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  1. I feel incredible shame just because i forgot to mention Monster Hunter...D:
  2. Only 200 left untill the 1000th!!!
  3. The question that you seek lies in the Title above
  4. I am going to make a map for episode 1
  5. Oh good because i am slow at mapping
  6. Can i join this project?If yes then does my map need to be ready right now or can i start when i join?
  7. We should all start mapping in "Doom SNES Format"
  8. The best quote of all time (for me that is) is easily: "There are only 2 ways this can end and in both of them you die."
  9. I like the arranged version in 98 more.
  10. i just asked a little question and thought that two or three people would explain why but i did not know that THIS would happen.
  11. Ralf is very powerful in 2002 and Clark is pretty OP in 98.
  12. Well complex Doom also replaces weapons... I mean a mod that only replaces monsters
  13. It seems i forgot a O and L in Colorfull