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  1. SOSU

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    I bought a watermelon today :D
  2. I dunno what dairy queen is or what fan food is but i guess from the name that it's the queen of dairy and those are healthy so i hope their queen is too :D
  3. SOSU

    Favorite Half-Life game

    My favorite Half-Life is the full one :) Or The best Half-Life is my favorite :) Or My favorite Half-Life starts with an H Can't think of any more xD
  4. SOSU

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Ah, Vietnamese Doom was my stupid mod idea :'')
  5. SOSU

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Vietnamese Crystal is a romhack (?) Of Pokemon crystal that is a hilariously weird and crazy translation of the game.
  6. SOSU

    Half Life was never good

    If Half Life never came out we'd have 20 years of classic and that'd just get samey Dx Now we have the classic stuff and modern stuff so everyone wins yay :D
  7. Nice Juste profile picture :)

  8. Gamers in my opinion we should first define what "Golden Age" means in the thread :O As it could be interpreted as many things (when there were the most CRPGs coming out, when the best ones came one, the first boom of CRPGs, etc...) we need a general definition for atleast this one thread and then discuss it :)
  9. I like good games and dislike bad games :)
  10. I was thinking emotional pain :'')
  11. Sorry to hear that :( Though that's not a sense... :'') What do you mean :O?
  12. Let's just say we live in Malkuth but our mind is in Yesod ;)
  13. For me it would be touch, i can close my eyes and imagine walking around my house and can feel everything i touch, imaginary sight isn't my specialty and everything is rather foggy and dream like, i struggle with hearing as i tend to have "music in the background" all the time and can't really stop it for imaginary hearing, smell is pretty difficult too and so is taste but that's because i don't really use them as much as the others as they are only used in more specific circumstances :'')
  14. SOSU

    Who's Your Favorite Comic Book Character?

    IRON MAN IRON MAN IRON MAN Classic Iron Man :) Read nearly 400 issues featuring his mettalic ass, from Tales of Suspense #39 to Iron Man #318 The reason i stopped is because that's basically the end of "Classic Iron Man" as later on events like "The Crossing" happen that destroy him as a character and after that... I really don't like the look of digital comics :X
  15. Kourosh Yaghmaei Sorry i gotta be one of those bohemian snobs :'')