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  1. That's unrealistic :Y Hell would need oil for the USA to even think about bringing democracy to them.
  2. My mum's kitchen ;) (Never went to a fast food place because i enjoy eating slow food so i have no idea lol)
  3. I would try to find it if i knew how to even use twitter xD Maybe his opinion changed back to that from 2 and a half decades ago since he changed his mind in that twitter post,who knows? :P On the whole side topic: Story is largely optional in most game genres,you can have games full of story and basically no gameplay (some visual novels) and games with no stoy and lots of gameplay (can't name any right now lol) but the thing every game needs is atmosphere (and a good atmosphere for it to be a good game) because without it the game can't convey it's theme and create a connection to the player.What would Doom be without it's heavy metal combat and spooky alien hallway exploration,what would Duke 3D be without it's cheesy one liners and references,what would the Legacy of Kain franchise be without it's gothic world,medieval architexture,lovecraftian themes and the whole "greco-roman causality (I like Berserk :) ) dilemma" plot?
  4. I wonder how Carmack would explain the appeal of RPG games,especially JRPGs O:
  5. SOSU

    [wip] Freaky Panties

    Looks like another one of those "my pc can't handle it" maps of yours :D I wonder how a vanilla or boom map made by you would look like o:
  6.  :)

    1. YukiRaven


      You're like the third person to send me this lol


      Thanks!  I just checked it out.

    2. SOSU


      Looks like i was too slow this time :'(

    3. YukiRaven


      Aww that's ok

  7. SOSU

    Could a intelligent animals play doom

    Actually modern day primates are at the same step of evolution as we are! It's not that humans evolved from chimpanzees but that we and our primate cousins evolved from other primates which are now "extinct" :D
  8. Looks like i'm into community drama :D

  9. SOSU

    Are RPG's the best form of video games?

    Depends on if RPGs are your favorite video game genre.
  10. SOSU

    Wolfenstein Youngblood

    Looks interesting but sadly i can't stand cyberpunk (please don't kill me Bladerunner fans :( ) Machine Games really needs to polish this one up if they want to have a good reputation again from before Wolfstein 2 got released.While i like the idea of BJ being dead or old or something and his daughters needing to continue in his footsteps he is the main character and basically mascot of Wolfenstein so i don't believe that they killed him of or made him old instead i think that this will just be a spin off in an alternative universe.
  11. SOSU

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    Really excited for it!Even though my PC can't run it :(
  12. SOSU

    Will Doom Eternal Be Unfinished?

    Was Doom 2016 unfinished? No? Then why should Doom Eternal be? :U
  13. Finally got Chasm the Rift working :D (PanzerChasm yay)

    1. Myst.Haruko


      Good for you ;)

    2. Xyzzy01


      *clap clap clap*

    3. Marlamir




  14. Nope cuz Rage 2.
  15. SOSU

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Heretic/Hexen :O?