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  1. Michniko

    How Bad Is The Doom Subreddit?

    I think the pure design of reddit doesn't allow subreddits to be actual discussion forums like other websites do. Having every post be in the exact same page indirectly encourages IN YOUR FACE attention grabbing meme posts. The best thing reddit has to counter that are post flairs but few subreddits actually have the ability to sort them and overall they're a poor excuse for categorizing posts. I feel like reddit would be a lot better if the CSS tools would allow you to customize subreddits to the point that you could have it set up similar to forum sites like doomworld.
  2. Michniko

    Revenant fireball: Infinite circle?

    Decino is top tier
  3. Michniko

    Week 1 of the Halloween 2020 Event has gone live.

    I also noticed the change in design for the challenges. Not sure why they made the shift from the "Kill 30 Enemies with Explosive Barrels" type challenges to these. If anything these are even easier, run through Urdak and Hell on Earth a couple times with infinite BFG ammo and you're done. The cosmetics are cool, it's always nice to see new meshes for skins. I definitely feel like there were a few missed opportunities with the Halloween theme but what can you do.
  4. This Week's Challanges: >Complete 3 Missions >Complete 1 Mission on Ultra-Violence or harder >Complete Urdak >Win 1 Match in BATTLEMODE >Win 3 BATTLEMODE Matches >Win 5 BATTLEMODE Matches Can't wait to try out those Battlemode challenges, they look super tough!
  5. Michniko

    Origin of the Pistol in Eternal?

    Like I said, it isn't an exact recreation. But the magazine being as long as it is and honestly being there at all makes me think it's intentional.
  6. So I may have found the initial inspiration for the design if Eternal's pistol. I never really paid much attention to the pistol in Eternal, all I knew was that it was in the game files and that there was a way to spawn it in. I had downloaded a bunch of Source Filmmaker ports of various models from Eternal and 2016 cause I wanted to make some posters and what not right? I went over some thing I wanted to create and one of them was a remake of the original 1993 poster for Doom. I got to work posing Doomguy and a couple demons when I realized I didn't really have a good looking weapon that looks like the one in the poster. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this: The unnamed gun on the poster and the Pistol in Doom Eternal look very similar. They're both the same size, magazine is in the same place, same color scheme, a lot of similarities. It isn't like some sort of exact replica(like the Plasmagun for example) but it could definitely be cited as a reimagining. Let me know if I'm crazy or not. TLDR: The Doom Eternal Pistol has a strong resemblance to the weapon on the 1993 Doom poster.
  7. Michniko

    DOOM Etarnal - Main Menu Theme

    Hey, it's 3 months later, but this is what I was talking about.
  8. Pistol starting that map is absolutely infuriating.
  9. Michniko

    Mick Gordon’s Club House

    Holy FUCK! That's so cool.
  10. Michniko

    Tnt or Plutonia.

    TNT can be really ass at times. Plutonia has its bad moments but it's far more enjoyable in the long run. I'm just talking about it from a gameplay perspective though, theme goes to TNT.
  11. Michniko

    DOOM Etarnal - Main Menu Theme

    Was just playing some Battlemode to get skins and whatever and the theme that played after the match ended was legit a 1 to 1 remake of E2M2, I'll link it if I can find it.
  12. Michniko

    DOOM Etarnal - Main Menu Theme

    Love these tracks that reference the classic OST's.
  13. Michniko

    Favorite Doom Slayer skin?

    The one and only.
  14. Michniko

    Doom Eternal is...

    I 100% agree, even after 2016 it's one of the most refreshing FPS games I've played. The whole idea of the "combat puzzle" is fucking genius, I keep coming back for more.
  15. One of the best threads I've ever seen posted here.