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  1. cyber-menace

    Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    I managed to find the secret exit in M3 after looking at the first of the hints in this thread... yeah... that may have been a bit TOO much... the color doesn't even remotely stand out... and many could mistake it for a side effect of lighting effects. Gonna play it a bit more today... I haven't missed a kill yet and only missed 2 secrets, so I just might get Z1M10 if I can make up for the 2 secrets I missed in M2.
  2. cyber-menace

    Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    Supposedly by getting 90% or higher kills, items, and secrets on EVERY map... which means getting every secret on almost every map. So good luck, as some of the secrets are rather... ridiculous.
  3. cyber-menace

    Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    It's a ghost! ...Or not... Anyways... I've finished the first few maps so far of this long-awaited project... and I'll just post my simple little opinions... Pros: -Very fancy looking. The effort put into detailing is... shall I say... painfully obvious. -Super shotgun! ...With all the new powered up monsters it's really a blessing. -Some rather fun sections (All of M2 was great.) -LOVE that intermission screen. Definitely the fanciest feature I've seen in a Doom wad to date, good job guys! Cons: -Generally too slow gameplay thus far, M3 was the biggest offender by far due to its impossibly difficult puzzles towards finding the secret level. I looked and I looked and I looked and I looked some more... but I could not find whatever switch uses the green and silver keycards. I could not even find it in Doom Builder. Due to how many people are reporting being unable to find it... I'd think this means the puzzle was a bit TOO difficult no? But that's enough ranting about M3... it's obviously one of the weakest maps. -Rifle? I don't really see the point to it personally... I'd rather of gotten my trusty BFG9000 in its place, especially since I find the Super Shotgun more useful overall (mainly due to more regularly receiving ammo for it). I know you all wanted to try something new, I just personally don't like it, although I'm sure that's not the case for all. -Where are my tanks? Where did they go?! Noooooooo!! My lovely tanks!! I told you not to mess with them!! ...All over-acting aside, I was heavily disappointed with what replaced that particular section that I had made. It clashes even worse than what I had originally put down there. On the subject of my small section of M9... were the theme changes in what-was a secret room really necessary? I tried to make the area look like a futuristic base... and some of it got converted to look more like M3's toxin refinery section. My original detailing also got converted from a tech influence... to a hellish influence... that's just an eye-sore considering it was in a tech-based room. Ouch. But anyways... this reaction from me is to really be expected since I'm sure anyone finds it frustrating when you try your best to make something to contribute and then it gets butchered. -Just for kicks... the "Super-Secret Button" in M9... I'm sure some people will find that button very amusing... me... my ears wanted to bleed, but eh, I have a dry sense of humour. -New enemies are fine but... they should at least do something new as well. Too many melee monsters, imps, etc, but you've already heard this all before so I may as well have said yatta yatta yatta. Decent attempt with them though, I'll give credit there where it's due. -What happened to the ambushes? I'm noticing a glaring lack of traps... so many times I prepared myself before pushing a button or grabbing a key in an ominous location... only to discover there was nothing to prepare for. It also seems a few of the old traps have been removed. I miss the traps. I could probably think up more pros and cons if I tried hard enough, but it'll likely just be stuff that's been said before. My cons are only more detailed simply because that's where my opinion resides... the pros are just things you've already heard before... and because I felt like ranting about my poor tanks *tear*. :P Either way... overall I find the wad fairly average. It succeeds wonderfully in terms of visuals... but then it falls on its face in terms of gameplay. The effort put into this wad is obvious and I say it's worth a try at least. DON'T quit during or just after E1M1. The map isn't great, but E1M2 makes up for it! Then comes the worst map I've played of the batch, E1M3... perhaps a clue to get people to look at their automap for the hint arrows?... but I digress... check it out at least. It was over-hyped for sure, but try not to think of this while playing it as it isn't a waste of time. If anything the new features should keep people entertained. ...Okay... must... click... Submit Reply... rambling too much... *clicks*
  4. cyber-menace

    IGN Buys 3DGamers

    "and another one bites the dust..." it may not neccessarily be true, but thinking about the corporate pigs at IGN sucking in another defenseless site makes me feel that way.
  5. cyber-menace

    The /newstuff Chronicles #219

    The review mainly does it. It didn't appeal to me so I ignored it. I usually like to play unique ideas and concepts instead of the same old gameplay over and over again.
  6. cyber-menace

    The /newstuff Chronicles #219

    Lutrov and Jow? I don't know what you're smoking, but the only Lutrov map up there is Lutrov and Cyber-Menace. I'm not Jow... anyways enough of my ranting. It's good to see another CTF megawad out there, and the concept of Rex's map sounds interesting, otherwise it is a typical week bloated with a few too many 94/95 maps.
  7. Remember, Doom Builder's 3d Mode isn't very stable. More complicated areas tend to always cause a distortion or a hole. If you re-build the nodes of a map the errors you saw before usually disappear and new ones appear on most occasions. It is something you'll have to get used to because Doom Builder's 3d Mode is probably in as good of condition as it is going to get.
  8. cyber-menace

    Phobos Chugs On

    The only real reason that ID gave us for Doom 3 being so dark is that everything was basically destroyed throughout the bse. I would have preferred levels like these that are in design anyway.
  9. cyber-menace

    A Resource of Snow

    Yes, it's for Zdoom, but my Death Wyvern is heavily modified, so that's why I couldn't add it in that fashion, plus I already have far more than enough monsters added in anyway. It's getting so it takes me a long time to load wads in XWE now...
  10. cyber-menace

    The /newstuff Chronicles #217

    Well what did you expect? It WAS made by CutManMike, he's suffering from mental damage or something, so he'd do something evil like that.
  11. cyber-menace

    Spongebob is gay

    Not ANOTHER god damned religious people saying something completely stupid thread... face it, that's what they do!
  12. cyber-menace

    A Resource of Snow

    The Mancubus has already been replaced by my own modified version of the Death Wyvern, so that isn't going to happen. Searcher - I took a look at the textures... I may use them I don't know though. It's only for one map.
  13. cyber-menace

    A Resource of Snow

    Proabably the most interesting graphic in that pack is the sky textures. I'm looking for a more rocky atmosphere. This is mainly all metal and tech. If I do anything of this theme in this map, I may look into it. Thanks for the correction Scuba.
  14. cyber-menace

    A Resource of Snow

    Erm... I think you have the wrong wad. That wad only has Wolfenstien textures with a very rarely used classic Doom 2 texture. The only new texture is the sky... Thanks anyway though.
  15. cyber-menace

    Delta Sector 4 = E1M8

    Really? I didn't know that. Okay, these things nearly take a full strength BFG blast to kill, so the regular ones must be about as strong as a Mancubus.