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  1. I am in thirst of a good funny Doom wad right now because right now the only Doom wads that look safe that I can find are pretty bland. For at least my tastes. Also keep in mind I already have the extreme weapons pack! So dont reply about that mod.
  2. Herzon

    Worst Doom Level

    What is your least favorite Doom level? I know, there are there are tons of crappy Doom levels. But if you had to pick one from the classic games (Doom Doom 2 Final Doom And Master Levels) that you could NEVER play again, which one would it be? I hate Barrels'O'Fun the most.
  3. Herzon

    Annoying Bug In Doom Touch

    In Doom Touch, when I try to download the music sound fonts, it displays this message:"Error accessing server:java.util.zip.ZipException: Not a zip archive". Can somebody please help me fix this?
  4. Doom 2016 ended on a pretty ruff cliff hanger. Im not gonna say what it is but if you've saw the ending, you know what I mean. Because of that and that fans loved Doom 2016, Bethesda is most likely gonna make a sequel. But, what would the name be? Probably wouldn't just be Doom 2 or Doom 2:Hell On Earth (if it takes place on earth) so I would like you guys to share your idea on what the name would or should be!
  5. Well, what do I have to say except "here's Brutal Doom version 19" so here's the link and bye bye! http://www.mediafire.com/file/cpu3x42q58va416/brutal19.pk3
  6. Also big rigs over the road racing for 99 cents.
  8. Funny, this thread was made late 2017 and yet its still getting way more replies then my new threads for some unknown reason other then I think I made an interesting topic.
  9. Herzon

    What makes classic DOOM scary?

    Okay, the only thing that has ever scared me in Doom was the maze in Command Control. Me and my brother were just in the maze and bam! A Pinky Demon suddenly comes out of nowhere and we scream extremely loudly! Our parents weren't in the house so they didn't hear us which I'm glad because they would ask me a billion questions on what happened and it would take like an hour so they could finally understand what actually happened.
  10. Well, the last version of extreme entryway wasn't good. The textures made the map kind of ugly, it was just unfair, not difficult, and it wasn't fun. But, I have made alot of improvements to that map, and I plan to add to this in the future! The map here is gonna be part of a mega wad called:EXTREME DOOM 2. And this is gonna be MAP01 of that mega wad! Hopefully you enjoy this extreme wad, and before you say "it probably isn't extreme" you'll regret saying that right when you start playing. And here is the download link! Enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/file/2cnn8q5am1ejcix/extremedoom2v1.wad And some screen shots!
  11. Well, I was recently thinking about getting an XBOX One because of alot of different titles on the system that looked fun. One of the games that seemed cool we're the Doom 3: BFG Edition. I am a big fan of Split Screen Doom sourceports. And seeing that the Doom 3: BFG Edition had support for the XBOX One and had split screen all across the Doom series, it seemed like a great buy. But then there was people bad mouthing the game for having problems and Doom 3 being nothing like a Doom game, and then there was people saying it was a great game for what it was and the BFG Edition is a good way to play the game. But I was confused on who to listen to. So I went to Doomworld! The most trustworthy place of all time. (not really) So, should I get it? Tell me your thoughts! I really wanna hear them.
  12. Herzon

    Extreme Entryway Alpha 1.1

    Sorry that you guys didn't like the wad. As you probably assumed I am pretty new to making maps so I wanted to start simple and slowly make bigger things! I just wanted to see what the community thought about my map. I'm gonna get a new map maker so I will try to make better maps with it and hopefully make things that you guys will enjoy! The newer maps won't just be normal maps with new enemies or textures! Thanks for your feedback!
  13. Herzon

    Extreme Entryway Alpha 1.1

    It is only my second level. Plus I'm literally working on it right now, and a new build will probably come out this friday, with this map improved, and Underhalls, The Gantlet, The Focus, and The Waste Tunnels all made EXTREME!
  14. Herzon

    Extreme Entryway Alpha 1.1

    Sure! I'll be right on it.
  15. Here is my first Doom Wad! Its called Extreme Entryway! As you may have found out by the name, it is a EXTREMELY difficult version of Entryway from Doom 2:Hell On Earth! Before you play, I'm gonna lay down some base rules. In the beginning of the map, type in IDFA. And don't open the exit door until you get the yellow keycard! Just don't because I don't know how to make key doors in Slade3. And the thing you've probably been searching for on this topic, the download link. Get it here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z498seru60706ml/EXTREME ENTRYWAY.wad Feel free to report any bugs! I am currently pretty bad at building. So some help would be nice too!
  16. Herzon

    Extreme Entryway Alpha 1.0

    Thanks for the feedback! This was just me trying out my level editor to see what it could do nicely.
  17. Herzon

    What has Doom taught you?

    The games messages helped me have better grammar. And because of the game I get super angry whenever people use bad grammar. Especially when people use the wrong your.
  18. The bug is that only one player can use a controller. It just isn't letting me have more then one player use a controller. This really blows because I was planning to have a 3 player deathmatch with two of my brothers. So can anybody give some tips to help fix this? Because this is really annoying me. Some more detail on exactly what the bug is doing. So, at the beginning every player has no controller mapped to them. I set player 2 to my PS4 controller. It works completely fine. Then when I map player 3 to my other PS4 controller and check if the game actually registered it, it doesn't say that Player 3 is mapped to a controller.
  19. Herzon

    Weird Bug With Controllers In Splitscreen

    I got two players to work by the way. And I edited the post giving more detail on the bug.
  20. In 2017, a stupid Doom fan joined this site. This doom fans username was Herzon. And now we're here. In 2018. Here to thank everybody for an amazing first year on the site! Nobody I saw was toxic, it was fun on forums, and nobody really was annoying me. Well, I maybe annoyed some people like the creator of the eternity splitscreen to literally send a video of him starting up Eternity to show its not a virus but lets not talk about that. Maybe later. My point is this was an awesome year on Doomworld and its all thanks to the community. Lets hope the rest of 2018 is just as good! Maybe even better.
  21. Herzon

    What's up with Doom 2 maps?

    AND ITS DEAD SIMPLE! *badumtis*
  22. The normal Samsara mod is a really cool crossover mod to play alone and with friends. I found a secure Moddb link for the normal Samsara, but I can't find any trust worthy download links for the other version with even more heroes, Samsara:Extra Heroes. So, can some people find me secure download link for Samsara:Extra Heroes?
  23. I found one but it wasn't trust worthy AT ALL. It probably is just a virus or something else.
  24. Well, before this post was about this not working but now, its about it constantly crashing. Every time I try to put it in fullscreen or try and start a new game, it just crashes. Any help on fixing this game breaking bug?