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  1. Murdoch

    DOOM 2 bug please help :(

    Regardless of port, the recommendation is the same - use the use key. I have never seen a single port or even the original executables glitch out at that point nor heard of it, and given it does not actually say "Press <whatever> to continue" so it's an easy thing for an inexperienced user to miss, it's pretty safe to say we are likely not dealing with a bug here.
  2. Murdoch

    DOOM 2 bug please help :(

    In OG Doom it was actually space. Basically whatever button he uses to open doors and flip switches should work.
  3. Murdoch

    Thoughts on Crash being in new Doom/Quake?

    To resolve this issue, consult my guide to Understanding Early id Lore (c) about 30 seconds ago, all rights reserved. I will paste it below for your reference. ----------------------------------------------------- Understanding Early id Lore by Joel Murdoch Don't try unless you want to have an aneurysm. The end.
  4. The bottom line is, all online games have an expiration date. Sooner or later, player interest will dwindle, and servers will go offline. Just because you have a long running game like UT doesn't mean it's going to be online and available forever. It's good that community master servers stepped in for UT and UT2004, but I checked the latter last weekend and found almost nobody playing on any mode. Possibly cause I was checking at my midnight and there's no NZ servers and like one Aussie DM server. 20 year old online games are not likely to attract significant new players, so little really was lost from that perspective. BUT, from a historical preservation perspective they should have been kept them for sale and Unreal, UT99 and I think even UT2004 has/had plenty of SP content that suitably interested people can look into. But again, anyone inclined to do so likely has their copies so arguably little was lost here too. Still, I would definitely have preferred they stayed available. As @segfault said, the cost of doing so would have been minimal, and let the community fill the blanks on server support which they already have. It would have been a simple and nice gesture for Epic to broadcast how to use these new community servers. Ultimately it's an issue of conflicting perspectives. Most businesses ultimately see bottom lines, and care little for preservation. If it were not for the efforts of dedicated fans, so much gaming history like early console and arcade games would be forever lost. We're a bunch of guys and ladies play a 30 year old game still. We see the value in preservation. Epic, as an entity, doesn't, and probably nor do most gamers. We're in the minority. Most people who play get sick of a game and move on.
  5. Meh. 3 just wasn't that good. It would take more attention that Epic is likely willing to give it to actually make it appealing, rendering the whole operation a complete waste of time. With community servers stepping in, anyone so inclined can still find a game on UT99 and 2004.
  6. Murdoch

    My opinion about the DOOM Movie (2005)

    Indeed. I think it comes down to the ridiculous idea that screws up a lot of things, where people think depiction equals endorsement. Religious groups view Doom as evil because it supposedly promotes Satanism, and I think this made the producers change everything. But last I checked, giving something both barrels of a side-by-side 12 gauge doesn't qualify as promotion. No one complains about war movies featuring Nazi villains and says the movie promotes Nazism so why Doom gets a different deal I will never understand. As for the movie in isolation, it's... OK. The plot is a bit daft, but I have seen worse. I watched it once, and have zero desire to ever watch it again. I wouldn't complain about Karl Urban starring in a proper Doom movie though, that guy rocks.
  7. So how would this actually be proved so that the Doomworld staff don't get in trouble? EDIT: never mind. But yeah @Betus Alpha you need to pay attention to things like age restrictions. It's not just forums being difficult. The admin staff could get in real legitimate legal trouble with you on here.
  8. I am just going to back slowly out of this thread for the sake of my sanity...
  9. Murdoch

    apple vision pro

    The demos are a classic case of something which looks kind of cool the first time you see it, but in practical reality will lose novelty value very quickly and you will be back doing the older, more efficient method before too long. Same reason why the Metaverse keeled over and died. Even if it had actually been good, the number of people with the tech to use it just wasn't there, and the amount of effort expended for the result gained simply wasn't worth it even if they did. The same will happen here. There will be a bunch of rich users that get one and rave about it, but on the whole it won't get anywhere near the market penetration needed to justify companies spending the time needed to develop things for it.
  10. With you brother. This thread makes me feel like I have slipped into an alternate dimension. It looks like English and yet nothing here makes any sense.
  11. Murdoch

    Is DOOM 2 meant to be played continuously?

    I think there's a difference between intended to be played continuous versus allowing for possible pistol starts. Clearly continuous play was the primary aim, because no saviour of humanity is going to leave an area and go "Eh, best I give the demons a fighting chance" and toss all his gear in the bin before moving on. Also, they could remove all your gear if they wanted to, but they didn't. No game has ever done that except for story points like Half-Life where Gordon gets dumped in the trash compactor. That said, they did allow for pistol starts due to the nature of the design as someone said above, to allow for people wanting to restart a map cause they died and didn't save for a bit. So is it possible to pistol start? Sure. Is it possible for you to pistol start? Maybe not. Everyone approaches fights in different ways with different skill levels. So I think you're probably overthinking this a bit.
  12. Murdoch

    Do you care about getting good at Doom?

    Not remotely. I have been playing it for nearly 30 years, so I think I am as good as I am likely to get. I have one objective when playing games - fun. If I find myself getting pissed off too much, I stop and move on. I have many better things to do than get angry at something that's supposed to be fun.
  13. I am honestly not even sure what you are really asking here. If you want to get philosophical, then it's difficult to argue with the idea that absolute pieces of human trash like Josef Mengele or Adolf Hitler were so utterly evil they were basically demons in human skin. In a more generic game enemies sense then yes they are the thing you shoot in each game. I would consider the demons on Doom more varied and interesting though than the Wolfenstein Nazis which were mostly just hit scanner variants.