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  1. Ozymandias81

    Repository Dump [temp mirror added]

    I see you are amalgamateing with the flow, very sad to read this from you too. But anyway, I am 40 years old and unfortunately very far from acting like a child, have better things to do than appease threads filled with people which doesn't think anymore with their own brain. I have the right to be sincerely disappointed on your wording here since I never insulted you directly and I was not doing that actually, and then I see Torm gets banned for a decision made in 2017 okay... Oh wait: I have an idea that this is another trick to destroy another modder reputation, or worse feelings regarding the community and its lack of empathy in general. I am simply not eager to share my files primarly for this reason, second because there is some stuff that has been removed from the website and I respect that. Torm is my friend and I know him, whatever will happen in the future is just something we can't handle in general, this also means that this thread then should have been opened ages ago, not after banning him, which is a very curious coincidence. Farewell.
  2. Hello everyone, I am here to talk on the behalf BoA Team members and Torm regarding recent facts and BoA development: it has been always openly since 2014, following quite strictly community feedbacks FOR FREE AND FOR THE LOVE OF DOOM/WOLF3D (we take issues seriously, just check monthly and then their total - donations are facultative), which also made us to have more fun with our mod since we have collected lots of scrapped ideas (which who knows, maybe they will be included on future mutators - yes, we are working on mutators too) despite this also slowed down a bit things in terms of resource management, we are in the verge to take all recent criticisms (most of them, some have been too harsh and touchy that I prefer to not talk about, just because they weren't mature behavior adding nothing to the mod, instead causing drama and turning down the general hype) and apply them to 3.1 release. One last suggestion from me regarding the future of BoA, I think you should follow our development to have an idea how things happens in a polite way without any hidden intentions or bad faith (remember the WW-Nazis fact?), commits on github repo talks for themselves. Do you want to let us know something? Then create an issue and describe the problem, if it regards gameplay, a bug or something more sensitive or peculiar. To end this and hopefully in a good way, since we respect deeply every person (we are all nearly middle-aged pals on team), here you are some lines then reagarding what's going on from today with BoA and its download links: During the last days and weeks we, the development team behind "Blade of Agony", received a lot of emails, comments and news about the release of the project. While the overwhelming majority found the result and the execution of our work successful, there were also critical voices, among others, which we take just as seriously. First of all, Blade of Agony is a fictional scenario based on the alternative narratives of the Wolfenstein game series by id software and Bethesda and the corresponding canon. It does not represent accurate history, our political stance or thinking of the development team. We reject any form of racial hatred, discrimination, (Neo-)Nazism, anti-Semitism or glorification of the Second World War. We have invested a lot of time and work to communicate this message in our game, to deal sensitively with the content and to create a respectful game experience without discriminating against people or groups of people. Despite meticulous care, we have not succeeded perfectly in all points, which is why we have taken the current version of "Blade of Agony" offline until further notice. We are currently working on a revised version in which we will correct these mistakes and respond to the players' comments and reasonable demands. Until then, we ask for your patience and understanding. Stay psyched! Here you can find the important issue: http://github.com/Realm667/WolfenDoom/issues/795 Also you may want to check Realm667 website since it got some more detailed news about BoA: http://www.realm667.com/index.php/en/ Have a good day, - Ozy81 -
  3. Ozymandias81

    Repository Dump [temp mirror added]

    Curious to see from whom it comes this thread... Anyway since R667 has been pristine again, I suggest to close this since it is redundant and unnecessary. If I will be still willingly to post anything on this forum, maybe in the future I will share my files regarding R667 which I have jealously kept since 2005.
  4. Regarding the stuttering, tried to explain what's mostly going on. Also continue reading the issue to have an idea too. BoA has been shipped with GZDoom 4.6 r195.
  5. Well atm there is this old Steam group, which isn't very active... But if it will grow, who knows. :)
  6. First of all, thank you for playing the mod and for feedbacks. You need reconsider some of your phrases btw, because the "it's not fixable by the user" is completely wrong: you can improve performance by changing practically everything ongoing on screen, locked framerate doesn't belong to these issues, this isn't Unity or Unreal engine, it is GZDoom engine and it has limits. We are still doing our best to improve performance, but have in mind that you must play the game without any apps in the background, I say this because I have developed the mod with a GeForce GT 1030 2gb, 8gb ram ddr3 1600mhz and AMD Vishera 6core 3.5ghz. You can swap between OpenGL and Vulkan renderer, this is a free game effort. I'll drop these screenshots just in case you have missed something, otherwise wait for 3.1 if you don't feel good as how it is now (and it runs pretty good on my machine, from Windows 7 mind you). https://ibb.co/LQZhjgQ https://ibb.co/djmvYQ4 https://ibb.co/pnW3GBK https://ibb.co/gMpS6VZ https://ibb.co/TtWrnX2
  7. Ozymandias81

    Austerity | Remaster | v3.0 released

    Well, while the code has not been done originally by me but Nash for TCOTD2, warnings happen under 4.3.3 indeed and only from Austerity (since the devbuild of Sapphire didn't need torches and got removed after, it simply needs to be updated), but then everything works fine under most recent 4.4.2 for example. Is it related by something where warnings are not enabled for these kind of issues on 4.4.2, and instead they were enabled on 4.3.3? Screenshots
  8. Ozymandias81

