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  1. spank

    ZDoom ceases development

    Posting for the first time in years just to say thanks Randi for all the continued fun you enabled.
  2. spank

    GTA V

    Turn off assisted aiming, then it gets serious.
  3. spank

    Best SNES game you've played?

    I played Super Metroid on ZSNES many years ago and the gameplay was pretty impressive
  4. spank

    Wolfenstein: The New Order annouced

    Milking the Holocaust cow?
  5. spank

    GTA 5 will be out tomorrow, has 98% on metacritic

    Yeah it feels like a sitcom where each mission is a different episode. Very refreshing.
  6. spank

    GTA 5 will be out tomorrow, has 98% on metacritic

    I have to say, I didn't expect great things from this, especially after that borefest GTAIV, but they actually managed to fix the gameplay problems it had. The character switching system contributes to this the most, not to mention that the missions are provided by the main characters themselves. I hope more game studios begin exploring character switching as a story-telling mechanism. The writing still has a few shortcomings but I'm willing to forgive it given how cool the dialogue is, and how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING the graphics are.
  7. spank

    Quake 1 mapping

    Wow, Trenchbroom seems really impressive.
  8. What a fucking awesome return eh?
  9. spank

    Death Grips

    Exactly my impression at first, but it sets in after a while.
  10. spank

    Death Grips

    I was feeling lazy and twittery. This shit is modern day insanity distilled in the most desperate pseudo-rap there is. It's next level stuff. Listen to The Money Store, it's produced better than Exmilitary. Oh yeah that Guillotine video is awesome.
  11. spank

    Death Grips

    They're probably the "best" mainstream band out there. Go check them out.
  12. Haven't actually tried after I posted this tbh.
  13. I never seem to find anyone for a deathmatch. Do any of you have the game and feel like playing some day?
  14. spank

    First GMO babies born.

    how is babbry borned