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  1. This game exists, it's called Receiver and it was created for a seven day roguelike First Person Shooter game jam. You can buy it, it's pretty inexpensive and not much more than a fleshed out prototype. The mechanics are pretty engaging and make for some interesting tactical gameplay. I'd like to see the concept fleshed out into a larger game. There are a lot of different reload mechanics floating around out there, probably nearly as many variations as there are games using the system. Some games will remember that you have partially fired magazines and will hold them in reserve for you. Other games you just toss that ammo as you reload, trading off the rounds for tactical advantage. There are even games that allow you to check your magazines in various fashions. For me it's all about whether or not the actions fit the context of the gameplay. That said I prefer Doom's heavily abstracted approach to guns. Doom has always felt like an interactive animated short like they made for the film Heavy Metal. The gunplay in Doom works like it does in those cartoons and comics. It's a thematic consistency that is visceral and satisfying.