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  1. Sure thing DooM_RO, check and read carefully this link
  2. Thank you Dragonfly, we also appreciated your little help!
  3. Hello dudes, Let's point something concerning... PERFORMANCE ON LOW END PCs: - Take a look to ENH. OPTIONS - I suggest to deactivate smoke effects for low-end pcs, also to tweak models distance to 4096 or 2048. - Avoid at all costs Multisample & FXAA if you don't have at least 4gbs or VRAM and a Quad-Core CPU, but surely you can activate at least the Bloom effect which is so good to see :) - Do not use OpenAL for audio, we can't assure you that it is perfectly supported by GZDoom (it is known in the past that OpenAL caused several craps here and there) - I can run the game with above settings at 40/50fps with: AMD Athlon x2 250 3ghz Dual-Core [NEVER OVERCLOCK CPUs!] 4gb ram ddr3 800mhz GeForce GT 610 1024mb (2048mb total) [UPDATE YOUR VIDEO DRIVERS, ALWAYS] 1024x768 60hz no VSync Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit Service Pack 1 with .Net Framework 4.5 Best regards, OZY PS: I can only speak for 32bit users, so until I'll upgrade my pc to a 64bit OS I don't know what kind of aid I can give to you!
  4. 1. Are "normal" models more "heavy" than voxel ones in terms of memory usage on GZDoom? 2. You'll find 'em with Astrostein maps. 3. As far as I know, that's the point actually. Maybe I'll need 40's brown/black sofa for my airship map. Anyway, let's wait Torm reply.
  5. Hello doomers, since 2010 I'm trying to do a decent PWad for Doom2 with gzdoom specs, but 1 month ago my monitor spent its last breathe without no reasons.

    So my project stucked, but now I'm back with a new monitor (yes, I don't have internet, I'm writing from a Point),and I hope that in the future this will never happen another time.

    Now I must reset the bunch of ideas I was trying to suspend inside my brain...

    1. grouchbag

      This is just to wish you good luck on your project,so go for it!

  6. I mean, this wad is simply Insane. Is Tormentor667 human or something else? :-)
  7. I think that games like Doom, Heretic, Hexen or Strife are timeless and their atmosphere will never be damaged by any Crysys or Halos games. A gross english, I know, but it has a sense.
  8. Well greyghost, because I've got probs with GLBsp I'm building my maps with ZDBsp for ages. Thanx for your advice BTW.
  9. He is an as###le. No more, no less. And cycling will be renamed Doping if WADA or somebody don't do anything about these morons.
  10. I can see that these maps will be wonderful to play, but is there any way to enter on Realm667 without no virus harm risks? Through 2 years of continuous downloading I've got a bunch of repository files from your fantastic site, and I wonder if I can upload them somewhere until you rollback the site.
  11. Hello doomers, this post may contain some weird contents. The fact is that if I run GZDoom 1.6- with my PC (AMDII 2core 3ghz - NVIDIA nForce 630a 256mbv integrated, Win7U, 4gb ram etc.) shaders like warp effects will work perfectly. But with 1.7+ I must turn off these shaders because warp effects never work again and with sprites like SpiritImp monsters I get weird effects like sprites were badly resized or something like that. I think that there is something wrong with the compiling process, but I hope that somebody can tell me more about this WTF! problem.
  12. Oh I can see now that's true. Thanks andrewj for the tip. By the way, I'm building 13 giant maps with DB2 + GZDB (latest svn...)
  13. Hello doomers, I'm stuck with something weird: when I build nodes with glbsp (I can use DB2 and GZDB), walls acts crazy. If I bump with one of they act like I had NOCLIP activated! Sorry for my english, but is there somebody that can explain to me this WTF! ? Thanks!
  14. Many thanks GreyGhost for your post, I will take advantage with your reply.
  15. Hello There, I'm trying to do some maps with Doom Builder for my Horde Of Titans project, but I want do something special like 3d floors or suspended structures? Can I do some of them with Doom Builder 1.68? Must I download some configs first? I can't use DB2 due to really slow & old PC (2.4ghz with 256mb of ram, where 32 are video :-( ). Any suggestions please!