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  1. I hate to break it to YOU, but coughlefthandedcough
  2. I've spent the good half of today creating a map inspired by this thread/concept. It's quite the hilarious idea you guys have here. I don't even know if there's spots open, it just sounded like a lot of fun, trying to design with specific rules in place. It's not something I've done before(+ bonus points for my first Co-op designed map.) That being said, I'm not entirely sure mine fits the criteria anyway? I've found a way to implement the Megasphere(though there will have to be 8 of them, if so), and while it is technically one big room, you do start out inside of a maze of sorts...
  3. Ahaha, I mean if anything it's the other way around! She's already claimed me as her ultimate pillow
  4. It'll forever be The Spider Mastermind for me. The echoing cry, that tiny little pause, and then the explosion. As a kid I always had this strange imagination of that's how a skyscraper would sound tumbling over. It's just so good. Always feels epic. Especially when you kill it from really far away with the RL or BFG, that way the SFX don't collide with each other. Arachnotrons are an extremely close second (people know what's up with the SSG method). Barons third, their death cries are so savage. (Sorry Manc)
  5. Despite most of my family and loved ones being hours away, I still had a great one!! I got: - Tons of chocolate - Vikings Seasons 1 - 4 Bluray Boxset - A Super Eurobeat CD, the Keisuke selections (because I am a sucker for Initial D) - Liam Gallagher's new solo album "As You Were" (Album oF THE YEAR) - An Afterglow PS3/PC Controller (played Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 with it all day yesterday) - The comfiest mattress I could have hoped for (I was sleeping on foam slabs for 4 years. God damn) - Materia Collective's "Resurrection of the Night" Castlevania Album (love that sweet nostalgia) - The girl of my dreams <3 - A delayed paycheck, haha - Some rain! FINALLY!! - The most stress-free Christmas in years I think my brother also bought me the Dead Space trilogy on the PS3, but it hasn't arrived in the post yet. I also plan on buying myself the Ace Attorney Trilogy, and Ace Attorney 6 while they're on sale at the 3DS eShop, and pre-ordering the Radiant Historia remaster.
  6. Stripey

    Best Alternative to Slade?

    I think I'll just deal with default text and music for a few more months, until I can actually afford a new PC. Thanks anyway, guys.
  7. Stripey

    Best Alternative to Slade?

    After trying Slade 01, I still get this error
  8. Stripey

    Best Alternative to Slade?

    Nope. Even SlumpEd v0.1 requires components from MSVC.
  9. Stripey

    Best Alternative to Slade?

    I have looked into XWE, but the complaints people have about it tend to turn me off from it. That being said, if it's my only choice, I'll deal with it (if I can even install it). It seems I cant install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 either, and I'm missing components to run WinTex. Is WinTex compatible with Windows 7 Ultimate?
  10. My poor little problem-ridden laptop can't install Microsoft Visual C++, so Slade isn't really an option for me, at the moment. So, as the title asks, what would you say is the best alternative program(s) or wad editor to Slade? All I really want to do is edit the level names and story text screens. Being able to change/import music files would be a bonus, too.
  11. Stripey

    Things you're most excited for in 2018?

    Most of my excitement is running on blind faith. A DOOM II 2018 announcement, now that Wolfenstein II is done. An Armored Core 6 announcement (been in development for awhile), and hoping the game that From Software teased at the game awards is a new Tenchu game. Devil May Cry 5 is also right up there on my hopes list. More realistically, moving to a new town, finishing college and getting into university, and finally getting to see my girlfriend (who lives overseas) are what I'm most excited for!
  12. Stripey

    I already made my second map!

    This is a nice little map you got here! Although I agree it could use a bit more space, it works quite well regardless. I very much liked all of the area openings with the extra monsters-- It's always good when you gotta backtrack and there's new stuff to experience. Your secrets are great as well (still looking for some of them, haha.) Good Barrel placement in the toxic area, good placement of the (secret) Berserk, and I didn't mind the Hell Knight, as I had found the Chaingun in one of your secrets. I think I did see one Zombieman that has clipped through a line and has been rendered stuck though, you might wanna check that out (it's not really a big deal in the long run, but still!), he was grouped with a few other Zombieman inside the base. For a second level, it's good! I enjoyed it Played on: Hurt Me Plenty Kills: 100% Items: 100% Secrets: 57% Time: 5:19
  13. Stripey

    Worst Doom Level

    I adore The Chasm. When I think Doom II, it's one of the first three maps that come to mind, I love it. The only thing I could fault about it is the last area, where if you fall off, there's no getting back up. That being said, there isn't necessarily a Doom level I hate, but whenever E3M5: Unholy Cathedral loads I die a little on the inside. To this day I still don't know which teleporter leads where. I only ever (slightly) enjoy that level in Co-op.
  14. This was amazing! I found the first level rather tough(???), though that's probably because this was my first time playing Heretic ever. But Level's 2 and 3 were spectacular, and I had a lot of fun! Plenty of monsters and dangers (and I loved the terminology/names in your levels, haha). I find each level is a big inspiration, as I have a massive Pharaoh's Tomb-like level (for Doom 2) I've been working on for awhile myself. You've definitely helped give me some insight on a design standpoint, so thanks! Although I hope you do make the last stage more difficult (or if possible, editing the boss' stats?), but I do appreciate what you were going for. With all that said, I wanna see more! C:
  15. Hi Stripey! :D

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    2. SOSU


      Because of You i will make Serious Sidhe 2/Expanded edition :D <3

    3. Stripey


      Bless you :'D


      I'm looking forward to it!! Heretic is a lot of fun c:

    4. SOSU


      If you like this kind of Heretic gamplay try out Not Jabba's 

      For a larger scale version of that C: