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  1. Krull

    Critique my palette

    Thanks for doing that. I can see one clearly redundant red, and another very similar shade of red that can probably go too, but I'm not sure about the others. Subtle shades of brown, grey-green and skin tone seemed important, so I tried to keep a lot of those. Did anything else look redundant to you? I think it's going to need more light greys, since those are the only places with noticable degradation at this point. (your 'rebuilt' palette is too conventional for me, sorry)
  2. Krull

    Critique my palette

    Are you using the latest version of Slade? I don't know what to suggest tbh, I'm just importing png files (not always 8 bit ones either).
  3. Krull

    Critique my palette

    I got the translation tables working by trial and error in the end, turns out it's no more technical than importing a deep water palette. You just pixel resize the playpal down to 16x16 and import it as a flat titled CRGRAY (etc...). Then it's just a question of making sure the lines in Doom's original palette that correspond to green, grey, gold and orange text (the other 6 colours are for multiplayer messages - not sure who uses those in prboom any more) are preserved in the translation table for each respective colour. And maybe replacing the red each time as well? I'm not too sure because crudely recoloring the entire palette to make it mostly gold, or green (etc) seemed to work fine. You can even use Doom's original palette for this purpose, since the text is hardcoded to use that anyway.
  4. Krull

    Critique my palette

    @Grain of Salt I took your advice and managed to squeeze a few more colours in after messing with the green and yellow ranges: Testing this has been painstaking due to SLADE's inefficient method of finding the nearest colour when converting images to a compressed palette range - it'll happily sacrifice detail in exchange for similar brightness/saturation. This forced me to tweak many images manually using the colour remap tool, among other workarounds. Needless to say I will not be revising this palette again any time soon...These sorts of tasks would be a bit easier if a program like this were available, but I can't code and I'm not holding my breath for someone else to have a go. Something I forgot to mention last time. I understand this effect: ...can be fixed using colour transaltion table? How can I generate those from the new playpal?
  5. Krull

    Critique my palette

    Here is a heavily modified version of a palette made by somebody on the ZDoom forums (probably either Jared Deberjerak or RSSWizard IIRC), itself a heavily modified version of BTSX's compressed palette. Additional brownish grey-greens were added one at a time to minimise texture degradation while maximising the available space, but I've found it's still not enough. I'm going to have to rethink this and reconvert all the existing textures in my mod to a better palette, but I need advice on what colour ranges can be safely compressed further, and/or what entries can safely be considered redundant here. First, some general comments: Several rows have been split for the purposes of mapping green hell noble sprites, via DeHacked, onto something remotely resembling baron red and hellknight beige, resulting in this: Not an exact replica of how the monsters looked before, but bear in mind that even achieving this much depends on tricking the engine by getting it to consider grey to be light yellow/green, when it maps green to grey, and likewise making sure it picks a lighter red for the baron. This won't work if you give Boom a full row of red to play with, hence why most rows have been split in two. In fact, I found if you make the red, brown or grey rows too different, the engine will choose different ones, closer to the 'intended' colour. The choice seems to be mainly governed by saturation/luminence, not colour, and so I was able to force the game to use desaturated yellows and greens from rows 6 and 14 as 'grey', rather than the usual row 7. Again, this never worked for me with a complete row of 16 similar colours. (These tricks don't work, and indeed make a terrible mess, when playing in GZDoom, but I'm guessing any such problems can be ironed out via a DECORATE patch.) The end result is a quite unsightly and disorganised looking palette, but it seems to work fine in PRBoom. Or does it? The COLORMAP lump is likewise patchy, with single-pixel columns of grey-green: Would the lighting look any better if similar colours were always grouped together in a spectrum, or doesn't it matter? What else could be improved? Lighting in Boom's software mode features an unsightly strip of purple: Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Krull

    The Darkness of Evil

    Looks fine to me
  7. I've been messing around with the palette and ended up hastily getting rid of some colors I thought I didn't need, and kept some others which I still don't know if I need (can't remember why I included them in the first place). Unfortunately restoring them is out of the question, so I will have to choose between them. I know something doesn't look right without the missing colors, but I don't know if anything else will look weird if I replace the the remaining new colors with the ones I originally removed. I don't fancy trawling through 5000 textures to find out which of them might be affected by this change, so is there a program that can generate stats on which textures use which palette entries? Something like SLADE's "check duplicate entry content" but with more info per texture.
  8. Krull

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    It might be a hassle to implement (you would need voodoo closets), but maybe keep the cheesable sections cheesable on lower difficulties. As Archviler noted there is something fitting about surviving these weird maps by exploiting their architecture, rather than tackling them as intended (which often feels impossible). And it would make a change to the usual "less monsters, more items" adjustments which would, at this point, be an even bigger hassle (and liable to cause TNT map31 type mistakes) given the amount of things there are.
  9. To be clear, I'm thinking about this: So, do prboom+ and/or modern nodebuilders fix this or not? And if not, how predictable are the bugs?
  10. Can you be more specific? Does complex geometry anywhere on the level increase the chances of bugs, does splitting big sectors into smaller ones help, what nodebuilders to avoid, etc. I'm aiming for boom compatibility.
  11. Are the bugs associated with maps that are larger than 32Kx32K predictable in any way? Planisphere 2 exceeds these limits but doesn't have any game breaking issues to my knowledge.
  12. Is there a method in any of the doom builders to automatically delete linedefs that are merged with the sector they are in, as in, lines that are just marks on the ground?
  13. Krull

    10 Levels : 10 Monsters Each (Doom 2 wad)

    This is good, reminds me of Swift Death
  14. Krull

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    Well, I finally finished map 16. Final time was 3:33:34, but the real gameplay time was easily over 12 hours. Sunder has gone through several more iterations since I started playing this, so I'm going to assume the bugs I spotted have been fixed (a HOM in the area with vines, and a teleporter closet in the bottom left of the map where a cyberdemon got stuck). The only fight I had real trouble with was getting the yellow key: there were just too many pain elementals. Also, I assume this section was only tested in gzdoom, well, either that or those pits full of cells were just there to troll people. Seriously, good luck ever getting out of the central pit alive with infinite height turned on. Once again, I had gripes with the blue-green palette, this time on the vines (here and at the end of map 11), although I didn't try recoloring them this time. I'll just say they looked better here after I tried deleting the playpal.
  15. Krull

    Darkest Room (Doom 2 level, /idgames)

    I don't know if @Paul977 has any interest in this, but I've found a 75% resize of the green cyberdemon looks pretty OK and distinguishes it a bit more from daddy cyber. (Cybruisers are too small, I think) cyb junior.zip