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  1. FONZE >:O!!!
    The Simpsons are purple!They are GREEN >:/

    1. SOSU


      Oh it's BonziBuddy lol

    2. Fonze
    3. SOSU


      I would say that BonziBudd isn't purple but i don't know the opposite of purple XD

  3. I never saw a squirell in real life :o
  4. Sounds cool,will play later right now :)
  5. Thanks :) well i will probably make something like this for Hexen when i start getting into Hexen mapping.
  6. Some more info :D General Monster Use: Due to Heretic being a special snowflake of an FPS there are three ways to kill monsters,the first is to just use your good old weapons ranging from the Staff up to the FireMace,Due to the weapons being good old Doom reskins you can have encounters simmiliar to Doom 1 though if you want to start with small Wand vs Gargoyles/Golem fights then i recommend using low numbers since they are a bit beefier than the weak Doom monsters.The second way is using items (which usually mixes with the first way) the 2 most powerful and useful of them are the Time Bomb and Morph Ovum (The Tome will come later ;) ) the Time Bomb is does a ton of damage and easily dispatches the weaker foes and with just a few of them you can easily kill everything below a lich health wise,the Morph Ovum on the other hand doesn't deal damage instead it transforms enemies into chicken which weakens large groups of non-boss monsters.Finally we have the 3rd and final way which is the TOME OF POWER!!!An item which turns the balance upside down and turns even the weakest weapon into a mass slaughter machine >:D Basically what i want to say is use lots of monsters in Heretic but don't forget to give the player also lots of items!
  7. Looks like you already casted the adidas spell
  8. If you mean by the loop around level design levels that after a while of progression you end up back where you were at the beggining then i suggest analyzing Super Metroid because it does that THE ENTIRE GODAMN TIME (My maps do that all the time too)
  9. Wot
  10. Looked at you about me section and saw that we mediterranean buddies :D

    1. WARDUST


      Yes! The same clock jeje

      Where are you from?

    2. SOSU


      Albania (north to Greece,west to Macedonia and east to southern Italy)

  11. Oh wow you did a lot of stuff in such a short timeframe :O!!!
  12. Sadly i could not join the project :'(
  13. I have no idea what is happening here :D
  14. I will try to make a map but i know i won't be able to finish it... atleast i will make my dream come true and ask you if you could call this the "Raven speedmapping session" :)