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  1. Do you play it?If yes what do you play on it and how oftern? I mostly play KoF2K2 and SF3 3S but i recently stopped (don't know why i did that though)
  2. Great avatar!Its rare to find a HoD fan :)

  3. I am going to play sonic 1-3nK (CD too) untill i can get mania on pc! (then if i still want to will play i will beat the handheld ones)

  4. 2-3 weeks per map but with short ons and long offs.
  5. The feeling you get when you make a really cool looking room and realize that you don't know where to put any enemies nor where to put doors and lifts to continue it.....

    1. Fonze


      <3 monster placement :)


      My suggestion would be to first take stock of the player's condition when entering the room/area; expected health, armor, ammo, (items for heretic) and weapons. Once you have that, you can more easily begin to figure out what types of opposition to build towards. A well-geared player can cleave more meat quicker, so that can give license to the use of the more meaty mobs.


      When you begin to think about actually where to place things, focus on where the player will be when the encounter starts, and then look to where the player can run to. Place monsters in a way which pressures the player from multiple angles/heights and take care to note possible cheese spots; sometimes an overlooked cheese spot can lead to a gameplay you don't want, such as the easily pictured 'front-loaded encounters in room->corridor layouts.' Also try to strategically place monsters of varying priority levels in each encounter; that's very important and generally leads to more interesting gameplay. 


      As you place each monster think about how life is in their shoes; what can they see, where can they attack/be attacked from, how else do they interact with the environment, the player, and the other monsters? This will help you to maximize their use.


      As you begin to wrap an area up, ask yourself about the pressure vs time of this encounter, in particular the time required for clean-up after the main threat(s) had(/have) been dissipated. If clean-up is too slow, (aka if it takes more than a couple seconds) begin to think about how that section of potential tediousness can be alleviated; is it really so bad if a player gets a power weapon a bit earlier to help speed up some clean-up? Balancing can account for the weapons you wish players to use mostly, so giving, say, a rl early in a map with scant few rockets for clean-up doesn't necessarily mean the player will be able to shoot rockets at everything whenever, though people do like to horde their ammo; no way around that, but perhaps encouraging pistol starts and building small maps ;D


      Hopefully these general tips are helpful for you :)

    2. bzzrak


      Why the hell would you ruin a beatiful room with some stupid enemies? Don't do that man. 

    3. SOSU


      I am not making a walking sim @bzzrak :V

    4. bzzrak
    5. SOSU


      Because its not the kind of game i like.

  6. What does your skeleton avatar say?

    1. bzzrak


      Skeletons don't have vocal cords, case closed

    2. KVELLER


      @bzzrak Oh come on, don't be that guy!

    3. SOSU


      but how does skeletor and death/grim reaper do it? @bzzrak

    4. Ichor
    5. Red





    6. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Red's avatar says:




  7. What about Brutal Project Brutality then?
  8. S 8/10 P 5/10 E 7/10 C 4/10 I 7/10 A 9/10 L 0/10
  9. My friends hate doom :(
  10. Funny that this is the first you recommend considering that i am working on my ice themed wad
  11. I am looking for some inspiration for my next map so i would love to play some great heretic wads!
  12. I updated the map to the new 1.1 version! Changelog: You can download it on the top of the thread
  13. AWESOME!!! but i wanted to redesign the crate area and fix some other flaws yesterday but i had "family stuff" so i could't :( so you made a video about the "worse version" D: ah well atleast its a unlisted video!
  14. i will probably redesign the entire crate area because it's the worst part of the map the part i spend the least time on making