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  1. Well, the Super Shotgun and Chainsaw are inspired by Evil Dead.
  2. I didn't mean to say them combined was more, I meant to say it just had more levels then both games. Not both games combined.
  3. Um, I didn't say them combined was more. Maybe I got my grammar wrong? But I did not mean to say that. I meant to have my claim as Doom and Doom 2 combined to be more then Mock:2, but Mock:2 has more levels then Doom and Doom2.
  4. Loading Zandronum for the first time with opengl it freaks out a little bit and thats all. After a while its gonna run just fine. Thats what happens to me, if it still lags after a while, probably just your computer.
  5. Maybe your screen size is too high or you did something to the hud options. Having screen size to the max makes it so there is no hud, so its may be that.
  6. Yes, I said it. Mock:2 The Speed Of Stupid, a joke WAD that has a level that you need to shoot a picture of Hitler has more levels then Doom 1 and Doom 2 plus the levels will probably take longer then a normal Doom level because of the confusing layouts and all that stuff. To get my point across, The Ultimate Doom has 27 levels. Doom 2 has 30 levels. Mock:2 has 40 levels. Well, if you add the credits stage in Mock:2 its 41 stages, but that still means it has more levels then The Ultimate Doom and Doom 2! Anyways, tell me what was your reaction when you found out about this! I was really really shocked.
  7. That looks exactly like the subway station level in Extermination Day.
  8. Its almost the end of the year! And almost everybody on Doomworld knows what that means.

    1. bzzrak


      Ummmm the beginning of the new one? I'd be surprised if someone didn't know that. :]

    2. Memfis


      We're counting on you Hobbs!

  9. Doom 2016 ended on a pretty ruff cliff hanger. Im not gonna say what it is but if you've saw the ending, you know what I mean. Because of that and that fans loved Doom 2016, Bethesda is most likely gonna make a sequel. But, what would the name be? Probably wouldn't just be Doom 2 or Doom 2:Hell On Earth (if it takes place on earth) so I would like you guys to share your idea on what the name would or should be!
  10. Very Fucking Rad is what it means.
  11. Doom is one of my favorite games of all time. I remember seeing my brother load it up on the computer for the first time and being super shocked by all the blood and gore considering the games I was used to. Now, and I basically know everything Doom related and know every single secret on Entryway in Doom 2. And its turning 25 years old. Because of that, please share your favorite Doom memories! I love hearing weird stories about Doom because there are tons. My biggest memory was seeing the Pinky Demon for the first time and freaking out. I was dumb.
  12. Thats cool dude! I never knew that.
  13. When I played Freedoom:Phase2 the Arch-vile looked different, it looked like a red skeleton.
  14. Only if you are playing on the new difficulties or the Hell On Earth Starter Pack in my opinion.
  15. Freedoom:Phase1 And Freedoom:Phase2 are fantastic if you want more Doom to play. But i've always had a mixed opinion on the monsters. Some you can tell what they are trying to be like Zombiemen Shotgunners and Imps, but some are just terrible. Like the Arch-vile instead of looking like a threat, looks like the Spooky Scary Skeletons meme but red, those white blob things I still don't know what they are supposed to be. And I haven't figured out what any of the other monsters are supposed to be! Maybe if this forum gets big i'll talk about the textures, but for now, let me know what monsters are supposed to be and your opinions.