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  1. this it: If it is I can't get it working for some reason (I get a script error, idk), however the script inside the mod looks preety good. I'm gonna give it a try though I am completely new to scripting so...yeah...
  2. Ok, thanks, much appriciated!
  3. So, what I want to make is a drivable motorbike kinda like in Duke Nukem 2013, where you can get on and off the bike at anytime. I already saw the one Sgt. Mark IV made and its cool but I dont think you can get off from it. If anyone has any idea on how to pull this off it would be greatly appriciated! Thanks, -One Doomed Bunny
  4. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you kind sir!
  5. So, this is what I am trying to do: In my custom WAD that I am making the player witnesess a helicopter crash like in HL:OP. Now what I want to do is when he gets to the 2nd map where he wakes up, he would have low armor and health. So before the crash he was maxed out (100%) and after the crash he is looking kinda bad...poor Doomguy :,( Any sort of help would be appriciated! Thanks, -One Doomed Bunny
  6. Alright, thanks. It shure does seem cleaner. xD
  7. So, just a quick update! I found out how to do it and it actually works! First I made this: And then I did this: Woala! I wonder if anybody else has done something like this!
  8. Thanks man.
  9. So, I want to recreate the intro from Opposing Force, when you are sitting in a helicopter and i already made a portion of it (see GIF below): Now, what I want to do is a "scripted event" where the chopper goes down just like in the game. I had the idea of having two (scripted) monsters walking towards a line. When the first monster would cross it would be teleported to the helicopter where the player is located, however the sprite of the monster is changed to an sprite of an explosion. Now when the second monster would cross a line (about 2 seconds later), it would end the level. And heres where you come in! Yes you! So help me(if you want to...). Any sort of help on how to make this crazy idea work would be more than appriciated! Thanks, -One Doomed Bunny
  10. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I actually figured it out myself but thanks anyways! #include "zcommon.acs" Script 1 (VOID) { AmbientSound("sound/sound", 127); }
  11. "That's one Doomed pet bunny."

  12. So, long story short I am making a doom wad that is kinda like Duke Nukem with a bunch of one-liners. Now, what I want to do is when a player crosses a line(def), the game plays a sound of the main charachter saying something. And yes I already searched for this so much but I just cant find anything and I am also a newbie to Doom editing in general. I am using GZDoom builder in zdoom (hexen format). Any help would be appriciated! Thanks!