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  1. ... what? Id producing a bad star wars game hurts the doom community... how?
  2. Enjoyed Raptor, never heard of this. Interesting.
  3. Right OK. Context matters my man. Your post just came out of nowhere without any specifics. I am not a fan of BD either and we are certainly not alone. But there's absolutely no reason to believe id will take the more juvenile parts of it for the next game. Take a breath, relax.
  4. My response to this is... what? You want Doom to not be something it's never been, and has never shown any probability of becoming? And you decide to post this in a public forum seldom if ever seen by anyone who is likely to be involved in the development of the next game, complete with threat to these people who will in all probability not see your post that you (one single person who cannot possibly make enough of a difference to their financial bottom line if you buy it or not for them to actually care what you think) will refund the game if they do these things they will almost certainly not do anyway? Do think before you post? Or do you just mash keys and hope for the best? Seriously, this is one of the most if not the most baffling post I have ever seen on this forum. What was the point of this?
  5. Murdoch

    thoughts on The Doom Awards™

    Getting uppity about the results of any awards show is absolutely silly. They are arbitrary and meaningless. Did you enjoy the thing? Then that should be all that matters to anybody. But especially getting upset about the handling of an unofficial awards thing for a 30 year old game is just plain fucking daft.
  6. Murdoch

    Thoughts on Witchaven?

    All of Capstone's stuff looks like bad mods based on footage I have seen. To be fair I have only played the Corridor 7 demo, and thought it was atrocious. Nothing I have seen of Witchhaven gives me any inkling that it will be any different. Some people might be able to look past some flaws and persist with it, but I have a list of mods and games to play through long enough to keep me busy till about 15 years after my death. I do not have time to waste on "kind of OK if look past the glaring issues".
  7. If you still don't think this, you're not trying hard enough and not paying enough attention. Forget the fucking negative bullshit dude. There's a big wide world of wonders to experience. But they are not going to come to you.
  8. Murdoch

    Is this real?

    But there's no way to move the voodoo doll in vanilla, at least not easily. Maybe if you positioned it just right on the edges of some sectors to be lowered and let the physics move it on drop. But things being shot can't cause an event that would trigger a sector action (and decorations don't have pain states anyway except barrels). Only the linedefs behind them could do this. It's been a long-ass time since I did any vanilla only editing, but I seem to recall the actions capable on a gun shot being quite limited. Correct me if I am wrong; am no means claiming to be 100% right here.
  9. Murdoch

    Is this real?

    It's completely impossible to replicate in vanilla. It would require scripting of some kind.
  10. Murdoch

    Is this real?

    I am sure I have seen something dumber than this, but nothing comes to mind immediately. No one with even a passing familiarity with how Doom works would be fooled by this for a microsecond. Plus, there's no possible way such a thing would have gone missed after 30 years of every single bit of Doom's code and data being scrutinized by countless people.
  11. Murdoch

    Can I run DOOM without compiling it?

    Ah, neat. Thanks.
  12. Murdoch

    Can I run DOOM without compiling it?

    Compiled code, especially in a high-performance required environment like a fast-paced 3D game, will always dramatically outperform interpreted code. It does make the source code less readily available, but that is not it's primary aim. HTML/JS/CSS have come a long way and some 2D games are possible, but I have yet to see evidence the platform is capable of doing anything close to Doom. Based on my knowledge of how it works, it would be impossible. Even if it were hypothetically possible, the two platforms are so fundamentally different that you would be rebuilding the engine from scratch. You can play Doom in a browser with the aptly named Browser Doom, but I am unsure how that works. It's definitely not HTML/JS/CSS.
  13. Murdoch

    Best years of your life?

    Nostalgia isn't limited to any age, not sure why you'd think it might be? I have often said the past should be remembered and treasured but never mourned. Forward's the only way. Nostalgia can be a double-edged sword. If you obsess about it too much, then you tend to spend too much time living in the past and not giving enough attention to the here and now, potentially squandering opportunities to find happiness. As you get older, there's a natural tendency to miss the golden days of your childhood where you had less things to be worried about. But for most of us, our parents shielded us from reality. The problems of life were always there, you simply didn't see them.
  14. Murdoch

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    What sorcery is this?