    Bloom - Doom/Blood crossover

    @Nihlith - Thanks man for your kind words, we have fixed the issue noticed by you recently so expect a fixed version of the map in next release! Now guys it is time for some promotional stuff: Vote us on ModDB, we are going through ModDB of the Year 2019! Also don't forget to check our website, patreon, social media links and even Steam group, there is a discussion there that waits your feedbacks too!
  9. Ozymandias81

    Bloom - Doom/Blood crossover

    Fixed all the things noticed by Gez and UndeadRyker, also some more that no one noticed too eheh You may check these fixes on our github repository in case, thanks a lot for you awesome feedbacks and criticisms, let them come! As a side note: the problem with countkills was cause by a couple of monsters selector which inherits some creatures, said with Monster combo they were messing stuff. Also no one noticed that some (fortunately not fundamental) 3d floors doesn't appear on Zandronum 2.8+ and that Gargovile was also cause of the COUNTKILL mess, where it had its health reset for each flying/ground behavior change. Reduced drastically damage done by Phantasms and relative projectiles (so even CvltImps), which now are SEEKERMISSILES with nerfed speed, but with very less chance of going wide range (12-18 damage versus 12-48 of demo), and also doesn't clip walls. There is a huge I list I should write down here, but well you'll notice it on next release or simply checking our repository.
  10. Ozymandias81

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    Eviternity surely deserve it
  11. Ozymandias81

    BLOODICIDE (Major Update) * Now w/ Supercharge v1.3

    You are welcome @RonnieJamesDiner, ahah Spider-Man of wad polishing XD These were the problems present on your last upload for this mod, and I solved doing the following: - since DFire wasn't present, I have commented out that from GLDefs - ChaingunGuy2 was a typo so I fixed it as ChainGuy2... Don't know if it was the intended thing - replaced HMachineGun with HeavyMachinegun item for MarineAllyMG - BMDPOSE5 brightmaps isn't present inside the wad so I have commented out it as well Then while stitching up the whole pk3 files after a first rough Slade polishment, I have noticed that there were around 10 doubles among sounds plus one texture, which were exactly the same. I hope you are familiar with .pk3 or at least understand how to use it, it is the best solution imho and grants you high reliability for stuff you add/need to find and also you can edit it in real-time while mapping since you can use it a pk3 folder if you unzip it somewhere on your hdd and add it as resource from GZDBuilder... I mean, this way you can edit code and graphics, then save time directly from your folder then reload resources using F8 while mapping. I still didn't fix warnings coming from GLDefs or actors on GZDBuilder, but will check that as well too. Meanwhile, here you are the updated link (just don't care of old one), now with crushed graphics and brightmaps which also have now a separate folder and wad not anymore. Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fvJyjSvIATSFFm37_g1xFooWkPBqatO4 PS: SORRY DIDN'T NOTICE THAT YOU HAVE UPDATED THE MAIN OP, DON'T FORGET TO EDIT THE DOWNLOAD LINK AGAIN
  12. Ozymandias81

    BLOODICIDE (Major Update) * Now w/ Supercharge v1.3

    Hey RonnieJamesDiner, since this mod looks pretty neat I had my usual go in polishing the whole thing: 1) Converted the whole projects as .pk3, keeping brightmaps inside a .wad file to not get mad fixing manually definitions with longnamed folders; 2) Reduced drastically file size from 101mb to 40mb almost, mainly thanks to whole ".ogg" conversion for all sounds files beside midi songs; 3) Removed console warnings at startup and redundant sound files (there where like 10); 4) Added a CREDITS folder for credits and updated the file credits.txt with my stuff done for this mod :) If interested I can still reduce filesize crushing graphics, sprites and textures without broke them, just let me know Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Wa8atkRJcQ6v6XBJKZWnzOtlUg7z7UTZ READ BELOW FOR UPDATED LINK
  13. Ozymandias81

    Color grading in GZDoom

    Atm I think we are fine as is, BoA is already complex okay but 16 LUTs are enough ime... In case you wanna improve it for us and if you are familiar with Github, you can send us a pull request if you notice something that may need adjustments with actual state of the project, like playtesting it and giving us some clues about where you would suggest to implement colorgrading. I have suggested for now to use it even for poisonus effects, so with mutants and zombies related attacks. Today I have committed and implemented the source code, if you wanna give a look check the repository then and thank you in advance in any case :)
  14. Ozymandias81

    Color grading in GZDoom

    Hi exl, and wow quite 6 years I think that I didn't post anything on Doomworld... Any hope to include somewhere the non-compiled library for this awesome thing? Since as Torm I am involved in Blade of Agony development, it is important for us to have such source code in order to embed the whole thing in our particular ACS setup, so we can track exactly what it is happening and merge the whole code without compiling the library, instead using it open like we did with all other scripts present on the project (the boalib.acs once compiled has #include references which points up on a folder, so we can work easily this way via github, slade and gzdbuilder to optimize also the load order of each library due to the complexity of BoA whole code "tree"). Any chance? Thanks in advance.
  15. Ozymandias81

    Blade of Agony Chapter 1 released

    Sure thing DooM_RO, check and read carefully this link