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  1. Trar

    thoughts on The Doom Awards™

    Looks like it was... Doomed.
  2. Ah, a fellow Tricks and Traps enjoyer :gigachad: Personally it's hard for me to pick just one. I like Level 1 of No Rest For The Living, that being The Earth Base, and I've got a soft spot for Map11 (which actually has two official names) - maybe it's because of the demo file that plays every time you boot the game up. As for the first game, E2M2 is great, but if I had to pick one favorite I'd probably go for the corrupted base aesthetic of E2M7 (Spawning Vats, can't go wrong with an ominous name like that) or the Hell fortress styles of E3M3 (Pandemonium) and E3M4 (House of Pain).
  3. Sunder's in the Top 25 Missed Cacowards. That counts, right?
  4. I really like this. I went to the trouble of downloading all the cacoward winners myself so I could play them with my own configuration, but this is still very good. I feel like it would be simple to do the Top 100 Wads from '94 to '04 and the first ten years of the Cacowards considering how simpler things were then. Is there any specific reasoning behind including Prboom+ and Doom Retro over, say, Crispy Doom or Woof?
  5. Cold as Hell is a 2008 Cacoward winner TC that I personally like a lot. It's definitely got the cold, solitary feeling.
  6. Trar

    /idgames FAQ - READ THIS!

    Apologies if this post is uncouth, but since the thread is now technically active, would it be safe to say that additional questions about the idgames Archive can be posted here?
  7. Are we forgetting the scariest, most immersive Doom story ever written?
  8. A nice multicolored fox. I have no idea if it's an OC or what.
  9. Trar

    Cursed Doom Images

    I think I pilfered that from earlier in this thread actually.
  10. Trar

    Cursed Doom Images

  11. Trar

    Dario Casali on Half Life development

    This is news to me! I'll have to watch some time.
  12. Trar

    3D DOOM logo

    Now I want to design a larger version, maybe with letters as individual pieces. Fusion 360 has a learning curve but I've managed to create at least one thing with it!
  13. Trar

    SIGIL II - Episode 6

    Sigil II is one of the few videogame-related things I've preordered. I should probably play through the original Sigil now, lmao.
  14. Doom is probably the most popular game of its age, so it might seem silly to worry about preserving it for the long-term future, but sometimes I still think about doing something like etching its source code on a tablet and storing it in a salt mine or some such place. The problem to me is whether to have it written in the original C or in binary, the latter presumably being more understandable as a form of computational logic in the far future. There's a surprising number of things lost to history because they were so common or known in their day that nobody thought they needed to record it. Besides, we could add "ceramic tablet" to the list of things Doom's been ported to, as a gift to people 5,000 years from now.