting area has opened, which contained just a switch to raise the stairs (this one: https://youtu.be/WEYHk5co74c?t=436). This was the ONLY case where I could not find my way myself. I got Heretic E4 and E5 expansion many years later, and it was at time when Youtube started to be, so I went to Youtube and looked at E5M6 walkthrough to see where to go in this level! Probably my very first time in life I used Youtube walkthrough for finding my way. Before that, I used cheats to pass this level.
  12. I played a bunch of games, which somehow featured an "invisibility" powerup, or something close to that. However, in many such games, I got bugged and annoyed because I was not "really" invisible and monsters were still able to see me, aim me and shoot me even when they were not supposed to. One typical example is Doom's "Partial invisibility", which is, eh, even called partial. I always found this artifact very underwhelming and useless for most of the time, because monsters could still sight me and become active when they saw me. However, this powerup affects monster's aiming, which can help mostly in case of hitscanners, and also causes more infighting, otherwise it's not very helpful. I also remember a Skulltag powerup "invisibility" (https://wiki.zandronum.com/SkullTag_Spheres#Invisibility_Sphere). I did not play deathmatch, but I barely remember I tried it in a level with monsters, and it also did not have a reliable effect and monsters could still see and aim me. Then there is Quake and its Ring of Shadows. This one is pretty close. When I have it, monsters won't sight me and become active when I even walk just in front of them. However, when I shoot a monster, it will become active and will be able to aim and shoot me. This is something I didn't really understand, especially during my childhood. It would make more sense to me if for example monsters became confused and started shooting in random directions, not being able to precisely locate me. And lastly, the good example where "invisibility" really works as I imagine it, is GTA2. There it is actually very useful and valuable item. Why you think in many games you can be still "seen" by monsters while being invisible? Maybe because the "invisibility" would otherwise be an overpowered powerup?
  13. For me it's MAP25: Bloodfalls. The main reason is the lenght of the map - it's just way too much small and short and easily became forgettable during my playthroughs through Doom2. There's also nothing too special or significant about the map, I like the name/theme and the starting area, and think this map could have been made bigger to use its full potential. On the other hand, sometimes when I play some very hard megawads with lot of very large maps, a smaller and calmer map where I can take a rest is welcome, and those kind of maps are still pretty rememberable for me. The one interesting thing through about MAP25 is it has its unique music, but it's nothing much special either.
  14. Doom and Duke Nukem 3D have their typical weapon arsenal. Some weapons are unique for each game, while some basic types of weapons are shared between both, however, their behavior and usability can significally differ between those two games. The very notable example is Rocket Launcher (which is actually called RPG in Duke3D), which feels very different in Doom and Duke. In Doom it's more like a balanced weapon among the others, and has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is more appropriate for specific cases, while not much for others. It takes a single shot to kill low-tier monsters, but mostly two to five shots to kill higher-tier monsters. Also it has a good splash damage which hurts monsters near impact, so it's a great weapon for killing tight groups of monsters, as well as for sniping monsters in longer distance (where SSG is unusable). The Duke3D RPG feels like an overwhelming superweapon, which can outclass most of other weapons. It can instantly gib most of non-boss monsters with just a single shot. If you would have infinite ammo for RPG, you would become unstoppable terminator who devastates everything around you and the game would become a piece of cake (however you would need to become very careful not to use RPG for short distances as it can significantly hurt you as well). In the hardest difficulty (similar to Nightmare in Doom) in can gib corpses, so it actually completely erases monsters from map, which would respawn after a time if killed regularly. Lastly I would mention Quake's RL. It feels like something in-between. It feels more powerful than Doom's (it can gib every monster so it's satisfying to use), but it's not that overwhelming like Duke's one.
  15. Infinitely spawning new monsters into a level, based on a timer trigger, or player reentering specific place in a level. This way, I can never fell fully "safe" in that level or can never feel the level is fully cleared from monsters and done. It's just annoying and boring to re-fight the same monsters again and again, just because you need to spend a bit more time in a particular map or trace it back to get forgotten goodies or progress elements. Hexen is the most typical game doing this. Vanilla Hexen is not that much bad (it's just respawning a bunch of Ettins which is ok), but some custom WADs brought this into extreme, like respawning centaurs, chaos serpents, stalkers every minute. Ugh.