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  1. NightFang

    John Carmack .plan Updated

    And I just had to go to best buy and buy a GeForce 4 MX 440 the other night...
  2. NightFang

    installation issues winxp-style

    Goback? Please oh dear god say you're not using a Gateway! PLEASE!
  3. NightFang

    I'm just wondering.....

  4. NightFang

    Attention peons!

    Mods can ban now? Great, now I remember why i dont come here anymore... heh.
  5. NightFang

    What's cool in "Old Deathmatch"?

    Exactly, its the perferred way to play.
  6. NightFang

    Your ST wishlist

    Well, I've got one... Fix those god damn bugs that make the client crash every 3 minutes! *smack smack*
  7. NightFang

    Problem with ZDaemon

    bah, whats wrong with my launcher?
  8. NightFang

    ABC - Returned Mail

    Your're welcome for our patience Arioch.
  9. NightFang

    Fake [UD]

    all your base are belong to us!
  10. NightFang

    Ultimate Doom ZDAEMON

    Ultimate Doom deathmatch r0x0rz
  11. NightFang


    Whoa, nice!
  12. NightFang

    it is finished

    I'm too stupid to read Ling's message! Oh well!
  13. NightFang

    Ni'mrod Approacheth

    ~~ If I knew you were comin' I'd-a bake a cake... ~~
  14. NightFang

    Sasquatch On Edge

    WTF kind of skins?