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  1. Murdoch

    Scanlines crt screen finally

    I sat down in front of a CRT for the first time in over a decade about 18 months ago at a customer's place. My eyes were watering in about a minute. Blows my mind I used to spend hours in front on one. Definitely a piece of old tech I do not feel any nostalgia for.
  2. Murdoch

    The /newstuff Chronicles #546

    He saw my message on Facebook, but has yet to respond. So he is fine, just presumably busy.
  3. Murdoch

    Tell Me This is A Joke...

    Yes how dare they have a sense of humour. Those monsters! *shakes fist in the approximate direction I think Texas is *
  4. Murdoch

    Very, VERY worried about the final product.

    It is entirely probable they were just for demonstration. It is also possible it is an arcade mode, or at least settings that can be turned off and on as per the user's tastes.
  5. Murdoch

    Very, VERY worried about the final product.

    To dismiss Doom Eternal as just 2016 with more content is incredibly short-sighted and not really fair. The material released so far shows an entirely more indepth and rich game. But honestly, more Doom 2016 is still worth paying for in my book. That game was a blast and still somehow felt "Doomy" to me at least. Also to panic about what Bethesda might do to the game is silly. As others have pointed out, it's an id title published by Bethesda's publishing arm. id will have primary creative control and know they will be setting themselves up for a spectacular faceplant if there is anything silly going on that interferes with the gameplay. They would get crucified. While I will not completely discount it either (this is the gaming industry afterall) there is really no evidence to suggest anything different and it is incredibly improbable in my opinion. Be smart. Do not preorder. Wait for reviews. Vote with your wallet. It is really not difficult.
  6. Murdoch

    Doom Eternal E3 - Sunday 5:30 PDT

    Trailer made me all tingly.
  7. Murdoch

    The /newstuff Chronicles #546

    I spoke to Bloodshedder back in February on Facebook, he was fine then. I will message him.
  8. Murdoch

    An Idea for the Coders

    @Mordeth Hi Gaston, been a while :) Hope you are well. Some interesting suggestions. Will check them out thank you.
  9. Murdoch

    An Idea for the Coders

    I have recently returned to playing some more classic games more frequently thanks to Blood: Fresh Supply resparking my interest. Not that I really stopped, per se, but I feel I have gained a renewed appreciation for the old school games. Downloaded Eviternity last night and had a good time with it. But one thing I both simultaneously love and hate about Classic Doom hit me and that is predictability. If I hear a sound from a certain direction at a certain volume, I can zero on it with uncanny accuracy. If I pull out the chaingun, I know the Cacodemon and Revenant probably won't get a shot off at me. I know how much damage a given enemy likely took with the shotgun depending on how many pellets it took, and how much more it will take to finish it off. This is all fine and fun. It's like an old friend. I call it the Doom Dance. It's purely instinctual, even after all these years. But would it not be fun if some greater unpredictability were thrown in the mix? It only makes sense that certain individuals in a given enemy faction would be tougher, faster, and less likely to react to pain than it's brethren. This why I liked Doom 2016 so much. It felt "Doomy" but the different environment and AI gave combat an air of unpredictability that I personally found quite exciting. If my recollection of Doom's code is accurate, you have a master table of things including enemies, and the spawn routines reference this when actually placing a copy of said thing in map. I would be neat to see some variability (user configurable, of course) introduced. Like the ability to spawn with plus or minus 50% variability in health, speed, and pain chance? Imagine the surprise of hearing a familiar growl in the distance and thinking "OK that demon's not going to get me for a few seconds, I'll just grab this medkit and DEAR GOD IT'S HERE!!!" Just a thought :)
  10. No problem. It was fun to look back at it and see the things I did and the minor contributions I made to the engine at large. Apparently I was the reason MBF got Final Doom support. I totally forgot about that.
  11. Oh hey did someone mention a project I worked on nearly 20 years ago? Here's the original code. Nothing dramatic in the slightest. My abilities as a C coder were and remain decidedly mediocre. Just search for my first name (joel) and you should find everything, pretty sure I commented the lot. I stick my nose in here from time to time out of nostalgia. Based on what I have seen of Eternity's development, I would be amazed if my changes could not be replicated without custom code rather easily with perhaps the exception of the healing sector. Though perhaps a clever script would do the trick there? It would be fun to play this map set again. Chris Lutz was the real mastermind of this project; his levels always blew me away. Emil's and Nokturnus' contributions were great too. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TkkKRvod-a5ep_U6_th2nOL9Ff25k3Ct/view?usp=sharing