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  1. This is another case of how I would love to sit down with the decision makers involved in this and say "Ok. I do not want to be rude but... how did you weapons grade imbeciles think that this was possibly going to end well for you?"
  2. Murdoch

    Is Left 4 Dead (1) Coop only?

    Personally I think the special infected changes were for the better. It was too easy in L4D for players to hole up during finales in spots where getting in was next to impossible to break if they were competent, resulting in finales that were tiresome bores. But yes you are correct @Pegg, it would make for a less forgiving experience for an uninitiated newbie. That is why working up to it is so important. I personally did not find L4D2 any more "Rushy"; generally in both games keeping a solid pace and not hanging around is a sound strategy.
  3. Murdoch

    Absolute Worst Villains

    Honestly, I could list any number of characters here. I will start with basically every villain who takes time smacking around good guys in spite of being quite capable of killing them at the time of said smacking around, and every villain who spends time yammering instead of actually killing. I would go so far as to say genuinely good villains are far and away in the minority. Fortunately, when it comes to movies and shows featuring villains I tend to put my brain in low power mode and enjoy the spectacle.
  4. Murdoch

    Is Left 4 Dead (1) Coop only?

    I concur with the others. L4D2 is superior in every way in spite of what some "purists" might argue and has all the L4D content. The presence of melee weapons alone is worth the price of admission. I played L4D, moved to L4D2, tried going back to L4D and got found the lack of melee weapons deeply frustrating. Versus is, as seed says, very fun when things click but can be frustrating when they do not. Start with bots to familiarise yourself with the mechanics (the bots are actually reasonably solid), then get into co-op. Don't move into versus until your skills are relatively decent and you know the maps well. Going into versus without this will likely result in you being booted from most games unless you happen to stumble across a game filled with similarly experienced people. And always remember, it is a team game. Going off on your own in either versus or co-op will quite rightly make you the target of anger and get your ass kicked.
  5. Murdoch

    Most replayable games

    How could I forget. Played God knows how many hours of Versus back in the day. Could be utterly infuriating at times but also addictive as hell when you got in with a good team and everything clicked. My favourite moment that comes mind is one time I was with a team going up the elevator towards the end of the second last map of "No Mercy". One of the other players asked me what the plan was. I told her "try not to die". She promptly suffered the infamous elevator glitch and fell to her death. I was laughing so hard I could not see straight for several minutes after that. Yes the team who developed this did a great job. Sega should have paid them and distributed it officially rather than shut them down.
  6. Murdoch

    Most replayable games

    One game that comes to mind that fits that bill is Speedball 2. I originally played it on Master System, but downloaded the Mega Drive/Genesis version for emulation years ago. I still dust it off from time to time and have a blast.
  7. Murdoch

    What if Trent Reznor made a soundtrack for a Doom game?

    It is entirely probable you played a fixed version of the pack.
  8. Murdoch

    What if Trent Reznor made a soundtrack for a Doom game?

    I tried it years ago. The weapon sounds especially were a lot better, but there was a bug where the soldier you speak to when you get off the ship at the beginning of the game spouts a trailer voice over line of some kind rather than his actual dialogue. Kind of funny but spoiled the immersion somewhat.
  9. Murdoch

    The DOOM movie....

    It is a bit paint by numbers and not really Doomy enough, but it's far from the worst movie of it's type and yes, Karl Urban is great.
  10. Murdoch

    Most replayable games

    It depends how one defines replayable. First is the number of ways you can complete it. By this more objective metric, I do not consider the Classic Doom game especially replayable. Finding all the secrets is not that difficult and apart from the difficulty settings there is not really a lot different you can do save trying to come up with weird unintended ways to complete it like Pacifist. Of the games I have played, probably Morrowind, Fallout: New Vegas, and Outer Worlds stick out as having the most genuinely different ways you can approach the base game on a given playthrough. Second is just sheer fun. Classic Doom, the new Doom games, and any number of other games have such fun gameplay that revisiting them is enjoyable even if you are more or less doing the same thing each time. Third is the amount of extra content, either in terms of DLC or community made stuff. Classic Doom shines here again, obviously. I love Skyrim, but I would have left it behind long ago without mods. Fallout 4 is definitely all the better for community mods. There's even a major one that "fixes" the main quest, giving much better control over outcomes (though I have yet to play it fully). One could argue content added after the fact is not strictly a mark of the base game's replayability, but in practice the result is a game that continues to be fun for players long past release.
  11. Murdoch

    Can anyone explain the timeline here?

    My own hypothesis is that time works differently in Hell. Physical beings that cross over can die by physical trauma, but they do not seem to age. They also do not seem to require nourishment. Doom Slayer gets spat out of Hell at some indeterminate point post Doom 64's events, he hooks up with the Sentinels, and gets his power upgrade. Argent is developed during this timeframe as the Khan Maykr gets cosy with Hell. The sentinels say "yeah nah" and try to sort it out, and the Slayer is trapped in Hell. More time passes. Hayden, seemingly the fallen Samur Maykr cursed to be human and banished to an alternate universe Earth, gets involved with the UAC and discovers Argent on Mars. Either thinking he could genuinely help Earth with it, or as part of an elaborate plan to draw the Maykr out, taps into it. He also pulls the Slayer out of Hell as part of his plan, either the stop Olivia once she started going nuts plan or the "I hate the Maykrs, so I will point the Slayer at them and press fire" plan. Doom 2016 begins. From the beginning of Doom 1 to the end of Doom Eternal, centuries may have passed even though he is bought into alternate Earth universe at a similar time as to the one he left at the end of Doom 64.
  12. Completely disappeared? No. Amid Evil springs to mind. But it was arguably not that common in the first place.
  13. A tried a couple of the Serious Games in demo form back in the day and found them deeply, deeply tedious. I have to say though it looks like they have done an very impressive job with the tech here. Lots of activity but generally good looks and smooth framerates.
  14. Murdoch

    What do you want for DLC?

    More Hebeth or similar.