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  1. Michniko

    Update 6.66 Information (Fall release)

    I know it's a pipe dream but I'm really hoping to one day have Slayer on Slayer deathmatch in Eternal. I can't even bring myself to complete the weekly battlemode challenges anymore, there's nothing for me to really sink my teeth into when it comes to battlemode, it just kinda exists.
  2. Michniko

    The weapons of doom in real life!

    This is a very cute post.
  3. Michniko

    Whiplash concept?

    Wouldn't you like to know.
  4. Michniko

    Multiplayer idea that could've been awesome...

    I've recently been craving a Quake 3 but with Doom Eternal's gameplay. I know id said they're going to work on a complete Battlemode overhaul but I really hope they eventually add a Slayer-only Deathmatch mode, if they did it right(Map Weapon Pick Ups, Frag Oriented Game modes, Actual leveling reward system that isn't tied to Events) I could see myself playing that for a long time. It is no secret that Battlemode is far from fun right now, most people only play it to do the challenges and then neglect it until there are new challenges. It's a shame that id was scared off of doing another deathmatch mode after 2016, cause the best we have right now is Quake Champions and even that doesn't really fill the void.
  5. Michniko


    Not even gonna try to understand how this works but god damn it's cool!
  6. Michniko

    Favourite Track from the Classic Doom Series

    I'm picking 3 for each cause choosing is difficult work. DOOM: Nobody Told Me About id Sign of Evil The Demons From Adrian's Pen DOOM II: Running From Evil Into Sandy's City Opening to Hell Everybody's a fan of the faster tracks like Nobody Told Me and Sandy's City but it's always nice seeing the slower, quieter tracks that leave you wandering the level scared some love.
  7. Michniko

    The map you thought would never end

    I remember feeling similar feelings when playing Thy Flesh Consumed and some sections of Doom 2 when I was younger. Just endless enemies, low health, low ammo, just trying over and over to gain that one inch over the demon onslaught. It's such a good feeling when you finally get over that hurdle.
  8. Michniko

    Key bindings for weapons

    It may be possible to do it in the console but I'm not 100% on that. Even if you can't, you could always bind the weapons to more unconventional keys. I have the Heavy Cannon bound to MW DOWN and Chaingun to MW UP, having extra buttons on your mouse also helps but that isn't a luxury everyone has. Think about what keys around WASD that you don't use but aren't so far away that it's uncomfortable.
  9. Michniko

    How are you playing DOOM?

    The best way.
  10. Michniko

    Favorite map theme?

    Started to go through the soundtrack in my head before reading the rest of the post. Hell is a easy pick because of all the things you can do with the setting. Nekroval 1&2 are so insanely detailed and full to the brim of this sick demonic architecture I LOVE it. Or instead, you can go the route 2016 went in and give us a less conventional looking hell, one more akin to some of the atmospheres in original Doom. I'm just a sucker for things like human soul harvesters and gargantuan towers, they're cool.
  11. Michniko

    How Bad Is The Doom Subreddit?

    I think the pure design of reddit doesn't allow subreddits to be actual discussion forums like other websites do. Having every post be in the exact same page indirectly encourages IN YOUR FACE attention grabbing meme posts. The best thing reddit has to counter that are post flairs but few subreddits actually have the ability to sort them and overall they're a poor excuse for categorizing posts. I feel like reddit would be a lot better if the CSS tools would allow you to customize subreddits to the point that you could have it set up similar to forum sites like doomworld.
  12. Michniko

    Revenant fireball: Infinite circle?

    Decino is top tier
  13. Michniko

    Week 1 of the Halloween 2020 Event has gone live.

    I also noticed the change in design for the challenges. Not sure why they made the shift from the "Kill 30 Enemies with Explosive Barrels" type challenges to these. If anything these are even easier, run through Urdak and Hell on Earth a couple times with infinite BFG ammo and you're done. The cosmetics are cool, it's always nice to see new meshes for skins. I definitely feel like there were a few missed opportunities with the Halloween theme but what can you do.
  14. This Week's Challanges: >Complete 3 Missions >Complete 1 Mission on Ultra-Violence or harder >Complete Urdak >Win 1 Match in BATTLEMODE >Win 3 BATTLEMODE Matches >Win 5 BATTLEMODE Matches Can't wait to try out those Battlemode challenges, they look super tough!