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  1. Michniko

    Original Doom songs you want to see return

    For those who haven't seen it there's a great video pointing out which themes are in the DOOM4 soundtrack, it's a really interesting watch. The guy really does his research and even finds some things on his own.
  2. Michniko

    There.. there are no hell razers are there :(

    They'll probably be there just redesigned along with most of the others.
  3. Michniko

    Hell Knights have eyes

    They still look the same when undamaged as the 2016 versions. It's only when you damage them in the head that their eyes show up.
  4. Michniko

    New locations - concept art discussion

    All of the concept looks so cool, very excited to see them in action.
  5. Michniko

    New interview(s)

    I doubt it's possible with all the lore stuff they've introduced into the new DOOM, but I've always wondered if they wanted DOOM 2016 and Eternal to be sequels to DOOM 1&2, and that we play as the same Doomguy we always have. There are some clues to it being that way though, with this in Hayden's office resembling the original cover, and the Slayer's testaments describing him slaughtering through all of the ranks of the demon's army which would obviously be referencing DOOM 1&2(but probably not 3.) I don't know, it's just something fun to think about that might have some evidence of being true.
  6. Michniko

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    I loved every second of the gameplay. The classic designs, bright and DOOM like colors(especially that Cacodemon's blood.) and all of the fucking insane weapon designs, the Plasma Rifle has never looked so good.
  7. Michniko

    Maps You Used To Hate But Now Love

    Honestly as a kid I hated Entryway because I knew that there was some sort of secret that unlocked you the rocket. I knew because I had done it once, and could never replicate it. Don't know what was wrong with me but it took awhile till I realized it maybe wasn't as frustrating as I had once believed.
  8. Michniko

    Twice the demons?

    Someone probably said this somewhere but on top of the demon "variations" they could also add the 2 or 3 other demons that were only in multiplayer, Prowler, Harbringer and something else that I can't remember. And ON TOP OF THAT I'm sure they'll be even more types of Human demons, maybe even classic Zombie and Shotgun guys.
  9. God, thinking about that gets me so excited to hear Eternal's OST. If Mick continues the trend of him putting small little references to the original soundtracks(THIS ESPECIALLY), I'll be quite the happy camper. I'm also hoping for some straight remakes, his rendition of E1M5 was one of the best tracks IMO.
  10. Michniko


    What? You want to have fun with your friend in real life? Nonononononononono, you must be crazy. Buy another PC and maaybe we'll talk.
  11. Michniko

    id tech 7 confirmed?

    The upgrade to idtech7 could explain why Arch-Viles are coming back, they can probably keep all the bodies on the ground now with the upgrade.
  12. Michniko

    What are you listening to?

  13. Michniko

    Good horror movies that don't suck?

    I've gotta go with Halloween(1978) if we're talking about classics, IMO it still holds up just as good today though some of the acting is pretty bad, each scene with Michael sends a shiver down my spine I swear.
  14. Michniko

    Who Would Win?

    No way! How perfect is that.