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  1. SOSU

    The story behind your custom avatar

    ^And badass if i might add.
  2. After finally finding some time to do it i updated the WAD by riderr3's missing midi and adding SkeletonPatch's optimized map!
  3. SOSU

    The tone of DOOM [BEWARE: walls of text]

    I call this the "Prepare to die" effect.It's when a game starts to rise in popularity and both companies and the general public focus on one particular thing about the game which is then marketed as the core aspect of it.I really hated because it overlooks everything else about the game and gives the people that want to look into it a false perception,as an example i would have never been interested in Dark Souls if everything i ever heard it about it was "YOU DIE ALOT GIT GUD" which thankfully i didn't (Thanks Youtubers!) to be honest with the whole "Rip and Tear" line they are just shooting themselves in the foot and "betraying" what Doom really is but what do i know about Doom in the first place?I never experienced Doom in the 90s so i think i see Doom differently from all you vets. (Just like i do the 80s)
  4. You have the most badass avatar on this site!

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    2. Shanoa


      Ah yes, Chasm! I've yet to play it, this month there's quite a few metroidvania coming out ontop of Chasm. Such as Dead Cells, Guacamelee 2 and so on.


      Can't say for sure about Chasm though, I haven't played it yet.

    3. Catpho


      idk about that game @SOSU

      @Shanoa ADOM was "completed" some time ago (updates are mostly bug fixes now). The free version now has a nice tile set, and some sweet music to boot. There's a tutorial and a much more simplified UI. It's now much easier to hop into the game compared to most "ancient classics" imo

      Nethack is still it's same ol' self. Guess that's what happens when you are timeless. Although i haven't checked the latest version yet.

    4. Shanoa


      @Catpho Thanks for the info friend, I think I'll check those out, I'm sure it's gonna be good!

  5. SOSU

    Stratospheric Domain - My first Hexen map

    Pretty kewl Xyzzy!Will check it out later :)
  6. SOSU

    What is the best map you've ever made?

    I dunno Map03 of Serious Sidhe maybe.
  7. We live in a world where Pokemon was made for children and CoD for men but where children play CoD and men Pokemon On topic: Nah.
  8. SOSU

    What DooM mods do you play?

    Vanguar with DinalDoomer (Plutonia weapons)
  9. SOSU

    Getting annoyed by some words

    Stuff like "M8" >_>
  10. SOSU

    Share Your Jokes

    Looks like i am not welcome here :'(
  11. Hey Catpho why do you always upload Doomer Boards wads? :)

    1. Catpho


      Well, besides liking and being a (sorta) tester for the DBP series, guess it just stuck with me after i shared the first DBP :P Not like there's anything worth complaining ;)

    2. SOSU


      Oh okay then :D

    3. NuMetalManiak


      These wads are great

  12. SOSU

    Happy birthday Fonze

    Happy Barfday Fonze!!! :D
  13. Fixed a few errors and updated the wad to V1.1!
  14. SOSU

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A mod that changes nothing besides the title screen to the Doom 1 one