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  1. Oh man, I was hoping you wouldn't say that. As long as S1/SR options work I guess I'll make do.
  2. Custom crusher options for Boom don't work, what gives?
  3. My MIDI playback seems fine to the untrained ear, but occasionally plays short, truncated notes when they should last longer. It's most noticable on map03 of Sunder - when the wailing guitars kick in near the end of the track it sounds ridiculous. The problem must be a common one, as you can hear it in this demo of the map (although in the video it doesn't seem to play certain notes at all). To be clear though, all kinds of MIDIs have given me variants of the same problem, to differing degrees of noticeability. Most of the different MIDI sound device options on offer in Doom don't work for me either. Basically, I'm looking for advice to set up my MIDI sound font/drivers properly for Windows 7.
  4. Very informative, @scifista42! Yeah, messing with players' muscle memory is the last thing I want. I ended up following @bonnie's advice and got an extra 20 or so frames out of it. re: monster aggressivity: turning monster reaction time from 8 down to 0 seems to improve things somewhat for monsters with slow chase animations, but it's hard to tell, and I'm unsure if there could be side effects (as 0-tic effects are wont to do).
  5. Krull

    Demonastery - work in progress

    Reminds me of something from Quake: Arcane Dimensions (in a good way).
  6. I'm trying to scrounge some more frames for dehacked. Nowadays, it's common to see mods borrow from the monster look frames, so that they appear static until woken up - this is a good source of many spare frames. However, I'm wondering if the same can be done for the chase state, since by default most monsters call two chase frames for every frame in their walking animation, and thus moving them twice per 'step' (e.g. TROOA-D corresponds to 8 chase frames). Now, cutting the number in half clearly has the effect of making monster movement jerkier, but would this be noticable for slow monsters? Tinkering with the numbers until I get the right results looks like it will be time-consuming, and the results can be annoyingly subtle, particularly without being able to easily play back and compare video footage of monsters walking at different speeds using e.g. 4 vs 8 chase frames. So I was wondering if anyone here has already investigated the issue.
  7. Krull

    Any good horror mods?

  8. I tried to get around the limitations on monster projectiles in dehacked with a cacodemon that dies on its attack frame (thereby losing solidity), spawns a monster in its place that acts like a projectile, and then spawns a copy of itself so that the cycle can begin again. It almost works, but only if the frame that respawns it has a duration of -1, and, mysteriously, the respawned caco starts on the frame its predecessor died on (its attack frame), and stays completely motionless until you shoot it. Or maybe that's its predecessor and it must take 1 point damage in order to delete itself and spawn its successor? Either way, I wonder if it's possible to make it work properly.
  9. Another dehacked thing: how come if you swap the sprite & ID number of the shotgun with the shotgun shells, you can cause shotgun guys to drop shells and not shotguns, but you can't do the same in reverse and turn all shells into shotguns?
  10. I've created a self-resurrecting zombie using MBF's SPAWN codepointer, but they have the habit of getting stuck inside each other if their corpses overlap. Now, lost souls telefrag themselves if a pain elemental spawns them in the wrong place. Is there a way to extend this feature to any monster summoned with SPAWN? As an alternative, I've tried to simulate a MAP30-style telefrag effect whereby surrounding monsters are pushed away or destroyed rather than the one spawned, by giving the resurrection sequence a DETONATE pointer just before it initiates SPAWN. But this makes the resurrection process much more dangerous to the player, who, ideally, should be able to step over zombie corpses without expecting to be imminently gibbed by invisible explosions.
  11. Fine by me - for full disclosure, I'm hoping to implement a variation of the octoshotgun, rather than the pistol, but the principle should be the same. Assuming the reload animations can be approximated in some way. Wasn't there a thread somewhere on building a buffed weapon set especially for slaughtermaps - replacing the pistol with the shotgun, the shotgun with the SSG, etc?
  12. That's pretty great....but how would, say a 4x strength pistol look in DEHACKED? DECORATE lets you do anything but I'm interested in Boom compatibility.
  13. Couldn't you speed up the firing state so it fires multiples of these three options (almost) simultaneously?
  14. Krull

    How to DeHacked.

    EDIT: seems the problems I had were ZDoom-related.