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  1. Oh no we can't change the sky textures :'( Might try this but i barely could this for 5 days when i made PMAD...
  2. Finally got my PS4 Pro :DDD

  3. :OOO
    Hi Phade! :D

  4. Working on a small E4 map for vanilla :)
  5. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE i was playing Mayan Mishap just a few hours ago!!! Looks cool,will play later since i can't use my pc for now...(hope these maps don't have 200+ monsters)
  6. SOSU

    Doom 3: Final Scream (Community Project)

    it's not like everyone want's to use the textures on floors and ceiling and vice versa,you could create a second texture pack with just the textures and flats that were "reversed" that your map uses.Later on you could add textures into the wad for if someone needs it in their map.While it's more convenient to use GZDoom and be done with it it limits your audience,not everyone uses GZDoom,some preffer ZDoom,some Eternity (you probably could play the project on these two but still) and others PRBoom also the ability to move flats in GZDoom isn't THAT cool if you consider that most don't give a shit about that anyways :)
  7. SOSU

    Doom 3: Final Scream (Community Project)

    Ehh it's my problem for being a bit shit in explaining things in english,just look at some guides on Doom editing here in Doomworld and in the Doom wikia :)
  8. SOSU

    Doom 3: Final Scream (Community Project)

    It's quite easy,just copy the texture intbetween FF_START and FF_END and the flats into TX_START and TX_END (you need to turn the textures into 64x64 ones for the latter to work) if i remember correctly.You need to put the textures inbetween PP_... too if you want to use textures in vanilla (?) so i recommend doing this in Boom more than vanilla (or your plan on making it in GZDoom) since it's much harder to do something wrong or break limits in it :D Also i maybe will participate in this project depending on the general quality of the maps (if this cp gets filled with pros then i'm out)
  9. SOSU

    Doom 3: Final Scream (Community Project)

    You could just modify the flats/texture into textures/flats in slade and use them as what you want them to ;D
  10. SOSU

    Level design tropes you use

    I always start with a grand idea of making something for ZDoom with custom stuff but lazyness kicks in and i just make it for vanilla :(
  11. Looking back at it the DMC series is edgy as fuck :D

  12. SOSU

    Level design tropes you use

    I can't seem to get out of the "vanilla-train" :(
  13. SOSU

    Unpopular Opinions

    Oh boy such an edgy thread <3 Here's my unpopular opinion: The standard albanian dialect shoudln't be the tosk one with a bit of gheg but rather the opposite because: 1.The gheg dialect is much closer to the original language we spoke in ancient times 2.Most if not all works of literature either by albanians or translated into albanian before 1945 are written in the gheg dialect due to the trade relations with Venice and our good ol' friends the germans and austro-hungarians so in schools where the books are in the standard dialect being filled with ghegh dialect writting create an uncanny feeling. 3.The gheg dialect is much cooler B)
  14. Hey Doomkid!Can i ask you a question?What do you think was the best year for Doom multiplayer?

    1. Doomkid


      It's hard to pick just one, but I want to say somewhere around 2007-2008, primarily because of the high number of deathmatch players present then compared to now

    2. SOSU


      Oh :O i was thinking more of the early 2000s than late,was the a new influx (?) of DM players around that time?

    3. Doomkid


      Well others may remember differently, but in the mid-early 2000s I used Doom Connector to query servers and the highest numbers I remember were from after that point. In 2007ish I remember seeing 200+ players pretty often, now it’s exciting just to see it top 100.