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  1. Browns and grays. People say that games look boring with those colors but I enjoy that more than BLINDING COLORFUL THINGS ALL OVER THE SCREEN!!! (so like most of the retro 3D platformers ;) ) so yes I like muted colors.
  2. cough cough...sonic...cough cough..oh sorry i had something in my throat,THE SONIC FANDOM
  3. AWESOME!!!I will have a lot of fun with this :D
  4. DYK Doom:Hacx 2 was supposed to be a sequel to Hacx in the late 90s for the quake engine,it changed engines a few times and then died :(
  5. Most of these complains come from either having less meat on it's bones than Doom with less monsters,textures and vanilla linedefs or that it doesn't have doom monsters,the first can be explained by the people at Raven not needing them,they only needed those linedefs,monsters and those 99 textures and 66 flats.Yes, it's significantly less than Doom's but it's consistent whereas the Doom textures are a mess of different styles.They probably didn't think that it would gain a modding scene because Doom was the king at the time and no one could stand up to it,they just wanted to make a little sister game to Doom for all the fans of sword and sorcery and Gothic stuff :D The second can be answered with...why does it need it?Why do you want to Doom-ify Heretic?If you want a to mod a game and want particular stuff from another game then why not mod the other game?From the little bit of experience I got from making 5 Heretic maps (I am working in my 6th right now :D) I understood that it's combat is very different from Doom's one,it's more akin to Serious Sam because you have the most fun when you have a ton of ammo and a ton of different monsters all around you!It's basically the opposite of Quake which had you face off against small groups of 5 or less monsters. Edit:Also even if I played it as a joke in one of my replied I must say using Affrits,Bishops and Wendigos in my Serious Sidhe mappack made me realize that using Hexen monsters in Heretic can make for an amazing experience!Affrits are fire gargoyles but actually good,Bishops are great for big clusters because they damage enemies around them when they die by exploding and Wendigos are basically the Hitscanners of the Heretic/Hexen series with their fast attack that can easily damage you in smaller enviourments. (I hope I didn't fuck up and make the text wall unreadable since English is my third language and I seem to strugle with it a bit :) )
  6. 1 - Well the tomed claw basically act's as a BFG (and much more fun to use in my opinion) 2 - Yes it has less if we compare it to Doom 2,if we compare it to Doom 1 there are a lot more cool and varied enemies. 3 - You can hold up to 16 Ums and 16 Flasks so it kinda balances that. 4 - Ok you are right 5 - You can add Hexen monsters if you make a ZDoom Wad ;)
  7. Well Doom 64 has less enemies than Doom 2 and has more of a Doom 1 feel with it's atmosphere it's kinda like a Doom 1.5... But come on people stop the "what is Doom 3?" debate and start being creative! :D
  8. TNT and Plutonia are more like expansion packs that can run without Doom 2 than actual sequels,also Doom 64 is a spin of and quake isn't a doom game.
  9. In this little thread we will talk about a hypothetical Doom 3 in the 90s: What if Doom 3 came out in 95/96? What weapons would have been added? What Monsters would have been added? What would the story have been like? So...what do you think?
  10. Well i beat Biowar like 1 hour ago.It was a nice wad but i didn't enjoy the combat that much and 2 of the 18 maps dragged a bit...
  11. I think this is the most random battle ever.Which is better?A musical genre wich orginated from a new "harsher" rock in the late 70s (?) vs music made from a specific nordic tribe from antiquity :/ Jk.But i don't see a reason for making a disscusion about musical prefference since that is like the most subjective thing known to man.
  12. Alright map,i didn'[t like how most of the combat happened in the first room because all monsters in the area get activated when you make a sound and after that the map feels very empty,i would recommend giving those monsters the ambush flag so that they don't come the starting room.Also i found some missing textures:
  13. I think yes since there haven't been any new bugs found recently but we will have to ask @HexenMapper