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  1. Why not just package them all in one zip?
  2. I have definitely heard that track outside of Scythe 2, although nothing specific comes to mind. But Symphony X as a whole is overused in slaughterwads. I replaced it in Slade with HR2's "When the Sun Won't Rise Anymore", which to my knowledge has never been reused, and it sounded great.
  3. Map29 is a masterpiece but did you really have to use Church of the Machine at the end? It's such a jarring transition from the moody soundtrack that precedes it, not to mention that it has already appeared on many maps in the past, most notably Scythe2's map30. Why not use another track from HR2?
  4. Map04's music is from Ecco the Dolphin 2: Tides of Time, titled 'Two Tides'. FYI, it takes about 2:30 minutes to start playing on zdoom, for some reason. Another minor nitpick: this area (map04 again) seems to be missing a window:
  5. OK, but I've been testing in Boom, as you can see from the screenshots I posted. And none of the monsters were crushed.
  6. No, they were all killed during the course of the level - that's the whole point.
  7. I'm trying to create an automated system for resurrecting monsters: dead monsters are fed via conveyer belts into the rooms they initially teleported into the map from. In these rooms are archviles, and in theory they should raise any corpses that wind up in front of them. The only problem is, no matter what I do, they refuse to do so. The only remote success I've had is to coax a free-roaming archvile towards me, which will occasionally resurrect dead monsters as it strides my way - but this would never normally occur during gameplay, as the dead monsters are at the farthest point away from the arena and can only be reached via noclip. And anyway, the archviles themselves must remain stationary so they can't escape and flood the map. I've tried boxing them in behind blocking lines, and standing them on raised platforms. I've tried them awake as well as deaf and inactive. I've given them more and less space to move in. Using additional conveyer belts I've tried to ensure dead monsters are never too close to the wall, and I even tried to increase their distance from the archies using more blocking lines. But in all cases the end result looks like this:
  8. I'm hoping to contribute a map to's my first (releasable) level and it won't be finished for another month or so.
  9. Wow, thanks a lot. I'd just about resigned myself to making major modifications.
  10. You mean deaf? No. In ZDoom the player is immediately showered with bullets and forced to take cover, as intended. In Boom they take no notice unless you idclip up to their level, as if they are unable to look down.
  11. Amazing architecture. Your style is inimitable....
  12. Hmm ok, so that just leaves the issue of why the masterminds don't attack. I've given them more space and they still do nothing, is ZDoom's AI really so different by comparison? Because on there they tend to work fine.
  13. Alright screw it, here's a public link: and a copy without the framerate-killing teleports so you can test the AI better in zdoom: NO TELES.wad?dl=0